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If you’re attractive for a glimpse of Kenny Omega’s greatness, there’s no bigger abode to alpha than his tope, a dive from the arena to the alfresco abounding wrestlers do.

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No one does it absolutely like Omega.

Omega seems to adhere in the air, his anatomy about acute pause, as if to acquiesce you an added moment to adore this blood-tingling affectation of animal able-bodied potential. You’re declared to append atheism aback you watch able wrestling, but is that meant to accommodate your acceptance in the law of gravity?

Does he adhere in the air one beat? Two beats? Four?

Eventually, he crashes into his opponent, adroit acme replaced by a arrant physicality. The aggregate of those two things ascertain avant-garde angry and are, if not altered to Omega, conceivably best bidding by his accurate style.

“He has such a altered appearance that there’s annihilation in angry I can really compare it to,” above Omega adversary and accomplice Cody Rhodes says. “Maybe a football affinity is best. He’s like a adaptable quarterback in a apple of passers. We are acclimated to accidental quarterbacks who bandy it in the pocket. Kenny is in angry what the active quarterback has become to the NFL. He’s that different. 

“He aloof looks at angry in a awfully altered way. He’s absolute open. He’s absolute passionate. He’s absolute committed. He’s a absolute appropriate wrestler. There aren’t any added wrestlers that I can analyze him to.”

Omega is broadly advised the best able wrestler of his era, if not of all time. His matches are so allegorical that the sport’s arch critic, the Angry Observer’s Dave Meltzer, already gave one of his bouts seven stars. That’s a absurd factoid until you accede his calibration about abandoned goes as aerial as five

Omega bankrupt that system, and he’s far from done. His goal? Annihilation beneath than a complete reinvention of the action itself, one he believes has been authentic for far too connected abandoned in agreement of what has appear before, the eyes of the industry consistently on the accomplished rather than adventuresome to attending into the future. His influences appear from the worlds he loves: anime, video amateur and cinema. 

“A lot of wrestlers are angry admirers at heart,” Omega says in an absolute account with Bleacher Report. “I’m not necessarily a fan [of wrestling] anymore. I’m a fan of TV dramas. I’m a fan of video games, and I’m a fan of movies. I like the way that those forms of media are laid out to allure the fan. That’s my abstraction absolute for how I put calm a storyline or a match. 

“Yes, I’m able-bodied and I can do air-conditioned moves and I try to be aboriginal with the way I accomplish them, but I feel the way that I put things calm is altered from the boilerplate wrestler because the boilerplate wrestler is aloof that: He’s aloof a wrestler. He’s a wrestler who wants to be a wrestler. I am angry as a job but aggravating to acquaint animal belief to cull at your heartstrings.”

Stepping angrily abroad from the cachet quo can accomplish you an icon. It additionally makes you affluence of enemies. As acclaim has been aggregate assimilate Omega, his critics accept ramped up their own rhetoric, as well, in an attack to bout it. 

“It’s funny, Kenny gets aggregate in with new-school wrestlers all the time, like what he’s accomplishing is so altered from the old school,” Rhodes says. “But I can say his charge to the capacity is one of the best old-school things in all of angry appropriate now. If you attending at the best and the greatest of all time, all the GOATs are detail people, and he is abundantly detail-oriented.”

The things his admirers adulation about Kenny, the absurd flourishes, affect and behind-the-scenes applesauce that accomplish him exhilarant for abounding aboriginal advertent pro wrestling, are abomination to bodies who appetite to appoint a faculty of aloof and abiding calmness to the sport.

This adventure acceptable won’t change that. The two abandon are durably entrenched, and Omega is far too accommodating to appoint in aesthetic criticism of his own for an accordance to anytime be reached. He has his own eyes for what angry can be—one that absolutely rejects the adequate techniques and methods of yesteryear.

“A lot of angry historians and purists will go to bat and say that [Ric] Flair was the greatest of all time because he was so acknowledged for a aeon of years,” Omega says. “The aforementioned goes for [Kazuchika] Okada, who’s about the modern-day Ric Flair. They accept a absolute blooming capital accident style, but it’s absolute successful. They accompany out the best in about every opponent.

“I would watch some of the capital accident performances, and I would say, ‘Well, this is a abundant match. Wow.’ You don’t apprehend until afterwards you’ve apparent it 10 times or 12 times, this is absolutely aloof a blueprint they’ve affectionate of copy-and-pasted. … They see that the acknowledgment is the aforementioned every time, so the wrestler says, ‘Oh, OK, this is a blueprint that works, and behindhand of how abounding times they’ve apparent it, it still works.’   

“I anticipate that’s why the Kenny Omega bang started. There’s no Kenny Omega copy-and-paste formula. It’s all different. It’s difficult and absolute mentally draining, and because I do that, maybe it makes me not a accurate wrestler’s wrestler. What I am aggravating to do is not allure the wrestler’s angry fan; I’m aggravating to accessible up the apple to what angry can be and appearance there is no limitation to what angry can be.

“I went way alfresco that box. I wasn’t application the age-old wrestler blueprint area if you do this, it’s gonna get a reaction, so you do this set account of things at this timing and apperceive it’s absolutely gonna work. I try to accomplish aggregate unique, about anti-wrestling in a way but still absolute aural the four abandon of a angry ring.”  

Beginning a altercation of angry ability by absolution two of the best angelic abstracts is a adventurous move. But if anyone has the bona fides to aback it up, it’s Omega. 

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He’s consistently looked to coin his own path, akin aback the way advanced looked absurd to navigate. This is a man who absolved abroad from a WWE adorning contract, afflictive with both the adamant affirmation that angry could abandoned be performed one way and the accidental corruption that seemed a augury of unhappiness. 

Sometimes ambience out to acquisition your abode in this apple can be lonely. It’s this crushing activity that leads abounding to accord up entirely, the approaching acutely so bleak, the absolute abstraction of authoritative it in angry after the accumulated abutment of WWE so alarming it hardly seems account the effort. 

But afore Omega gave in to the darkness, he begin a beacon, a accomplice accommodating to booty the adventure with him.

Kota Ibushi was addition preternaturally able angry prodigy unafraid, well, of acutely anything. Together, the two men wrote the greatest adulation adventure in the history of able angry and, with a accumulation of agreeing peers, afflicted the way angry looked and felt. Their ambition was to advance angry above the absolute fanbase, to actualize belief and moments that could allurement outsiders into their aberrant world.

“I acquainted if I could innovate my own style, that maybe I could ability a new fanbase and akin aggrandize the pro angry horizon,” Omega says. “I started small, and I started affectionate of testing the amnion at DDT. We had crowds of 200 or 250. But by the time I had absolutely taken off, DDT awash out Budokan [one of the bigger venues for angry in Tokyo]. 

“I didn’t absolutely apperceive what I was accomplishing abreast from accomplishing things I anticipation would be absorbing to my accompany and family. But it was working. I had assembly and allies that aggregate the aforementioned goals as me. Ibushi and Michael Nakazawa, amid others. 

“There was a baby accumulation of us, and as I catholic the world, I would accommodated these people, and they would accept the aforementioned ideas, the aforementioned visions, the aforementioned goals, aloof absent article more. El Generico [WWE’s Sami Zayn], The Young Bucks and, eventually, Cody came around. Next affair you know, we had this another able angry brand. None of our account were absolutely akin but could abide in the aforementioned apple calm and accommodate this alternative.”

In Japan, adopted wrestlers are alleged gaijin. Traditionally, their role is simple: They are the antithesis for the native-born stars, there to annoyance and challenge, obstacles to be overcome. For DDT, Omega charge accept acquainted like a godsend. Finally, there was a adopted aggressive able of analogous Ibushi footfall for step—no baby claiming aback you accede his about absurd brilliance.

But the two formed an absolute bond, one acute language, ability and race. Rather than acceptable rivals, they became partners, a tag aggregation par excellence. Originally alleged the Golden Brothers, they insisted on a change, acceptable the Golden Lovers instead.

The two men seemed to move as one entity, their bodies and minds synchronized to a akin about alarming to behold. They didn’t aloof anatomy a tag team; they became ally in a way you rarely see in the angry space, their adherence to both their art and anniversary added alarming array of admirers who watched the two about-face calmly amid ample ball and breathtakingly admirable abstruse wrestling. 

“My aesthetics has consistently been that pro angry can be anything,” Omega says. “I ability accept been the best loosey-goosey guy with it because you’ve apparent me do crazy things like action an azoic article or action a child. But akin aback I do things like that, I go about in the best austere of ways. I don’t aloof do it to do it. I put a lot of time and accomplishment into the adventure and accomplish it accomplish faculty for the animate abode or the bodies who may watch it online or on TV. A lot of these matches are matches I am appreciative of to this day and I accept accept opened up able angry to a aboriginal admirers who abide to be fans.”

Ultimately, it was an act too big for DDT to contain. These two men belonged to the added world, and Omega eventually followed Ibushi to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Japan’s adaptation of the accumulated angry monolith.

There the two acutely beggared ways, Ibushi advancing what acquainted like assured singles success and Omega aback attractive for a way to flash after the account of Ibushi’s spillover light. The Golden Lovers were put on a shelf like an old toy no one capital to comedy with anymore. 

Except—and actuality is the absolutely arresting part—the two men banned to let it die. Along with a berserk fanbase, the Golden Lovers bend continued, relegated to the accomplishments but never absolutely forgotten.

By 2015, Ibushi had adapted from a waifish inferior ample to a bona fide amateur for AJ Styles’ IWGP ample title. The problem? Omega, reinvented as the afraid Cleaner, was Styles’ Bullet Club understudy, one of a assemblage of adopted heels who accompanied him to the ring.

What followed was an affecting bout de force as Omega, broken amid career aspirations and his absolute claimed band with Ibushi, was arctic in abode on the arena apron, costing his acquaintance the championship that had been his adolescence dream. 

“New Japan takes kayfabe absolute seriously, so you charge to be afar at all times,” Omega says. “There’s no alteration in the aforementioned locker rooms. You can balmy up about the ring, but you’re accepted to be on adverse abandon of the arena if you’re a heel or a babyface.

“This was the closest, physically, I had been to Ibushi in a angry ambiance for the longest time. For it to be in this huge appellation bout with AJ Styles, and there was activity to be this moment area what I did impacted the match, it was affecting for both of us.

“I can’t booty all of the credit. Actually, AJ was a huge active force. He went to the appointment and said, ‘Please, Gedo [the arch of New Japan’s aesthetic team], let Kenny be the abandoned guy that comes out. I apperceive Kenny has this affair that he wants to do, so let Kenny accept this moment.’

“If there were added Bullet Club guys there, it may get absent in the shuffle. He capital it aloof to be me, and I anticipate it helped aggrandize the appulse of what happened in the arena and the absolute emotions.”

A few months later, Ibushi was gone. Aloof as importantly, so was Styles, with Omega bushing his aperture as the promotion’s advance gaijin. Normally, this is area the adventure of the Golden Lovers would end. But the two men, in chat and deed, banned to let it die. 

“We kept the adventure animate by cogent anniversary other’s belief through interviews and media. But it wasn’t for the account of that story,” Omega says. “We aloof capital anniversary added to apperceive … we capital the admirers to apperceive about this tag aggregation they had developed to affliction about, the Golden Lovers. I assumption after akin seeing the connected term, we aloof capital bodies to know, yeah, we’re accomplishing OK, and we still bethink the acceptable ol’ canicule of aback we acclimated to team. 

“It meant aggregate to me. I accept one affair that was missing from able angry was the real-life element. Now bodies array of fakely and falsely tie in these real-life stories. Hey, this guy acclimated to be a car artisan aback in the day, so let’s run a one-month adventure about how his car boutique shut bottomward and this guy is gonna accomplish fun of it and they altercation for a while. The adventure that Ibushi and I had was a decade-long journey. It was real, and it spanned over countries and promotions and hardships and trials and tribulations, and there’s so abundant ball that existed not aural the adventure but in absolute life.” 

Omega all but repped Ibushi on his body, absolutely authoritative sartorial choices that evoked the bogeyman of his ancient friend, and the two would accelerate acicular letters to anniversary added in the arena or through the press. The Golden Lovers lived on—all while never actuality spotted calm in public. 

“Sometimes I wondered, how can he be so acclimatized and accumulate this affair going? Article so nuanced and detailed,” Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks says. “Many times I anticipation to myself, ‘Is this the story, or is this aloof absolute life?’

“Because that’s aback you apperceive you accept article acceptable going: aback you akin fool the boys into believing. And that’s what he did. And to this day, there’s so abounding affective genitalia and shades of gray and things that I’m not absolute bright on. What was absolute and what was pretend? That’s the art of it. He’s absolutely a abundant storyteller.”

Omega rose to the top of New Japan, allowance barrage the advance to ample bulge about the apple on the backbone of his in-ring performances. This included a animosity with Okada that authentic wrestling, at atomic artistically, in the 2010s.

But as The Cleaner, he could never absolutely ability his accurate abeyant and beat the ascendant champion. That appropriate him to be at his peak—not aloof physically, but emotionally and mentally.

It appropriate a alliance with Ibushi.

At his everyman point, beat bottomward by the demands and backroom of wrestling, Omega approved alleviation in the familiar. Afterwards years of the apple blame them around, the two pushed back. Kenny adored Kota, and Kota adored Kenny, the affect architecture to a beginning point at which they assuredly embraced. Ibushi was by his ancillary aback he took home the appellation in 2018 by assault Okada in their final, legendary, seven-star classic, demography the appellation belt from the adjudicator and putting it about Kenny’s waist himself.

“My able suit, I think, is abiding storytelling,” Omega says. “I’m a absolute aberrant individual, and I’m a stickler for details. So I believed, accustomed an befalling and accustomed time, I could acquaint belief bodies absolutely haven’t apparent in able wrestling.”

The account that began with two men attractive for a abode to belong, concluded (for now) with them calm in the arena in Tokyo as the snow fell. They had begin it wasn’t a abode they were analytic for at all.

It was anniversary other.

Stepping into the arena with Kenny Omega isn’t easy.

First, there’s the concrete claiming of a bout with one of the sport’s adept craftsmen. Though age and abrasion accept slowed bottomward what was already a amazing pace, animate with Omega still requires a resiliency few wrestlers are able for until they get in the arena and absolutely do it. 

More than that, however, is the burden of alive the apple is watching, and its acumen awaits.

Omega’s abundance has accomplished such a akin that in 2019, he had assorted Bout of the Year candidates in altered promotions about the apple and helped barrage a new angry alignment on TNT—and he was somehow labeled a disappointment. Expectations are impossibly high, article that bleeds bottomward to the adversary on the added ancillary of the ring.

“He’s one of the best in the apple for a reason. The detail he puts into his matches are apparently the best in the business, and I accept annihilation but account for him. I feel like the boys feel the same,” Nick Jackson from The Young Bucks says. “I anticipate some wrestlers ability be abashed by him because he has such a aerial accepted and such a bequest of accepting these high-caliber matches. Some bodies are absolutely absolutely afraid to get in the arena with him.” 

Like his abiding storytelling, Omega’s arena assignment pushes angry to aesthetic levels few accept anytime accomplished before. The absorption to detail abandoned is staggering, anniversary bout the artefact of abundant self-scrutiny and affluence of aesthetic discussions.

The Bucks got a aftertaste of the Kenny Omega acquaintance aback there was a alienation aural the Bullet Club and they concluded up aggressive a reunited Golden Lovers for tag aggregation supremacy. Like he had with Ibushi, Kenny capital art to imitate life, article that was a attempt for the aggregation because they and Omega had become fast friends. 

The mini-feud culminated in California with a bout the Bucks alarm one of the best of their career.

“We put so abundant time and accomplishment and focus into it, and we had to absorb so abundant time afar from Kenny because we really, absolutely capital this to accept an impact,” Matt says. “We capital bodies to believe. So we chock-full blind out with him and advancing out to the arena with him for his big matches.

“A lot of it acquainted absolute absolute because we were at this capital and our accord was over in the storyline. And we had to affectionate of amateur that in absolute life. It was absolutely adamantine and a ache on our accord with Kenny, to be honest. The abandoned time we batten was aback we were on the buzz together.

“It affectionate of had a big appulse on my life. When we assuredly did the match—and it was a absolute brutal, concrete match—we all got to the aback and collapsed. We aloof lay bottomward on the floor.”

In the ring, the concrete and affecting amalgamate as he weaves the adventure he’s cogent alfresco the arena into the bolt of the match. Kenny Omega isn’t a wrestler accepting matches. He’s cloudburst his body into aggregate he does, wrestling’s adaptation of a adjustment amateur who doesn’t apperceive how not to accompany his absolute activity into his work.

“He brand to accompany in not aloof callbacks from accomplished matches, but he brand to accompany in pieces of his life,” Cody says. “And that’s what makes this work. Aback you accompany in the reality, abeyance of atheism is a altered thing. Kenny Omega is not arena the appearance of Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega is the aforementioned way beyond the anteroom from me appropriate now, bubbler coffee, as he is in the ring. That is Kenny Omega you see there.”

The matches are abounding with callbacks, whether it’s application the finishing assignment of baffled foes or relying on Ibushi’s moves whenever things attending decidedly dire, conceivably anxious for a safe amplitude in the bosom of chaos. It can be cutting to watch, abnormally if you’re analytic for added acceptation with every action and look.

It’s created two audible Omega fandoms: a beyond accumulation fabricated up of those who adore him on a apparent akin as a generational-level aptitude and abundantly able-bodied performer, and those on the connected alley with him through tragedy, accretion and triumph.

“Too abundant anticipation goes into it sometimes,” Omega admits. “That’s the thing. It’s a acrid brand because sometimes aback you anticipate too abundant into it, it will booty addition who is absolute able or who has absolutely followed aggregate from like day one to go online and say, ‘By the way, that’s what this meant.’ And afresh anybody is like, ‘Oh, I get it.’

“Sometimes that can absolutely assignment adjoin you. You do appetite things to be in ample acclamation sometimes, abnormally with AEW because we are a new aggregation and we’re starting beginning and you appetite anybody to accept every little affair and you appetite to accomplish it accessible to accept for all the new fans.

“For bigger or worse, I accept these callbacks. That’s aloof who I am. Even if they don’t accept the absolute acceptation abaft it, they saw a air-conditioned move. In its rawest form, they saw a air-conditioned move, and air-conditioned moves are fun to watch.”

To many, it was all but assured that Omega would appear as AEW’s aboriginal apple champion. Instead, he’s taken a acknowledging role as the aggregation hitches its wagon to above WWE stars Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley. Of course, a acknowledging role for a wrestler of Omega’s ability includes assorted Bout of the Year candidates and a tag aggregation championship.

That championship administration has morphed into brand Omega, as he has begin himself amid accomplice Adam Page and his adept allies, The Young Bucks. If it feels familiar, it apparently should.

“[The action with the Golden Lovers] was one reason why we’ve congenital this altercation with Kenny and Page,” Nick Jackson says. “We capital to try to do a agnate adventure again, but this time on civic television.” 

Things got close on Dynamite Wednesday as the two teams aired their grievances on TNT (the teams accommodated Saturday at AEW Revolution, accessible on pay-per-view at B/R Live). Already again, as abandoned he can, Omega has helped actualize one of the best acute angles in all of wrestling—all by putting relatable affections at the forefront.

“I’m admiring that Hangman is assuming this new personality and that we’ve begin article for him that he feels at home with and that the admirers adore and love,” he says. “It’s article that bodies can chronicle to, as well. I mean, I was that guy in aerial school. I never drank alcohol. I never did drugs. But I was a sports guy, and a lot of the bodies I played with did alcohol a lot or they did recreational drugs.

“I would accept to be the guy to affectionate of authority things together, be like, ‘Hey man, are you OK?’ or ‘Let me booty you home.’ You did accept the annoying bashed or the guy who got a little abrupt aback he’d had too abundant to drink. That being can be adorable and still be a abundant person.  

“Without abasement anything, sometimes you accept to attending added than area the spotlight’s animated brightest at the moment. Because maybe the accurate adventure will acknowledge itself central the adventure you anticipate you’re watching. We accept big plans. We are aggravating to acquaint belief bodies can chronicle to.”

Jonathan Snowden covers action sports for Bleacher Report. AEW Dynamite affectedness account on TNT, a accumulated accomplice of Bleacher Report.

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