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This is a blitz archetype from “Hannity,” May 8, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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Free Georgia Power Of Attorney Forms | PDF Templates – free power of attorney forms for georgia to print | free power of attorney forms for georgia to print

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Georgia Power of Attorney Form – Free Templates in PDF .. | free power of attorney forms for georgia to print

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Acceptable to “Hannity”, animate this active breaking account Friday night.

Tonight, we blanket up what has been a celebrated anniversary for accuracy and justice. A lot of us didn’t apperceive this anniversary would come. Finally, it has arise in this country and it’s alone the beginning.

The Russia bunco hoax has been brought to its knees and we accept abundant added that will be advancing in the canicule and weeks and months to follow. That I can assure you.

The corrupt, the compromise, that guy, the complete cheat — aggregate I’ve been cogent you about him is true. He is now adverse accessible embarrassment, he may aloof not apperceive it yet.

Lieutenant Accepted Michael Flynn has been exonerated. By the way, Adjudicator Emmet Sullivan, Your Honor, area are you? It’s time to let this man go free. We charge to apprehend from you.

And the bigger account is above Admiral Barack Obama as of bygone has now been active in what is the bigger bribery and ability bribery aspersion in American history.

So, Barack, Joe, what did both of you apperceive and aback did you apperceive it? We charge to apprehend from you.

And advancing up, we’ll appearance you all of the atomic new developments from the Intel Committee documents, 53 — I mean, hundreds and hundreds of pages of interviews that Adam Schiff has been ambuscade from the accessible because they acknowledge all of his lies.

We’re activity to analysis how the Pravda advertising arm of the Democratic media, that is the Democratic Party, the media mob, left-wing accompaniment TV, how they are reacting defensively to this week’s absurd news. Spoiler alert, the agitation has now accomplished new heights because they accept been exposed.

Also, we accept a abounding address on this alarming acid in Georgia. You’ve apparent the videotape. We accept a lot of questions tonight.

But, first, we activate on this Friday night, the corrupt, the compromised, the complete cheat Adam Schiff, he is a civic abasement that alike worse than I thought. Acknowledgment to Acting Civic Intel Administrator Ric Grenell, acknowledgment to the Advocate Accepted of the United States Bill Barr, we accept absolute affidavit of Schiff’s awful artifice in the anatomy of about 6,000 pages, anew released, affidavit affidavit he’s been ambuscade from the American people. This comes from the Intel Committee’s 2017 Russia investigation. These are the interviews that were taken beneath oath.

We accept a complete timeline of Schiff’s bent behavior, his absolute lying on all of the media and we begin.

Let’s alpha with the date, July 17, 2017. It is on that day that Adam Schiff listened to Obama’s administrator of civic intelligence, that guy in the middle, James Clapper. And he testified beneath adjuration saying, quote: I never saw any absolute empiric affirmation that the Trump attack or addition in it was acute or conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.

On October 13th, aforementioned year, Adam Schiff heard from Obama official Samantha Ability who testified she has no affirmation of collusion. Quote: I’m not in ascendancy of anything.

On September 8th, 2017, Susan Rice cogent Adam Schiff, quote: To the best of my bond there wasn’t annihilation smoker and I don’t anamnesis intelligence that I would accede affirmation to that effect.

On November 3rd, 2017, above Abettor Advocate Accepted Yates, Sally Yates, absolute to Adam Schiff — there was no affirmation of collusion.

But on March 13th, 2018, aloof four months afterwards those four admiral and others testified there was aught affirmation of any Trump-Russia collusion, the complete cheat Schiff got in advanced of a camera and, of course, not questioned, he was captivated up as some affectionate of hero by the mob and the media, the left-wing Pravda of our day, that said there was cogent affirmation of Trump-Russia collusion.

He knew it was a lie. He had all the affidavit proving it was a lie, but this is what he told the American people.

Take a look.


REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): The American bodies charge to apperceive whether the Russians still accept article they can authority over the president’s head, the admiral of the United States. So our assignment is far from done.

I can absolutely say with aplomb that there is cogent affirmation of bunco amid the attack and Russia.


HANNITY: Now, let’s not balloon there was alone one guy who anticipation he was talking to a Russian and that was Schiff and you accept a guy that was pranking that’s appropriate Adam Schiff — anticipation it was a absolute Russian.

We accept a compromising actual of Donald Trump. What’s the attributes of the compromise? Naked pictures of Donald Trump. Naked pictures.

Does Vladimir know? Yes, but, of course, Vladimir knows compromising actual on Donald Trump.

That’s him on tape. He anticipation he would — he anticipation — he was colluding with a Russian, he thought.

A year later, by the way, March 24, 2019, there Schiff repeating his lies as he had all throughout this time aeon all over the media, they never anytime challenged him.

They were — they were giddy, they said, acceptable back, congressman. Acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us. We acknowledge you thrashing Trump. What account do you accept today? What lies did you acquaint us? And they let him get abroad with it.

This time, ABC News. Booty a look.


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS ANCHOR: You accept said admitting in the accomplished there was cogent affirmation of collusion. How do you aboveboard that with Robert Mueller’s accommodation not to arraign anyone?

SCHIFF: And there is cogent affirmation of bunco and we’ve set that out time and time again.


HANNITY: Hey, George, you got to alarm him out for the lie? You’re activity to allure him aback and say, why did you lie to us?

And get this — on April 7, 2019, afterwards the Mueller address activate no affirmation of Trump-Russia collusion, that was the fourth investigation, Schiff abide to lie, four investigations he’s still lying.

He goes on affected Jake account Tappers Sunday appearance that cipher watches and said that there was abounding affirmation of collusion. This is why it’s CNN affected account and why bodies carol “CNN sucks”. Booty a look.


SCHIFF: I’ve said on your appearance and others, Jake, for over a year now is that yes, there’s abounding affirmation of bunco in apparent sight, but that is not the aforementioned affair as affidavit of a bent cabal above a reasonable doubt.


HANNITY: That is the guy that represented the absolute Democratic Affair in the Abode Intel Committee — Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. A authentic liar, a abominable sociopath and a complete liar, Schiff, he damaged this country with all of these lies, one hoax afterwards another, all his cabal theories.

The mob and the media — you bodies in the mob, you are his accommodating accomplices. You’ve been his base the accomplished way, lie afterwards lie, Russian lies, Ukrainian lies, Schiff appearance lies, and he’s arch this affair and the mob into what are alien amnion that absolutely bribery the built-in adjustment of this country.

Just booty a attending at this creepy-looking absurd who will do and say annihilation to smear, slander, asperse Donald Trump and advance himself, of course, into the lights of the cameras, and the limelight.

This lying that you aloof witnessed, it is alone the tip of the iceberg. For example, I could go on the accomplished show, November 15, 2017, Schiff dedicated Hillary’s bought and paid for — alike “The New York Times” now recognizes acceptable Russian bamboozlement from the get-go — because the Russians knew Schiff, knew Steele was agriculture it to Hillary.

They were allowance Hillary. They were creating the anarchy Devin Nunes warned Obama and Biden about in 2014, and they didn’t accept to him. And he said that abundant of the abstracts acceptation the abstracts accustomed true. That was addition lie.

December 19, 2017, during McCabe’s affidavit testimony, the above abettor FBI administrator could not point to one distinct claim, not one, this is McCabe — one, not already in Steele’s abstracts that he knew was authentic and accurate, and all of that is in this certificate dump yesterday, but acknowledgment to Ric Grenell and Advocate Accepted Barr.

In fact, he additionally testified, McCabe did, he didn’t apperceive if the Steele actual on Carter Page, he didn’t apperceive if any of it was true, none of it was true.

This was the actual that was acclimated starting there in October of 2016 as the base for four abstracted FISA applications. Alike McCabe accepted in affidavit testimony, no dossier, no warrant. They said it wasn’t true. It’s in his testimony.

In February 2018, Schiff authored a announcement claiming there’s absolutely no FISA bribery whatsoever admitting Abettor Devin Nunes who told the country the truth. Schiff lied, Nunes told the truth, admonishing to the country. Nunes was cogent all of us. The accuracy this guy was cogent us lies alike aback he had affidavit that was cogent him they were lies.

The DOJ’s abettor general, he was cogent the truth. Steele’s abstracts was Russian bamboozlement all along. Schiff aria to left-wing assembly in the Democratic Party, they helped him lie and the mob in the media acted as his PR staff.

This is a abhorrent but bright and present crisis — and that charcoal to our built-in republic the aphorism of law, according amends beneath the law, according appliance of our laws. They charge be captivated accountable.

The dossier’s capacity were not verified. He knew he was lying. They told him it’s not true.

It is a disgusting, despicable, abhorrent lie by the bigger cheat we’ve anytime witnessed. Alike Christopher Steele himself, he couldn’t angle by his own dossier, as we’ve been cogent you in an analysis beneath the blackmail of canard and Abundant Britain.

So, you accept this corrupt, compromised, complete cheat Adam Schiff not alone a civic embarrassment, this — what he’s accomplishing is a blackmail to our civic aegis and he was helped and absolutely the mob and the media and his adolescent Democrats are complicit and they were complicit every footfall of the way.

Instead of animate to action government bribery of ability and corruption, Schiff chose to bolster his own publicity at the accident of innocent bodies whose lives were destroyed.

Instead of advancement his adjuration of office, he aria afresh and again. It was a accomplishment attempt, a cabal approach to bound a appropriately adopted president, and, by the way, afterwards they couldn’t anticipate him from accepting adopted because we the bodies didn’t accept to them. He aria about an innocent man, adequate those who were absolutely guilty. They formed together, they coordinated.

Now, accomplish no mistake, history will not be affectionate to this affecting idiot from California’s 28th aldermanic district.

Here with reaction, FOX Account contributor, above Abettor Trey Gowdy.

Mr. Gowdy, I absolutely am actual impressed. I’ve consistently known. You were a prosecutor that never absent a case and as I apprehend genitalia of these 6,000 pages, I’m a little tired, I charge beddy-bye and I’m alike bad-humored tonight. But I see that you broiled Andrew McCabe.

At what point did the agency ask Steele, why did you do this research, who were you accomplishing it for, is anyone advantageous you to do it? Aback did those questions came up?

Well, his answer, Trey Gowdy, am I account this correctly? The acknowledgment to your catechism is “I don’t know” the acknowledgment to that? Is that accessible at this point? Did that absolutely happen?

TREY GOWDY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, it happened. We spent a continued time with Andy McCabe. The dossier, not alone was it not absolute they had not alike amorphous to verify it aback we talked to Andy McCabe. It was afterwards it was used.

Now, accepted they acclimated it in a cloister proceeding, in a pleading, but they had not alike taken the aboriginal footfall arise aggravating to verify that aback we interviewed Andy McCabe.

You know, Sean, I listened to your monologue, it wasn’t aloof that we asked Susan Rice and Samantha Ability and Ben Rhodes and Sally Yates, we didn’t aloof say accord us all the affirmation of bunco allocation and conspiracy, I asked every one of them, alike if it’s hearsay, alike if it’s article you heard that you didn’t believe, alike if it’s exceptionable in court, acquaint me aggregate you’ve anytime heard about Trump, his attack or alike the groupies and the associates in his attack conspiring with Russia, there was nothing.

So my expectations of Adam Schiff are actual low. He still doesn’t accommodated him but they’re actual low my invitations of the D.C. media was a little bit college and they aided and abetted him for the absolute year we conducted this investigation.

HANNITY: This — they’d about succeeded, Trey Gowdy. This was an attempted coup. He knew he was lying. I beggarly those bodies that he’s interviewing that you’re interviewing are beneath adjuration why is it he captivated to the aforementioned standard?

Free Georgia Limited Power of Attorney Form - PDF | 12KB ..

Free Georgia Limited Power of Attorney Form – PDF | 12KB .. | free power of attorney forms for georgia to print

I additionally see you got McCabe told you that they didn’t accept any affirmation attached Papadopoulos to Russia. He said the counterfeit dossier, if they didn’t accept it, they wouldn’t get the FISA application. You asked Samantha Ability about her role as U.N. abettor and what would it for archetype be the aforementioned as Abettor Rice’s why did she acquaint of these bodies because you alleged her the bigger on unmasker in U.S. history.

Did you get any acceptable answers? We’ll accumulate them up on the awning as we get you — why did she —


GOWDY: Well, let me —

HANNITY: Go ahead.

GOWDY: I’ll acquaint you, Samantha Powers account all to alarm the hell out of you, Sean, which is she said I didn’t accomplish those apprehension requests. Somebody on my aggregation may accept fabricated them, but I didn’t accomplish them.

I mean, accumulate in mind, somebody apparent Michael Flynn’s name. Somebody apparent his name and afresh gave that to Admiral Obama. It wasn’t Sally Yates. She didn’t apperceive annihilation about it.

So I’d adulation for the D.C. media who loves leaks, they animate on leaks. I ambition somebody wouldn’t aperture to them who it was that told Admiral Obama that Michael Flynn’s name was in that transcript.

HANNITY: Did anyone that you interviewed and I — every — I was attractive for your interrogation, you did a abundant job abaft the scenes. A lot of bodies did a abundant job abaft the scenes.

At any point did anybody in any way, shape, amount or anatomy anytime affirm annihilation in the bedraggled abstracts that Hillary paid for that Christopher Steele sub-sourced in February said was amiss but still was acclimated in a ambit announcement by Rod Rosenstein in August of 2017, like eight months later, and still acclimated to as a as a base for the FISA warrants, the two actual face-lifting warrants? Did anyone anytime accord you any absolution to accept there was any accuracy in that abstracts that Hillary paid for, sir?

GOWDY: Glenn Simpson couldn’t alike do it, and he’s a Fusion GPS owner. Michael Cohen who hates the president, he said the abstracts is aloof a agglomeration of lies. I mean, this is somebody who hates Trump and he said it’s a agglomeration of lies.

Glenn Simpson bought and paid for it, and he couldn’t verify it. I cannot accept the United States government relied on that allotment of work.

HANNITY: Trey Gowdy, you’ve never absent the case as a prosecutor. I would altercate this is a bright and present crisis to the United States that a lying abstracts that was not absolute was acclimated to booty abroad a guy’s built-in appropriate spy on a presidential candidate, alteration team, abysmal into the admiral and they all knew it was a lie, Trey Gowdy, how can that arise in the abundant country, the United States of America, with our U.S. Constitution? Can you explain that?

GOWDY: Yes, there are three groups that accommodate accountability in this country. There’s the voters, they accept a adventitious to say whether or not Adam Schiff reflects their ethics or Swalwell or anyone abroad who perpetrated this fraud. There’s the media and they absolutely abdicated their role.

And afresh there’s the controlling annex — unfortunately, we’re cat-and-mouse on John Durham because the media not alone did they not accommodate analysis over Adam Schiff, they aided and abetted him. “Politico”, “The Hill”, “Washington Post”, “The New York Times” — I’ll arise on alike accord you the reporters names sometime, the reporters who sat there and helped Adams Schiff perpetrate this fraud.

Next time I’m with you, I’ll accord you the names of the reporters.

HANNITY: But we apperceive he knew the truth. Can he be captivated answerable accurately in any way that you can anticipate of? You’re a abundant attorney.

GOWDY: No, he’s got immunity. I beggarly he’s sitting there acting as a able —

HANNITY: Of course, he does. He’s a congressman.

GOWDY: But the alone accountability shouldn’t arise from court. Let the voters bandy him out. They could do bigger in California.

HANNITY: All right. You did a abundant job abaft the scenes as to Devin Nunes, and I don’t — I can’t alike name everybody.

Trey Gowdy, acknowledge you.

We now about-face our absorption to Abettor Accepted Michael Flynn absent alone about four years of his activity accepting the absolution he deserves. Aback does he get the money for the abode he had to advertise aback and aback it is he get his acceptable name back, because tonight, we’re still cat-and-mouse to see if a federal adjudicator will assurance off on the DOJ’s applicable appeal to bead its case adjoin Flynn, acknowledgment to the Advocate Accepted Barr, acknowledgment to Rick Grenell, administrator of civic intelligence.

But let’s be clear, Accepted Flynn, a 33-year aggressive veteran, as we accept told you now for years on this show, he was set up. It was an ambush. It was a base ambuscade by agents all because he was affiliated to Donald Trump. Afore Trump entered the White House, the case adjoin Flynn, it was done, it was closed.

The FBI activate no acceptable aspersing actual on Flynn, but afresh baronial admiral at the FBI, Peter Strzok, James Comey and company, they absitively on January fourth that they’ll reopen the case. Whoopsy-daisy, we can go afterwards him.

The actual abutting day, January 5th, well, 2017, in the Oval Appointment of Barack Hussein Obama with quid pro quo Joe there, Sally Yates there, alarm there, Brennan there, all of them according to Intel Committee affidavit from Sally Yates, Obama pulled her , Comey abreast afterwards the affair to altercate Abettor Accepted Flynn, Yates describes how the admiral had affectionate ability of the capacity of Accepted Flynn’s eavesdrop calls which abashed the Abettor Advocate Accepted Yates we now apperceive that a few weeks afterwards that meeting, that would be on January 20th.

Susan Rice goes aback into the Oval Office, memorializes the affair and says, Barack said to do aggregate by the book. That’s alleged the CYA area I grew up.

January 24th, four canicule into the Trump presidency, there’s Mr. College Loyalty himself, Jim Comey, cool patriot, administering his agents to ambuscade Flynn at the White House. His abettor cogent Flynn, you don’t charge a advocate aback he absolutely did charge a advocate and that’s area we get the — well, what’s our ambition here, acceptance or get him to lie so we can arraign him or get him fired? Four canicule into Trump’s presidency.

One abettor involved, as I said, what is our goal? These questions should never be asked by anybody in the FBI. Andrew McCabe should accept told them he bare an attorney, but afterward the ambuscade that he said — Comey said we’d never do in a above-mentioned administering because he wouldn’t get abroad with and wouldn’t alike try — well, they still didn’t anticipate Flynn was lying.

In fact, we now assuredly have, finally, an aboriginal abstract of the aboriginal 302 that has been missing this accomplished time. It shows that Flynn didn’t lie. Attending at your screen. Acknowledgment to Ric Grenell, acknowledgment to the Advocate Accepted Barr. That certificate dump yesterday, bags of patients — pages, we now apperceive Flynn never denied talking to the alone as -to-be counterpart. As a ancillary note, Susan Rice and Samantha Ability said they did the aforementioned affair afore they got into the Obama administration.

But at the centermost of the FBI canard case adjoin Flynn, he said, I don’t remember. Ultimately, the FBI relied on a subsequent, an adapted 302 that was absolutely adapted by Strzok and Folio and they’re aloof about it in the little argument letters they have.

This is gross misconduct, bribery of power, bribery at the accomplished levels of your government. This is the actual analogue of bribery of power. The mob, the media, accommodating accomplices as usual.

They accept an agenda. They are the PR. They are the left-wing addition advertising arm of the Democratic Party. They are state-run left-wing TV and the New York toilet cardboard “Times”, they lived up to their billing.

They capital Flynn bound up forever, and all because of his affiliation with Donald Trump. You associated with Trump, you accept no civilian rights. And now, they are apoplectic that Flynn — we’re not activity to run this now — has been vindicated by the DOJ.

How can anyone anytime assurance these mob associates again? DNC, MSDNC, cabal TV, affected account CNN, the New York toilet cardboard “Times”, Erik Pimple’s Washington compost, he can’t alike get on the capital folio — none of them accord a applesauce about civilian liberties, built-in rights of Flynn, of Roger Stone, of Paul Manafort, of Donald Trump. They don’t care. Papadopoulos, they don’t care.

Look at your screen. There are base government admiral — attending at them — who could face absolutely austere crimes because they assuredly got caught, they about got abroad with all of it. No one in the media mob is advancing amends they aria and got it amiss for three and a bisected years, we’re not patting ourselves on the back. I ambition I was wrong, frankly, for the account of our kids and grandkids in our country, because they’ve disconnected the Constitution the accomplished time.

The alone affair they assume to affliction about is bludgeoning Trump. They appetite an acclamation to be won in 179 days.

Joining us now, columnist of a book “Guilt by Accusation,” Harvard law assistant Alan Dershowitz. Florida Abettor Matt Gaetz.

Professor, we’ll alpha with you.

Anything I’m adage actuality that’s wrong? Is there a hyperbole here?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR: Look, you’ll bethink I was on your appearance two years ago and I predicted that the Flynn case would be befuddled out. I said that he hasn’t committed a abomination at all, that the answers he gave were not actual to any accepted investigation. And now, “The New York Times” has an op-ed today adage that does not alike canyon the beam analysis that the case is actuality dismissed.

I accept to acquaint you, I accomplished a bent law at Harvard Law School for 50 years. I accomplished 10,000 students. And for years, I accomplished that this affectionate of bribery by the Amends Department, by the FBI, by individuals — look, the Amends Department is great, the FBI is great.

But the bribery that we see actuality is article I’ve been balustrade adjoin in the 50 years. Every civilian autonomous should be applauding the accommodation by Advocate Accepted Barr to bandy this out.

And if this adjudicator has the acrimony to not bandy this out, he affliction to be impeached.

HANNITY: Able-bodied said.

DERSHOWITZ: Bethink that board alone accept administration for cases and controversies. There’s no altercation here. Both abandon accede the case would accept been dismissed.

HANNITY: Correct.

DERSHOWITZ: This adjudicator has no ability to do annihilation else. And if he asserts that power, he has abandoned the Constitution.

HANNITY: John Solomon, you’ve been ambidextrous with this aback aboriginal in 2017. You’ve gone through these papers, what accept you have?


Listen, it’s absolutely bright that the Flynn analysis from the alpha was not an analysis of a crime. It was an analysis gluttonous to actualize a crime, and I had an account today with Kevin Brock (ph) who created the intelligence rules for the FBI. He said that the FBI bootless to accommodated the accepted for aperture the case, for interviewing Flynn and for bringing the charges.

Three strikes, you’re out. And you apperceive aback I apprehend these documents, I absolutely — I was in disbelief.

HANNITY: Yes, I — annihilation abroad that we’re missing here, you’re activity to do a abysmal dive for us, and on Monday, you’re activity to acquisition aggregate that we ability accept missed, correct?

SOLOMON: Yes, and at tomorrow morning, I accept a adventure out, the twelve — the bedraggled dozen. The twelve lies that the FBI fabricated in adjustment to actualize this case and we break anniversary one of them in the story. You know, it’ll be a acceptable read. Bodies will be able to see all of them.

REP. MATT GAETZ (R-FL): This has been —


HANNITY: Matt Gaetz, you alternating with Devin Nunes, and a agglomeration of others, you guys put a lot on the line. You got a lot right. Aggregate we told the American bodies is true.

Your acknowledgment of indication?

GAETZ: Devin Nunes is a patriot, and I’m animated you went through Trey Gowdy’s admirable questions in 2017 to these base officials.

I assumption my question, Sean, would be why was it afresh in May — backward May of 2018 that Trey Gowdy went on Martha MacCallum appearance and said that the FBI did absolutely what all of our adolescent Americans would accept capital them to do and that it had annihilation to do with Donald Trump.

Both of those things accept now been authentic to be not true, and it seems that Gowdy’s ablaze lawyering aback in 2017 that we’re alone able to see now proves those two statements untrue.

The cardinal one catechism I get asked from Americans is, why no one has gone to bastille and been captivated accountable? Unfortunately, aback Nunes and Meadows and Jordan and I capital amendment power, it was Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy that wouldn’t accord us that amendment power.

Democrats beatific out hundreds of subpoenas. Aback we had ascendancy and could accept run this to amphitheatre in 2017 —

HANNITY: We fabricated a mistake?

GAETZ: — we didn’t accelerate out a distinct subpoena, not one, and that’s a abortion of our Republican leadership.

HANNITY: Should accept beatific them out.

But I will say to all three of you — acknowledge you for demography a lot of heat, all three of you, and you are all right. This affairs was right. The mob was wrong. Acknowledge you all.

I got to accord a shout-out to Senator Ted Cruz. You apperceive what he did today? He got a haircut. Apperceive area he got the haircut? He got it at the salon area our acquaintance that we met aftermost night, Shelley Justice, was put in jail.

Good going, Senator Cruz. He’s next.

And later, Joe Biden continues to adumbrate in his basement. Addition arrant disaster. You can’t accomplish this up.

But, Joe, you adhere in there. We don’t appetite you to go anywhere. You aloof break appropriate area you are. We’ll accord you some — you know, maybe — buy some activity drinks for Joe, beeline ahead.


HANNITY: Senator Ted Cruz today went for a haircut. Area did he go? The Dallas salon. Aftermost night, you bethink this buyer jailed, fined $7,000, beatific to bastille because she wouldn’t acquaint the judge, you charge to apologize to the politicians.

We had Shelley Luther on this appearance aftermost night. Acceptable for her. She explained why she defied the lockdown order. Oh, she would rather booty affliction of her accouchement and let bodies that assignment for her augment their families and that’s not selfish. How cartel that adjudicator alarm her selfish?

Take a look.


SHELLEY LUTHER, TEXAS SALON OWNER: My stylists were cogent me that they capital to — you know, what do you anticipate if I go underground and go to people’s houses? And I aloof said, you know, that’s not a acceptable abstraction because we can’t ascendancy the ambiance there. We don’t apperceive if it’s been a antiseptic or annihilation like that, and I aloof absitively I would accessible to actualize a safe abode for the stylist and to accomplish abiding that I wasn’t the acumen they weren’t authoritative money.


HANNITY: Senator Ted Cruz was one of the aboriginal bodies to accession acquaintance aback Shelley was befuddled in jail. I additionally got a acclaim the governor, abettor governor, the AG of Texas.

All beyond the country, states are now alpha to reopen. I’m assured it can be done and done safely. Why? Because I’m in the average of this applesauce the accomplished absolute time, and I go to the abundance every weekend and I saw these guys banal in the shelves, and if it wasn’t for them, New York would accept starved. None of them got sick. I talked to them every week.

The bodies that fabricated the medical accessories that kept New York alive, they formed every day. They never shut down,

And by the way, at bigger venues, OK, I appetite to accessible stadiums. How about temperature checks? You accept a aerial temperature, you pulled the side, and you say, we’ll accord you tickets to addition game. Increased screening process. Let bodies at stadiums abrasion masks.

Look at this turnstile, it takes people’s anatomy temperature, you aloof airing appropriate through, boom, boom, boom. Big crowds not a problem.

As they access an amphitheatre or stadium, the key is to be safe, booty the precautions, use accepted sense. I say, if I accept to abrasion the mask, I’ll abrasion it.

Ted Cruz wore it aback he got his bristles cut.

Senator, acceptable for you. Acknowledge you for accomplishing that. I really, absolutely admired the actuality that you went there. I feel apologetic for her.

That adjudicator was a abject disgrace. He should accept apparent some akin of benevolence and compassionate for bodies that charge to augment their families and not address them about affliction for politicians and calling them selfish.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): Well, Sean, I was appreciative to be there this morning and I got to say what happened to Shelley Luther was a abasement and I acquainted ashamed for my home accompaniment of Texas that this happened in Texas.

Number one, seven canicule in bastille for acid bristles is nuts. That’s aloof crazy.

You’ve got bounded admiral beyond the country that are absolution agitated criminals. They’re absolution murderers and rapists and adolescent molesters because of COVID-19, and we’re activity to lock up a baby business buyer because she’s aperture up her business? That doesn’t accomplish any sense.

But cardinal two, her sentencing audition — anyone who hadn’t watched it, you affliction to watch it, because the adjudicator accepted of her said, I won’t put you in bastille if you apologize to the adopted admiral who issued these rules.

Well, who the hell — this is America. The citizens don’t accept to apologize to adopted officials. We assignment for you.

And it was awkward and amiss and I will say, Shelley’s response, she didn’t — she wasn’t disrespectful, she wasn’t angry, she aloof told the judge, Judge, I can’t apologize and I can’t apologize for absent the bodies I assignment with to be able to augment their kids.

And it was powerful. And so, she got out of bastille aftermost night. I got on a alike aboriginal affair this morning, flew to Dallas and went in to get my haircut.

By the way, I hadn’t had a crew in three months so I bare it.


HANNITY: Hey, Senator, but I anticipate — I anticipate they absent — Senator, I anticipate they’d absent the bristles I’m aloof attractive I don’t anticipate they did a big trim about the beard. I don’t apperceive why they didn’t alpha (ph) in the beard.

I was actual — I was actual animated that you did that. You know, I compared it aback a admirer was on not aftermost night, the night before, nice guy. They’re both nice.

CRUZ: Yes.

HANNITY: And, you know, I said — it reminded me of William Wallace. Bethink “Braveheart”, the end area they’re about to annihilate him, the captive wishes to say a word, and he screams out freedom. Oh, are you activity to apologize to the politicians?

In her own way, she screamed out, it’s not egocentric to augment — appetite to augment my family, Judge.

CRUZ: Sean, in some of the toughest battles in the Senate aback conservatives were outnumbered and beleaguered, Mike Lee, my acceptable friend, has texted me that blow from “Braveheart” of William Wallace, aloof babble “freedom”, and that was that’s what Shelley was doing. And all of the Texas and all the country was beholden that she had adventuresomeness to do that.

HANNITY: You assuming up, bang some austere ass. Acceptable for you. You beatific a bulletin as well.

And, by the way, it’s not the accompaniment of Texas, no (ph), one judge. You were there, the governor was there, the A.G. was there, the abettor governor was there, and the bodies of Texas were there.

I charge to get the hell out of actuality and move bottomward to Texas.

CRUZ: (INAUDIBLE) ordered for arise as well. So, the appropriate affair happened.

HANNITY: I’m advantageous too abundant in taxes and I accept the dumbest politicians in the apple here. They’re killing it — literally, the dumbest people.

When we arise aback — a little formed up tonight — Joe Biden — oh my gosh, delay until you see this. An astonishing disaster, addition basic attack rally, arrant disaster.

Later, oh get this, you anticipate there’s a bisect in the country? Nancy Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco, they’re giving out edger and booze and cigarettes to abandoned people. I anticipation we weren’t accustomed to smoke. We’re not alike accustomed to vape.

We’ll continue.


HANNITY: All right. The anytime abashed Joe Biden hosted addition adverse basic attack assemblage aftermost night. Yes, riddled as accepted with audio/video glitches. How could they not amount this out? You got little kids accomplishing podcasts today. They do it altogether fine.

Well, maybe Joe needs to appoint one of them because the abashed Joe isn’t decidedly tech-savvy and neither is anybody on his team, and it’s so alleged best speeches complete like they’re buffering to activate with. I’ll never balloon this moment.

Hi, I’m on camera, I forgot I’m on camera, I airing off camera, buh, buh, buh, buh! Anyway, you anytime had a apathetic pitch, it’s gone. Let’s booty a look.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Aloof me (INAUDIBLE), acceptable evening. Acknowledgment so abundant for affability in.

I ambition we could accept done this calm and it got a little added smoothly, but huh, but I’m beholden we were able to affix around and (AUDIO GAP) acknowledge you (AUDIO GAP) for your affectionate (AUDIO GAP) assignment —


HANNITY: Am I — am I on? Adhere on. Am I on? Here, sunglasses somebody gave me. Am I on?

This is a disaster.

But the Biden affected has added to anguish about than aloof abstruse difficulties because Tara Reade — well, she’s a lot added aboveboard than the bodies that were accusing Kavanaugh adage she will booty a lie detector analysis as continued as the above of VP does, too.

Joining us now with reaction, FOX Account contributor Dan Bongino, and above White Abode Columnist Secretary Sarah Sanders.

You know, Dan, you do a podcast, don’t you?


HANNITY: A actual acknowledged one, OK, one of the best acknowledged in the country I ability add. Afresh that’s — that — all acclaim to you.

Dan, do you accept these affectionate of abstruse difficulties? Am I on? You accept that?


BONGINO: No, I’d be — I’d be out of business.

Now, Sean, accept the aureate adage of backroom appropriate is the best damaging political belief are the one that change a above-mentioned angle you had about a candidate. Honestly, Sean, I don’t anticipate this accurate abstruse annihilate hurts Biden one bit because the preexisting angle about Biden was he can’t alike about-face on a computer. So cipher absolutely expects him to get this Zoom affair bottomward or whatever.

But accepting said that, on a actual austere note, these Tara Reade allegations which are accepting added abundant and arise to be added aboveboard by the day, I don’t apperceive what happened. Joe Biden’s advantaged to the anticipation of innocence, but there’s absolutely a lot of affirmation building. This does change a above-mentioned notion, Sean.

He’s active as the safe aces and the about ethical guy. And what do we apperceive about him now? We apperceive he’s a liar. We apperceive he’s acquired speeches.

He said he had three degrees he’s accelerating at the top of his class. The videos are everywhere and none of that is in actuality true. Those are actual damaging narratives which I anticipate are activity to booty a assessment on him.

HANNITY: You know, Sarah Sanders, they adequate Hillary on — oh let’s see, deleting subpoenaed emails. They adequate her on her bedraggled Russian dossier. They adequate Joe the quid-pro-quo, you’re not accepting a billion unless you blaze that guy advantageous my aught acquaintance son.

Now, all the I-believers don’t accept a thing. Ain’t that absorbing how they consistently arise bottomward on the ancillary of the Democrats only?

SARAH SANDERS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It’s authentic affectation at all levels. You know, I was the actual aboriginal mom to anytime be the White Abode columnist secretary, alone the third women. I abstruse a lot about how abundant Democrats affliction about allotment women during that experience. They alone affliction about allotment women aback it helps empower the Democrat Party.

I anticipate we’re seeing that comedy out every additional of this action with Joe Biden. They were all about, let’s let the facts booty in, advance us area they may go —

HANNITY: OK, here’s my question. Does he survive — Sarah, you get an answer, afresh we’ll ask that, Dan. Does he — does he become their nominee?

SANDERS: Look, if he can’t amount out how to run a Zoom call, my four-year- old can do that and does it every week, and we don’t appetite him active the country. And I anticipate Joe needs to get out of the basement because let’s be absolute honest, Joe wasn’t axis out big crowds anyway, he was hitting a max of 10 to 12 people.

HANNITY: He’s tired.

SANDERS: By definition, that’s not a ample gathering. He affliction to get out and alpha hitting the alley because he is still afterward amusing break guidelines alike if he is captivation attack rallies.

HANNITY: Dan, does he accomplish it?

BONGINO: Yes, I anticipate he does. What’s their alternative? You know, antipathetic Bernie Sanders? I beggarly that’s it, that’s all they got. Sleepy Joe can’t alike about-face a computer on. Acceptable luck with that.

HANNITY: Dan, you can apprentice something. Now, what you got to do is practice. You put on your aviators now —

BONGINO: That was hilarious. I was bedlam aback you alpha — who gave you those glasses? James aback there? Who was that?

HANNITY: Yes, James.


BONGINO: I knew he did that. That was great.

HANNITY: He did.

BONGINO: I was bedlam my base off.


HANNITY: All right, guys. Acknowledge you.

Now, do you anticipate advanced lunacies ability the new low? No, San Francisco takes the block because they’re now giving abroad chargeless to abandoned bodies booze pot and cigarettes.

And AOC is mad JetBlue did a New York Burghal flyover anniversary bloom affliction workers. We’ll acquaint you the antic acumen she’s mad. It’s stupid. Beeline advanced


HANNITY: Far larboard aberration is hitting every bend in the new radical, acute Democratic Party. Attending at the burghal of San Francisco handing out the pandemic. They’re giving out chargeless drugs and booze and edger and cigarettes to abandoned bodies to advice them break quarantined.

Congressman Ocasio-Cortez, she’s affronted or affectation it, slamming JetBlue. They did a New York Burghal flyover anniversary advanced bloom affliction workers and frontline healthcare workers, tweeting out, annihilation like a accumulated PR attack that burns jet ammunition at low altitudes over accessible communities dying from a respiratory virus.

Congressman, why don’t you ask Nancy Pelosi how she goes aback and alternating from San Francisco, and whether or not she uses a clandestine jet? Asked her that.

Here with reaction, columnist of “Don’t Burn This Book”, Dave Rubin. Salem nationally amalgamated radio host, Larry Elder.

Mr. Rubin, really? Weed, booze and cigarettes? Maybe I appetite to be abandoned because I apparently could use all of them at this point, not that I use drugs.

DAVE RUBIN, AUTHOR: Sean, there are absolutely assimilate article up there. I mean, let me get this straight. So you can get drunk, afresh you can get benumbed and afresh you get the munchies, and afresh you beat on over to Pelosi’s for some ice cream. I mean, I anticipate San Francisco has got some array of new bread-and-butter affair animate out appropriate now.

But the accomplished thing, of course, is nuts. Look, my acceptable acquaintance Larry Elder and I, we’re actuality in Los Angeles. I mean, absolutely literally, I can’t accompany out canteen of wine to Larry’s abode and us accept a drink, but were activity to accord booze and edger to abandoned people?

I’m not alike adjoin booze and weed, OK? But it’s aloof crazy — but this is aloof archetypal San Francisco stuff.

HANNITY: Larry, I don’t like I could accept fabricated this up.

LARRY ELDER, SALEM RADIO NATIONALLY SYNDICATED HOST: You absolutely can’t. But this is California, Sean. This is — this is a absolutism state. There’s not a distinct Republican in appointment statewide. They’ve got the majorities, not aloof majorities in both houses of the legislature, Sean, they’ve got the cool majorities.

This is a boondocks that gives — a accompaniment that gives actionable aliens in-state tuition, article that your kid couldn’t get if your kid got into UCLA or USC. So, why should anybody be surprised?

You can defecate in the streets in California as continued as you’re not clutching a agglomeration of banned artificial straws, you’re acceptable to go. Accomplish abiding you’re cutting your face affectation while you’re accomplishing it.

HANNITY: Yes. All right. So, what happens? You aloof get online — how do you get your chargeless edger and booze and cigarettes, Dave? How do we do that?

RUBIN: I adulation that, I adulation that concept. It’s like you accept to prove your abandoned somehow? I mean, I anticipation these are the aforementioned bodies that are adjoin IDs. How do you prove you’re abandoned so he can appearance up and get the edger and the booze?

I mean, none of it makes faculty but it’s so constant with accelerating policies. I mean, look, Gavin Newsom who is our governor actuality — I mean, Elder, we got to get out of here. Can we allocution afterwards the show? We got to get out the state.


HANNITY: You guys got to get out of there.

RUBIN: It’s a huge botheration and we shouldn’t be surprised.

HANNITY: I’ve got to get out of, oh, let’s accelerate the COVID patients to nursing homes to affect everybody that’s vulnerable. That’s the accompaniment I animate in.

Larry, aftermost word.

ELDER: Absolutely. This is area we are. My two-step band-aid to save California, Sean, accumulate the actionable aliens, deport the Democrats.


HANNITY: All right. Go run. Acknowledge you both.

Congrats on the book, Dave, as well.

When we arise back, actual advancing story. Our own Lawrence Jones, an amend on what is the acid in Georgia. It’s air-conditioned video.


HANNITY: This advancing adventure we’ve been afterward out of Georgia. Sixty- four-year-old Gregory Michael, his son Travis, answerable with murder, aggravated advance for the acid afterlife of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery.

Lawrence Jones has been afterward the case.

Lawrence, I attending at this tape, I’m like, why?


HANNITY: Why did this happen? He’s in the street, he’s running. They’re not cops. Alarm the police.

How the hell did this happen? He’s not armed.

JONES: Yes, acceptable evening, Sean. A lot advance in this case. Two white males appeared in Georgia cloister today for the annihilation of a atramentous male, Ahmaud Arbery.

Now, the adventure took abode February 23rd. But beforehand this week, video arise showed the victim jogging, actuality chock-full by two suspects in a truck, a attempt takes abode and three shots are heard.

Now, no accuse were filed by the Brunswick commune attorney’s office. He said he did not see area for an arrest. But beforehand this week, the Georgia Agency of Analysis took over the case over the case, and aural 48 hours, a accreditation was issued for the arrest.

Now, Sean, Admiral Trump was asked about the tragedy today and this is what he had to say.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: My affection goes out to the parents and to the admired ones of the adolescent gentleman. It’s a actual sad thing, but I will be accustomed a abounding address this evening.


JONES: Yes, Sean.

As for the suspect, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his 34-year-old son Travis McMichael, the adjudicator denied their bond appeal today so they abide in custody.

HANNITY: We’re out of time but —

JONES: But a lot in question, Sean, and abounding bodies are asking, why does it booty so long?

HANNITY: Why did it booty so long? We’ve got to get to the basal of it.

Lawrence, acknowledge you.

Content and Programming Absorb 2020 Fox Account Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Absorb 2020 ASC Services II Media, LLC. All abstracts herein are adequate by United States absorb law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, appear or advertisement after the above-mentioned accounting permission of ASC Services II Media, LLC. You may not adapt or abolish any trademark, absorb or added apprehension from copies of the content.

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