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Law360 (April 24, 2020, 7:41 PM EDT) —

Here are the top 10 things taxpayers and tax practitioners should apperceive about IRS audits and appeals.

1. No New Audits (Generally)

The IRS about will not accessible new examinations during the COVID-19 communicable unless the statute of limitations is expiring or the assay arises from aborigine activity (discussed below).[1] Ample Business and International, or LB&I, Division auditors may aggrandize absolute audits to accommodate new tax years, with administrator approval.

Auditors are acceptable to assignment on new cases afterwards aperture an assay (e.g., analysis planning) as continued as aborigine acquaintance is delayed until afterwards the emergency acknowledgment is lifted.

The appulse of the COVID-19 arrest on the absolute cardinal of IRS audits is adamantine to predict. It is safe to say that the absolute cardinal of audits opened in 2020 will be beneath than in above-mentioned years. Moreover, a baby blitz of analysis notifications is acceptable to activity during the ages or two afterwards the emergency acknowledgment is lifted, as auditors absolution the new cases they acquire amorphous alive on.

As has been the case for a cardinal of years in ablaze of account declines, the IRS should be accepted to focus analysis activity on accurately cogent or big-ticket items.

2. Accessible Audits Continue

Current audits will proceed, but afterwards in-person contact.[2] For LB&I examinations, the compliance affirmation process, ample accumulated compliance, Foreign Account Tax Acquiescence Act and able agent programs will additionally abide as accepted (again, afterwards in-person contact).[3]

The IRS has fabricated bright that it will booty accomplish all-important to assure all applicative statutes of limitations — e.g., requesting extensions, arising notices of deficiency.[4] However, if a approved aeon is not expiring during 2020, the IRS says it is absurd to booty such accomplishments afore July 15.

We apprehend the already continued aeon to complete an analysis to become alike longer, and that the COVID-19 arrest will be an alibi to appeal extensions of the statute of limitations, like government shutdowns in the past. Tax practitioners should admonition audience to be accommodating and apprehend continued delays.

3. IRS Will Examine and Activity Taxpayer-Initiated Accomplishments Where Possible

Auditors are acceptable to assignment on “consensual assignment accomplished by taxpayers,” such as acquittance claims, prefiling agreements or autonomous disclosures if assets are accessible and the assignment can be done afterwards in-person contact.[5]

The IRS expects a cogent cardinal of new acquittance claims to be filed in acknowledgment to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security, or CARES, Act, changes to net operating losses beneath Internal Revenue Code Area 2303, and minimum tax accountability beneath IRC Area 2305.

The IRS is acceptance taxpayers to abide these refunds on IRS Anatomy 1139 — Corporation Application for Tentative Acquittance — via fax.[6] Although these alleged affair refunds do not crave an assay afore processing, the IRS is acceptable to be afflicted with aborigine acquittance requests that do not chase the affair procedure. Taxpayers should apprehend delays in the processing of aborigine accomplished accomplishments generally.

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Free Printable Joint And Mutual Will | Sample Printable .. | printable power of attorney form uk

4. IRS Evaluating Campaigns to Postpone

LB&I is assessing absolute and new campaigns to actuate which will be adjourned and which will be accustomed to continue.[7] LB&I has declared that the afterward campaigns will abide during the COVID-19 pandemic: amalgamated attention easements, micro bound insurance, Area 965 alteration tax, and any approaching attack accompanying to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Taxpayers may see an admission in campaign-focused analysis activity in the abutting several months. The realities of telework — abridgement of admission to concrete documents, slower cyberbanking resources, relying on laptop screens — may accomplish campaign-focused audits easier for auditors than acceptable audits.

A acceptable analysis requires an accountant to try to analyze issues from the tax return, reviewing hundreds of pages of tax acknowledgment forms and attachments, again chief what areas deserve analysis and how to advance them. In contrast, a campaign-focused analysis should acquiesce the accountant to actuate bound whether the affair arises on a return, and to advance based on the procedures accustomed for the campaign. Alive at home seems acceptable to advance the about-face from acceptable audits to campaign-focused audits.

5. Taxpayers Acquire Added Time for Key Analysis and Litigation Deadlines

IRS Apprehension 2020-23 continued deadlines for taxpayers.[8] Taxpayers acquire until July 15 to accomplish “Specified Time-Sensitive Actions,” due on or afterwards April 1. These accomplishments accommodate the time for filing all petitions with the U.S. Tax Court, filing for analysis of a accommodation rendered by the Tax Court, filing a affirmation for acclaim or acquittance of any tax, and bringing clothing aloft a affirmation for acclaim or acquittance of any tax.

Given the accent of the deadlines at issue, taxpayers should anxiously affirm that their borderline is covered by Apprehension 2020-23. If there is no charge for delay, taxpayers may appetite to accede filing per the approved borderline afterwards attention to the extension, as a basic measure.

6. IRS Has Added Time for Key Analysis and Litigation Deadlines

Pursuant to Apprehension 2020-23, the IRS now has an added 30 canicule to accomplish time-sensitive IRS accomplishments due on or afterwards April 6 and afore July 15. These accomplishments accommodate assessing any tax, giving or authoritative apprehension of appeal for acquittal of any tax, bringing clothing by the U.S., and acceptance acclaim or acquittance of any tax.

Interestingly, aborigine accomplishments deferred beneath Apprehension 2020-23 are appropriate to be performed by July 15, while IRS accomplishments are adjourned for 30 days. Thus, it appears IRS activity could be appropriate afore or afterwards July 15 (e.g., an IRS activity originally appropriate by April 30 is now appropriate by June 30, and an IRS activity originally appropriate on June 30 is now appropriate by July 30).

As statute of limitations is a aboriginal band of aegis adjoin IRS actions, we apprehend some taxpayers will claiming whether IRS accomplishments were timely, including whether extensions of the time for the IRS to act were accurate beneath Apprehension 2020-23 and the Internal Revenue Code.

7. LB&I Enforcement of Admonition Certificate Requests Suspended (Generally)

LB&I has abeyant the admonition certificate request, or IDR, administering activity for taxpayers who are unable, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to acknowledge appropriate to an IDR.[9]

The advertisement does not explain what it agency by “due to COVID-19 pandemic.” We acquire the advertisement will be interpreted broadly to accommodate taxpayers who cannot acknowledge due to bloom issues, assignment abode shut downs, disability to ability IRS advisers with the requested information, and disability to retrieve admonition from the workplace.

Managers may abide with the IDR administering activity if, in their judgment, it is acceptable by the absorption of tax administering (e.g., a case with a abbreviate statute). The advertisement does not appulse the arising of IDRs; it states that examiners can abide to affair IDRs and acquire responses.

In our experience, taxpayers will not charge to adjure this academic advertisement to defended added time to acknowledge an IDR. We doubtable that best auditors acquire that taxpayers will charge added time to accomplish responses during the COVID-19 communicable and will be accommodating to admission extensions.

If taxpayers are ambidextrous with an accountant who is afraid to accomplish an extension, they should admonish the accountant of the LB&I’s abeyance of the IDR administering activity and appeal to allege with a manager.

8. IRS Accepting Agenda Signatures

Effective March 30, and until July 15, IRS advisers will acquire images of signatures (scanned or photocopied) and agenda signatures that use encryption techniques to accommodate affidavit of aboriginal and blunt documentation.[10]

This admonition applies to extensions of statute of limitations on appraisal or collection, waivers of approved notices of absence and consents to assessment, agreements to specific tax affairs or tax liabilities (i.e., closing agreements), and any added account or anatomy defective the signature of a aborigine or adumbrative commonly calm by IRS cadre alfresco of accepted filing procedures (e.g., a Power of Attorney).

This acting aphorism does not administer to abstracts that are filed with the IRS, such as tax returns, although abounding tax allotment may be electronically filed beneath accepted procedures.

9. Auditors and Appeals Admiral Accustomed to Acquire and Accelerate Abstracts Via Email

To abate the charge for concrete mail, the IRS encourages its advisers to use e-fax and its added accustomed anchored messaging systems.[11] However, if clumsy to use one of those methods, the IRS will briefly acquiesce taxpayers to accelerate the aforementioned abstracts for which the IRS is accepting photocopied or agenda signatures (above) via email, accountable to conditions. The rules are in aftereffect until July 15, 2020.

If a aborigine wants to email an IRS agent a document, again (1) the IRS agent charge accredit the character of the sender by buzz and verbally verify the email address, (2) the IRS agent charge admonish the aborigine that such communications are not anchored and to adapt as abundant anecdotic admonition as possible, and (3) the aborigine charge accompaniment in the email or absorbed awning letter that:

The absorbed [name of document] includes [name of taxpayer]’s accurate signature and the aborigine intends to address the absorbed certificate to the IRS.

It is consistently a acceptable convenance for taxpayers to absorb copies of all abstracts beatific to the accountant and the aforementioned is accurate for emails. Taxpayers should save a archetype of all emails, with attachments, beatific to the IRS. Taxpayers should appeal the accountant to affirm cancellation of all accessories and absorb that email as well.

10. Appeals Conferences Continuing Via Buzz and Video

Appeals conferences will continue, but afterwards contiguous conferences.[12] Accustomed the appeals office’s ample caseload, appeals admiral may not acquiesce taxpayers to adjourn their appeals conferences until a contiguous affair is possible. This is adverse for taxpayers.

We usually acclaim contiguous appeals conferences. The IRS has alike accustomed the accent of contiguous meetings. As some may recall, a few years ago the IRS revised the Internal Revenue Manual to accomplish blast conferences and video conferences the default. The IRS ultimately antipodal advance and adapted the IRM to about admission contiguous conferences aloft a taxpayer’s request.[13]

Taxpayers advancing for video appeals conferences should accede the logistics. Appeals’ video conferencing technology is not the best convenient and is not advised for accepting assorted bodies calling in from assorted locations. This may absolute the cardinal of participants. In addition, taxpayers should accede the agreeable of their presentation accustomed the realities of telework (e.g., the appeals administrator may be clumsy to book abstracts or may appearance presentations on a baby laptop screen).


Taxpayers should apprehend some growing pains as IRS agents and appeals admiral acclimatize to these new procedures, some of which are a abandonment from longstanding IRS convenance (e.g., emailing documents). In some cases, it may be all-important for taxpayers to admonish auditors and appeals admiral of the new changes. We are all in this calm and we apprehend that backbone and cooperation will be the barometer as we balance from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The opinions bidding herein are those of the columnist and do not necessarily reflect the angle of the firm, its clients, or Portfolio Media Inc., or any of their corresponding affiliates. This commodity is for accepted admonition purposes and is not advised to be and should not be taken as accustomed advice.

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