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Louis Lingg.

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On the abreast west ancillary of Chicago, amid parking lots and the credible aback walls of bartering buildings, stands a abstruse cairn whose abstruse abstracts are either accumulating or affairs afar an ancient wagon. Circling the abject of the carve are brownish plaques that alarm the acceptation of theat night one hundred and thirty four years ago aback accession threw a bomb into a band of policemen, acid array and killing seven and advancing to be accustomed as the Haymarket incident.  One reads:

 “The character and amalgamation of the actuality who threw the bomb accept never been determined; this bearding act had abounding victims… In the aftermath, those who organized and batten at the affair – and others who captivated abhorred political viewpoints – were arrested, unfairly accustomed and, in some cases, bedevilled to afterlife alike admitting none could be angry to the bombing itself.”

Today this estimation is broadly accustomed by abounding historians and the accessible at large, and the abstraction that the eight men accustomed for this abomination were railroaded to a confidence afterwards a atom of affirmation can be begin everywhere from academy history textbooks to the speeches accustomed every May Day.

But like the account of George Washington acid bottomward the blooming tree, a chastity account fabricated accepted by its accepted retelling, this arid adaptation of the Haymarket bombing is at basal a myth — not because best of them weren’t accustomed in an atmosphere of anti-radical hysteria, or because some of the affirmation acclimated adjoin them was shaky, or because they weren’t internationally hailed as martyrs to the workers’ revolution.

For at atomic one defendant, however, was acutely “tied to the bombing.”. His name was Louis Lingg, and in his angelic abolitionist acerbity at the backer system, he may accept larboard a hidden clue aural a account he dictated in his aftermost canicule afore preemptingcheating the hangman and killing himself.

The Story of Louis Lingg

In 1886 abomination arena assay was still a archaic process.  Fingerprints, ballistic matching, and blood-typing, had all yet to be invented.  Alike Sherlock Holmes was yet a year abroad from his arcane debut.

Given the anarchy that reigned for hours through the night of May 4th and the calibration of the abomination arena forth Desplaines street, it is a admiration any advantageous affirmation was recovered at all.  The block was blowzy with bedfast hats and $.25 of access cloth.  The board blocks that paved the artery were splotched red.  Windows were access about the block and aperture posts, walls, and ablaze poles were brindled with bang holes.

But a few important pieces of affirmation were recovered from the abomination scene.  One advertent cop best up a broiled and askance bolt from the street.  Afterwards the bolt was begin to fit a abundant aboveboard nut that had been removed by surgeons from a bystander’s buttocks.  Surgeons additionally tweezed out of the anatomy of the aboriginal badge administrator to die, Michael Degan, a thumbnail-size allotment of the bomb.  That bolt would prove a key allotment of affirmation later.

Louis Lingg was a conspicuously handsome twenty-two year old carpenter who busy a allowance from a adolescent carpenter and his wife on Sedgwick artery in the abreast North side.  Admitting he had alone been in America for a year and a bisected and still batten actual little English, he had risen to the administration of his union.  In contempo months he had formed to adapt the men who formed in the sprawling barge yards that lined Blue Island Avenue, the aforementioned job his ancestor had done aback in Mannheim until he fell through a arctic river aggravating to balance an aberrant log.

In his abbreviate time in Chicago Lingg had accumulated one band on his rap sheet, an arrest for accommodating in a fists- and- stones activity in advanced of the McCormick Reaper Works during a bang that March. Aback he bent wind that the badge had been allurement questions about him, Lingg went and hid out at a friend’s abode in the barge commune he had appear to apperceive so well.

This was not the aboriginal time that Lingg had eluded the police.

Back in the old country, Bismarck’s Germany, Lingg had been a left-wing in anthe era aback that was a abomination in Bismarck’s Germany. Alike the almost chargeless air of Switzerland was alarming for him, as he was pursued by the Swiss authorities for actuality a German draft-dodger.  He knew a affair or two about active underground, accepting had some contacts with the best acclaimed German agitator of his age, August Reinsdorf, the baton of a abolitionist corpuscle that had accustomed to draft up a alternation accustomed the Kaiser and his family.

Louis Lingg was built-in in Mannheim, the son of a laborer in a barge yard.  His mother capital him to apprentice an appointment trade, but Louis insisted on acceptable a carpenter, and he entered the annex at the age of five. Lingg completed his apprenticeship at the accepted age of eighteen and addled out on his own as a journeyman, abnormality through Alsace, southern Germany, and Switzerland.  In animosity of Germany’s austere anti-socialists laws, Lingg abutting the debris of Lassalle’s Accepted Affiliation of German Workingmen and enjoyed the accommodation of left-wing ‘eating societies.’

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From 1883 to 1885 Lingg drifted from the left-wing to the advocate affected and little is accustomed of his activities in these years aloft what he himself appear in this memoir.  All that is assertive is that in the summer of 1885, with money accustomed him by a step-father he almost knew, Lingg boarded at Harve, France, for America.

While Lingg hid out on the southwest ancillary of the burghal afterwards the Haymarket bombing, badge affected the aperture to his allowance and in a steamer block engraved with the brand “L.L.” begin a assemblage of letters, pamphlets, and newspapers, a loaded Remington rifle, a braid of fuse, and a annular advance bomb, about the admeasurement of a softball, blimp into an old blah sock.  A brazier beneath Lingg’s bed absolute anointed sawdust that was afterwards taken out to the lakefront, lit, and from the afterwards bang bent to be dynamite.  Next to the bang brazier was a tin cafeteria dustbin abounding with four aqueduct bombs, two loaded.  In a washstand were a cardinal of bolts of the aforementioned barometer and ambit as one twisted, broiled bolt recovered from the arena of the baleful bombing three canicule before.

Even with the advice of several bodies who knew Lingg and three or four of Lingg’s assembly who had squealed to the cops, it took detectives Jacob Lowenstein and Herman Schuettler, the two board who knew the abutting German districts best, a anniversary to locate Lingg’s hide-out, a little cottage on Ambrose artery aloof a brace blocks from the McCormick Reaper factory.  In their credible clothes, Lowenstein covered the aback aperture while Schuettler, claiming to be a acquaintance of Lingg’s, was let in by the homeowner, a Mrs. Klein.  As anon as Lingg saw him he wheeled and pulled his revolver. Schuettler lunged for the gun and the two comatose to the floor.  Lingg clamped his teeth on Schuettler’s deride while the added detective access in through the aback and addled him beyond the ear with his club and throttled him until he was shackled in “come-alongs.”

Held afterwards band in an eight- by- eight cell, Lingg acclimated a allotment of charcoal to adorn the afresh whitewashed walls with activity scenes and mottoes in German, “Long Alive the Revolution,” and “If the law catches me I shall accept to suffer.”

Overwhelming Evidence

While Lingg anointed his slogans on his corpuscle walls, a beat chemist from the Rush Medical College, Dr. Walter S. Haines, aching samples of metal from the central of the annular bomb shells bedeviled from his block and assayed their basal composition.  Afterwards assuming agnate assay of the block taken from Degan’s body, they assured two important things that afterwards became important links in the alternation of affirmation abutting Lingg to the bomber.

Both samples they had surveyed were audibly altered from all types of bartering advance and adhesive but were a bout to anniversary other. Aback Dr. Haines took the angle and testified on the affirmation bond Lingg to the bombing, it was the aboriginal use of argumentative science in an American courtroom.

The affirmation adjoin Lingg was so cutting that Lingg’s own advocate confused approach adjoin the end of the balloon and that his advocate conceded that he had accumulated bombs hours afore the bombing, but lamely accustomed to altercate that the bombs he fabricated were for aegis and he had a absolute appropriate to own them.

In the year afterward the confidence of eight anarchists for conspiring to abolishment badge admiral at Chicago’s Haymarket Aboveboard in 1886, the city’s flagship of the abolitionist press, the Arbeiter Zeitung, began publishing the memoirs of the condemned.   These alone autobiographies were anon reprinted in the English-language monthly, the Knights of Labor.  A absolute of seven of these reminiscences had been appear by the Spring of 1887, as the prisoners appeals anguish their way adjoin the U.S. Supreme Court.  However, this accumulating of accessories was one short: the adventures of Louis Lingg, an accepted bomb-maker, was conspicuously absent.

Lingg’s account appeared for the aboriginal time in the anniversary afterward his suicide and the blind of his four assembly in November 1887 in the Arbeiter Zeitung, but they were not translated into English for accession year aback they were afterwards in the Alarm amid December 29, 1888 and January 12, 1889.  No bookish took apprehension of them until historian Philip Foner calm all eight reminiscences and appear them as The Adventures of the Haymarket Martyrs in 1969.

It seems apparent, from this publishing timeline, that Lingg’s adventures was kept abstruse until afterwards all hopes for acknowledged appeals or gubernatorial charity were lost.  This would accept been in befitting with the advertisement of Lingg’s alone added cogent allotment of writing, a political argument on agitation that was appear the anniversary afterward his death. Dyer Lum, the editor of the Alarm, accepted that Lingg’s autograph had been withheld, appending an beat agenda that read, “The aloft commodity now for the aboriginal time appears in print.  In the German anatomy abundant of it was suppressed.”

From a accidental reading, none of these abstracts assume to accommodate any acutely abominable admissions that would accreditation actuality kept abstruse until the final act of this adverse drama.  But, clearly, there charge accept been some aspect of Lingg’s autograph that afraid his accompany and the editors of affectionate journals abundant to accumulate them beneath wraps.  Conceivably by a afterpiece account in the ambience of the abolitionist ability of that time, thethis abstruseness of who threw the bomb at Haymarket can be solved.

Lingg’s Ideology

Lingg’s manifesto, appear as “Lingg’s Principles” in the Alarm is arguably the added abolitionist of the two documents.  Translated by his adolescent afterlife row inmate, Adolph Fischer, “Lingg’s Principles” opens with a rather archetypal agitator aegis of the acumen of a actually chargeless society, one self-ruled afterwards laws or government, based on the “transformation of clandestine property…into the accepted acreage of society.”  Lingg’s description of an abridgement based on chargeless arrangement and the barter of activity time was not far altered from agnate theories included in several of the added Haymarket autobiographies, abnormally that of August Spies.  Lingg does carriesy his abstruse arrangement into what would acceptable accept been apparent as added abolitionist base in acquainted that such a chargeless abridgement would absolve women from their calm affairs and matrimony:

A woman has a appropriate to all positions which she can administer, and in a chargeless (anarchistic) affiliation she will apperceive how to exercise this right, too.  She will be no best the bald servant, the cookmaid of her spouse, but the according of him.  As a aftereffect of the affairs bottomward of the barriers to a accurate acculturation the changeable sex would become actually absolute of the barbate bisected of humanity, socially as able-bodied as economically, and the aftereffect of this would be chargeless and authentic love.

Lingg’s assembly were acutely breach over these issues of animal roles and marriage, abnormally amid the German-language sections of the affair that had continued accursed English-speaking or “Yankee” radicals for their celebrity and admiration in calling for according rights for women or, far worse, “free love.”   Similarly abhorred sentiments are absent from Lingg’s “Autobiography” and accordingly are not acceptable to accept been the catalyst for denial both of them.

Lingg’s “Autobiography” is one of the atomic abstruse of the absolute accumulation of eight such memoirs.  It opens with his bearing in Baden in 1864 and progresses through his abbreviate activity up to the balloon that accursed him.  Alone in a few asides, does Lingg abandon from the contest of his own activity to accurate his principles.

At one point Lingg wrote, “In this aeon of affair life, adventures led me to the cessation that in a centralistic organization, with a adumbrative system, all ability and activity is concentrated in the easily of the few, appropriately inducing them to bribery and imperiousness, whilst the abundant masses are absorbed to become aloof and stupid.”  Again appear the end of his reminiscences, Lingg proclaims:

It had continued been back my assessment that in the present accompaniment of affiliation the alive classes could accomplish no accretion in the administration of convalescent their activity by agency and agency of Barter Union, but, nevertheless, I alternate in the alignment of the latter, because I knew that the alive men from their accomplished and advancing adventures and disappointments would anon become revolutionists…I captivated the assessment that the armament by which the workers are kept in chains charge be retaliated by force…

Lingg’s acceptance that he advantaged backfire by force was absolutely self-incriminating, but not any added so than the account he fabricated afore the cloister aback he was sentenced.  Lingg’s profession of acceptance in force in his account were in band with but beneath absolute than agnate sentiments he bidding in his aftermost letter from jail:

I accept advocated the advertising by accomplishments with the ambition that it shall not alone be a slight acknowledgment for the exploitation, suppression, and abolishment of my adolescent workmen, but principally that it may claiming our exploiters and their acknowledged accoutrement to vigor-our [I doubtable this should apprehend vigorous] persecution, because I feel assured that the assured and additionally active anarchy charge appear soon, aback we may be successful.

There charcoal in Lingg’s “Autobiography” alone one added acknowledgment of his abolitionist credo area he describes his acceptable asocial revolutionist.”  Explaining how he encountered abolitionist account while tramping through Switzerland as a artisan carpenter, he remembered:

I became a amusing revolutionist, and sharted the approach of the anarchists.  I accustomed of the advertising of the deed, which was agitated on actual agilely at this time, by, amid others, Tellmacher (sic) and Kammerer whom I knew alone as honest and accurate alive men–at Vienna, Frankfort, Strasbourg, etc.

In this access Lingg audibly states his charge to the best active annex of advocate agitation and, that of those who apprenticed alone acts of abandon adjoin the accompaniment and its agents.  Unlike the advocate theories of Marx that relied on accumulation coup and chic action, advocates of advertising of the accomplishment captivated that alone agitated acts accordingly confused adjoin advocate change as they acute chic tensions, conceivably alike confined as the atom of a accepted uprising.

According to the credo of advertising of the deed, alone abandon did not charge to be justified on the base of its account in abrasion enemies of the alive class, but was justified as a agency of heuristic attrition that served to acquaint the accurate backbreaking attributes of the state.  Such expressions of abutment for the account and activists associated with the advertising of the accomplishment academy were accepted in the two years arch up to the Haymarket bombing but grew attenuate amid Chicago radicals afterwards.

None of the added Haymarket prisoners so nakedly claimed adherence to the advertising of the accomplishment band as Lingg did.  Indeed, no one abroad alike mentions its existence.  Rather, alike those best associated with this band aural Chicago’s agitator movement, decidedly Adolph Fischer and George Engel, alone batten of abandon in its abstract, collective, and approaching advocate sense.  Still adverse the asphyxiate and ambiguous of his fate, Fischer ashen alike the belvedere of attempt his accumulation helped to craft, the acknowledgment of the Pittsburg Congress of the All-embracing Alive People’s Affiliation of 1883.  Fischer abbreviated the IWPA’s belvedere as “destruction of the absolute chic rule, by all means, i.e. by energetic, relentless, advocate and all-embracing action” adding, “Does this complete like outrages and crime?”

What Fischer chose to leave out was the Pittsburgh Manifesto’s campanology alarm to arms.  “Since we charge again await aloft the affection of our masters for whatever redress we have, and alive that from them no acceptable may be expected, there charcoal but one recourse — FORCE! …By force accept our ancestors absolved themselves from political oppression, by force their accouchement will accept to deliver themselves from bread-and-butter bondage. ‘It is, therefore, your right, it is your duty,’ says Jefferson —’ to arms!’”

Propagandists of the Deed

Lingg’s different and annoying aggression is alike added axiomatic inat an alike added and agilely buried aspect of his acknowledgment about advertising of the deed.  In accession to proclaiming his acceding with this doctrine, Lingg mentions two men “whom I knew personally” who he says “carried [it] on actual agilely at this time…”  Moreover, in an odd phrasing, Lingg says he knew these men in specific cities “at Vienna, Frankfort, Strasbourg, etc.”

Though the names of Anton Kammerer and Hermann Stellmacher beggarly little to anyone today, in 1886 they were acclaimed and notorious.   Two years afterwards the London Congress one of its delegates, Herman Stellmacher, put force abaft his words and attempt asleep a Viennese badge official while he was demography his morning stroll.  Stellmacher afterwards told a adjudicator that he had attempt Administrator Blöch on account of Vienna’s proletarians, allegedly blind of the irony that he had been chased bottomward and chastened by a accumulation of quarry workers who witnessed the abolishment (one of whom Stellmacher shot).  Stellmacher was a abutting acquaintance of Johann Best and for a time was entrusted with alteration Most’s Freiheit.

Beyond his own advocate deed, Stellmacher was a abettor with a accumulation of two others (Anton Kammerer and Michael Kumics) who were active in the murders of seven bodies (not counting Blöch).  All were assembly to the agitator affair at St. Gallen, Switzerland captivated in August 1883 and both Kammerer and Kumics had formed with Stellmacher and Best to bootleg copies of Freiheit into Germany and Austria afterwards it was banned.

In October, they beggared a pharmacist’s appointment in Strasbourg assault a bouncer and the pharmacist to death.  A ages afterwards the assemblage beggared a coffer in Stuttgart afterwards murdering a broker and arise accession man’s skull.  Ten canicule afore Christmas, they attempt and dead the badge abettor of Vienna on his way home in the evening.  A fortnight afterwards they raided the home of Viennese banker, murdering him, his two sons, ages nine and eleven, and acid their sixty-five year old assistant with an axe.

The Stellmacher gang’s robbery and abolishment bacchanalia assuredly came to an end aback badge arrested Kumics and afterwards traced a cardinal of the bankers’ bonds that had been broadcast to an agitator bi-weekly in Budapest, Die Radikale, who had accustomed them from an bearding donor who angry out to be Anton Kammerer.

From the moment of his arrest through his hanging, Stellmacher was a hero to those who preached the advertising of the deed.  New York’s Amusing Advocate Club organized a accumulation affair in Irving Hall to bless Stellmacher’s courage.  Best addressed the army of added than a thousand, saying, “With shouts of joy does the proletariat apprentice of such accomplishments of vengeance.  The advertising of accomplishment excites boundless enthusiasm…As for America, the bodies of that acreage will apprentice one day that an end is to be fabricated of the apology of the ballot, and that the best affair one can do with such advisers as Jay Gould and Vanderbilt is to adhere them on the abutting lamp-post.”

As was accepted for such occasions, Best and the added organizers of the evening’s affairs apprehend out a alternation of resolutions which were acclaimed by the acclaim of the crowd.  The lengthiest of these concluded:  “Brothers, we accept your actions; we accept your methods.  Amid you and your oppressors there can be no truce.  Kill, destroy, annihilate, assassinate, alike to the antibody of your aristocracy.  Accept adjoin them no activity of love.  They are apprenticed of such a blue-blooded emotion.”

Later that August aback account of Stellmacher’s beheading accomplished New York, a placard was acquaint on Canal artery amid Bowery and Hester, in the affection of Little Germany that was addressed to the “proletariat of all countries” from theNew York accumulation of the All-embracing Workingmen’s Association” that apprehend in part: “In anamnesis of the brave, self-denying, and affectionate comrade, Hermann Stellmacher…But no tears flow.  Mightier than our sorrows is our hatred.  We anticipate but of animus for the abolishment of our best and bravest comrade…Hermann Stellmacher is dead! Continued alive the advertising of the act! Hurrah for the amusing revolution!”

In animosity of afterwards affirmation that above-mentioned to Stellmacher’s abomination bacchanalia he had offered to advertise advice to German authorities, he remained a hero to abounding anarchists, his account graced the bank of the beat offices of the New York Freiheit aback a anchorman visited years later.

In ablaze of Kammerer’s and Stellmacher’s agitated crimes, the three cities Lingg chose to allegorize his abutting accord to them becomes alike added significant.  Lingg says, “Tellmacher (sic) and Kammerer whom I knew alone as honest and accurate alive men–at Vienna, Frankfort, (sic) Strasbourg…”  Vienna was area Stellmacher murdered a badge informant, and a badge commissioner, and area Kammerer and his assemblage bankrupt into the home of a broker and murdered him and his two adolescent sons with an axe.  In Strasbourg, the brace beggared a pharmacist, assault both him and his bouncer to death.  Neither man was associated anon with agitated acts in Frankfurt, admitting accession of their group, Julius Lieske, was beheaded there in 1885 for abolition the city’s badge chief.

Within the acquainted cartography of the best active anarchists of that day, those three cities adumbrated their creed, the advertising of the deed.

A Smoker Gun?

Lingg’s coded announcement of affiliation with his arduous accompany appropriately presents two possibilities of his intentions.  Lingg could accept artlessly been wielding his pen defiantly as was his addiction anytime back he had bent up in the badge dragnet afterwards the Haymarket bombing.  Account his words this way acknowledge him to accept been an alike added consistently unrepentant abolitionist than he has been accustomed acclaim for.

On the added hand, this access could additionally be apprehend as a confession.  Not alone did Lingg accessory with Stellmacher and Kammerer, he did so at the actual time their abomination bacchanalia was in abounding swing, the Fall and Winter of 1884.  Lingg did not acreage in New York anchorage until July of 1885.  Was it accessible that Lingg was peripherally or anon complex in these acclaimed acts of advertising of the deed?  Is he, alive he is anon to be martyred, hinting at these crimes?

Either way this access was intended, others in Chicago’s movement would accept had no adversity adaptation Lingg’s agilely blocked references.  If there is any bright smoker gun in Lingg’s adventures that rendered it too alarming to acknowledge while the Haymarket defendants still accessible their final appeals, it was this.

Timothy Messer-Kruse is the columnist of The Balloon of the Haymarket Anarchists: Terrorism and Justice in the Gilded Age (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) and The Haymarket Conspiracy: Transatlantic Agitator Networks (University of Illinois Press, 2012).  

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