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Accepting to Know God’s Bisexual Critters

Grant Budget Template - 10+ Free PDF, Word Documents ..

Grant Budget Template10+ Free PDF, Word Documents .. | grant budget template word

Grant Budget Template - 10+ Free PDF, Word Documents ..

Grant Budget Template10+ Free PDF, Word Documents .. | grant budget template word

Grant Budget Template - 10+ Free PDF, Word Documents ..

Grant Budget Template10+ Free PDF, Word Documents .. | grant budget template word

One wonders how a Bible-thumping, Hetero-Christian advocate would acknowledge to this news: Scientists accept apparent that the Creator has created a advancing association of animals that are mutual gynandromorphs. Or, in layman’s terms: bisexual!

From Texas to Pennsylvania, birdwatchers accept been bugged by sightings of Northern Cardinals whose feathered forms are, as LiveScience describes them, “divided bottomward the average like a active black-and-white-cookie”—but, in this case, a audacious scarlet on one ancillary and a lady-like taupe on the other.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology advisers assured the Civic Geographic that these “half-siders” are not aloof a basal rule: they abide in abounding breed of birds, crustaceans and butterflies. (Yes, there are bisexual crabs in Chesapeake Bay.)

Gynandromophism is not aloof a apparent divide. As Virginia Institute of Marine Science geneticist Kimberly Reese explained to the New York Times, the bird’s academician would additionally be “half male” and “half female.” These birds accept been apparent to cloister but, with alone a half-brain, the birds abridgement the male’s adeptness to sing. On the added hand, the bisexual budgies could still aftermath an egg, as continued as the bird’s “left ovary” charcoal functional.

More Weird Bird News 

The antecedent annual came my way address of NPR’s Bird Calendar broadcasts. Here are two more. 

Pigeons: Pigeons alive in a altered time zone! Evolution has helped pigeons abstain predators and atom appetizing insects by allotment them with accuracy that move several times faster than a mammal’s brain. As a Bird Calendar advertisement explains: a Big Screen car hunt that would leave a animal admirers overwhelmed, would bore a bird. To a pigeon, the acclaimed hunt arena from Bullitt would attending “more like a slideshow or a PowerPoint.”  

If you anticipate continuing in band alfresco Trader Joe’s tries your patience, be beholden you’re not a pigeon. For you, it’s a ten-minute wait. For a pigeon, it could assume like an hour. 

Seagulls: Seagulls absorb their appetite with seawater and defecate the alkali through their eyes! Like added amphibian birdlife, seagulls don’t adore the affluence of alpha basin water, so their skulls accept acquired to accommodate “a brace of grooves” that approach their awful salinated claret to “salt glands” amid aloft their eyes. The glands absolve the claret and the concentrated alkali is afresh excreted through the adenoids and runs aback bottomward the bird’s beak. 

The abutting time you see a seagull, watch aback it all-overs its bill and attending for the aerosol of abyssal actuality flung aback into the ocean. 

Contretemps at the Checkout Counter 

An barter overheard at the Walgreens in North Berkeley. A chump who had best up a canteen of White-out was against the $2.99 amount that was appeared on the banknote register. 

The assurance said ‘50% off’!” he protested. “I was assured to pay $1.50.” 

No,” said the clerk. “Fifty percent off agency if you buy two you get one free!” 

“You mean, if I go aback and aces up a added bottle, I get the added canteen free? That would be 50% off!” 

No,’ said the clerk. “If you pay for two bottles, you get a third one free!” 

“But that would alone be 33% off!” the chump objected. 

“Well, I don’t set the prices,” the agent shrugged. 

Grant Budget Template - 10+ Free PDF, Word Documents ..

Grant Budget Template10+ Free PDF, Word Documents .. | grant budget template word

“Look, this is a seven-ounce bottle! That’s 43 cents an ounce!” the chump bristled. “This is white-out, not cologne!” 

“That will be $3.37 with tax,” said the clerk. 

Why Do Pandemic-Emptied Streets Beforehand to Added High-Speed Crashes? 

Police accept been advertisement accretion numbers of alley accidents acquired by speeding. Why so? Here’s a two-part theory. (1) With beneath cars on the road, the actual cartage artlessly move faster (2) the bald afterimage of an accessible alley accretion up advanced with no cars in afterimage incites a hidden admiration to hit the gas. 

And what is the antecedent for this acutely alluring desire? 

Theory 3: brainy accretion acquired by watching amaranthine car ads on TV. Accept you noticed? These all absorb scenes of a distinct auto antagonism at aerial speeds bottomward a traffic-free arid artery or crimper about a abundance alley with nary accession agent in sight. 

A acceptable way to ascertain a nation’s shortcomings is to see what adumbration crops up in its mass-advertising campaigns. Cars acclimated to be marketed application animal messaging ambrosial mainly to men. Today, the brainy bulletin is: “cars admission abandon and independence.” And that explains why we accept a agent accepted as the Ford Escape. 

Department of Lame Spam Mail 

“You’re annual is unpaid. Your account is about to be shut off.” That’s the accepted arrangement for a accepted spam attack. Usually these spans are accessible to spot. Sometimes, it’s aloof too easy. 

Case in point: I afresh noticed an email bulletin from “Warning .” The accountable band read: “CONGRATULATIONS: Your Earthlink Annual Has Been Disabled.” (That was a abiding assurance that the calendar was apish by a non-English speaker.) 

The awry flim-flam proceeded to accomplish assorted threats of acute after-effects if I bootless to pay “Our Last And Final Notice.” That was the added admonition in this bootless fleece: Every chat in the seven-paragraph letter was uppercased—not aloof the nouns and verbs but every affiliation and participle as well. In the apple of spaming, that counts as a basic offense. 

Conned by Condescension? 

Another email annoyance: alien political solicitations that await on aureate “lures” and “hooks” in accountable lines. Examples: “URGENT,” “SHOCKING,” “HORRIBLE NEWS,” and “We charge you to assurance this.” 

And increasingly, atrocious online attorneys arise to be resorting to claimed awkward to accretion attention. A accumulation alleged Stop Republicans, afresh accursed off a bulletin from “LISTEN TO PRESIDENT OBAMA” with this finger-pointing, judgmental Accountable Line: “Barack Obama is so aghast in you, Gar.” 

What had I done to ache Barack? I’d bootless to assurance Stop Republican’s address in abutment of mail-in ballots for the November election. 

At atomic Stop Republicans had some acceptable talking points: “Three states (Oregon, Washington, and Colorado) conduct EVERY acclamation by mail!” and “Voting by mail brings an END to continued lines, awash polling places, and anarchic election-day issues. Republican aborigine abolishment can’t affect the mail!” 

If you’d like to assurance a Vote-by-Mail address that doesn’t crave that you accomplish a banking donation, here’s a articulation to an Action Arrangement address that asks accompaniment governments to accredit vote-by-mail ballots for the November election. 

A Unifying, All-American Campaign: Don’t Let Trump Abort the Post Office 

With Elizabeth Warren out of the presidential chase and Bernie Sanders acknowledging Joe Biden—but gamely soldiering on in hopes of acceptable at atomic 25% of the primary votes and thereby convalescent his advantage on “greening” the Democrats 2020 attack platform—it’s time to attending for new avenues to defended accepted support. Clearly, the communicable has apparent the abortion of America’s employer-based, privatized healthcare arrangement (prompting loud cries of “Medicare For All!”) but there’s accession attack that could absolutely assemblage and animate both the accelerating electorate and bourgeois voters alike. The byword for this new boundary-breaching attack is simple: Save The Post Office! 

There is alone one academy in this nation that enjoys levels of amore and adherence that’s on par with the aggressive and that’s the US Post Office. Actually, accustomed the growing calls to end “forever wars” and abbreviate wasteful, unaudited, and consistently accretion Pentagon spending, it could be argued that the Post Office outranks the Aggressive as America’s best admired authoritative institution. Not anybody brand the Aggressive Industrial Complex but everybody loves the Post Office. 

And yet, Donald Trump is bent to abort it

Republicans accept formed for years to attenuate the USPS—in hopes of privatizing the Constitutionally anointed casework of America’s postal carriers. Unlike any added government service, the USPS has been appropriate to “pre-pay” its advisers retirement funds decades into the future. And now, the Covid-19 communicable has cut added into USPS revenues. 

But the better blackmail is Trump. Resident Trump (not a typo) has ordered cuts in the USPS budget. He against acceding added abutment to the USPS in the multi-trillion-dollar Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. 

It’s no abstruseness why Trump wants to annihilate the USPS. With the Democrats calling for civic voting-by-mail, Trump has aboveboard accepted (on Fox News, no less) that acceptance added bodies to vote in November’s presidential acclamation would about assure that “You’d never accept a Republican adopted in this country again.” 

So, Joe? Let’s accomplish this a keynote attack issue: “Save the Post Office! Vote by Mail! Protect Democracy!” 

But we’ve got no time to lose. If the Dems abort to get allotment for the USPS into the abutting bailout bill—or, if Trump and his GOP enablers block it in the Senate—many are admiration that this admired 228-year-old academy could run out of money by this June. If this happens, alike if every accompaniment in the Union accustomed Vote-by-Mail legislation, there wouldn’t be an army of “trusted couriers” to bear the ballots. 

And that would clothing Trump aloof fine. 

There are abounding organizations with Pro-PO petitions to assurance and accomplishments you can take. Here are a few: MoveOn.org, VoteVets.org, Daily Kos, Save the Post Office. 

Do it for Ben Franklin; Do it for John Prine, “The Singing Mailman”; Do it for Mr. McFeely. 

Did You Hear This One? 

While Democratic congressmembers were active aggravating to accommodate an “independent oversight” accouterment in the massive communicable abatement bill, a last-minute accession to the 880-page bill was mysteriously amid to ensure what the Daily Kos alleged “another end-run about blank and accountability.” The stealth alteration activated to the Federal Reserve’s $450 accumulated bailout bill and accustomed the Fed to ability it’s billion-dollar bailouts in secret, exempting the Fed from “its abiding aphorism that it has to accord at atomic one day’s apprehension afore it meets to adjudge who’s accepting billions in aborigine dollars and from accepting to accumulate annal about these decisions.” 

Politico acclaimed that it was cryptic who was abaft the last-minute change that exempted the Fed from blank but appropriate the culprits ability accept been “sympathetic senators” alive to beforehand Trump’s agenda. The Daily Kos went a bit further, suggesting that the interlopers were best acceptable the aforementioned “McConnell Republicans who accustomed to railroad through $500 billion in giveaways to corporations while casting $1,200 in ancient banknote payments to the plebes.” 


Mess with Miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at your own risk. That’s a assignment Fox Account henchwoman and analyst Laura Ingraham was offered afterwards she attacked AOC for bond asymmetric COVID-19 deaths of low-income Americans to ancestral abuse and amusing inequality. Ingraham, brandishing a weapon from Trump’s toolbox, tossed an insult at the Democrat Congressmember, absolution the above banal bartender as “The Doctor of Mixology.” 

Instead of responding with a slur, AOC responded with actual fact, tweeting: 

“Didn’t you aloof put a doctor on your appearance who apish their application at Lenox Hill hospital and accustomed a COVID ‘treatment’ that you tweeted & Twitter had to abolish because a abounding may accept died aggravating to self-administer it

I’m sorry, why are you on TV again?” 

Save the Appalachian Trail 

Ever aback the 2,200 mile-long Appalachian Aisle was completed in the 1930s, it has become a landmark, a civic treasure, and a bucket-list annual for American hikers. But now the pro-oil/pollution-for-profit Trump administering wants to bifurcate the aisle with an oil pipeline. The Atlantic Coast Activity would aggregate a awe-inspiring ecology insult and the Democratic Conservation Alliance is one of the groups aggravating to stop it. Here’s a articulation to the DCA’s petition. 

Bowled Over by Bold Assertions 

On April 15, a political board alleged Bold Democrats beatific out an alarming bulletin that stated: “House Republicans aloof accustomed to CONDEMN House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff. All because Schiff led the action to accuse Trump! They’re abashed of him! But if Democrats ABANDON Adam, Trump could force him to resign! So we charge 3O,OOO able Democrats to assurance on by tomorrow to angle with Adam Schiff! If you’re a acceptable Democrat, you’ll assurance now.” 

If you’re a acceptable Democrat, you ability appetite to do a little research. Fact: A admiral cannot “force” a affiliate of Congress to resign. In addition, I could acquisition no affirmation that Schiff is in any approaching danger. Trump has alleged for the Schiff to abandon for “lying to Congress,” but that was way aback in September 2019 aback the California Democrat was chairing the House hearings that beforehand to Trump’s impeachment. As a acceptable Democrat ability put it, Bold Democrats are accusable of overextension a Bold-faced fib. 

Press Tiring of Trump’s Not-so-brief Briefings 

The Daily Kos and added than a dozen activist organizations accept accustomed a address calling on America’s account networks to stop alive broadcasts of Donald Trump’s alleged “coronavirus columnist briefings.” Several arrangement television hosts (including MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and CNN’s Don Lemon) accept abutting the alarm to cease live-streaming of Trump’s self-promotional grandstanding. 

In accession to his bluff and boasting, Trump generally contradicts himself in the beforehand of the accident and, alike worse, proffers misinformation that is not alone amiss but potentially life-threatening. Trump’s alarming falsehoods accommodate claims that chloroquine—a biologic acclimated to amusement malaria—had been accustomed by the FDA to amusement COVID-19 (which was apocryphal and reportedly resulted in several deaths. Trump additionally appropriate that shortages of careful accessory was the aftereffect of hospital advisers burglary medical supplies. And he continues to abjure there were any beforehand warnings about the ascent dangers of a overextension pandemic. 

Trump Battles Reporters, Not the Pandemic 

The absolution of a alternation of “Red Dawn” emails that broadcast in the White House, acknowledge how bent Trump was to avoid the admonishing signs of approaching disaster.  

CNN’s Jake Tapper delivered an beat in which he noted: “Trump is demography questions from reporters about every day, but that does not beggarly he’s answering them.” 

Trump Now Attacking Fox News? 

Fox & Friends has been Trump’s go-to abode for ego-stroking aback afore the beginning. If he’s absent them, he’s absolutely absent it. Well, assumption what . . . . 

Trump afresh took breach at some criticism from Fox New’s Chris Wallace, calling the son of acclaimed TV accuser Mike Wallace, a “Mike Wallace wannabe” who was “even worse than Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of Meet the Columnist . . . or the bodies over at Deface the Nation.” 

This prompted Jedediah Bila, weekend host of Fox & Friends to reply: “Enough with the 3rd brand name-calling. . . . Seriously. Enough.” 

As Daily Kos analyst Dan K put it: “When Fox starts acceptance what anybody has consistently known, the bovine byproduct is absolutely on a fanward trajectory.” 

Midnight in Washington 

This abbreviate but able video from Eleven Films is abutting to scoring 10 actor views. 

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