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This is an anterior commodity on Civic Banal Numbers (NSNs), LIN codes and so on for US Aggressive Logisticians complex with US Aggressive Equipment.

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Place value Written form Expanded form Numerical form .. | standard form word form expanded form anchor chart

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Place value anchor chart – Standard Form, Expanded Form .. | standard form word form expanded form anchor chart

Number Form: Anchor Charts by caitlinANDshannon | TpT - standard form word form expanded form anchor chart

Number Form: Anchor Charts by caitlinANDshannon | TpT – standard form word form expanded form anchor chart | standard form word form expanded form anchor chart

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Anchor Chart Posters: expanded form, word form, standard .. | standard form word form expanded form anchor chart

Finding the adapted name for an account in the accumulation arrangement is not as accessible as it may seem. Here is the author’s adviser to abyssal the names and numbers of Defense cataloging.

Has this anytime happened to you? You’re deployed about as allotment of a collective assignment force, and addition absolutely chief to you—a mean, grouchy, nonlogistician type—points to an commodity and says, “I appetite one of those!” Your aboriginal affection is to respond, “Sure, no problem. What’s the banal number?” But you abide bashful because you apperceive his acknowledgment apparently will be, “How the heck am I declared to know? That’s your job. You’re the logistician.” The chief nonlogistician again walks abroad as he growls, “Order one, and let me apperceive aback it comes in. I charge it now. If I capital it tomorrow, I’d adjustment it tomorrow.”

You’re larboard abandoned abrading your head. You not alone don’t apperceive what the item’s civic banal cardinal (NSN) is, you’re not alike abiding what the abuse affair is called. Of course, the aboriginal footfall in acclimation the account from the accumulation arrangement is to acquisition out its anecdotic cardinal (an NSN, band account number, or some added identifier). But to acquisition a number, you aboriginal charge a name. Determining the item’s actual name is hardly a simple matter.

Let’s say the account is a widget. It is round, the admeasurement of a donut, and fabricated out of some blazon of metal, apparently steel. You admiration what its aggressive name is. Is it a “round widget?” Is it a “steel widget?” A “round, steel, widget?” A “widget, round?” A “widget, steel?” Is it alike alleged a widget, or is the chat “widget” argot for some other, abstruse name?

Because of your experience, you apperceive that application a acumen database is agnate to attractive up definitions in a dictionary. You accept to apperceive the exact (or about exact) spelling of a chat or delivery of a appellation in adjustment to bare its meaning. You won’t be able to acquisition acumen advice about a “round widget” if the ample database you argue lists the account as a “widget, round.” Aback you’re allotment of a collective assignment force, you admiration if the Marine Corps, Air Force, or Navy assemblage bottomward the alley has one. You additionally catechism if the Defense Acumen Agency (DLA), Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps all analyze the account by the aforementioned name. (Unfortunately, they don’t.)

With no advice accessible from aural the collective assignment force, what’s your abutting step? If you’re activity to analyze your account and amuse your abrupt customer, you’re activity to accept to do some research. Obtaining the adapted name and cardinal for an account is abundant added difficult than it appears. Nonetheless, a solid compassionate of the complexities of the allotment and calculation systems acclimated by the Army, the added services, and DLA will advice you access the advice you need, not alone to application an account but additionally to clue the onhand and in-transit balances of that account worldwide.

Rather than the accepted widget, let’s booty a added accurate example. Let’s accept the appeal is for the agent apparent in the photo to the left. What is its name? What is its anecdotic number? Both its name and its cardinal depend on which database you search. Yes, the NSN for the agent is connected and appropriately charcoal the same, but the NSN is not consistently accessible to determine. Besides, the NSN generally is not included in some of the added important databases, such as The Army Authorization Documents Arrangement (TAADS), the Army Pre-positioned Stocks (APS) Program, the Global Status of Resources and Training Arrangement (GSORTS), and the Collective Operation Planning and Execution Arrangement (JOPES). Abounding of these programs instead use the band account cardinal (LIN) as the agency of numerically anecdotic an item.

Math: Numbers in standard, word, and expanded form ..

Math: Numbers in standard, word, and expanded form .. | standard form word form expanded form anchor chart

In your chase to bare the item’s name, you apparently will use DLA’s Federal Acumen Advice Arrangement (FLIS). DLA’s Defense Acumen Advice Service (DLIS) at Battle Creek, Michigan, oversees the FLIS. A byproduct of FLIS is a database accepted as FED LOG, which is adapted account and is accessible in CD ROM (six disks) or DVD (one disk) formats. FED LOG additionally can be accessed on the World Wide Web application deejay 1 of an abreast (that is, beneath than 2 months’ old) CD ROM set. (To apprentice added about FED LOG, appointment the FED LOG Advice Center Web armpit at

The FED LOG-Interactive awning apparent aloft adapted displays one of the abounding abstracts sets accessible aural the FED LOG program. The awning depicts bristles accompanying but audible databases, one for DLA and one for anniversary of the armed services. These databases are adumbrated by the bristles icons circled by the red egg-shaped at the top of the screen: FLIS, an Air Force jet, an Army tank, a Marine Corps buoy, and a Navy anchor.

Within the FED LOG database, a accurate account is articular by abundant names and numbers. The types of names accommodate the accustomed account name (AIN), all-embracing nomenclature, NSN nomenclature, chatty names, and end account identification. The types of anecdotic numbers accommodate the NSN, LIN, account name code, account designator number, end account code, archetypal number, and allotment number; the allotment cardinal charge accommodate the 5-digit Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) cipher for identification purposes.

The acceptable account is that the NSN and the accustomed account name are accepted amid the casework and DLA. The bad account is that the databases of the casework do not consistently use the NSN or the accustomed account name. Moreover, the accustomed account name that is apparent in the FED LOG database about displays a best of 19 characters; that acreage breadth generally is too abbreviate to call the account so a user can bound butt what it absolutely is. The account name in our archetype does not announce if the agent is a 5-ton barter or a 1G-ton truck; it aloof says “Truck, Utility.” (See the added red egg-shaped on the screen.)

More advice about an account can be included if the abstracts acreage permits the affectation of added characters.

Let’s booty a attending at the methods acclimated to baddest names for accessories and supplies. The FLIS uses what it calls the “item name” as its accepted allotment convention. The account name consists of three parts: an account name prefix (which is allotted a best of 10 characters), a abbreviate name (allotted a best of 19 characters), and a name basis (allotted a best of 1,743 characters). In FED LOG, the account name prefix and the abbreviate name are articular in the “Item Name” block. The abounding name (including the name root) is apparent in the “Characteristics Segment” (Segment V) beneath the Adept Requirements Cipher (MRC) “name” block. The lengthier abounding name about incorporates the 19-character (or less) abbreviate name. For the purposes of this article, the appellation “item name” will be acclimated for “short name.”

The appearance breadth acclimated to analyze an account in the abstracts acreage is important because a name becomes added absolute as it gets longer. This is illustrated in the blueprint on folio 21. A appearance can be a letter, a digit, a space, a punctuation mark, or a symbol. In these examples, a data-field breadth of alone 13 characters artlessly indicates that the account is a account truck. However, attending how abundant added advice about the barter is included in a name that is 64 characters long. On the added hand, a appearance breadth abundant best than 64 characters would be bulky and too continued to fit on a distinct band of an Excel or a Chat certificate file.

DLIS assigns account names based on the recommendations of the services, added Federal agencies (such as the General Casework Administration), and North Atlantic Treaty Alignment (NATO) members. DLIS additionally assigns a 5-digit account name cipher (INC) for anniversary account name it approves. There are currently over 42,000 accustomed account names. Account names that accept not yet been accustomed are assigned the 5-digit cipher of 77777.

Referring aback to our example, the NSN for the agent in the photo is 2320–01–371–9577. Its accustomed account name is “Truck, Utility,” and its INC is 11354. If you were accustomed to adjustment this account and were advantageous abundant to apperceive its NSN, you could use FED LOG to acquisition out all types of advice about it, including its antecedent of accumulation and accompanying management, transportation, and characteristics data.

Besides the AIN, added means are acclimated to analyze the name of an item, not all of which are apparent in FED LOG. Although DLA uses the account name in its FLIS database, the Army and Marine Corps about use a allotment assemblage alleged “nomenclature.” “Item name” and “nomenclature” are not changeable terms; they can be absolutely different, although in some instances an item’s classification will be based on its account name.

The Army classification refers to the agent in our archetype as a “Trk, Util M998A.” The Marine Corps classification is altered from the Army’s. The Marine classification for this account is “Truck, Utility,” which, in this case, is the aforementioned as the account name. NSN 2320–01–371–9577 additionally has chatty names associated with it, such as “High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle,” “HMMWV,” or “Armored 4×4 Crew Cab Pickup.” (See the red egg-shaped at the basal of the screen.) It additionally is alleged a “Truck, Utility: Cargo/Troop Carrier, 1G Ton, 4×4, M998” in the Army’s Abstruse Manual 9–2320–280–10.

Different logistics-related databases aural the Army itself use altered nomenclatures for this specific NSN. Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet 708–3, Cataloging Food and Equipment, Army Adopted Items of Materiel and List of Reportable Items, identifies both an Army “generic nomenclature” and an “NSN nomenclature.” The all-embracing classification is belted to 64 characters and consists of the FLIS account name followed by a colon and added anecdotic information. The NSN classification is belted to 21 characters and contains the basal noun that identifies the account alternating with added abstracts that call its make, model, size, and so forth.

Besides the NSN, this account additionally can be articular by its INC of 11354, an Army LIN of T61494, a Marine Corps account designator cardinal (IDN) of 08770B, an end account cipher (EIC) of BBN, and a CAGE allotment cardinal of 8750297. Unfortunately, this array of allotment and calculation methods reduces the account of acumen databases aloft the Department of Defense (DOD), requires users to argue several altered databases in adjustment to retrieve account information, and prevents the affiliation of acumen abstracts into an all-encompassing, interoperable, convenient database.

In abounding cases, apprehension acumen advice is detective work. Knowing how to cross through the chase appearance of FED LOG will abetment you with your efforts. For instance, you can use FED LOG to access the NSN for an account aback you alone apperceive the LIN. A chase of Accumulation Bulletin (SB) 708–21, Cataloging Handbook H2 (which can be accessed via, lists name-related titles of Federal accumulation classifications (FSCs). These can accommodate you with the agnate FSC, which is the aforementioned as the aboriginal four digits of the NSN (2320 in our example). You again can use the FSC as a FED LOG chase archetype to actuate the adapted account name, nomenclature, and civic account identification cardinal (NIIN). The NIIN is the aforementioned as the aftermost nine digits of the NSN (01–371–9577 in our example).

DLA’s Cataloging Handbook H6 (which can be activate at provides several means to chase its database, including a keyword search, an FSC search, and an INC search. In added words, you can use one of these three abstracts elements to acquisition the added two. (The H6 handbook additionally provides Federal Account Identification Accumulation information, but that is aloft the ambit of this article.)

When you accept neither the name nor the identification cardinal for an item, a acceptable abode to activate your chase for both is SB 708–21 (the H2 handbook). As noted, an FSC has four digits (the aforementioned as the aboriginal four digits of the NSN). The aboriginal two digits of an FSC accredit to the Federal Accumulation Group. The appellation of Accumulation 23 is “Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles.” The aftermost two digits of the FSC are accepted as theFederal Accumulation Class,” which provides alike added abundant advice than independent in the group. For example, an FSC of 2320 (consisting of Accumulation 23 and Chic 20) includes wheeled trucks and barter tractors (see blueprint aloft right).

This is the advertisement for the Federal Accumulation Classification (2320) for our agent as activate in Accumulation Bulletin 708–21, Cataloging Handbook H2.

This FSC could be acclimated to acquisition the adapted NSN, admitting this is not necessarily a simple action aback anniversary FSC can accommodate bags and bags of altered NSNs. Of course, the added advice you accept about an item, the easier your chase will be.

If the FLIS broadcast its database to accommodate a accepted “approved nomenclature” (which would absorb the account name but additionally accommodate adapted modifiers so that the abstracts acreage breadth approached but did not beat 64 characters), and if all pertinent DOD acumen databases acclimated accustomed nomenclatures alternating with the agnate NSNs, abounding of the abstracts abhorrence issues afflictive DOD would be resolved. According to DLIS personnel, abounding connected nomenclatures are already in use in some areas, such as electronics and aerospace. If account managers for cartage and added above items would assimilate their allotment practices, a new abstracts aspect for “nomenclature” could be added to the AIN, thereby standardizing the name. The casework would still be chargeless to use added allotment and calculation conventions aural their databases, as continued as they acclimated the accustomed nomenclatures and NSNs as well.

As this commodity demonstrates, the two best important pieces of abstracts bare in adjustment to retrieve accumulation advice are the names of items and their anecdotic numbers. Logisticians who adept the H2, H6, and FED LOG databases will be able to acquisition the adapted NSN, LIN, account name, and classification for the items they need. These analytical abstracts again can be acclimated to accomplishment the acumen advice activate in TAADS, JOPES, and Collective Total Asset Afterimage (JTAV), as able-bodied as added databases such as the Global Busline Network’s (GTN’s) in-transit afterimage (ITV) systems.

Let’s acknowledgment to our book to accomplishment the story. After diffuse research, you acquisition out that the abrupt nonlogistician’s Army assemblage is not accustomed this blazon of accoutrement on its modification table of alignment and accessories (MTOE). So there is no faculty in acclimation the accoutrement now, aback the transaction would alone be alone by the accumulation system. However, you advice the assemblage address up a DA Form 2028, Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms, and a DA Form 4610–R, Accessories Changes in MTOE/TDA [table of administration and allowances], so that the Department of the Army can analysis whether or not the assemblage should be accustomed this item. You additionally conduct a JTAV search, which shows that a Marine Corps assemblage amid adjacent has an “extra” widget, which it agrees to accommodation to the Army assemblage you’ve been supporting. You again abetment the Army assemblage in commutual the acting duke receipt.

When all is done, you feel acceptable about yourself. Your ability of accumulation helped a accurate unit, alike admitting one of the leaders of that assemblage was alone vaguely acquainted of the abundant accomplishment it took on your allotment to do so. Almost on cue, the cantankerous nonlogistician pushes by you, picks up the widget, and prepares to leave. However, aloof afore he does, he notices that his boss’ agent anchored adjacent has a new, clear antenna. “Hey, accumulation guy,” he says to you as he departs. “I don’t apperceive what it’s called, but get me one of those deals too.” So it is aback to your research. ALOG

The columnist wishes to acknowledge the accountable amount ex-perts at the Defense Acumen Advice Service for their invaluable abetment in the autograph of this article.

Seven Ways Standard Form Word Form Expanded Form Anchor Chart Can Improve Your Business | Standard Form Word Form Expanded Form Anchor Chart – standard form word form expanded form anchor chart
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