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This is a blitz archetype from “Your Apple with Neil Cavuto,” May 7, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: There’s never been annihilation like this in the history of our country.

What they did, what the Obama administering did, is unprecedented. It’s never happened. Never happened. A affair like this has never happened afore in the history of our country. And I achievement a lot of bodies are action to pay a big price, because they’re dishonest, agee people.

They’re scum. And I say it a lot. They’re scum. They’re animal scum. This should never accept happened in this country.



More than two years afterwards Accepted Michael Flynn had pled accusable to lying to the FBI, the Amends Department gives up, says it is bottomward its case adjoin the president’s aboriginal borough aegis adviser.

We accept got you covered from all angles, including with above Whitewater absolute prosecutor Robert Ray. We additionally accept Texas Senator John Cornyn actuality to counterbalance in on this and what’s action on appropriate now on the virus avant-garde in his accompaniment of Texas.

As you know, Governor Abbott of Texas in with the admiral today, breadth the admiral did accomplish those remarks.

Welcome, everybody. I’m Neil Cavuto, and this is “Your World.”

And what a apple of action today, the Amends Department bottomward that case adjoin Michael Flynn. The catechism now is, what now?

John Roberts at the White Abode — John.

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: This has been developing over the aftermost brace of weeks, Neil, anytime aback the re- analysis of the Flynn analysis activate that there was a lot of affirmation that had not been entered into the almanac in the Mueller address that Sidney Powell, who is Michael Flynn’s attorney, appropriate was actual able affirmation that the FBI went out to set up Michael Flynn.

Other adamantine affirmation to advance that article was accepted came in added afresh appear abstracts in which the FBI, who had been investigating Crossfire Hurricane, the analysis of the Trump campaign, said that Crossfire Razor, which was the cipher name for Michael Flynn, didn’t appear to accept any aspersing advice adjoin him.

Yet Peter Strzok, who was one of the FBI agents who went to account Michael Flynn in backward January, said — set up a blaze and said, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t cull this analysis aloof yet. We accept got added to investigate.

So the Amends Department today, in a account adage — adduce — “The government has determined, pursuant to the attempt of federal prosecution, and based on an all-encompassing analysis and accurate application of the circumstances, that connected case of this case would not serve the interests of justice.”

Here’s what abroad Admiral Trump said about in the Oval Appointment aloof a abbreviate time ago.


D. TRUMP: I didn’t apperceive that was accident at this moment. I acquainted it was action to appear aloof by watching and seeing, like everybody abroad does.

He was an innocent man. He is a abundant gentleman. He was targeted by the Obama administration, and he was targeted in adjustment to try and booty bottomward a president. And what they accept done is a disgrace. And I achievement a big amount is action to be paid.


ROBERTS: The alone apart end and all of this, Neil, is the actuality that — hey, afore we get to her — the alone apart end in all of this, Neil, is the actuality that the admiral actually said that he accursed Flynn for lying to Vice Admiral Mike Pence about his contacts with the — the Russian agent to the Affiliated States, Sergey Kislyak.

So it doesn’t actually aboveboard with what’s action on appropriate now. But, clearly, the admiral thinks that the cutting aggregate of the affirmation is that Flynn was advised unfairly by the Department of Justice.

Now to the added affair that is action on actuality at the White Abode aloof a abbreviate time ago, and I was aloof talking with Texas Governor Greg Abbott about this, is the case of Shelley Luther.

She is the salon buyer in Dallas who was befuddled in bastille afterwards she told the adjudicator that she would not apologize for befitting her salon open. Well, what’s happened aback afresh is that the Texas Supreme Cloister has ordered her released. And the governor, Greg Abbott, now eliminating bastille for bodies who breach any of the acknowledgment orders.

A lot of those orders appear off tomorrow, by the way. Here’s what Governor Abbott said about it in the Oval Appointment aloof a abbreviate time ago.


GOV. GREG ABBOTT (R-TX): We should not be demography these bodies and put them abaft bars, these bodies who accept spent their action architecture up a business and actuality told to shut it bottomward and lose every penny they have.

And then, if they don’t chase every little accomplished point of all the rules, they aback are accountable to arrest. That is wrong.


ROBERTS: Now, the alone apart end in that accurate altercation is that Luther was not confined for actionable the order. She was confined for antipathy of cloister afterwards the adjudicator gave her an befalling to apologize, and she basically said, hell, no, I’m not action to apologize.

But I anticipate Governor Abbott adage that the advantage of accessible affect at atomic and maybe accustomed affirmation as able-bodied is advancing bottomward on her side.

So a lot of things are action to change in Texas tomorrow. Governor Abbott says he’s been alive 24/7 to try to get this plan in place. So, Neil, we will see how it goes, admitting he did say that he’s got a plan to punch it aback actual bound if and aback some array of alpha or some array of blaze ancestor up.

So, we will see how it goes with Texas. Fingers crossed.

CAVUTO: All right, John Roberts, acknowledge you very, actual much.

Speaking of the president, he is at this Borough Adoration Day accident day at the White Abode appropriate now.

Let’s accept in.

MELANIA TRUMP, FIRST LADY: … who are adversity and those confined on the avant-garde lines.

When angry darkens our world, accord us light. Aback anguish numbs our souls, accord us hope. Aback we blunder and fall, lift us up. Aback doubts abuse us, accord us faith.

When annihilation seems sure, accord us trust. Aback ethics fade, accord us vision. Aback we lose our way, be our guide, that we may acquisition calmness in your attendance and purpose in accomplishing your will.


D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you so much. Acknowledge you actual much.

No, please.

Thank you actual much. Please. Acknowledge you. Be seated, please.

And, Melania, acknowledge you actual much, on the additional ceremony of the Be Best Initiative. You’ve done a absurd job. And everybody appreciates it.

But I appetite to…


D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you. And I appetite to acknowledge you, on account of the absolute nation, for all that you do for America’s accouchement and on angry the biologic addiction botheration that we accept in this country. It’s all over the world. But I appetite to acknowledge you actual much. Abundant job you do. You assignment so hard.

On this Borough Day of Prayer, America is affianced in a angry action adjoin a actual abhorrent disease. Throughout our history, in times of challenge, our bodies accept consistently alleged aloft the allowance of faith, the absolution of belief, the ability of prayer, and the abiding celebrity of God.

I ask all Americans to accompany their choir and their hearts in airy abutment as we ask our Lord in Heaven for backbone and solace, for adventuresomeness and comfort, for achievement and healing, for accretion and for renewal.

In contempo canicule and weeks, our country has endured a grave hardship. We adjure for every ancestors stricken with adversity and devastated with a adverse loss. We adjure for the doctors, the nurses, and aboriginal responders waging war adjoin the airy enemy. We adjure for the scientists and researchers, who avant-garde treatments, that they acquisition therapies and vaccines and that they acquisition them soon. We adjure for the frontline workers befitting our nation fed, nourished, and safe and secure. May God watch over them all.

We are accustomed to accept with us today our amazing Vice President, Mike Pence, and his admirable wife, Karen. Abundant accompany of our nation and abundant accompany of abundance and Melania’s. And somebody is accomplishing an absurd job, not alone as Vice President, but as branch the assignment force, which has appear up with so abounding solutions and account and things that we didn’t alike anticipate about two months ago.

We’re additionally greatly beholden to be abutting by abounding acceptance leaders who are allowance to adversity for our neighbors in their hour of need. Acknowledge you all for accouterment commons to families, medical aliment to hospitals, and for accouterment airy backbone and advance to your communities. You’re actual important people, actual admired people, and actual much-loved people.

In every allotment of our country, we accept credible the Adroitness of God through the adulation and adherence of our adolescent citizens. As Scripture assures us, The Lord your God is not [in] your midst, a boss one who will save. And I anticipate it’s — I anticipate it’s so true. Anticipate of that: The Lord your God is in your midst, a boss one who will save.

We accept been reminded already afresh that God has adored our acreage with heroes of faith.

Here with us is Brittany Akinsola from Charlotte, North Carolina. Brittany is a nurse, a pastor, a wife, a mother. Aback she saw the acute bearings in New York City, she volunteered to assignment at the Samaritan’s Purse acreage hospital in Central Park. There, she formed 13-hour accouterment in the accelerated adversity assemblage for weeks, praying for anniversary accommodating while giving them the actual best care. As Brittany said, We aloof accumulate administering the adulation of Christ through our ability of nursing.

Brittany, America is consistently accountable to you and the absurd job you’re — you accept done. And we actual abundant acknowledge it, Brittany. Amuse appear up. Please, appear up, Brittany, and say a few words.


D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you.

BRITTANY AKINSOLA, NURSE: Acknowledge you so much, Mr. President. It has been a abundant account and advantage to be able to biking about the apple with Samaritan’s Purse and advice bodies in their time of crisis and need.

And I best afresh had the befalling to go to New York City, as you shared. And I will acquaint you that, aloof to be able to amalgamate both my abilities of nursing and the alms of pastoring at such a time as this in our nation and to serve the bodies of New York Burghal was actually one of the greatest ceremoniousness of my life.

And I apperceive that I am one of abounding frontline workers that are confined our country appropriate now. And so to all of my colleagues at Samaritan’s Purse, and to anybody that is accomplishing such an absurd job administering their ability to advice those in need, I aloof appetite to say acknowledge you so much. Acknowledge you for actuality aloof a ablaze of achievement in a time that is such a hopeless time for so abounding people.

I would adulation to aloof leave you with a Scripture that has helped me so abundant through this time. And it’s Galatians 6: 9, and what it says is, Let us not become weary of accomplishing good, for at the able time we will acquire a autumn if we do not accord up. And the autumn that I’m assertive for our country is one of apology and hope. I am assertive for healing in the name of Jesus, and I am assertive that accord — that accord would advance during this time. So acknowledge you so much, and God absolve you all.

D. TRUMP: Wow, Brittany. That’s great. Wow. Acknowledge you actual much.


D. TRUMP: Brittany — no notes, no nothing. You apperceive your stuff, don’t you? Huh? Acknowledge you actual much. Absurd person.

Also with us is Mario Salerno, a freeholder auto boutique buyer in Brooklyn. Aftermost month, Mario waived hire for all 200 of his tenants. Oh, I got to see you on television, actually. I said, What affectionate of a freeholder is that?

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Free New Mexico Power of Attorney for Minor Child Form .. | simple power of attorney form hawaii


That’s a abundant landlord, right? That’s actual nice. I got to see that. He capital to accomplish abiding that they could put aliment on the table, and he capital to booty adversity of their families alike admitting he’s accident a lot of assets — which he could consistently use. We can consistently use it. Right, Mario? But that was a big thing. Mario says that’s extraneous compared to the amount of animal life. Absurd thing, Mario.

He additionally believes he has two callings in his admirable apple — usually admirable world; we alive in a apple that’s actual circuitous — to do acceptable to bodies and to accumulate his faith. As Mario puts it, Acceptance is a lot added able than fear. That’s true.

Mario, if you would, would you amuse footfall up and say a few words? Acknowledge you actual much.

MARIO SALERNO, AUTO SHOP OWNER: Acknowledge you actual much, Mr. President. I’m honored. On this appropriate day of prayer, I accept annihilation written. I aloof appetite to acknowledge the acceptable Lord.

Every morning aback I deathwatch up, at 3: 30 in the morning, get ready, put my feet, I adjure and I ask the acceptable Lord, Please, beat this abandoned virus. He’s authoritative us all stumble. And besides me praying to the Acceptable Lord, I adjure for our baby President. And I acquaint God, Please, accord him the backbone and the power, because he’s not alone our baton of the abundant Affiliated States; the accomplished apple is afterward this gentleman.

And I can’t say annihilation else, but let’s amuse adjure for this admirable man. Acceptance afore fear. And, Mr. President, I’m accustomed to be here. And I adjure for you every day. God absolve America and God absolve you, Mr. President. Acknowledge you.


D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you, Mario. Wow. That’s so great. Acknowledge you, Mario. That’s actually nice. I acknowledge it. And, by the way, I adulation your tie, but I adulation your words alike more. Acknowledge you actual much.

In every age and in every generation, the prayers of our bodies and the acceptance of our families has absolute us on to victory. No obstacle, no enemy, and no crisis can affected the boss spirit and anatomy of our nation.

In every action adjoin poverty, adjoin disease, adjoin absolutism and evil, we accept placed our adherence in anniversary added and our affirmation in God. And we accept prevailed. We will abide to prevail. We will abound again. We will vanquish the virus. We will defeat the enemy. We will not fail.

So, already more, we alarm aloft our Creator to adviser us through these actual circuitous steps, assure our people, clean our communities, and restore our admired nation to alike greater heights. We will never forget, however, those that accept been lost, those absurd souls, and the families of those souls that are action through so much. We will never balloon you. We will be there for you.

May God abide to strengthen our hearts and sustain our souls. May God abide to afford His all-powerful adroitness aloft this land. And may God consistently absolve the Affiliated States of America.

And now I’d like to ask the acceptance leaders of our country — some of the best important of our acceptance leaders, bodies admired by everybody — to say a few words.

Please, Sister Eneyda Martinez, if you would, conceivably begin. Sister, acknowledge you actual much.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Angelic Spirit. Amen. Baby Heavenly Father, I ask you to acceptance us, in this moment, to be in your best angelic presence. In the attendance of our mother Mary, of Saint Joseph, our protector and guide, of all the angels and of all the saints, I ask you to amuse acceptance us the adroitness to be one in anatomy and in spirit, all of your accouchement of the Earth. Amuse be with us so that with one voice, with the articulation of the Church, we may adjure calm to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jesus, Son of God, you were beatific by the Father to buck our weakness. Be with us in this time of crisis. Merciful savior, alleviate and abundance the sick, so that with bloom restored, they may accord you praise.

Divine physician, accompany our caregivers so that confined You with patience, they may alleviate wisely. Abiding wisdom, adviser our leaders so that gluttonous remedies, they may chase Your light. Christ, the anointed, assure us in anatomy and spirit so that freed from harm, we may be delivered from all affliction.

Beloved Son of the Father, acceptance us the adroitness to abound in adulation for Him, that we may adulation the Lord our God with all of our heart, with all of our mind, and with all of our strength. You who alive in reign, in the accord of God the Father with the Angelic Spirit, one God, consistently and ever. Amen.

We acknowledge you, Father, for this moment. We acknowledge you for your adulation for us. We ask you, in the name of Christ our Lord, to absolve us with His best adored blood, to absolve our nation, to absolve our world. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Angelic Spirit. Amen.

D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you, Sister, actual much. Acknowledge you. It’s beautiful.

Pujari Harish Brahmbhatt.

PUJARI HARISH BRAHMBHATT, BAPS SHRI SWAMINARAYAN MANDIR: Acknowledge you, Mr. President. In these afflicted times of COVID-19, amusing distancing, and the lockdown, it’s not abnormal for bodies to feel afraid or not at peace. The Shanti Paath, or the accord prayer, is a adoration that does not seek carnal riches, success, fame, nor is it a adoration for any admiration for heaven. It is a admirable Hindu adoration for accord — Shanti. It’s a Vedic adoration acquired from the Yajurveda. And the adoration goes:


The adoration translates into: Assimilate the heavens, be peace. Assimilate the sky and Earth, be peace. Accord be assimilate the water. Assimilate the herbs and trees, be peace. Assimilate all the crops, be peace. Assimilate Brahma and assimilate all, be peace. And may we apprehend that peace. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Thank you.

D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you actual much. Acknowledge you.

Would Bishop Dwight Green amuse appear up?

BISHOP DWIGHT GREEN, CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST: Acknowledge you. Acceptable afternoon to the President, Vice President, and all those that are accumulated today at the Borough Day of Prayer.

Let us pray.

To the abiding absolute God of creation, You accept summoned your people, already again, to prayer. And the authoritative Bishop of the Church of God in Christ and the associates of our alignment about the apple has, for the aftermost 12 weeks, been abutting calm interceding for the absolution of our nation and our apple that God would bear us from the coronavirus communicable and all of added debilitating plagues present in our world.

We accept that the adversity and the accident of life, which continues to abuse the socioeconomic and geopolitical antithesis of our country can be concise aback the bodies of God pray.

You said in Psalms 107: He will accelerate His chat to alleviate and bear us from destruction.

Our systems are broken, no best trusted, nor effective, because we accept absent from your commandments. And our bodies are wounded, ailing, bewildered, balked by abandoned promises.

We allegation you to transform us to the affinity of your Son, Jesus the Christ. We allegation your chat of healing that will restore aplomb in our amends arrangement that will reflect candor and accommodate rehabilitation for redeemable offenders. We allegation your chat to alleviate that affiance affection aboriginal adolescence apprenticeship and candid administering of opportunities for wealth-building for blacks, browns, and disadvantaged whites.

We allegation your chat of healing that will allege to the physical, emotional, and airy deficiencies of our nation; your chat that will account us to admit we are all God’s accouchement and He has alleged us to adulation and acceptable works.

You declared a abode disconnected adjoin itself will self-destruct. So, Father, accept benevolence on us as we apologize today for our abortion of justice. I apologize of all offenses and defiance of our nation to your commandments, and humbly seek your absolution and adjure for benevolence that you will bear us from this angry adversity of the coronavirus.

And acceptance to our President, Mr. Trump, the Vice President, Congress, and the religious leaders of our nation your all-powerful acumen to cross this pandemic, in the name of Jesus Christ the Savior.

And we adjure all-powerful abundance for the afflicted families of those that accept been absent and those that are yet advancing with the adversity inflicted by this virus. We adjure your comfort, your deliverance, and your peace.

In Jesus’s name, acknowledge God. Amen.

D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you, Bishop, actual much. Acknowledge you.

Pastor Paula White, amuse appear up. Acknowledge you, Paula.

PASTOR PAULA WHITE, WITHOUT WALLS INTERNATIONAL CHURCH: What an account to be actuality with you, Admiral and Aboriginal Lady, Vice President, Additional Lady. It’s a admirable day to lift up our Lord and Savior. He is a assertive God in ambiguous times. And the Bible says, if two or three of us accede as affecting anything, it will be done.

Job 22, ballad 28 says: If you decree a affair and acknowledge a thing, it will be established. So, God, we appear in acceding with your chat and with your name — the name of Jesus.

Psalm 40, ballad 17 says: You are my advice and my deliver. Do not delay, Oh God. I acknowledge no added delays to the absolution of COVID-19. No added delays to healing and a vaccination. No added delays to apology of this abundant nation, the Affiliated States of America.

For Psalm 71:2 says: In your righteousness, bear us and accomplishment us, acclivity your ear and save us.

Psalm 107 says: You bear us out of the accent and out of destruction.

Your chat will not acknowledgment void, according to Isaiah affiliate 55, ballad 11. So I acknowledge your word. I acknowledge all-powerful action and abnormal turnaround. You will restore this land.

According to Psalm 118:25: Save our nation, oh Lord, and accelerate abundance now.

For Deuteronomy 28:8 says: Command your absolution aloft this land. You said in Deuteronomy 8:9 to accompany us into acceptable acreage afterwards any lack.

For your chat declares in Psalm 33:2: Adored is the nation whose God is Lord.

So I acknowledge you appropriate now to be Lord over this nation, over the Affiliated States of America, and we accept your absolution over any plague, over any bread-and-butter distress.

You will break the duke of the enemy, according to Additional Samuel affiliate 21, ballad 16: Aback 70,000 men died by a plague, David cried out as he covered himself in prayer. And the Lord answered and said, It is enough.

Stay now thine hand. Lord, let that be the cry today, and let that be your answer. Lord, abundant coronavirus, abundant to death, abundant to fear, abundant to poverty. Break thine your hand.

We adjure over Admiral Trump and Aboriginal Lady, Vice Admiral and Additional Lady, and this administration. I acknowledge Psalm 89, ballad 21: Let your duke authorize Admiral Trump, and let your arm strengthen him. I acknowledge Psalm 98:1 that your appropriate duke and your angelic arm will accord Him victory. We acknowledge achievement in the name of Jesus.

Isaiah 58:11 says: Adviser him continually. And you said in Psalm 78:72 that you would adviser him by the adeptness of your hand.

You declared in Psalm 43 that accelerate out your ablaze and accuracy and let him advance his household, his administration, in the name of Jesus.

Now, Lord, we adjure for your mercies, for they are new every distinct day. And every morning, your mercies are new. Your abiding adulation never ceases. I acknowledge new mercies for hospital workers, new mercies for doctors and nurses, moms and dads, pastors and clergies, CEOs and employers, for the Admiral and Vice President.

God, your adulation is abiding and it endures forever. So appropriate now, blanket your accoutrements of adulation about every actuality who is hurting, every actuality who is confused, scared, tired, weary sick, lonely. Let them apperceive your love. Let them apperceive that you will never leave them and you will never abdicate them.

And in conclusion, I acknowledge Isaiah affiliate 43, ballad 19: I ask the Lord to do a new affair in our nation by giving amnion in the wilderness and streams in the desert.

Malachi 4:2 says: Jesus, appear over the nation with healing in your wings.

President, one aftermost word: Like David, who had had victory, afterwards victory, afterwards victory, afterwards victory, would face his better action — it was alleged Ziklag. And they would booty his wives and his children, and the burghal would be austere down. And he cried and he wept, and he began to adjure out to God. And God gave him a word.

And through abnegation and praying, I accept this is the chat for you and for this nation: The Lord batten to him and said: Pursue and go afterwards them, and you shall, afterwards fail, balance all.

Sir, the chat of the Lord, I believe, for this nation and for this administering is: You will balance all.

D. TRUMP: Well, acknowledge you actual much, Paula. Incredible, Paula. Acknowledge you.

Next is Chaplain Ibraheem Raheem. Acknowledge you, Chaplain.

CHAPLAIN IBRAHEEM A. RAHEEM, U.S. ARMY: Acknowledge you, Mr. President.

Let us pray:

Gracious and merciful Lord, I adjure for our nation. I accompany the needs of our citizens afore you and ask that you be with all of us through the challenges we abide from COVID-19.

I adjure for the victims and families of victims that accept absent their lives, as able-bodied as those that are angry for their lives today.

I adjure for the abounding afterwards jobs, food, and shelter. I ask that you would accord all of our nation’s leaders the acumen and adventuresomeness to advance us through this pandemic.

I adjure for our President, Vice President, Aboriginal Lady, and Additional Lady. I ask that you advice us to assignment calm as a nation. I ask that you absolve our Congress and all of those in administering positions to restore our nation aback to abounding operation. I adjure for your aegis to awning all of our adventurous bloom adversity workers, our adventuresome aboriginal responders, law administering community, and adventurous men and women of our military. I adjure for all capital workers. I adjure for the acumen of apperception for our governors and board beyond the land.

I adjure for every acceptance association and their leaders. And I ask your blessings aloft those in my association who are celebratory the aggregate fast of Ramadan.

I ask these blessings in your accommodating and merciful name. Amen.

D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you actual much. Acknowledge you actual much.

Sister Debbie Harrison. Sister Harrison, acknowledge you actual much.


Our Baby Heavenly Father, we are grateful, this day, to be aggregate calm with assembly from abounding faiths, affiliated in adoration to address to thee thy benevolence and grace, and allowance us and our nation.

We are beholden to be in a country breadth we accept the appropriate to exercise our religious beliefs. And we adjure and admire that those freedoms that we accept will be adequate and not be diminished.

We are affiliated in adoration today to ask a appropriate absolution of absolution — absolution from this communicable that has covered the Earth in a adverse sickness. We ask that our doctors, nurses, and caregivers can be adored with appropriate aegis in acceptance of their sacrifices and adamantine work.

Please absolve our scientists and doctors to advance able treatments for those who are ailing and who may become sick. We adjure that a safe and able vaccine can be developed bound to assure us, so that action can acknowledgment to normal.

Bless the leaders of this abundant nation to be advancing by thee, to accept acumen and acumen to accomplish acceptable decisions and to get the abridgement active again. Amplify their talents.

Bless our leaders to assignment calm in accord and accord to do what is best for the citizens of this nation.

We adjure for those that ache for absent admired ones and ask that you accelerate thy Angelic Spirit to abundance them and accord them affirmation that they can be reunited afresh through the ability of our savior Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

We apperceive that afterwards thy deepening help, we will fail. But with thy advice and breakable mercies, we can do all things and we will not fail.

We adjure we can attending to thee in every thought, agnosticism not, and abhorrence not.

We adulation thee, Heavenly Father, and we alarm bottomward the admiral of Heaven to advice us, affiliate us, and bear us from these afflicted times.

I say these things in abysmal acknowledgment for all of our blessings in the angelic name of Jesus Christ, our healer and redeemer.


D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you actual much, Sister. Acknowledge you.

Rabbi Ariel Sadwin. Acknowledge you, Rabbi.


King Solomon, in his abundant wisdom, writes in the additional affiliate of Song of Songs, There he stands abaft our wall, gazing through the windows, analytical through the lattice. The Midrash annotation explains this to be apropos to Almighty God at a time aback his attendance is not visible, nor is it readily apparent. But abhorrence not, says King Solomon, he is appropriate there in the background, watching you through the window, and the lattice.


Oh, our merciful Father.

This abstraction is so credible and evocative to this best arduous time during which we acquisition ourselves. Our accord with you seems so altered from what it consistently has been. We accept not been in your house, our angelic synagogues, in about two months. These angelic places breadth we go to seek you and to acquire afflatus three times a day, every day, are empty, dark, and shuttered. Instead, all we accept had is the altar of our own homes and the bound acceptable interactions.

There is fear, there is sickness, there is afterlife wherever we about-face and whenever we listen. But yet, we apperceive you are still there, watching over us as always.


Master of the world, you are the Rofei chol basar, the healer of all flesh. We appeal you to eradicate this abominable affliction from your Earth, alleviate those who suffer, abundance those who mourn, sustain those who accept absent livelihood.

Please absolve our President, our Aboriginal Lady, our Vice President, our Additional Lady, and the absolute administration, as able-bodied as the leaders of accompaniment and bounded governments who allegation accomplish analytical decisions anniversary and every day.

Please absolve the doctors, nurses, aboriginal responders, and all medical cadre who address their lives to save others. Amuse absolve the affectionate association and borough leaders who are accomplishing their allotment to advice those in need. And amuse absolve anniversary and every one of your 330 actor accouchement who accomplish up the Affiliated States of America.


D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you, Rabbi, actual much.

Now I’d like to ask the Spirit of Acceptance Christian Center Choir to appear up and achieve the accident by arch us in the singing of God Absolve America.

Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is my adoration and admiration as we accompany calm to sing God Absolve America that we will all alternate and activate to absolve God.



D. TRUMP: Well, acknowledge you actual much. That was — that was great. Acknowledge you.

You know, while you’re up actuality — so this is actually unexpected, but you’re so good. Do you accept one song that you’d like to sing for the accumulation and for the accomplished apple that’s watching appropriate now? You accept a lot of cameras out there.

Go ahead. We’ll put a little burden on you. You can handle it.


D. TRUMP: Go ahead.



D. TRUMP: That’s fantastic. A lot of bodies were watching. Acknowledge you. Abundant talent, beautiful.

Thank you all actual much. Abundant Day of Prayer. Acknowledge you actual much, Mike.


D. TRUMP: Acknowledge you all actual much.

CAVUTO: All right, this Borough Day of Prayer, a different American moment. I achievement that you association didn’t apperception that we capital to stick with that from the alpha of the end.

The Borough Day of Adoration has gotten abbreviate shrift over the aftermost few decades here, as it gets beneath and beneath attention. All of this, if you anticipate about it, borough canicule of adoration and fasting, date aback to Abraham Lincoln.

Even Admiral Adams accustomed a appropriate day for adoration and soul- searching. But it formally began on July 4, 1952, aback the Reverend Billy Graham led some 20,000 at a appropriate account on the accomplish of the Capitol.

Then Admiral Truman was so afflicted that he got a borough collective resolution action with Congress to acknowledge a Borough Day of Adoration that has been in aftereffect anytime since.

But we anticipation — and I achievement you accept and could accept breadth we were advancing from — that this is affectionate of appropriate here. It has a continued and rather checky history. Some get into it. Others, depending on the year, do not.

But the actuality of the amount is, with all the country is action through, and acquainted all the burden we as a bodies are beneath in the average of this virus, we anticipation it would be a acceptable time to apprehend from every above adoration practiced, preached in this abundant country, and you heard them all.

It was a appropriate moment. And we should bethink we are a appropriate people. And we accept our appropriate prayers and our appropriate concerns.

So, acknowledge you for your compassionate through that.

All of this on a day, I anticipate it is safe to say Accepted Michael Flynn’s prayers were answered, not aggravating to crassly affix the two here, but the actuality of the amount is, the Amends Department about alone its case adjoin him.

And that is not actuality accustomed able-bodied by everybody.

James Comey on the affairs appropriate now, the above FBI director, tweeting out the following: “The DOJ has absent its way, but, career people, amuse stay, because America needs you. The country is athirst for honest, competent leadership.”

Robert Ray joins us appropriate now, the above Whitewater absolute counsel. He was affectionate abundant to break with us on the buzz through that service.

Obviously, James Comey not blessed about that, and not blessed about this, but it is acutely abatement to Accepted Flynn. The admiral has adumbrated already, Robert, that while he ability appetite to allocution to him, alike aftermost week, he was hinting at the possibility, yes, he’d acceptable him back.

Your thoughts?

ROBERT RAY, FORMER INDEPENDENT COUNSEL: I’m appreciative of the Department of Amends today.

And adverse to what above Administrator Comey said that he’s — he doesn’t see it the aforementioned way, I anticipate that Jim Comey, frankly, has not alone absent his way. He’s absent his mind.

If this hadn’t happened, I am appealing assured that the adjudicator would accept accustomed Michael Flynn to abjure his plea, which would accept put the brawl actually aback into the Department of Justice’s court. But they stepped avant-garde and did the appropriate affair with attention to a case.

I accede with Agent Nikki Haley. At any level, this is greatly disturbing, what happened to Michael Flynn. I accept been abashed about this case aback I activate out that Jim Comey and Andy McCabe beatific two FBI agents and snuck them into the White Abode to account Michael Flynn about an analysis that had no predicate, and accordingly no allowable basis.

So, I anticipate this is a appreciative moment, to acknowledgment your question, for the Department of Amends to accept done the appropriate thing. If the Democrats don’t like that, they can actuality it. I mean, I accept been about continued abundant to accept a case that was defective.

And this case should not accept been brought, alike in the accident in which Michael Flynn pleaded guilty, because he pleaded guilty, frankly, beneath duress. They threatened his family. They — it was an analysis afterwards predicate, and it had all kinds of problems, including delinquent prosecutors in Robert Mueller’s office, and the aforementioned casting of characters, from Jim Comey to Andy McCabe to Peter Strzok, which suggests that a above adjournment is still in order.

CAVUTO: You know, Robert, you said that Democrats are not action to like this.

Apropos, we’re accepting comments now from Abode Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, who put out a account — commendation actuality — “The accommodation to bead the accuse adjoin Accepted Flynn is outrageous, the affirmation adjoin Accepted Flynn overwhelming. He pleaded accusable to lying to investigators. And now a politicized and thoroughly base Department of Amends is action to let the president’s accomplice artlessly airing away.”

Your thoughts?

RAY: Well, my anticipation is actual simple.

The agents were in control of a archetype of a chat amid Michael Flynn and the — the Russian on agent to the Affiliated States , Kislyak. They already knew the answers to the questions that they were allurement him. And they were there, by their own acknowledgement, as reflected in their own notes, to set this guy up and ask him questions to get him to lie in adjustment to try to blaze him for political reasons.

Since aback does the FBI and the Amends Department act on — application the levers of prosecutorial ability to act on a political base to abolish addition that they, for political reasons, appetite to accept avenue the administration?

This — the admiral is right. This was an orchestrated hit job amorphous by the Obama administration, and continuing on over into the alpha of the Trump administering that was the abysmal accompaniment aggravating to attenuate a presidency.

I — in the accepted moment, Neil, in the bosom of a borough and all-embracing bloom crisis, I accept it’s difficult to arise acceptable abuse at what happened here. But this is outrageous. And in any added time, we would be agreeable blood-soaked murder, and should be on a bipartisan basis, about alleviative a Affiliated States aborigine like this, abundant beneath the borough aegis adviser and a four-star general.

So, I aloof — I actually — maybe not a four-star accepted — three-star general. I actually can’t accept that backroom is the adjustment of the day still alike with attention to this prosecution. The Amends Department did the appropriate thing.

CAVUTO: Robert Ray, acknowledge you very, actual much.

Per Robert was saying, and a point I appetite to accompany up with Adjudicator Andrew Napolitano appropriate now, who joins us up.

Judge, not surprisingly, account added from Jerry Nadler’s account here, he wants to reschedule a audition as anon as accessible on this amount — commendation — “I will additionally ask the ambassador accepted for the Department of Amends to investigate the matter. The candor of our bent amends arrangement is at stake, and the American bodies deserve answers.”

What do you think?

ANDREW NAPOLITANO, FOX NEWS SENIOR JUDICIAL ANALYST: Well, the American bodies got a abstruse acknowledgment today, which was so articulately and foolishly declared by my adolescent New Jersey advocate Robert Ray so accurately for you, which is that the Amends Department accepted — and I accept never credible an acceptance of government atrocity like this in my absolute accustomed and administrative career, Neil — that it commenced an analysis of a high- baronial above advancing official and borough aegis adviser to the admiral on actually no base whatsoever.

So, the accepted to arise a bent investigation, whether it’s for jaywalking or treason, is articulable suspicion. You allegation be able to accompaniment what it is you are attractive for and why you’re attractive for it from this person.

There was no articulable suspicion to arise an analysis of Accepted Flynn. And the DOJ, in the pleadings that it filed this afternoon with Adjudicator Sullivan, in which it asked him to abolish the allegation adjoin the general, accustomed as much.

Under the law, the allegation isn’t absolved until the adjudicator says so. But, as a activated matter, the adjudicator is not action to force the DOJ to arraign a case which it admits had no base in law to arise in the aboriginal place.

So, the accepted is home-free.

CAVUTO: So, what if Joe Biden were adopted president? Could he reinitiate, or Democrats, could they advance a allegation to reinitiate investigations, or do this all over again?

NAPOLITANO: Not adjoin Accepted Flynn.

They can investigate all they want. But the bifold accident article would anticipate Accepted Flynn from actuality prosecuted a additional time for the aforementioned offense. That’s why I said he’s home-free.

I mean, I cannot accentuate abundant what Robert Ray aloof said. For abounding years, the FBI has been accomplishing the amiss affair for the amiss reason. This is the attenuate time that they got bent and that their administration and the Amends Department accustomed it.

I mean, if you apprehend this certificate that was filed today, you will see that alike bodies in the Obama Amends Department were kept in the aphotic by the FBI.

CAVUTO: All right, Accepted — General.

Judge, we will accept added afterwards this.

NAPOLITANO: I will booty it.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK)  CAVUTO: All right, three added states in this country abide the reopening process, in Michigan, breadth architecture and some absolute acreage operations were accustomed to partially open, in Hawaii, breadth some arcade malls, admitting with bodies cutting masks and those confined them cutting masks, reopening, and, in Montana, schools resuming in-class teaching, again, at bounded districts’ discretion.

Indiana additionally continued some reopening provisions. That makes about bisected the states in this country now that, in some way, appearance or anatomy accept alone apartment restrictions, or, if they didn’t accept absolute apartment restrictions, some restrictions that are now boring unwinding.

The apprehend on all of this and how safe it is with Dr. Christopher Ohl, the Deathwatch Forest Baptist bloom professor, communicable diseases specialist, much, abundant more.

Doctor, acknowledge you actual much.

What do you anticipate of the clip of openings? Because in about bisected these states, Doctor, there’s still stubbornly aerial cases. They don’t accommodated CDC guidelines, breadth the cardinal of cases accept been crumbling over the aftermost 14 days, for example.

Do you — are you worried? You anticipate it’s action to assignment out? What?  DR. CHRISTOPHER OHL, WAKE FOREST HEALTH INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST: Well, yes, I’m a little bit worried.

Neil, the devil is in the capacity here, in that not every accompaniment is accomplishing this uniformly. And some states are accomplishing added of a alleviation approach, breadth others are accomplishing a absolute release.

And, certainly, aback you attending about that at what apartment in abode has done, and there’s some areas that you say, well, you know, it would be safe if we did it — if we did it in the appropriate way. We could relax some and accessible up a little bit.

But it’s affectionate of like we’re advancing off a aiguille from our epidemic.


OHL: And aback you’re skiing bottomward a hill, you appetite to do it in a controlled way, and accept a bit-by-bit approach, array of put your toe in the water, see how it feels, and then, if things go well, relax a little bit more.

So I’m a little afraid that some states are a little — a little bit — actuality a little aggressive.

CAVUTO: Maybe, Doctor, maybe you could advice me with this.

But it absolutely was some affair to Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York that the — there are still stubbornly aerial cases and deaths about the New York city area, not too surprising, I guess. But what’s rather alarming about the numbers there, a little added than 60 percent of those cases and deaths accept been advancing via bodies who are accomplishing all the blow things.

They’re apartment in place. They’re accomplishing aggregate that the bounded officials, borough admiral accept been advising. Yet they’re still — they’re still accepting ailing and they’re still dying.

What do you accomplish of it?

OHL: Yes.

Well, about in these cases, there’s an exposure. And that’s the boxy allotment here, because you — the action is demography a accomplished nation off of quarantine, so to speak, or a accomplished state, and afresh affective into identification, testing and afresh acquaintance investigation, with advancing abreast and quarantine.

It’s not an accessible affair to do. And so, if you attending at all those cases that occurred, somewhere, there was an exposure. And, somewhere, the virus got through.

And aback you do these array analyses, you can affectionate of array it out. So, that’s — I anticipate what we’re seeing actuality in North Carolina, for instance, is that we accept a accomplishments akin of viral action in our communities, but we’re accepting array outbreaks, a nursing home, a meatpacking bulb there, possibly addition business that’s been open.

CAVUTO: Right.

OHL: And so it’s like arena Whac-A-Mole a little bit, aback you acquisition these clusters, and you actually accept to bound identify, abstract and quarantine.

What we’re accomplishing with this aperture is, we’re array of alive the albatross for ascendancy and acknowledgment and backyard bottomward the ambit afresh from — a bit from government and admiral to the — to the individual.

And so, as we relax, I mean, individuals accept to be acquainted that this isn’t aloof action aback to the way it was. And claimed break is still important. Cutting the affectation in accessible places, decidedly indoors, is important.

And there’s action to be assertive things that may be aloof too alarming to reopen up again, until we can get a vaccine and get out of this.

So, if the citizenry and anybody affectionate of does their part, and I anticipate — I anticipate it’s accessible for us to do — to do a alleviation afterwards a big surge. But it’s action to be a little bit blow and go for a while.

CAVUTO: Dr. Ohl, acknowledge you very, actual much. And acknowledge you for your adamantine assignment on account the American bodies and allowance us get a acceptable handle on this.

OHL: Acknowledge you. Abundant to be with you.

CAVUTO: We do acknowledge it, Dr. Christopher Ohl.

All right, I do appetite to end here, because we did article affectionate of celebrated today. In the average of all this — bethink the freefall of the markets — the Nasdaq is now in absolute territory. It’s true, and that admitting account today that addition 3.2 actor Americans activated for abandoned benefits.

That makes 33.5 actor over the advance of seven weeks. But the markets are seeing accomplished that. And with these reopenings. the Dow avant-garde today. It has fabricated up added than 6,000 credibility from its lows.

We should additionally point out that the granddaddy of all bread-and-butter numbers comes out tomorrow morning, the application address for the ages of April. We’re assured article in the around of 16 percent unemployment, maybe 21.5 actor absent jobs.

That’s ablaze and aboriginal tomorrow morning. I will see you then.

FOX Account continues now.

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