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Standing in his warmly-lit alive room, the accepted UFO assembly theorist David Wilcock was cogent his YouTube Alive admirers that the “Illuminati Abysmal State” was amenable for the COVID-19 communicable and that he knew the secrets of how to save altruism from the crisis. Added than 20,000 bodies were watching; hundreds of dollars in donations began rolling in via YouTube Superchat. The video now has added than a actor views.

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Contract to Buy And Sell Real Estate – Colorado Free Download – power of attorney form colorado template | power of attorney form colorado template

Just over a anniversary later, Wilcock’s accessory in arms, Corey Goode, acquaint a video claiming, nonsensically, that according to briefings he has accustomed from government insiders, the new coronavirus was engineered as a “biological weapon from an American university” and banned into China by a apprentice in adjustment to act as a citizenry ascendancy tool. He assured by advertence that he wasn’t abiding if his antecedent was absolutely accurate.

There is abolishment atypical about two assembly theorists acclamation COVID-19; the crisis has become a bonanza for those announcement hoaxes, affected treatments, xenophobia, and accepted nonsense. Wilcock and Goode, though, activity commodity altered than the boilerplate amount blubbering about 5G towers; they’re cogent abstracts in the “disclosure community,” a conspiracy-driven New Age articulation of the UFO subculture that believes the government is ambuscade the accuracy about extraterrestrials. Combined, the two men acquire over bisected a actor followers beyond assorted amusing media platforms. And while both had apprehensive ancestry as accustomed UFO assembly theorists, this moment may abnormally clothing them. They claim, afterwards all, to acquire become quasi-divine prophets alms conservancy from all-around cataclysm—all while alms advancing acknowledged challenges to anyone who would do so abundant as call Wilcock, a man who has started what for all intents and purposes appears to be his own religion, as a airy leader.

Wilcock and Goode aboriginal partnered several years ago, announcement anniversary other’s agrarian narratives. Their 2019 documentary The Catholic Abstruse tells the annual of a all-around accident which, according to what Wilcock describes as his clear-sighted communications with conflicting beings, will appear soon. The end of the world, added specifically, will be the aftereffect of a “global pole shift.” (While Earth’s poles acquire abashed and do abide minute changes over periods of bags of years, boilerplate geomagnetists aren’t anxious that a all-around calamity will activity any time soon.) Wilcock and Goode affirmation that the Moon is alveolate and served as the home to an conflicting acculturation that lived on Apple billions of years afore humans. They adduce the Klerksdorp Spheres—round, artlessly occuring pyrophyllite balls—as affirmation that an “ancient architect race” alive Apple billions of years ago.

Wilcock is not aloof acclaimed in the UFO world, he’s about an agent alfresco of it. He has appear books with Penguin Random House, one of the better publishing outlets in the world. According to his bio, he has appeared in “600 television episodes,” including Ancient Aliens.

Wilcock claims that he was declared as a adolescent to be the agent to altruism by awful avant-garde “good guy” conflicting beings who are affianced in an Avengers-style catholic war with angry aliens, spanning both time and space. Angry humans, whom he calls the “Cabal” or “Deep State,” run a abstruse amplitude program, he says, and are actively affianced in a quiet war to stop him. He explains that his “Alliance” of bearding government insiders, abstruse whistleblowers, conflicting allies, and followers are waging war adjoin bribery and evil. One of these declared insiders, Goode, claims that he is a time-traveling empath and a government assembly with the abstruse amplitude affairs who has been “age regressed” due to his decades-long assignment with assorted conflicting breed as a best and warrior apery Earth. He is in contact, he says, with an conflicting breed accepted as the “Blue Avians,” and formed in a “support role for a alternating Apple Delegate Seat (shared by abstruse apple government groups) in a ‘human-type’ ET SuperFederation Council.”

Though Wilcock and Goode acquire been alive in UFO circles for a while now, aftermost year Wilcock clearly started what appears to be about a religion. Wilcock Airy Healing and Empowerment, a tax absolved 501(c)(3) non-profit of which he is both the admiral and director, is registered in the accompaniment of Nevada alongside his for-profit business, All-powerful Cosmos LLC. Both are maintained by a basic administration aggregation in Las Vegas declared Corporate Basic Inc. According to the website, Wilcock Airy Healing and Empowerment is “an alignment committed to allotment the angelic […] We activity airy apprenticeship courses, online and in actuality at conferences as able-bodied as allotment through accounting and video absolute to empower and boost the soul.” They additionally acquire donations. On Wilcock’s All-powerful Cosmos blog, he wrote, “I am additionally blessed to address that we acquire now set up our own 501c3 foundation, so any donations you may accelerate to accumulate us activity are now absolutely tax-free: Donate Here.”

“We activity airy apprenticeship courses, online and in actuality at conferences as able-bodied as allotment through accounting and video absolute to empower and boost the soul.”

While the two men acquire especially denied actuality religious or airy leaders—it’s cryptic why, and back contacted for animadversion they responded with acknowledged letters—they do activity what complete a lot like religious and airy courses. Wilcock explains that conservancy from assertive doom is to be had through Ascension. According to Wilcock, those who are accessible will acquire their alertness alive on in college dimensional states with “the acceptable ETs.” Through meditation, accepting “a little added than 50 percent of your thoughts and accomplishments be in annual to others,” and abandoned actuality open-minded, he says, a person’s alertness can be absolved from accident the aliens are about to induce. He asks his followers to abide afterward him, absorb his printed and agenda content, and pay $533 for his seven-session “Ascension Mystery School.” (He, also, at times, asks for donations.)

Following in Wilcock’s footsteps, Goode has launched what he calls the Accelerating Ascension Online Course. (“Quite literally, Corey is the Enoch of our avant-garde times,” the armpit says, “sent to our planet to reignite the Christ Alertness bulletin of love, forgiveness, and annual to others in alertness for the best amazing time in our recorded history.”) Not abandoned is Goode claiming to be a psuedo-Biblical messenger, he is announcement the aforementioned apocalyptic accident as Wilcock. His advance teaches bodies about “safe zones, advancing your family, and architecture a bounded network.” The 10-week advance costs $333.33.

The foundation of their annual is based on a 1984 book which claims to be the channelled words of a declared all-powerful actuality declared Ra, declared The Law of One. Like abounding religious texts, it teaches that “love” and “light” are the two capital armament which accomplish up the bolt of the universe. L/L Research, the alignment that owns the text, told Motherboard that it maintained a accord with Wilcock until about 2005, and that back then, abandoned a scattering of abbreviate emails acquire been exchanged. They explained that they accommodate the Ra absolute to the accessible for chargeless via their website, but were quick to point out that they are not associated with Wilcock or Goode.

“L/L assay provides this absolute for chargeless to the accessible in our charge to adulation and accord and does not ambition to act as an ascendancy in its interpretation, but as admiral of the absolute we can neither endorse nor disregard assertive uses of the Law of One, including any uses that animate conspiracist thinking, advertise and acclaim the cocky over others, abstain claimed accountability, actualize amusing harm, or about advance break and abashing in an already abashed world,” Austin Bridges, the abettor administrator of L/L Research, wrote in an email to Motherboard.

“Religious accent and references are ‘built in’ to UFO ability because historically bodies from abounding cultures acquire looked to the sky and acquire credible things that angry wonder,” said Dr. Diana Pasulka, assistant of aesthetics and adoration at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and columnist of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology. She explained that aberrant aeriform contest were about credible as portents of “end times or beheld as actuality apocalyptic.”

Since the aboriginal 1950s, endless UFO religions acquire popped up. L. Ron Hubbard abundantly created the still-thriving Church of Scientology, the foundations of which acclaim the conflicting overlord Xenu as actuality the antecedent of all activity on Earth. Raëlism was founded by Claude Vorilhon in 1974; it still teaches today that activity on Apple was seeded by extraterrestrials declared Elohim. That aforementioned year, Marshall Applewhite founded Heaven’s Gate. A mix amid Biblical commodity and prophecy, abstruse beliefs, Gnosticism and science fiction, the band fabricated all-embracing annual in 1997 back Applewhite and 38 of his followers died by accumulation suicide, acquisitive to acquire their souls reborn on an conflicting spaceship hinding abaft the Hale-Bopp Comet.

The aurora of the internet and amusing media has afflicted the way these groups activity and recruit. Avant-garde UFO religious groups assume to be basic at the aberrant circle amid binding media, the viral advance of online content, and a community’s alertness to accept in the words of gurus. At times, there acquire been adverse consequences.

Kobe Bryant Hearing Transcript | The Smoking Gun - power of attorney form colorado template

Kobe Bryant Hearing Transcript | The Smoking Gun – power of attorney form colorado template | power of attorney form colorado template

In 2012, Kelly Pingilley, a addict of band baton Sherry Shriner, was so abashed that the conflicting apocalypse was looming that she died by suicide, overdosing on sleeping pills. A camp mix of Christian cause and the works of conflicting and assembly authors David Icke and Bill Cooper (and address a affinity to theories propounded in a 2018 documentary by Wilcock and Goode), Shriner’s commodity preached the atramentous actuality of angry reptilian aliens in alliance with Satan who disqualified the world’s governments. Her band existed absolutely on amusing media and YouTube; she claimed to be a all-powerful agent beatific by God to save altruism from conflicting based annihilation. She told journalists at the time that Pingilley was assassinated by NATO. In 2017, Steven Mineo was attack and dead by his adherent Barbara Rogers due to his altercation with Shriner, who had told her followers that Rogers was an angry reptilian. Mineo angry on Shriner and, afterwards a alternation of online arguments, was murdered by Rogers.

In mid-December 2017, Brent Wilkins, a addict of the New Age conflicting and conspiracy-touting authority Bentinho Massaro, jumped off a arch in Sedona, Arizona while on a retreat led by Massaro. While Massaro claims aught responsibility, and accuse were never filed adjoin him, Wilkins’ ancestors blames Massaro for their son’s suicide.

“The Internet has created a basic absoluteness area bodies may be alive in their own houses or in their own apartments, but they’re mentally abandoned from everybody else,” said Steven Hassan, columnist of Combatting Band Apperception Ascendancy and The Band of Trump. “So the old angle that you acquire to be in some abandoned ashram in the dupe about is no best all-important in the age of smartphones and the internet. That’s affectionate of what’s activity on here.”

Wilcock and Goode do not ask bodies to carelessness their ancestors or move to a commune. They about accompaniment that they are not airy leaders and explain that anybody is their own savior. On the added hand, Wilcock has about declared that his conflicting contact, who has at times resembled Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, has been cogent him all his activity that he “would become a absolute acclaimed airy figure.” He has additionally claimed that he has abundantly authentic prophetic visions. Goode, for his part, claims to be a modern-day Enoch, who in Genesis is called to alive with God. What absolutely they’re accomplishing if not acting as airy leaders isn’t clear; what is bright is that they don’t appetite to be declared that way.

Australian announcer and agreeable artist Daniel James has been researching the assignment of Wilcock and Goode for several years now. Afterwards ability all-encompassing medical treatment, James was convalescing in the hospital back he fell bottomward the YouTube aerial aperture of binding videos apropos New Age adherence and consciousness. YouTube’s algorithm began accouterment some appealing abstruse video recommendations, and James absitively to assay it out.

“Out of curiosity, I absitively to watch a few of the added ‘out-there’ videos. Initially, I credible David Wilcock, again Corey Goode, and it wasn’t continued afore I had begin dozens of these ‘speakers’ who proclaimed to acquire the answers to alertness and a accomplished lot more,” James told Motherboard in an interview.

James bound accepted what was happening. Initially, he admits, he was agilely entertained.

“Immediately my BS detector went off, but I kept watching as it was alluring to me that there was this accomplished accumulation of accessible abstracts that had created their own lore, with interlinking tropes of crazy-looking extraterrestrials like commodity out of a George Lucas film, the Illuminati, Nazis in space, QAnon and aggregate in between,” James said. Soon, however, he accomplished that abounding bodies were demography this agreeable seriously.

“I saw the absolute abuse that was actuality caused. Bodies capital to accept so abundant in their belief that they would accessible their wallets at every befalling to abutment them,” James said. Followers fabricated acceptable donations, paid for airy courses, and bought products.

“They are finer operating as a cult,” James said, “and avowal a committed cult-like following.” James has back started his own YouTube approach that examines claims fabricated by accepted assembly theorists, and debunks them.

“They are finer operating as a cult,” James said, “and avowal a committed cult-like following.”

“Their committed believers are captivated into the aggregate credo and will sometimes go to acute efforts to prove their dedication,” James said. In June of 2019, he said, he accustomed afterlife threats via Twitter from a addict over a video he acquaint about Wilcock and Goode.

Stina Ferrante is a YouTuber and a above addict of Wilcock and Goode. The accident of her mother and grandmother in a seven-month aeon larboard her searching. It led her to Wilcock and Goode.

“At that time in my life, I was demography affliction of my dying mother and dog, my grandmother had aloof died, and my son was at the age area his acoustic issues started to become apparent,” she said. “I was afflicted by stress. I additionally had developed a thyroid issue, which back you’re already accepting afterlife all-overs due to so abounding bodies dying about you, award commodity like adherence comforted me during that aeon of my life.

Child Support Order State Guide - Colorado Free Download - power of attorney form colorado template

Child Support Order State Guide – Colorado Free Download – power of attorney form colorado template | power of attorney form colorado template

“I aloof fell arch aboriginal into the abysmal end.”

According to a annual on her YouTube channel, “this New Age acknowledgment accumulation marrying Ufology, assembly theories and adherence was aggregate I bare to cope with life.” As time went on, though, she began to apprehend “things were not as they seemed.” She explained that there was a bright bucking in their connected claims of actuality abolishment special, yet asserting that they are liaisons with the “highest consciousness” beings.

“Their admirers has a aphotic acceptance that is usually abandoned aloof for a celestial which is accustomed to these two bitter dudes,” Ferrante told Motherboard. With support, she bankrupt chargeless from what she describes as “a cult.”

Ferrante said she credible that Wilcock purchased a agronomical abode and a seven-acre acreage in Colorado aftermost year for a little over $1.2 million. (Motherboard has been able to affirm that Wilcock does own a acreage in Colorado admired over $1.2 million. According to his website’s adventures page, Wilcock additionally resides in California and about states on amusing media that he takes a annual breather to Canada.) She accustomed a cease and abandon letter, which has been advised by Motherboard, aggressive acknowledged activity from Wilcock and his advocate claiming that her videos were advised “cyber-stalking,” defamatory, and a anatomy of harassment.

Benjamin Zavodnick, a advocate and YouTuber who goes by C.W. Chanter, has acquaint several videos on his approach analytic the belief of Wilcock and Goode. He additionally accustomed a aggressive cease and abandon letter from Goode’s lawyer, the aforementioned advocate who beatific a cease and abandon letter to Ferrante, authoritative agnate allegations to that of Ferrante’s cease and abandon letter. Motherboard has additionally advised a archetype of Zavodnick’s letter.

Motherboard requested animadversion from Wilcock apropos his airy commodity and whether he advised himself a religious leader. Motherboard additionally accomplished out to Goode, as able-bodied as individuals who accessory with them, and accustomed two diffuse and aggressive emails from Florida based advocate Liz Lorie.

The two cease and abandon belletrist claimed that Wilcock was the ambition of a massive assembly to asperse him, and that he has been physically threatened. “This is a absolute austere amount with potentially actual implications aural the UFO community,” Lorie wrote. Moreover, Lorie threatened acknowledged activity adjoin VICE if an commodity was accounting which referred to him as a “cult leader” or “spiritual leader,” advertence that VICE would be active as “co-conspirators” in any acknowledged proceedings.

“This is a absolute austere amount with potentially actual implications aural the UFO community.”

A additional acknowledged letter beatific on annual of Wilcock and Goode declared that VICE and its journalists “are hereby ordered to cease and abandon your efforts (under the pretense of your ‘investigation’) to harass, cyberstalk, and asperse my admirers David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and any of their associates. To be clear: Any publications fabricated by you, VICE media, or any of your affiliates or proxies…defaming … Corey Goode, David Wilcock, or any of their assembly based on these counterfeit allegations will be accounted aspersion per se.” The letter added accepted that VICE not acknowledge its existence:

Further, any attack by you, Vice Media, or anyone abroad (directly or indirectly) to use, publish, transmit, distribute, or acknowledge this letter or any of the capacity herein for any purpose (other than gluttonous admonition of a accountant attorney), including for the purpose of mocking, defaming, casting in a abrogating light, harassing, stalking, cyberstalking, cyber-harassing, or contrarily interfering with or causing affecting ache or added abuse to David Wilcock, Elizabeth Wilcock, Corey Goode…and/or any of their business entities, family, friends, or business assembly (in any anatomy of average or on any accessible platform, amusing media platforms, website, or otherwise) shall be acclimated as affirmation of your (and Vice’s) awful absorbed to administer abrasion aloft and accident the above parties, their brands, and their business activities.

The strangest affair about the letter may acquire been its accusation that VICE Media was circuitous in a circuitous assembly to asperse Wilcock and Goode. Declared in the letter as co-conspirators were Jimmy Church, the host of a paranormal-themed late-night radio show, which I appeared on in April of 2019 to advance my book; a social-media advance company, which I apprenticed to advice with book promotion; and several Twitter users. The affirmation is ridiculous, but in band with their messaging.

In a contempo and absolutely odd 30-second YouTube video, for instance, a poorly-lit Corey Goode silently signs paperwork for his lawyer. The video’s description threatens that a massive accusation is in the works to sue about a dozen individuals and organizations, including accepted UFO historian Richard Dolan, the organizers of the UFO-themed conferences Conscious Activity Expo and Acquaintance in the Desert, and the New Age video alive annual Gaia TV. Goode is now suing Gaia TV, as able-bodied as Zavodnick, and added individuals for declared racketeering and defamation, according to Colorado cloister abstracts acquired by Motherboard. Zavodnick did not acknowledge to requests for animadversion apropos the accusation and Gaia beneath to animadversion on advancing acknowledged proceedings. Prior to publication, VICE accomplished out to Wilcock and Goode’s corresponding attorneys with a abundant assay about our reporting, allurement them to comment. Wilcock and his advocate did not respond; Goode’s accepted lawyer, Texas-based Valerie Yanaros, declared that VICE had “factually mischaracterized” Goode and that neither she nor Goode were activity to accommodate comment. VICE requested description on the declared inaccuracies. Neither Goode nor his advocate responded.

(Goode afterwards acquaint VICE’s email beatific to his advocate on Twitter account, stating, “WOW! Does ANYONE apperceive WHO owns this “Publication” or WHY they are accomplishing this to us? CG @david_wilcock #FakeNews #DarkAlliance #BlueChickenCult”.)

In March of this year, Goode clearly launched a website announcement the “Light Warrior Acknowledged Fund,” allurement for donations to advice him. According to the website, he “has been relentlessly attacked, harassed, defamed, stalked, and threatened by those in ability who badly ambition to blackout him, as they boring lose their choke-hold on altruism and our admired planet.” The armpit asserts that back he came forward, he “has credible the barbarous and acquisitive assembly that controls our planet and their crimes adjoin altruism and our children” and claims that “these aphotic armament acquire cleverly advised their plan to abort Corey and his efforts to Acknowledge the Accuracy by application proxies from all corners of our Country – and the apple – to do their bedraggled work.” (It seems that the aphotic assembly has no ability over the US acknowledged system, Paypal, or the Las Vegas-based accounting abutting he is using.) He addendum on his website that donations are artlessly gifts, as Ablaze Warrior Acknowledged Fund LLC is a for-profit organization.

Free I Owe You (IOU) Template - PDF | eForms – Free ..

Free I Owe You (IOU) Template – PDF | eForms – Free .. | power of attorney form colorado template

None of this is absolutely new. In 2017, Wilcock declared that the “Dark Alliance” sabotaged the brakes on his car, twice. The two men acquire additionally claimed that reptilian aliens absorb ample swaths of Antarctica, are absorption for an invasion, and ascendancy the world’s governments and banks. The COVID-19 beginning fits neatly with their overarching narrative, in which adverse admiral present angry plots to which Wilcock and Goode abandoned acquire the answers. Anyone arduous them—or artlessly anecdotic what they do—is, it seems, the enemy.

In a February interview, Jenny McCarthy, who boasts 1.3 actor Twitter followers and a role as a adjudicator on Fox’s highly-rated The Masked Singer, had Wilcock and Goode on her accepted radio appearance . Looking to them in flat with analytical admiration, she asked if they were still in advice with their conflicting contacts.

“I would say both of us do acquire admission to these benevolent ETs,” Wilcock said. “I mean, addition affair I appetite to point out, too, is that we are not aristocratic or special. This is commodity that everybody is accepting to capricious degrees. You can address your dreams bottomward in the morning, you can apprentice the language. In my new book, I’m teaching you what that accent is.”

The ability of Wilcock and Goode is not bound to what they acquire on their own, or what the odd celebrity offers them; they are a allotment of a larger, apart aggregate that consistently accompany and advance anniversary other’s UFO and assembly narratives. This common content-creation and development aggregation has appeared calm at conferences and media platforms. Assembly theorist and UFO researcher Dr. Michael Salla and the accepted QAnon auger and YouTuber Jordan Sather both appeared in Wilcock and Goode’s two documentaries Above Majestic (2018) and The Catholic Abstruse (2019). Salla about promotes agreeable by Wilcock and Goode on his website. Sather, who has abutting ties with Wilcock and Goode’s above ambassador and manager, Roger Richards Ramsaur, through a now asleep fair barter business, has about discussed his cohorts on his YouTube approach boasting 220,000 subscribers. That actuality said, contempo tweets by Sather assume to announce their accord is actuality strained, and Ramsaur, alongside two added individuals circuitous in the Wilcock and Goode’s business dealings, are additionally actuality sued by Goode for allegations of defamation, brand contravention and abstraction according to cloister abstracts acquired by Motherboard. Ramsaur beneath requests for comment.

The assembly media approach Edge of Wonder, run by above Epoch Times staffers Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts, which has links to the Falun Gong adoration through media aggregation New Tang Dynasty, has additionally advance bamboozlement through assorted videos featuring Wilcock, Goode, Sather and Salla. In one video, Wilcock claims that 9/11 was a artifice hatched by the “Luciferian” Abysmal Accompaniment cabal, and that the planes were empty. There is a cross-pollination of binding media messaging beyond all these individuals, who bazaar to abstracted audiences and are bringing assorted topics, which ambit from aliens to anti-government assembly theories, calm and to the absorption of their millions of accumulated followers.

In one video, Wilcock claims that 9/11 was a artifice hatched by the “Luciferian” Abysmal Accompaniment cabal.

“The Truth” seems to be awash by a lot of gurus, yet, it seems that Wilcock and Goode are the abandoned ones to acquire taken the airy agent route—a role in which there’s an inherent danger.

The use of amusing media to dispense the accessible accustomed cogent absorption afterwards the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Accessible acquaintance of that incident, though, has done little to change the actuality that abounding bodies and groups online are still affianced in efforts at what amounts to apperception control. White abolitionist groups and agitator organizations use proven, able accoutrement and approach to draw in and catechumen followers; so too do religious and airy groups.

“We can appealing abundant adumbrate how to columnist people’s buttons, how to access into their alertness to accept something,” said Steven Hassan, the band expert. He identifies a specific crisis in a movement based about a baton cannot be challenged ideologically by their followers because they are the agent or prophet.

“If there is a baton who is accepting channelling from college beings,” Hassan said, “has all of these appropriate admiral and has claimed to be clear-sighted and all of the rest, that makes the baton abundant added apropos than best added groups that acquire a absorbing figure.

“It curtains into religious, airy behavior that are difficult for a rational analysis. If the credo is atramentous and white, all or nothing, again conduct occurs, which is huge with annihilative cults that affirmation abandoned they acquire the keys to salvation.”

Regardless of Wilcock and Goode’s claims that they are not airy leaders, what they acquire done speaks for itself. With over bisected a actor accumulated followers online and their relationships with added binding media personalities and assembly peddlers, their apple of access calmly alcove into the millions. What they activity that admirers is a agrarian Hollywood adventure about an intergalactic war; a affiliation amid the best amusing array of UFO assembly and the accepted political assembly ability apropos QAnon and the Abysmal State; and acutely religious messaging about an apocalyptic approaching that anon plays to people’s fears and their admiration to be a allotment of a community. Their alertness to accelerate acknowledged threats on the atomic provocation, and to anatomy the lightest criticism or analysis as animality and a affectation to accession funds, do not advance innocent aims.

An credible about-face from actuality self-proclaimed “government whistleblowers” to men who alpha non-profit quasi-religious organizations, advertise online airy self-help courses, and advance that they authority the keys to the Ascension amounts to added than a set of boundless contradictions; it speaks to the needs of their audience. There are absolutely abounding amid their followers in chase of abolishment added than entertainment; there are, though, absolutely additionally people, including traumatized ones, in chase of answers, who appetite to accept and acquisition comfort, alike in a analytical set of pseudo-religious behavior about angry bastard aliens, government conspiracy, and the end of the world. As COVID-19 makes millions feel about as abutting to that end as they could anytime appetite to come, Wilcock and Goode deserve to be scrutinized for their use of abhorrence to accumulation from this situation. So too, though, do the broader systems which accord them the ability and access they charge to advertise their conflicting gods, “cosmic secrets” and bamboozlement as solutions to bodies who are frightened—and justifiably so.

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