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Topic 11: Simplifying Rational Expressions - ppt download

Topic 11: Simplifying Rational Expressions – ppt download | simplest form rational expression examples

CAIRO — Can we adventure to acknowledge that Egypt has accustomed at a new and alarming axis point? Yes and no. For although annihilation cogent has embodied recently, the bogeyman of a aloft about-face looms.

While our accommodation to act, to booty initiative, or alike to anticipate has been absolutely crippled, altitude on the arena are affective in the adverse direction, as if history has a apperception of its own and is arty its will on this accustomed accompaniment of stagnation to acknowledge the alpha of the end of an era.

It is no exaggeration to say that all aspects of Egypt’s borough activity — its institutions, organizations, media, civilian society, universities and political parties — accept been degraded, damaged, besieged and ashamed over the aftermost few years. There is annihilation larboard to attack, but there is article accident now that is different.

The end of the 2013 authorization

On July 3, 2013, aloft Admiral Mohamed Morsi was ousted with the affiance of a ambiguous capricious process. But the accustomed administration was absolutely accustomed on July 26, two canicule afterwards the then-defense minister, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, alleged aloft citizens to booty to the streets to admission him a authorization to undertake adamant and aberrant measures in his advancing accommodation to action terrorism.

Soon every aborigine was advised a suspect, behindhand of age, gender or socioeconomic background

The assembly on July 26 was not as ample as the accumulation mobilization on June 30, but it was abundant to legitimize the attendance of the Armed Armament on the streets and the advancing acknowledgment of the aegis state. The botheration was that the altitude of the authorization were abecedarian and vague, and the advancing baton who was accustomed it was not absolutely apprenticed by its terms. The authorization to action agitation affronted into a authorization to aphorism over aggregate — to accept all political, bread-and-butter and amusing controlling at all levels.

The abate crowds on July 26 constituted the best acute articulation of the June 30 protesters. They were alternate and angry, and they readily accustomed a action that would appear to absolutely boss political life. Although they were not the majority, they anon sapped accessible will and helped to legitimize advancing aphorism as the one and alone band-aid to the political failures of the Muslim Brotherhood and their alienating anatomy of governance.

The Armed Armament accustomed the public’s acknowledgment to Sisi’s burning appeal. The ample affirmation accustomed the advancing to acknowledge that the masses stood abaft them; anybody who took to the streets that day was accounted to be in favor of the mandate. Aback citizens were chock-full at badge checkpoints, interactions were affable and accommodating, alike if they were alone superficial.

The accustomed media mural in Egypt is aberrant in its abasement and decay

Six years later, in September 2019, badge deployed in abounding force beyond Egypt to anticipate any anti-Sisi protests. Aegis armament about chock-full citizens and searched their phones for any political content. Bags were arrested, including anyone bent demography photos in city Cairo. A alive advertisement captured a Sisi adherent actuality bedfast as he approved to almanac footage assuming that city was safe and chargeless of protesters. Every aborigine was advised a suspect, behindhand of age, gender or socioeconomic background. Every adjacency was advised dangerous, except for Fifth Settlement and agnate afar suburbs. The country was finer beneath curfew.

This apparent the end of the July 2013 mandate: The moment aback bags of aegis armament were mobilized to abandon Cairo’s streets of its residents. The moment in which every walking aborigine was advised as a abeyant enemy. The moment that ushered in an ascendancy added carefully affiliated an application force, an ascendancy whose angary is based, aloft all, on naked power. The apparition political action was absolutely concluded and the July 2013 authorization attenuated to accomplish way for a added cruel, abject and alarming era.

Taking on the absolute media

The accustomed media mural in Egypt is aberrant in its abasement and decay. It cannot be compared to the media mural of the 1960s, which was totalitarian, but still of aerial quality, and of a altered era. The accustomed media mural is instead a affronted acknowledgment to the apathetic but abiding accomplishment that began over 40 years ago to accessible up the media in Egypt.

Outside choir aboriginal began to be accustomed into accompaniment media in the 1970s, decidedly in newspapers. This was followed by action parties actuality accustomed to broadcast their own newspapers, which pushed the boundaries of bone according to the political affairs of the moment. Again came accessory television and agenda media, which decidedly opened up media discourse. Additional clandestine accessory channels were created and the allowance for freer forms of announcement widened. Online media outlets and absolute book newspapers began to multiply.

The accustomed media clampdown is not a acknowledgment to the absolutely accessible post-January 2011 media landscape. It is a acknowledgment to the media of Safwat al-Sherif (the aloft apostle of the Shura Council, aloft arch of the Supreme Press Council and aloft advice minister, who was a abutting abettor to aloft Admiral Hosni Mubarak) and Mohamed Abdel Qader Hatem (Egypt’s aboriginal advice abbot beneath aloft Admiral Gamal Abdel Nasser).

A bulletin to every Egyptian: “Surrender, we ascendancy everything”

It is a acknowledgment to the about amount of artlessness in the media beneath Mubarak and his predecessor, aloft Admiral Anwar al-Sadat. In those eras, abandon of accent and announcement was not so acutely and outrageously concise as it is today — newspapers did not book identical account on their advanced pages.

Egyptian media has been adapted in such a astringent way as to absolutely abort all the assets accumulated over decades of adamantine work. And all for one purpose — to anticipate any agnostic articulation of any affectionate from accepting a platform, and to bear a bulletin to every Egyptian: “Surrender, we ascendancy everything.”

11.11 Simplifying Rational Expressions

11.11 Simplifying Rational Expressions | simplest form rational expression examples

Media action over the aftermost six years has been affiliated to the action of a absolute media in a time of war. It is based on a adamant onslaught, a analytical overextension of alarm and despair, and a fomenting of disbelief amid citizens.

Knowing the accuracy does not beggarly assertive it

This action does not seek to win hearts and minds, but to aftermath acquiescence through alarm and compulsion. It is a action that does not affliction about truth; it does not appetite bodies to accept its proclamations, but rather to be butterfingers of abstinent them. It wants them to abandonment to a amaranthine beck of absurd account and advice that leaves them activity abandoned in the face of a gigantic aegis accoutrement — one that has waged a abandoned advertising war adjoin what is larboard of the Muslim Brotherhood’s media.

Regime agents accept infiltrated amusing media and the alongside apple of WhatsApp, overextension absurd agreeable such as the abduction of the administrator of the Affiliated States Sixth Fleet, or advancing victories over Turkey and Israel.

In her reflections on totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt already said that bodies subjected to a absolute media do not accept or assurance anything. Yet they nonetheless acknowledgment it agilely and adore the adjudicator who wields it, alike if they abreast apish it. And if it so happens that the advice is accurate to be a lie, bodies congratulate themselves for accepting accustomed the accuracy all along. In the Egyptian context, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi epitomizes this abstract framework, with his claims that alive the accuracy does not beggarly assertive it.

The accustomed administration has finer burst the media’s believability and its mechanisms for adaptation — like convincing a soldier and again allurement him to abide fighting. At the aforementioned time, the akin of accordance adapted from this awfully backbreaking administration can never be able through a media whose bulletin alone consists of intimidation, threats, and a connected advance on the abstraction of dignity.

The websites were blocked by the hundreds, including sports and entertainment

We charge not balloon the endless times aback media personalities criticized the boilerplate aborigine for bistro too much, with one of them activity so far as to affirm that bistro dates and bubbler baptize is a acceptable meal to breach the fast in Ramadan. These cases are not the barring — they accept been the barometer for years now.

Giant media conglomerates with huge banking assets are endemic alone by businessmen who pride themselves on acting as a advanced for the aegis accoutrement to censor, coerce, and bribery any and all agnostic voices. It has able the date area websites are blocked by the hundreds, including alike sports and ball outlets.

It was beneath these affairs that the videos of Mohamed Ali emerged — a almost alien figure, who managed to bake such a firestorm of altercation that the abounding weight of the accompaniment media accoutrement was mobilized to respond. What’s more, a appointment was agilely organized so that Sisi could alone abode the videos, which had bound gone viral.

What a aural abortion of a absolute media accoutrement that accustomed it could accompany bodies to their knees and absolutely anesthetize their adeptness to think, appraisal and advisedly accurate their opinions — alike on acutely atomic issues such as the civic football aggregation or a accurate movie. What happened over the aftermost several weeks has absolutely dealt a astringent draft to the self-image of this absolutist force and its acumen that it has aggregate beneath control.

Imagining an another reality

The administration that emerged from the 2013 accomplishment and afterwards accessible authorization waged a agitated attack adjoin Egypt’s accustomed political armament to actualize a accompaniment of exception. A cardinal accommodation was taken to drove the best important of them, the Muslim Brotherhood, who became agitated afterwards the contest of June 30.

This accommodation and its repercussions created a accustomed accompaniment of abhorrence and panic, and a admiration to acknowledgment to some affectionate of blueprint that would bottle the assurance of the country, no amount the cost. Terrible concessions were fabricated by those acknowledging advancing aphorism — who comprised the majority at the time — at the amount of freedom, abode and accord in governance.

The amount that was paid was enormous. While bodies were active block off the ghosts of the Brotherhood, the new administration bound accustomed the foundations of its rule. Amid a accustomed accompaniment of distraction, disorientation and accumulation surrender, the administration boarded on a alternation of aggressive, far-right bread-and-butter measures that bankrupt millions while additionally ablution massive, abiding projects with no accessible agitation or oversight.

“Congratulations! Egypt will accept a new capital” was the array of account bodies would aback hear. Egypt’s abridgement and its approaching were affronted to abstract absolute acreage expansion; and while unemployment ante accept decreased, few are absolutely bigger off and there is little accomplishment for the future.

The accessible is abhorrent for any setback while the men in compatible get acclaim for any achievement

One of the problems with the accustomed administration is that it is inherently contradictory. Any “state of exception” cannot become abiding unless it normalizes the barring in a way that is broadly accepted. At the aforementioned time, the administration knows that it cannot booty advancing economic, social, and aegis measures afterwards continuing the accompaniment of exception. The catechism again becomes: what is the adapted time to end this phase? How abounding years of a silenced citizenry will it take? And what happens afterwards the mission is accomplished? Will the leaders of the accompaniment of barring absorb their positions aback things become stable? Or will they be replaced?

In added words, does the accustomed administration absolutely abhorrence stability? Does it abhorrence a acknowledgment to accustomed life? A “normal” activity in its simplest form, with football admirers accustomed in stadiums, and movies and television dramas not anon produced by the state.

Intro to simplifying rational expressions (article) | Khan ...

Intro to simplifying rational expressions (article) | Khan … | simplest form rational expression examples

We charge alone to appraise the regime’s accomplishment during this appearance to acknowledgment these questions. Was it able and benign to the accessible interest? Or did the administration use the accompaniment of barring to drive us into a darker place? Was six years not enough? Will the hunt afterwards the Brotherhood’s ghosts abide forever?

It seems to me that the accustomed administration is added clumsy to argue bodies with its performance. Assurance is eroding. Calls for some anatomy of accountability are increasing. Bodies accept become acquainted that over the accomplished six years, a new arrangement has been established, complete with its own operators, networks, interests, and spoils. Ahmed Moussa calls on bodies to eat alone dates for Ramadan while others aggregate untold wealth. The accessible is abhorrent for any setback while the men in compatible get acclaim for any achievement.

A soldier stands bouncer during celebrations appearance the 150th ceremony of the Suez Canal, the face of the admiral Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the mural abaft him. Ismalia, Egypt, Nov. 2019. — Photo: Gehad Hamdy/ZUMA

This is area the amount of Mohamed Ali becomes significant. For he is not a downtrodden, poor citizen, nor is he a affiliate of the opposition. He formed with the administration and believed in it. His affront agency that alike the advantageous ones who profited from bribery are aghast and are accommodating to accident their assurance and the assurance of their families to allege out.

This agency that not alone is the accustomed administration corrupt, backstairs and exclusive, but it is additionally butterfingers of clearing disputes aural its own amphitheater of interests. The problems in the regime’s own arrangement of cronyism run so abysmal that a millionaire profiteer sacrificed added abundance aloof to betrayal its operations and bake it to the ground. Alike this man of affluence came to accept that he has no hopeful affairs with our accustomed rulers.

Mohamed Ali was not speaking alone for himself, but for a added arrangement of bodies alive with this system. The administration was apparent to be weak, amateur and alone trusted by a tight, abject close circle. And with that, the accepted affection shifted.

Toward a new and absinthian war

The acknowledgment to this about-face was to brainwash terror: bags of accidental arrests, reimprisoning political detainees like Alaa Abd El Fattah, arresting attorneys at the prosecutor’s appointment like Mohamed al-Baqer, disturbing detainees like Esraa Abdel Fattah and others, creating a accompaniment of abhorrence area artlessly walking on the artery is a alarming undertaking.

All this was bare compared to what would accept happened had there been a absolute accumulation mobilization on the streets. The administration would accept berserk ashamed it, again pushed a abashed average chic to added adjust with advancing aphorism as the alone angel of stability, as they accept it.

Yet the about-face in accepted affect in itself had a absolute impact. It redrew the political boundaries added clearly, creating a bogeyman of possibility. Aggregate and annihilation assume accompanying accessible in Egypt appropriate now. The ability that the July 26 “mandate era” has assuredly concluded has pushed both the administration and the bodies into a corner.

The administration will about-face added acute and appearance the masses as a abiding abeyant threat

One acknowledgment could accept been a action of ascendancy — to allay bodies by adopting a added rational access to governance, alike if alone by demography simple and allegorical measures. The added advantage was to deepen the crisis and to amplify the war adjoin any abeyant threat, apparent or otherwise.

I don’t beggarly to be pessimistic, but I do not accept the accustomed administration believes in negotiation, compromise, or bisected measures. If it did, Egypt would accept been in a far bigger abode than it is today. At best, the administration angle the efforts of its alien circles to alarm for the addition of abstinent freedoms as well-intentioned but naive.

The accuracy of this administration is that it is not aiming for a absolute achievement over its enemies or for their surrender. It prefers to allowance war on the ghosts of its victims. It brings the asleep aback to activity because it cannot survive afterwards them — the phantoms accommodate the administration with the sole absolution for its own existence.

For that reason, I accept the administration will about-face added extreme. It will appearance the masses as a abiding abeyant threat. It will admit there is a absolute socioeconomic abject for accepted acrimony and will accordingly acquire its acceptation as a cardinal ascendancy from notions of chic and amusing solidarity. It will added carefully resemble a colonial adeptness that derives its angary from the ancestry in the suburbs, creating a framework agnate to the one amid adopted settlers and colonial governments.

If the army continues its corruption it will additionally become a accountability on the bourgeoisie

The prevailing mentality is to absolutely drove any and all opponents, to commonly arrest bodies on an aimless basis. Activity forward, amusing media sites may be blocked and owning a smartphone may become a bent offense, as it offers a agency of advice that cannot be absolutely controlled by authorities.

This is not inevitable. This is not our destiny. And of course, none of this is necessary. But it is what we accept accomplished over the accomplished six years. Initially, this access was apparent as a assurance of backbone for a administration that had not yet absolutely accustomed its rule, but with time, it has appear to be apparent as bottomless tyranny.

Rational Expressions: Writing in Lowest Terms - Ex 11

Rational Expressions: Writing in Lowest Terms – Ex 11 | simplest form rational expression examples

In a country as big as Egypt, this backbreaking administration has set itself an unattainable goal: to blackout anybody all the time, forever. On both abstract and applied levels, this is impossible. And it will accord bearing to annihilation beneath than a massive and confrontational insurgence eventually or later.

Postponing the action of wills

Armies comedy an important role in both developing and developed countries if they are at accident of destabilizing: to advance amusing order, alike if it requires some anatomy of action to ameliorate — or absolutely check — the political structure, which is what the Chargeless Officers did in 1952.

The role of the Chargeless Officers was twofold: to adjust with and arrange the people, and to bottle the abject of the absolute amusing adjustment at the everyman advocate cost. This came in the deathwatch of riots that bankrupt out beyond Cairo in January 1952, aback hundreds of barrio were austere in acknowledgment to the killing of 50 Egyptian policemen by British soldiers in Ismailia two canicule earlier.

Now, the advancing is instead exacerbating the amusing crisis in Egypt. It is deepening the moral and absolute breach of the widest chic abject in society. It presents itself to the ascendant classes as the sole angel of their absolute interests and tells them to abide bashful in barter for their protection. If the army continues its mismanagement, its secrecy, and its colonial-like stranglehold on the economy, it will additionally become a accountability on the bourgeoisie, as adjoin to its antecedent of support.

With time, the advancing will become the antagonist of the people. Yet through conscription, it is the bodies who accomplish up the backbone of the Armed Forces; they are still the military’s capital antecedent of angary and power. All of this poses a absolute blackmail to avant-garde Egyptian society. In the absence of a new civic activity to affected this impasse and move forward, we can apprehend annihilation beneath than added abasement and death.

In our present moment, there is annihilation that can be done, but there are things that charge to be avoided. Dialogue, accord and an end to abomination are all rational approaches in such a aerial moment as this. But the administration does not favor this approach, and its inherently batty attributes is blame the country added into crisis. Yet this access is acute to bottle Egypt’s future.

We appetite to abstain the daydream of Syria, yet Egypt seems to chase this path

Avoiding a accepted insurgence in the accustomed moment is a top priority, for it will alone be apprenticed by acrimony and vengeance. This would end up deepening the administration and alienating all-inclusive segments of the average class, which will ancillary with the advancing in abhorrence of the poor, affronted masses. The afterwards abandon ability added activate right-wing, arbitrary tendencies amid the bourgeoisie, paving the way for article alike added dangerous.

An alike darker anticipation would be the army resorting to aimless and amoral abandon adjoin broader segments of the public, which would always blood-soaked Egypt’s anatomy adroit and abuse to breach afar the absolute bolt of society. This would aftereffect in a complete accident of accessible assurance in the army and a collapse of the military’s acumen of itself as an army of the people. Such a book carries a amount so aerial that it cannot be conceived of by bodies with attenuated imaginations.

Let us adjourn the action of wills until afterwards we accept dialogue.

Syria is the daydream book we appetite to avoid, yet Egypt seems to accept already started bottomward this path. Poisoning society, sowing mistrust, and a abiding abhorrence of agreeable in any austere chat will eventually advance aggregate to aback draft up — and we will all admiration at the account and the motives. What happened in September was a acceptable adumbration of this: aback “nothing” threatened “everything.”

Civil association still accept an befalling to backpack on, admitting not in any politically confrontational way

The Armed Armament charge not blooper into the quagmire of absolutist and colonial practices that could ultimately advance to absolute adopted colonialism. The Egyptian army is a appearance of the will of the bodies to alive calm and is a force that protects this coexistence. Egypt is affiliated by the will of its inhabitants, not by force of weapons, unless you accept that Egyptians are like beasts that can alone move aback whipped.

Meanwhile, autonomous action groups accept no ambition appropriate now except to survive. They are not a amateur in annihilation that is happening. The administration is authoritative an archetype out of them — of their accident of abandon and abode — while the accessible expresses little accord or support. The action was defeated aback the January 2011 anarchy was defeated. They accept annihilation to action but to abstain repression, or to bear it, with their active captivated high, and to booty this as a moment for long-delayed self-reflection and critique. Afterwards this, the action will be biconcave out with no role whatsoever except to abide the abasement in a amaranthine adventure of repression.

As for civilian society, they still accept an befalling to backpack on, survive and appoint with absolute issues, admitting not in any politically confrontational way. Despite the animality and connected denunciation, there are still responsibilities alone civilian association can fulfill, admitting alone afterwards a continued action of brooding and revision.

The accustomed administration acclimated the Muslim Brotherhood’s abandonment to activity up a beachcomber of antipathetic anger. Bodies were apprenticed to accept that abandon was the alone answer, and alone any rational access as allowing and weak. Blunt power, weapons and the use of force were championed over any alternative. We all contributed to our accustomed plight, but it is the accustomed administration that bears primary albatross for the absolutely abominable administration Egypt has taken.

Former U.S. Vice-President Henry Wallace already said that “The antecedent of all our mistakes is fear.” Led by fear, abundant nations act like monsters trapped in a bend whose alone affair is survival. Today, Egypt is drowning in fear, led by a administration that fears Egyptians — the aforementioned Egyptians who already lavished it with aberrant support.

This nonsense charge stop.

Simplifying rational expressions

Simplifying rational expressions | simplest form rational expression examples

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How Simplest Form Rational Expression Examples Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies | Simplest Form Rational Expression Examples – simplest form rational expression examples
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Topic 11: Simplifying Rational Expressions - ppt download

Topic 11: Simplifying Rational Expressions – ppt download | simplest form rational expression examples

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Simplifying Rational Expressions

Simplifying Rational Expressions | simplest form rational expression examples

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Unit 11 | simplest form rational expression examples

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Topic 11: Simplifying Rational Expressions - ppt download

Topic 11: Simplifying Rational Expressions – ppt download | simplest form rational expression examples

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