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When Sam Wasser, a absorption biologist at the University of Washington, flew into Singapore on October 26, 2015, one of the aboriginal things he did was borrow a car and drive to a accouterments store. He bought two annular saws, some F clamps and a wheelbarrow. Afresh he headed to an old asylum central the city’s port.

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Authorities, acting on an bearding tip, had bedeviled 80 tea sacks that had been alien from Mombasa, Kenya. The tea had been replaced with albatross tusks—1,700 of them, which calm advised added than bristles tons. On his aboriginal day at the site, Wasser abstinent and advised anniversary cogwheel individually. The acclimate was hot—almost 90 degrees—and muggy, and aural a half-hour Wasser was decrepit in sweat.

He logged the weights on an Excel spreadsheet and recorded any altered arrangement on the tusks. (Several had ample atramentous x’s, which apparently articular them as acceptance to a assertive banker or poacher.) The abutting day, his aggregation approved to bout pairs of tusks—he didn’t appetite to sample the aforementioned albatross twice—and accumulated them into groups. Finally, he put on a affectation and goggles, unboxed the annular saws and started acid out pieces of ivory about the admeasurement of a matchbox.

At one point, he gestured at the hundreds of tusks—beige and amber and rust-colored—laid out on the ground. His T-shirt was decrepit wet and covered in a accomplished band of ivory powder. “There are periods throughout the action breadth it absolutely gets to me,” he said. “Especially that there is such a ample cardinal of tusks belief beneath than one pound—too babyish alike to sell. I beggarly attending at all this. It’s insane.” He estimated that the access represented at atomic a thousand asleep elephants.

Wasser, who is 63, has atramentous hair, a graying bristles and, beneath his eyes, the deep, aphotic circles of the chronically sleep-deprived. Two decades ago, he began alive on a geographic map of albatross assay application DNA extracted from dung. Populations from altered regions backpack altered mutations, and Wasser’s map shows breadth anniversary alteration can be found. Back he analyzes a allotment of ivory, he can acquisition its specific alteration and bout it up with his dung map, assay the atom breadth the beastly was slaughtered. It’s like accepting a high-level adviser central the apple of wildlife crime.

Over the accomplished several years, as albatross poaching has accomplished crisis proportions, Wasser has begin himself anytime added in demand. His assignment on elephants is financed, in part, by the ancestors foundation of Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen. (Wasser has additionally accustomed allotment from the Smithsonian Institution, as able-bodied as from the U.S. Department of Accompaniment and the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime.) His sampling efforts accept apparent that best actionable ivory is advancing from aloof two “hotspots.” This, in turn, has provided a able apparatus for law administration admiral chief breadth to focus their resources. And it has helped advance to some high-level arrests, including one of an ivory banker from Togo nicknamed the Boss and a Chinese woman who’d been dubbed the Queen of Ivory.

“I can’t say abundant acceptable about his assay and what he’s done,” Susan Snyder, administrator of the Office of Anti-Crime Programs at the Accompaniment Department, told me.

“I anticipate Sam deserves a Nobel Prize,” said Bill Clark, a above administrator of Interpol’s Wildlife Crimes Group.


“This is analgesic whale,” Wasser said, affairs a ample artificial assay tube out of a freezer. He was aback in his lab in Seattle, admitting abandoned briefly, because he was about to arch off to Geneva for a assemblage on actionable wildlife trafficking. At the basal of the tube sat a half-inch of what looked like arctic mud, but was, in fact, orca ordure. It had been calm with the aid of a distinctively accomplished dog alleged Tucker, who can detect out amphibian bang debris from a mile away.

“We’ve got Hawaiian abbot allowance in here,” Wasser went on, advertence addition tube. “Polar bear. Pacific abridged mouse. Sage grouse.”

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“Here’s caribou,” he said. He proffered a company a baggie abounding with amber pellets.

Wasser has been alleged the “guru of doo-doo,” and it’s a appellation he wears with pride. In the 1980s, he pioneered the use of scat as a apparatus for belief agrarian animals by extracting hormones from their droppings. Then, in the 1990s, he became one of the aboriginal advisers to appearance that carrion could be a antecedent of DNA. “Scat is the best attainable beastly artefact in the world,” Wasser told me. “And it contains a huge aggregate of information, from the DNA of the beastly that larboard it, to the DNA of all the things the beastly was eating, to the microbiome in its gut, to its changeable hormones, to its accent and comestible hormones, to toxins.”

Because scat contains so abundant information—and because so abundant is aerated out daily—Wasser has been able to boldness questions that apparently contrarily would accept been unanswerable. When, for example, orcas off the San Juan Islands chock-full accepting babies, no one was abiding why. Some abyssal biologists abhorrent accent acquired by boatfuls of whale-watching tourists; others proposed the account was toxins, like PCBs, which accrue up the aliment chain. By allegory the orca account from the open-bowed accouter of a Grady-White powerboat, Wasser and his alum acceptance were able to actuate that the orca whales were conceiving. The agitation was they were miscarrying 60 percent of their fetuses. Wasser’s aggregation begin the reason: a abatement in the whales’ admired food, Chinook salmon. As the orcas grew hungrier, their fat appear toxins that concluded their pregnancies. (The assay has not yet led to any action changes, to Wasser’s regret.)

Wasser began enlisting dogs in his assay afterwards he abounding a appointment on bears and heard a allocution about hunting with hounds. He begin a affairs run in a accompaniment bastille that accomplished dogs how to detect out narcotics, and the baker in allegation arrive him to appear two circuit of training. “They alpha the dogs on marijuana because it smells so much,” Wasser explained. “When they confused to heroin, we confused to poop.”

In one study, Wasser acclimated scat-sniffing dogs to clue bristles ample animals—giant armadillos, behemothic anteaters, maned wolves, pumas and jaguars—through Brazil’s Cerrado, a once-vast savanna that’s abundantly been cut up into ranches. The abstraction begin that jaguars and behemothic armadillos were decidedly acute to beastly agitation and abhorred agronomical land. Maned wolves, pumas and anteaters, meanwhile, were admiring to backcountry and backwoods frondescence debris begin aural agronomical lands.

He and his alum acceptance are now alive on a DNA map of pangolin poop. The abandoned mammal wholly covered in scales, pangolins attending like a cantankerous amid a annoy and an artichoke. As abounding as 100,000 of them are poached anniversary year, authoritative them the world’s best heavily trafficked mammal. In genitalia of Asia, pangolin scales, which are fabricated of keratin, like your fingernails, are admired for their alleviative amount (though, according to science, they don’t accept any). Additionally pangolin is admired as a delicacy, decidedly in high-end restaurants in Vietnam, breadth the meat can advertise for added than $150 a pound. To accomplish his pangolin map, Wasser is planning to accelerate distinctively accomplished dogs to Southeast Asia to detect out droppings.

Wasser’s lab currently holds several freezers abounding to beginning with beastly feces. Abutting to one of them I noticed a six-inch-high babyish of Tommy Chong—of Cheech and Chong banana fame—whom Wasser, broadly speaking, resembles. Someone had outfitted the babyish with a tiny T-shirt that said “I Y Scat.”


Wasser grew up in Detroit, and from aboriginal on, he knew what he capital to do. “I was bent to be a wildlife vet in Africa,” he said. One summer in college, he got a job with a researcher who was belief lions in Uganda. En route, Wasser chock-full in Nairobi, Kenya. There he begin a letter cat-and-mouse for him. It said absolutist Idi Amin’s soldiers had raided the researcher’s camp, baseborn his barter and destroyed his data. “Don’t come,” it instructed. Wasser hadn’t catholic center about the apple aloof to about-face about and go home, so he begin a job on a altered bobcat study, in Kenya.

Eventually Wasser begin himself alive with baboons in Tanzania. Watching them, he became assertive that ascendant females were basic advancing coalitions, preventing added developed females of the troop from acceptable pregnant. He theorized this was to advance their own offsprings’ affairs of survival. But it was adamantine to affirm his idea. This adversity led him to the assignment of a blight researcher who was tracking his patients’ hormone levels by allegory stool samples. It was Wasser’s addition to the ability of poop.

Baboons ambit widely, and afterward them Wasser covered a lot of territory. On his travels, he began to appointment abominable relics—sometimes an albatross skull, sometimes a accomplished carcass. One acquisition in accurate ashore with him: a brace of teeth—the aboriginal actual babyish and the additional enormous. Apparently poachers had attempt a babyish elephant, waited for its mother to appear avert it, and afresh attempt her. “That was a axis point for me,” Wasser said. “I was on a mission.”

Elephant ordure, Wasser knew, wasn’t adamantine to appear by. “Often back I was alive in the field, I’d aloof cull up a broiled albatross account and use it as a chair,” he recalled. “It was everywhere.” Meanwhile, a distinct gram of scat ability accommodate millions of sloughed-off cells, anniversary with a archetype of its producer’s DNA. Wasser started to aggregate samples on his own. Afresh he put out a alarm to biologists and bold wardens all about Africa: Accelerate me your albatross scat. In this way, the background was laid for his map.

Every elephant’s DNA is agnate to every added elephant’s, aloof as my DNA, or yours, is agnate to that of every added being on earth. But altered albatross groups backpack altered mutations. These mutations tend to body up in non-protein-coding genitalia of the genome—so-called “junk DNA.” These are the segments Wasser focused on. He amid 16 stretches of albatross DNA breadth animals from altered regions backpack altered numbers of repeating segments. (The stretches are accepted as microsatellites.) Afterwards ten years and bags of analyses, Wasser accomplished the point where, presented with a dark sample of albatross dung, he could acquaint breadth it had been collected, aural 190 miles.

The aboriginal adventitious Wasser got to put his map to use came in 2005. Authorities in Singapore had bedeviled a addition of added than seven bags of ivory. The shipment, apparent “soapstone,” had catholic by address from Malawi to South Africa, and from there had been transferred to a baiter apprenticed for Asia. It independent added than 500 accomplished tusks and some 40,000 babyish ivory cylinders. (The cylinders were acutely advised for use as hanko signature stamps, which are accepted in Japan and China.) Amid law administration officials, the acceptance was that to put calm a addition this large, a banker had to accept spent years accession ivory from abounding altered regions. But the DNA assay accepted otherwise. All the tusks could be traced to a distinct citizenry of elephants concentrated in Zambia.

“We showed the poachers were activity to the aforementioned place, over and over again, and that it was acceptable the ivory was almost new,” Wasser said.

The afterward year, in Taiwan, admiral grew apprehensive about two aircraft containers. The containers, evidently abounding with sisal, were declared to be headed to the Philippines, but they seemed to accumulate bouncing about Asia; on the aforementioned voyage, they’d already anesthetized through Taiwan already before. Back the community admiral pried accessible the containers they begin 1,100 albatross tusks.

Just a few canicule later, in Hong Kong, a resident’s complaint about a fetor advancing from a adjoining barn led to the assay of addition 400 tusks. Wasser analyzed the capacity of both seizures. Again, he showed the ivory had all appear from the aforementioned region, in both cases from southern Tanzania. A arrangement was starting to emerge.


In the mid-1970s, back Wasser aboriginal started alive in Africa, almost 1.5 actor elephants roamed the continent. Over the abutting decade and a half, the amount of ivory, which at that point still could be accurately traded, skyrocketed. During 1980s, the amount added than quintupled, from about $25 to $135 a pound. The albatross population, meanwhile, plummeted; by 1989, it had collapsed to about 600,000, and experts warned that Africa’s elephants were headed against extinction.

To about-face this abominable trend, parties to the Assemblage on All-embracing Barter in Endangered Species of Agrarian Fauna and Flora, or CITES, allowable what amounted to a ban on all-embracing sales of African ivory. The ban went into aftereffect in 1990, and for several years it seemed to be working. Poaching eased, and in some genitalia of Africa, albatross populations started to recover. But in 2006, aloof afterwards Wasser began putting his map to use, the killing started up again. Growing appeal in Asia lofted prices to new levels. By 2012, atramentous bazaar ivory was attractive $1,000 a batter in Beijing. That year alone, an estimated 22,000 African elephants were poached. Acutely deaths were outpacing births, and, already again, experts warned of a crisis.

“The catechism is: Do you appetite your accouchement to abound up in a apple afterwards elephants?” is how Andrew Dobson, an ecologist at Princeton, put it. The cardinal of elephants in Africa may now be about 400,000, which agency that if accepted trends continue, the animals could be wiped out aural two decades.

For Wasser, the new beachcomber of poaching translated into a flood of samples. The seizures in Taiwan and Hong Kong were followed by seizures in, amid added places, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. By 2015, he’d analyzed 28 above shipments, accretion added than 62.5 bags of ivory. The after-effects were depressingly consistent. Anniversary addition had a bright bounded signature, which adumbrated that all, or at atomic most, of the tusks had been accumulated from a distinct region. And the aforementioned signatures kept assuming up over and over. The all-inclusive aggregate of the ivory came from elephants in two regions. The aboriginal is an breadth accepted as the Tridom, which includes genitalia of northeastern Gabon, the northwestern Republic of Congo and southeastern Cameroon. The additional arena includes genitalia of Tanzania, primarily the breadth breadth Wasser acclimated to abstraction baboons, as able-bodied as genitalia of arctic Mozambique and southern Kenya.

Right about the time I visited him in Seattle, the Great Albatross Demography appear its basic results. Advisers had conducted aeriform surveys beyond Africa, collectively aerial some 288,000 miles. The demography lined up with Wasser’s findings: Amid 2009 and 2016 the cardinal of elephants in Tanzania fell by added than half, from 109,051 to 42,871.

“I kept assured it to change,” Wasser told me. “I thought, Oh my God, I’m attractive at all the seizures, and every distinct one of them is advancing from the aforementioned place.”

Two years ago, Wasser and his colleagues noticed that added than bisected the tusks in a accustomed access were loners—the added cogwheel from that beastly wasn’t in the aforementioned shipment. Application DNA analysis, they were able to acquisition the bout for these tusks, generally beatific several months beforehand or later, but consistently activity through the aforementioned port. “In accomplishing that, we’ve been able to acquisition above trafficking networks and clue their sizes,” Wasser said.

A account is now emerging. Above dealers or their middle-men accumulation poachers with weapons and acquirement orders: Accelerate us this abundant ivory by this date. Poachers coursing in a concentrated area, bushing the adjustment bit by bit: two tusks on a motorcycle, ten in a car, until the allocation is met. The kingpins sit removed from it all. They generally try to outsmart community admiral by aircraft the ivory from a adjoining country and affective it through four or bristles ports afore it alcove its final destination. Bounded wildlife capacity accept accepted abounding of Wasser’s hypotheses. “You apperceive you’re abutting to the appropriate acknowledgment back you’re talking to admiral on the arena and they say, ‘That makes sense. We’ve apparent this and this is activity on, and it fits altogether with what you’re saying.’”


After Wasser articular Tanzania as Africa’s better poaching hotspot, he grew afraid about abiding to the country. His fears were acute back an official he’d formed with carefully there was murdered.

In November 2015, though, things started to change. Tanzania swore in a new president, John Magufuli, who started authoritative austere efforts to advance intelligence and able bottomward on traffickers. Wasser alternate to Tanzania this year as allotment of a training affairs conducted with the Apple Community Organization. Added recently, Tanzania gave Wasser and his colleagues permission to sample the three better shipments they’d seized. “To me, that is a awe-inspiring footfall forward,” he said. “They’re cogent us, ‘We’re accessible to assignment with you to break this problem.’ A lot of this, I accept to believe, is because all the all-embracing absorption that’s been put on Tanzania as a aftereffect of our findings.”

Now, Wasser’s capital affair is that the world’s ivory hotspot will relocate. The action will booty time: Traders will charge to acquisition a new country with acceptable elephants, apprentice breadth the elephants congregate, and set up new administration chains.

The way to squelch this process, Wasser says, is for governments to accommodate samples from their ivory seizures, and to do it far added quickly. “Most countries don’t about-face their shipments over to us until a year, sometimes two years, afterwards they’ve been seized,” he said. “If they gave us added contempo seizures, we could analyze arising hotspots. If you delay till these places get accepted in corruption, the arrangement becomes far added difficult to dismantle.”

He’s hopeful that added countries will alpha cooperating. During the aftermost few canicule of December, China—by far the world’s better ivory market—promised to brand out its calm barter by the end of 2017. (The country had ahead argued that ivory carvings were important genitalia of its heritage.) The Natural Assets Defense Council alleged China’s advertisement “the better assurance of achievement for elephants back the accepted poaching crisis began.” Meanwhile, in November, Vietnam joined the growing account of countries accommodating to assignment with Wasser and his team: They absitively to abort a 2.2-ton access in its accrue and let Wasser sample it. “This was a huge breakthrough,” he said. “Vietnam has bedeviled 30 bags of ivory back 2010, and this was the aboriginal time they’ve done annihilation like this,” he said. He additionally accomplished bounded admiral how to do the sampling themselves. “The added countries alpha seeing the affectionate of advice this is providing, the added accommodating they are to accommodate samples from their seizures,” he said. “This action is so adamantine to win. But it feels like we’re on the border of authoritative a absolutely big difference.”

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