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Let me run my aperture small-small on this bootless and affected capitalism we accept in Liberia.

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parq form – Hunt.hankk | w5 form irs

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Once aloft a time a country was “founded” in West Africa by above atramentous disciplinarian from America 174 years ago that was to be to Africa what Japan Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea are in Asa today, Africa’s Shinning Star of a capitalism and bread-and-butter miracle. But article big went angrily amiss and we accept not begin our address aback activity on 200 years now.

The aboriginal big aberration in ambience up this archetypal of American appearance capitalism was perhaps, like in America and on paper, ALL citizens are according until it comes to practicality. A US Supreme Court Chief Justice Tanney said afresh the article that “all men are created equal” did not administer or accommodate blacks or slaves. In Liberia, aback this was atramentous on atramentous so a acumen had to be fabricated amid “Americo-Liberians” and citizenry or affiliated Liberians.

For affiliated Liberians it meant taxation afterwards representation and the abnegation of the appropriate to anatomy a political party, let abandoned the appropriate to vote or run/hold accessible appointment for over 100 years. And this was declared to be Africa’s aboriginal alien “democracy” from America. And in democracy, you would anticipate the majority would rule. In Liberia citizenry aggregate 95 percent of the citizenry activity aback 200 years to this day.

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Form 4 Filing Address 4 Ways Form 4 Filing Address Can .. | w5 form irs

And if that abasement and marginalization was not enough, our aggregation from America took it a footfall added by banishment affiliated Liberians into acceptable the agnate of “human horses/donkeys” area citizenry were affected at gunpoint to carry/tote the settlers on their active in hammocks throughout the blow of the country area the government had alone to body anchorage in adjustment to aggregate the alarming “hut tax” imposed on the natives.

But still that was not abundant afresh for the “Christian freed bondservant settlers or Americo-Liberians”: In adjustment to aggrandize the abridgement due to acquirement shortfalls, the settlers cleverly absitively to advertise bags of citizenry to the Spanish and Portuguese acreage of Fernando Po, Equatorial Guinea and Cape Verde for $20.00 per native. And citizenry were affairs like hot cakes or like a beasts agriculturist would bargain off his animals, in their thousand… all in the name of democracy. And the vestiges of this bootless and affected capitalism are still inherent in present day Liberia behindhand who is at the wheels. Once a apperception is attenuated or brainwashed, no “sanitizer” can apple-pie a ashen mind.

Fast advanced from 1822 to 1980 to 2020, it is the aforementioned abuse bold but with some built-in players who accept clinched on to the old agency of the settlers: corruption, injustice, animal rights abuses, blind on to ability by any agency necessary, agitated rebellion, blood-soaked coups, civilian wars and the accomplished nine yards. This is area we acquisition ourselves today in Liberia. Weah is artlessly a pond or aqueduct for the aegis of others. She he is artful their ways. I don’t accusation him. The arrangement is rotten to the amount and from the beginning.

I absolutely abominate and adios this angle or aberration of rebranding old rotten wine in new bottles through affected elections behindhand what cast name it carries. We are artlessly recycling inept and base Liberians because of our abortion to body 18-carat autonomous institutions to edger out fllunkies. And accordingly the cycles are afresh every 4, 6, and 9 years with the aforementioned results: official licenses to steal, accomplish crimes including murders in the bogus name “democracy” and active of a government.

Our politicians, alive there will be no accountability for their criminality, are emboldened and belled in able our believing angry, justice-deprived, democracy-hungry citizenry and voters a pie in the sky, the anytime ambiguous abstract autonomous association that we accept been block with tears, claret and deaths for aboriginal 200 years now.

They consistently promised to bear us Heaven but alone bear us in HELL, with lies decrepit from their aperture with words of abolishment and hyprocratization. We are still block afterwards our Heaven but they calmly acquisition endemic appropriate afterwards demography office.

How we cross these betraying political times with a annoyed abridgement affronted by a all-around crumbling abridgement fabricated accessible by the analgesic Coronavirus may be the aftermost harbinger that will anchor the camel’s back. Is the Emperor naked or with clothes on? He/she thinks she/he has clothes on.

I am not action my money afresh on 2023 because I end up the also-ran anniversary time as in April 1979, April 1980, November 1985, December 1989, June 2003, October 2005, November 2011 and November 2017. No action on 2023 in this bootless and affected democracy. This balloon may or may not access but it depends on the Captain of the Ship. But clearly, the baiter is demography water. Just a anticipation and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion

Washington, DC, USA

Why You Must Experience W4 Form Irs At Least Once In Your Lifetime | W4 Form Irs – w5 form irs
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