Why You Should Not Go To Blank Nursing Lesson Plan Template | Blank Nursing Lesson Plan Template

26 Images of Nursing Education Plan Template | leseriail

26 Images of Nursing Education Plan Template | leseriail | blank nursing lesson plan template

24 Images of Nursing Teaching Plan Template | leseriail

24 Images of Nursing Teaching Plan Template | leseriail | blank nursing lesson plan template

Landing pages can booty abounding altered forms and are acclimated to advance aggregate from chump accessories to B2B e-books, bounded shops, and cable services.

Yet, while there’s a ton of aberration with landing pages, there are a few best practices that abide constant aloft the board.

For example, a acceptable landing folio consistently starts with a acute headline, some admiring copy, and a architecture that reinforces the “ask.” The call-to-action (CTA) should consistently angle out.

It Must Pass the 7-Second Test

The seven-second analysis is a quick activity for evaluating the functionality of a landing page. The abstraction is simple; aback a company arrives on a landing page, they should be able to acknowledgment the afterward questions in seven abnormal or less:

Essentially, you’ll charge to be able to explain who you are, what botheration you solve, and how you’re altered from your competitors.

Keep in mind, beneath is more, here. The beneath cerebration bodies accept to do to accept what you’re offering, the better.

1. Shopify

Shopify’s landing pages are consistently good, and this one is no exception. Appropriate away, the banderole tells visitors what they’re all about, builds affirmation by acknowledging their massive chump base, and backs it up with a high-res angel that shows off their mobile-responsive website themes.

Users can calmly butt what to expect, and all they charge to do is admission an email to get started.

Plus, if there’s any hesitation, the fine-print states they activity a 14-day balloon and won’t ask for your acclaim agenda until you’re abiding you appetite to commit.

2. Intercom

Intercom’s landing folio additionally cuts to the hunt aural a few seconds–they activity chatbots advised to bear absolute chump experiences.

The banderole isn’t cool clear, but commutual with the hyper-direct sub-header and the sample alternation on the right–there’s no catechism about what this artefact is declared to do and how it ability annual website owners.

And, as we saw with Shopify, Intercom additionally makes it cool accessible to get started with the trial.

3. Guideline


In this example, Guideline uses whitespace and simple allowances to advance its 401k program. The anatomy is abbreviate and doesn’t accomplish users accommodate added advice than necessary, and all archetype is cool clear.

It doesn’t amount what you’re selling, all landing pages depend on high-quality visuals to get consumers to booty the abutting step.

Not alone do images advice you get your point aloft aural that seven-second time frame, they additionally advice users anatomy a affiliation with your brand.


Here, BLK TUX promotes their tux rental annual by absorption about alone on adumbration to advertise their service. The campaigns allege to a avant-garde chump who ability commonly accessory tux rentals with their prom. These do a nice job speaking to company emotions–which, provided they’re targeting the appropriate audience, angle to drive that adapted action.

5. ZenDesk

Zendesk’s adumbration occupies a baby allocation of the landing page, abrogation added white (or blue) amplitude for admirers to appraise the archetype and adjudge whether they’d like to booty action.

The aggregate of the bare amplitude and the dejected and white blush arrangement has a abstracted effect–which suggests that this band-aid will accommodate an accessible acknowledgment to admirers affliction points.

6. Pomerleau

Another archetype application an image-first approach, Pomerleau uses the curve in the photograph to absolute the viewer’s eye adjoin the CTA.

Ideally, your CTA should activity as the point area visitors become barter or leads.

The CTA should consistently be placed aloft the fold, and present a bright abutting step.

Whether that’s afterward a amusing channel, opting into a newsletter, or authoritative a purchase, you’ll charge to accomplish abiding your CTA tells your clairvoyant absolutely what to do.

Here are a few examples:

7. Slack

Slack’s CTA is adventurous and bright because that little pop of blush brings the eye aback from the bright on the right. The “ask” is simple, you can “try it free” in barter for administration your email.

8. Canva

Canva removes abrasion in the signup activity by giving users the advantage to affirmation in with Google or Facebook. This gets them up and active faster removing that added footfall (as able-bodied as that charge to actualize a new password).

9. About-face Lab

Conversion Lab keeps things simple, with a dejected background, white border, and basal copy–which makes that orange button absolutely pop. The banderole gets the annual aloft appropriate away–higher about-face ante on landing pages–and sticks the “get advice with landing pages” button appropriate beneath the amount prop.

10. Get Response

And again there’s GetResponse. Admittedly, this isn’t my admired design, but they do several things absolutely well, here.

The blooming button absolutely stands out adjoin the atramentous and gray background, while the arrow brings the focus aback on demography action, should eyeballs cycle off to the side.

Additionally, the cast does a nice job removing the accident associated with signing up–a 30-day chargeless trial, no acclaim agenda required. They’re that assured that users will see the amount and adjudge to stick about continued term.

Below the fold, you’re switching apparatus a bit and talking to accession who may be at an beforehand date in the controlling process. While this accumulation acceptable shares the aforementioned goals and affliction believability as those who booty activity on arrival, they may charge added information.

While you’ll accept added adaptability in agreement of architecture and archetype than you do at the top of the page, there are some basal elements you can add to any folio to authorize affirmation with your visitors as they annal to apprentice more.

26 Images of Nursing Education Plan Template | leseriail

26 Images of Nursing Education Plan Template | leseriail | blank nursing lesson plan template

Testimonials, reviews, features, industry awards, columnist mentions, and FAQs can all help, here. Let’s attending at some examples from a few altered brands:

11. Masterclass

While Masterclass is accomplishing a lot on this page, the on-page elements assignment able-bodied together. The folio leads with a acutely authentic amount hypothesis and a video that helps authorize a faculty of what users can expect.

As you move bottomward the page, you can analysis out a sample assignment plan, apprehend reviews and testimonials, and analysis out accompanying classes.

12. Code Academy

This landing folio from CodeAcademy keeps things cool basal up top. While they’ve cut to the amount amount prop appropriate off the bat, -to-be barter will apparently appetite a few added capacity afore signing up.

Here, the cast uses a video affidavit to highlight the amount of this solution.

13. Unbounce

This archetype from Unbounce builds believability by highlighting a continued annual of columnist mentions. If you’ve been featured in any acclaimed publications, abacus those icons offers a quick beheld cue to your admirers that your cast is legitimate.

14. Webprofits

WebProfits builds believability in a hardly altered way. They’ve kept the archetype to a minimum up top, absorption on the amount benefit, active growth. Appetite to apperceive added about how they get results? The abutting area explains their activity in a few abbreviate paragraphs, acceptance visitors to get a bigger faculty that they’ve begin a band-aid to their problem.

15. Munchery

Munchery’s landing folio builds affirmation appropriate beneath the bend application chump ratings from the brand’s TrustPilot annual to accomplish the case for their service.

That added aspect of amusing proof, accumulated with the page’s acute image, accessible signup, and $20 abatement gives readers affluence of affidavit to accord this cast a shot.

Local landing pages accept a lot in accepted with acceptable landing pages. You’ll still charge to accede the seven-second test, accommodate amusing proof, and accomplish abiding your headline, copy, and images abode to your ambition audience.

That said, there are a few things that are altered for designing bounded pages, that I’ll bound go over appropriate here.

Before you do annihilation else, you’ll charge to ensure that your Google My Business contour is complete and contains authentic business information.

Once you’ve got your GMB folio set up, you’ll appetite to administer bounded activity to the folio to accord chase engines added advice about this area such as name, address, business hours, services, etc.

Combined with third-party listings on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and others, bounded searchers can acquisition aggregate they charge afterwards abrogation the SERPs.

For bounded businesses, reviews are everything. Don’t accept me? Accede how acceptable you are to eat at a restaurant with no reviews? What about visiting a new dentist afterwards acquirements added about added patients’ experiences?

Reviews and brilliant ratings can be included on your landing folio and apparent up application structured data. The annual actuality is, these appraisement will appearance up in the SERPs any time accession enters a accordant bounded query.

16. Carisma Restaurant


In this example, Carisma Restaurant aggregated reviews from assorted platforms into a distinct landing page. The takeaway–people absolutely adulation this abode behindhand of platform. Meaning, it’s a safe bet that the food’s good.

Local landing folio CTAs generally use added all-encompassing accent than added types of landing pages–think “Get Directions” or “Call.”

Here, the antecedence is authoritative it as accessible as accessible for adaptable users to acquaintance or arrangement your business.

17. Yale Appliance

Yale apparatus allows users to agenda a exhibit arrangement through a simple alternation of directives–choose an arrangement type, time, location, and that’s it.

18. Brighton Implant Clinic

Brighton Implant Clinic uses bounded ads to drive cartage to advance a appropriate activity to new patients. While the activity applies to all locations, visitors can announce area they’d like to accomplish an arrangement by blockage the box.

Local rankings are bent by three key factors–prominence, proximity, and relevance, which agency the Google Map, your Google My Business profile, and bounded activity all assignment calm to advice your admirers acquisition your business, and get some affirmation that they can affirmation you.

19. Pieology


Pielogy directs cartage from its bounded SERP advertisement to a area specific folio with an anchored map. This tells users their in the appropriate place, and from there, can booty activity by agreement an order.

20. Hy’s Steakhouse

Hy’s Steakhouse follows a agnate principle, alone this time the CTAs point visitors adjoin authoritative a catch or blockage out the menu.

Product pages crave a hardly altered admission than bounded or lead-gen-focused landing pages. You’ll charge to accommodate added details–think specs, sizing, and amusing proof, forth with a greater accent on visuals.

Here’s a attending at some of the key areas to focus on:

21. Away

Away offers abundant artefact specs, forth with the advantage to bang “which one should I get,” for a allegory amid the altered sizes and styles.

22. Bombfell

Bombfell offers a cable annual that allows barter to try on clothes and acknowledgment what they don’t keep.

While this archetypal has been accepted by several brands (most conspicuously StitchFix) it’s not as aboveboard as affairs a artefact the “traditional” way.

What’s nice about this landing folio is, it leads with an angel of accession aperture their box, announces that you’ll “only pay for what you keep,” again launches into a simple breakdown of how the annual works.

Above the fold, the angel and the subline assignment able-bodied together, abrupt company absorption instantly.

That said, I would accept admired to see a added anecdotic banderole to absolutely drive that amount prop home.

23. Greats

Sneaker brand, Greats uses their landing folio to advice barter accept what to attending for aback arcade for affluence sneakers.

The folio leads with some accepted benefits, again highlights specific appearance that advertise the affection of the abstracts used.

24. Peak Design

While the artefact description could be burst up for a bigger beheld experience, Peak Architecture includes assorted artefact shots, links to videos, allegory charts, and alike columnist mentions at the top of the page.

While high-resolution photos are an capital allotment of any landing page, they’re the primary focus aback you’re affairs things like clothing, home decor, or added chump goods.

You’ll appetite to accommodate assorted images, acceptance users to get a bright account of what this artefact looks like. This will advice ensure chump achievement (you’ve met expectations) and abate the likelihood of a return.

25. Quip

26. Nikon

Nikon takes admirers on a artefact bout to appearance off key appearance and allowances in a added agreeable way than a archetypal blueprint sheet.

This is abnormally advantageous aback you’re affairs a circuitous artefact with several abstruse features. Marketers can focus on assuming admirers instead of cogent them what the artefact can do.

27. Allbirds

28. Fabletics

Fabletics uses video in a hardly altered way–showcasing altered artefact offerings in activity to advance its leggings cable service.

29. Native Union


Native Union offers a added “DIY” approach, admitting it’s account acquainted that this is an able way to appearance consumers how a artefact accurately fits into their absolute routines.

30. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest’s landing folio addresses questions consumers are acceptable to accept about their products. The folio appearance several abundant sections that go over ingredients, comestible info, and instructions.

31. Kodak

Kodak’s artefact folio provides added advice beneath the bend by bond to several video walkthroughs accompanying to the product. Not alone does this accord users a bigger faculty of what this camera can do, it additionally encourages visitors to watch added videos offered by the brand.

Another affair you’ll appetite to do actuality is advance accompanying accessories to animate visitors to browse your website and accomplish a purchase.

A few examples:

32. REI

33. Brooklinen

34. Made.com

35. Asos

User reviews are capital for any landing page, however,

36. Consulting.com

Consulting.com goes a footfall aloft the archetypal accounting reviews and appearance video testimonials from accomplished admirers to authenticate the amount of their service. The annual actuality is, visitors can apprehend absolute barter explain key allowances in their own words, which instantly builds a faculty of affirmation amid newcomers.

37. TwoLeaves

38. Ethel’s Baking Co.

39. Glossier

Glossier’s artefact pages body affirmation by announcement the most-liked absolute and abrogating reviews side-by-side, and acquiesce users to administer filters like age, bark type, and bark accent to apprentice added about how the brand’s accessories will acceptable assignment for them.

A abundant way to accomplish leads is to activity users a few allowances in barter for visitors’ email addresses.

40. Urban Outfitters

Blog posts are a bit altered than the added categories I’ve gone over. The amount focus is on accouterment information, not active conversions.

That said, declining to accommodate opportunities to accumulate barter affective adjoin that abutting footfall is a absent opportunity.

You’ll appetite to anatomy your posts in a way that encourages users to analyze your armpit further, affirmation up for a newsletter, or download a resource. Actuality are a few account that

Adding a aftereffect to your blog allows you to ensure that all visitors accept a bit of advice about your brand. On the Ignite Visibility blog, I like to anticipate of the aftereffect as an “elevator pitch” for the brand.

This way, alike if a company leaves, they’ll airing abroad with an consequence of who we are and what we do.

41. Copyblogger


Copyblogger follows a agnate anatomy to the Ignite blog, application a aftereffect to highlight accepted posts and animate email opt-ins.

42. Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg uses their aftereffect as an befalling to drive newsletter signups.

One of the best means to accomplish leads from your blog is announcement a ability that requires readers to admission their email to access.

Generally speaking, your advance allurement should be accompanying to the agreeable in the blog post. For example, if your blog column is about designing a landing page, you ability advance a download with 100 chargeless landing folio templates.

Keep in mind, downloads charge to be admired to your readers, accordant to area they are in the buyer’s journey, and activity some blazon of “quick win.”

43. Oracle

Oracle’s landing folio is a solid archetype of a download you ability activity to buyers added forth in the journey.

This download offers a added dive, dehydration the accepted belief of business automation–something accession would acceptable appetite to apperceive if they’re actively researching solutions.

This blazon of agreeable doesn’t assignment able-bodied aboriginal on, as newcomers are acceptable aggravating to amount out what business automation alike is.

44. Nauto

Another able archetype comes from Nauto. This folio is well-designed with an angel of the “book” featured aloft the CTA.

They’ve done a nice job answer what readers will learn, and accept fabricated it accessible to download this ability by befitting anatomy fields to a minimum.

Additionally, the amusing allotment buttons acquiesce users to allotment this ability with their arrangement with aloof one click, added accretion the page’s advance gen potential.

45. Drift

Drift takes a absolutely altered admission to advance bearing by embedding a chatbot on every page. As visitors apprehend the site’s content, the Driftbot is consistently accessible to adviser users adjoin the appropriate goal.

Built-in chatbots aggregate advice from users that can afterwards be acclimated for approaching business campaigns, while eliminating some of the abrasion that comes with relying on forms.

Including accompanying accessories at the basal of anniversary blog column encourages readers to absorb added time on your site, while additionally auspicious users to bang on centralized links, which can advance the account of your website.

Another tip is to articulation to top categories, as it helps advance centralized linking, and makes it accessible for readers to locate accordant content.

46. Campaign Monitor


47. Hubspot


Same abstraction with Hubspot, admitting they’ve acclimated a altered design. What’s nice about this archetype is, the account are adventurous and bright and anniversary commodity comes with a description cogent users absolutely what they’ll acquisition afterwards beat through.

48. Kuno Creative

Kuno Creative follows a agnate admission to Hubspot, however, they’ve fabricated it accessible for visitors to array agreeable by category.

Another affair I like accomplishing on the Ignite site, in accession to highlighting accompanying accessories is advising added admired assets like your video library, a podcast, or agreeable collections focused on a accurate topic.

It’s addition befalling to drive cartage to added genitalia of your site, while at the aforementioned time, allowance you authorize yourself as a go-to-source for your audience.

49. Litmus

Litmus does article absorbing here. Their landing folio aims to allure newsletter subscribers by proving they’ll bear admired advice to your inbox with links to antecedent newsletters.

50. Amusing Media Examiner


Another admission you ability use actuality is administering blog readers to a ability library. This archetype uses bright elements to ensure that anniversary adviser stands out, acceptance users to acquisition the ability that interests them most.

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