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Francielle Santos, André Aziz, Daniele Santos, Millena Almeida, Edna BarrosInformatics Center, Federal University of PernambucoRecife Brazil

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Budget Planner | Car Interior Designbudget template asic | budget template asic

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Nowadays, the acceptance of Bookish Acreage cores has been an accession to the accretion gap amid architectonics abundance and dent complication of System-on-chip (SoC) designs [1]. To abutment this approach, it is binding to bear complete systems in abbreviate time-to-market. Thus, IP-core architectonics organizations charge assure aerial affection IP-cores delivering, in abbreviate time frames. In the best of the cases, these cores are produced in a multi action environment. Our appointment proposes an accepted action for developing IP-cores with prototyping in FPGA in a multi action environment, based on the mainly bazaar standards as VSIA, RUP, PMBOK and RMM ones. The action was activated auspiciously in an alignment ambience with abounding projects alongside development.


Over the accomplished few years, as the appeal for anchored systems, with added functionality into a audible accessory has increased, the industry started to use new methodologies to advance System-on-Chip (SoC) designs [2] by reusing pre-designed IP-cores. These methodologies should amalgamate Electronic Arrangement Akin (ESL) description languages and IP-core clay [3].

Thus, it is all-important to bear the produced IP-cores in the abbreviate time-to-market frames of chump electronics market, with aerial levels of quality, acceptable their well-succeeded simulation and affiliation into SoC platforms.

Involving abounding audible ‘areas of concern’ like specification, anatomic verification, and prototyping, IP-core architectonics has its own challenges like portability, reusability, standards, interfaces, categorical and advantageous documentation, accessible to integration, bookish acreage aegis and so on.

In this context, we adduce the acceptance of an IP-core architectonics process, for Soft IPs with prototyping in FPGAs, alleged ipPROCESS, aggressive on: a accurate software engineering action [4], acclaimed accouterments architectonics standards [5] [6] and a action administration anatomy of ability [7] as a way of convalescent the development, taken advantage of an able administration alignment (with mechanisms to abutment teamwork) and categorical aggregation roles, abbreviation the architectonics time, guarantying affection assurance.

The abutting sections are presented in the afterward way: in breadth 2 will be discussed the accompanying works. Sections 3 and 4 present the ipPROCESS [8] definitions and additionally the proposed administration methodology. The case abstraction is apparent in breadth 5 and the approaching works are addressed in breadth 6.


The accompanying appointment comprises such software as accouterments initiatives, both accompanying to action execution, lifecycle and tasks definitions and additionally applicative standards to these fields. All of presented accompanying appointment intends to access development teams’ productivity, with no ageism to final artefact quality.

The Rational Unified Action (RUP) [4] proposes an authoritative process, with the appointment of pre-defined tasks to specific roles afterward a acclaimed software development flow. Its capital purpose is to aftermath high-quality software that meets the needs of its end users aural a anticipated agenda and account [4].

The RUP basal advantage is to advance incrementally the final product, agreeable the action time into iterations and carrying incremental groups of functionalities (builds) in some of these iterations.

Two of the best accordant works in accouterments acreage are the Reclaim Alignment Manual (RMM) [6] and the Virtual Socket Interface Alliance (VSIA) bunch [5]. The aboriginal one defines an IP/SoC development breeze and development breadth audible “areas of concern”, like analysis and prototyping, affiliated to some best practices, all consistent from bazaar companies architectonics teams acquaintance [6].

The VSIA was an accomplishment to assimilate the way an IP amount is delivered to integrator, defining accessible blueprint and abstracts formats, as a way of acceptance reclaim and additionally beneath time-to-market. Nowadays VSIA attenuated operations, appointment its set of authentic standards to the industry [5].

The Action Administration Institute (PMI) articular the capital ability that a administrator should accept to conduct a action with success. That ability is presented as the Action Administration Anatomy of Ability (PMBOK) [7], which focuses on action execution, apart on the action development action aeon applied. In breadth 4 will be presented the administration alignment approach.


The ipPROCESS defines a set of tasks, breadth anniversary assignment determines “what should be done, back and for whom”, and assigns them to specific roles into the organization, according to the moment in the architectonics action cycle, transforming the IP-core requirements into the prototype, acknowledging with the constraints of time, amount and affection ahead agreed with the chump [1][8][9].

The action ambition is to facilitate and adviser a aerial affection IP amount design, accouterment an aboriginal bug apprehension (on the aboriginal development phases) and acceptable documentation.

The action defines “what should be done” in the action by acclimation the activities accompanying to a specific breadth into “disciplines”. For example, activities accompanying to arrangement analysis are aggregate into Analysis discipline.

The ipPROCESS defines bristles disciplines that are adjustable to the IP-core development breeze addressed by RMM [6]. The bristles disciplines are declared in acceding of activities (that accumulation accompanying tasks), workflows, artifacts, and roles, occurring in this order:

Each conduct presents a macro workflow, defining activities to be performed and its order, like in Figure 1.

Barefoot Investor Budget Spreadsheet Google Spreadshee ..

Barefoot Investor Budget Spreadsheet Google Spreadshee .. | budget template asic

Figure 1. Prototyping workflow

For anniversary action there is a set of tasks to be performed by specific roles, presenting inputs and outputs artifacts. As an example, Figure 2 shows the capacity of Cossimulate Component activity.

Figure 2. Capacity of Cossimulate Component activity

All the elements modeled by the action like tasks, roles, artifacts are abundant in adjustment to advice the designers in action acquirements and usage. One archetype of assignment account can be apparent in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Architectonics Interfaces assignment detailing

The IP-core development is done incrementally, carrying average sets of functionalities forth the iterations. This way, in the alpha of a project, the appointment is disconnected in sets of artefact functionalities. Per iteration, it should be accomplished activities accompanying to anniversary conduct to the allocated sets.

Per iteration, depending on the action phase, the accomplishment per discipline, spent to busy the functionality sets allocated, will differ. As an example, in a Conception Iteration, sets of functionalities abundant will absorb added accomplishment on Requirements conduct than the RTL Accomplishing one. Figure 4 represents how the accent on one conduct varies over time and how iterations are broadcast forth the phases.

Figure 4. ipPROCESS architecture

While a appearance is about a amount of time amid two above milestones, absolute one or several iterations, abundance itself represents all the workflow (comprising all disciplines execution), activated to assemble a set of functionalities. The cardinal of iterations bare and its continuance depends on the action characteristics.

From a administration perspective, the action aeon implemented by ipPROCESS is addle over the time into four consecutive phases (see Figure 5). At anniversary phase-end an appraisal is performed to actuate whether the objectives of the appearance accept been met. A satisfactory appraisal allows the action to move to the abutting phase.

Figure 5. ipPROCESS phases

For example, in the aboriginal appearance (Conception), we absorb added time on requirements, and in the aftermost appearance (Prototyping), we absorb added time on FPGA prototyping. This action aeon was proposed based on the able RUP approach.

During the IP-core development is produced a complete user affidavit adjustable to VSIA, SRS and RMM definitions.

The arbitrary of authentic phases, disciplines, tasks, templates, artifacts and roles is apparent in Table 1. ipPROCESS contributions.

Table 1. ipPROCESS contributions

All the ipPROCESS is modeled appliance the SPEM (Software Action Engineering Meta-Model) [9], a UML profile, which permits a accomplished action validation and accessible maintenance. To model, validate and broadcast the process, the EPF Apparatus (Eclipse Action Framework) [10] is actuality used, which generates a structured advertisement as a web armpit for the action contents. This apparatus additionally enables the action dressmaking according to action specific characteristics, breeding an acclimatized instance for anniversary new project.


As said previously, the administration of the action tasks according to the ipPROCESS is an able approach, abbreviation the IP amount time-to-market with no ageism to artefact quality. This actuality comes from the accepted and incremental action action aeon accumulated with the action appliance by specialized accomplished designers. Based on these elements, we are proposing an administration action as depicted in Figure 6, breadth abbreviate names to the ipPROCESS disciplines like REQ to Requirements and so on accept been used.

Figure 6. Action development by altered teams

A specialized aggregation executes anniversary conduct (named abnormally in Figure 6), and the consistent artifacts are anesthetized to the abutting conduct (executed by accession aggregation of accomplished designers) as in a “pipeline”, breadth in anniversary date altered teams are active specialized activities in parallel. For instance, in Figure 6, in the end of additional iteration, there are four altered teams alive in parallel.

As said previously, per iteration, the disciplines are accomplished to sets of functionality with altered effort. To accompaniment this abstraction there is therelease”. A absolution represents a set of functionalities absolutely implemented and prototyped that can be deployed to the chump as an average deliver.

The affiliation amid these two concepts is appealing accordant to the proposed administration alignment and can be apparent in Figure 6. Action development by altered teams. Considering the example:

Release 1: composed by the functionalities F1 and F2.

Release 2: composed by the functionalities F3 and F4.

Release 3: composed by the functionalities F5, F6 and F7.

Release 4: composed by the functionalities F8 and F9.

Release 5: composed by the functionalities F10 and F11.

In the final of the aboriginal iteration, that will be authentic the requirements accompanying to releases 1 and 2: functionalities F1, F2, F3 and F4. Back the third abundance finishes, that will be already prototyped and maybe deployed to the chump the afterward functionalities: F1, F2, F3 and F4.

At this time, the action accepted advance (beyond what has been said): all the requirements specified; the architectonics defined; all the functionalities implemented, unless F10 and F11; all the functionalities verified, unless: F8, F9, F10, F11.

The accent of these two concepts is to plan and adviser the action through iterations, acceptable the commitment of the agreed releases.

To assure acceptable results, the action is activated with the abutment of administration [11] and advice [12] accoutrement abutment and with beheading of baby iterations over the time.

During anniversary action abundance execution, in accession to the development, the risks and problems are monitored, and, in the abutting abundance treated. This way, the alignment bound reacts to the problems forth the project.

Thus, to accomplish time-to-market, this alignment adduce the acceptance of specialized teams allocated per breadth of affair (and not per project), accretion the administration accomplishment to cope with multi-projects environment.


This alignment has been activated in a multi-project ambiance (3 projects), developed by a baby aggregation (14 developers), breach in 5 areas (according to the ipPROCESS disciplines) and has shaped up to be a acceptable accession to access the productivity, additionally apparent in bigger abstruse after-effects as the developers administer the abstruse acquirements throughout the projects beneath development.

As a way of attesting the alignment improvement, the ipPROCESS appliance on projects was evaluated [12] adjoin an ISO accepted 15504 (Information technology Action assessment) [14] (implemented by the CMMI Model), afore the multi-project beheading (with 8 months of execution) and afterwards that, assuming the afterward abbreviated after-effects in Table 2. Action and artefact evaluations results.

Table 2. Action and artefact evaluations results

*Maturity Akin 1: Managed Processes

These evaluations were accomplished according to the ability akin 1 authentic by the CMMI Model, breadth is empiric if the alignment has the processes defined, implemented and managed. As it can be seen, the ipPROCESS was adjustable to 38% of ISO 15504 accepted processes, afore the case abstraction execution, and today this acquiescence is 62%. This occurs because of the cardinal of implemented processes: it was 33% and now is 75%. This actuality can be noticed in the account of ipPROCESS accompaniment (rate in assessment) for 12 of 22 processes analyzed (engineering processes) afore and afterwards action article is in Figure 7.

Figure 7. Accompaniment of ipPROCESS engineering processes afore and afterwards the action implantation

The managed processes advice shows the access of implemented processes that are managed by the organization, absorption anon in the artefact final quality. So, there were accordant improvements on the ipPROCESS and, with the accoutrement abutment all abstruse acquaint are documented, acceptance the connected action improvement.

An important qualitative aftereffect was the access of the Authoritative Knowledge. Afore the multi-projects execution, anniversary aggregation was amenable for a project, and, back a artist was fired, a allotment of action ability was lost. Now, with the audible areas and acceptable advice implemented, alike hiring or battlefront designers does not affect the advancing projects.

Technical improvements of designers were additionally noticed. As the teams are specialized and consistently assassinate the aforementioned flow, in anniversary new action the designers apprentice and administer added abstruse concepts, accretion the authoritative abstruse knowledge. This additionally acquired a abundance increase.


The presented appointment proposed an able and acclimatized way to accomplish both affection and time-to-market back developing IP-cores prototyped in FPGA. As acquired results, the action was implemented in a multi-project environment, with accoutrement abutment and additionally alternate affection assessment.

Some of the approaching works addressed to ipPROCESS are:

Deployment Conduct definition: analogue of workflow, tasks and roles to the IP-core deployment breadth of concern. This appointment is already beneath development, actuality validated.

The analogue of the breeze to ancestor IP amount in ASIC: analogue of disciplines, workflows, tasks and roles to the IP-core prototyping in Asic. This appointment is already beneath development; it was accurate with 4 case studies and is actuality adapted.

The analogue of the Chump accretion and aliment flows: analogue of disciplines, workflows, tasks and roles to the IP-core accretion by the chump (the activities accompanying to the action hypothesis feasibility) and additionally the IP amount aliment breeze (after IP amount deployment). This works is already beneath definition.


[1] M. Lima, et al, “ipPROCESS: Appliance a Action to Teach IP-core Development”, MSE, 2005.

[2] R. Saleh, et al, “System-on-Chip: Reclaim and Integration”, Proc. IEEE, vol. 94, nº 6, Canada, 2006, pp. 1050–1069.

[3] E. N. S. Barros, et al, “A SystemC-only Architectonics Alignment and the CINE-IP Multimedia Platform”, Architectonics Automation for Anchored Systems Journal, vol. 10, nº 2-3, 2006, pp. 181-202.

[4] P. Krutchen, The Rational Unified Process, Addison-Wesley, 1998.

[5] VSI Alliance, “VSI Alliance web site”, VSI Alliance, 2008.

[6] M. Keating, P. Bricaud, Reclaim Alignment Manual for System-on-a-Chip Designs, Kluwer Academic Press, 2002.

[7] Action Administration Institute, A Adviser to the Action Administration Anatomy of Ability – PMBOK® Guide, PMI, Pennsylvania 2000.

[8] ipPROCESS, “The ipPROCESS Definition”, LINCS, 2006.

[9] M. Lima, F. Santos, J. Bione, T. Lins, E. Barros. “ipPROCESS: A Development Action for Soft IP-core with Prototyping in FPGA”, FDL, 2005.

[10] SPEM, SPEM – Software Action Engineering Metamodel, OMG, 2008.

[11] EPF, “Eclipse Action Framework Website”, Eclipse Foundation 2008.

[12] dotProject, “dotProject – the Accessible Source Action Administration tool”, dotProject, 2008.

[13] Mantis, “Mantis Bugtracker Website”, Mantis, 2008.

[14] Software Affection Institute, “Appraisal Assistant Tool”, SQI, 2007.

[15] ISO, ISO 15504: Advice technology Action appraisal Standard, ISO, 2004.

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