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Until aftermost week, a brownish brownish of a Confederate soldier had casting its asperous boring beyond MacArthur Esplanade in burghal Little Rock for added than 100 years.

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The statue, accepted as “Memorial to Company A, Basic Guards” or “Lest We Forget,” was apparent in 1911 during the 21st alliance of the United Confederate Veterans. The acquisition lasted bristles canicule and was abounding by 14,978 veterans and added than 106,000 absolute guests, according to a Civic Annals of Historic Places allotment form.

The Rev. P.C. Fletcher told the army that “the South was a acreage of bravery, chivalry, romance, dejected blood, cotton, corn, negroes, and watermelons.” Again the cairn was showered with 20,000 roses.

On Thursday, the burghal of Little Rock removed the brownish and its abject was boxed up.

The brownish is allotment of a growing cardinal of Confederate monuments beyond the country that accept been removed from accessible acreage by cities or agitated by demonstrators in the deathwatch of protests over the afterlife of George Floyd, a atramentous man who died May 25 while actuality aseptic on the arena by a Minneapolis badge administrator who apprenticed his knee into Floyd’s close for about nine minutes.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. dedicated the accommodation to abolish the statue, anecdotic it as “divisive” and adage it was in action to the administration’s efforts to affiliate the city.

“The brownish that was removed from MacArthur Esplanade did not accommodate the abounding ambience of the agitated time period, after-effects of the war nor the bequest of the soldiers’ actions,” Scott said in a account absolution the day the brownish was removed. “The Basic Guards were memorialized afterwards apropos for those in our association who accept suffered grave injustices and whose ancestors were beheld as beneath than animal so that they could be baffled to alarm and affected to accommodate chargeless labor.”

Little Rock is amid several Arkansas cities that are home to Civilian War commemorative properties.

Arkansas has 34 Civilian War backdrop listed on the Civic Annals of Historic Places, breadth monuments commemorating atramentous and civil-rights leaders coexist with others commemorating the Confederacy. Twenty-nine of the state’s Civilian War backdrop listed on the annals represent the Confederacy.

Arkansas is home to about 350 Civilian War memorials, according to the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas. The memorials amount every canton and accommodate aggregate from action markers and baby plaques to architecture collections and ample statues.

A 2019 abstraction by the Southern Poverty Law Centermost counted 780 Confederate monuments in 23 states. Arkansas is home to 41, according to the study. Texas has the best amid adjoining states with 68, followed by Mississippi (52), Tennessee (43), Louisiana (32) and Missouri (13).

The Arkansas Historic Canning Program beheld the Confederate monuments that fabricated it on the Civic Annals as cogent concrete reminders of an important aeon in Arkansas history, according to Charles Russell Logan, columnist of Commodity So Dim it Charge Be Holy, a book about Civilian War commemorative carve in Arkansas.

By about acquainted the accent of these monuments to the compassionate and acknowledgment of Arkansas history, Logan wrote, the accumulation hoped to animate canning of the properties.

Many of the Confederate monuments on the Civic Annals accept become the focus of alteration efforts afterwards Floyd’s afterlife and afterwards protests adjoin badge atrocity and ancestral injustice. Several protests targeted Confederate monuments specifically.

Protesters in Richmond, Va., set blaze to the address of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, an alignment amenable for architecture abounding Confederate statues about the nation. Protesters in Nashville, Tenn., and in Birmingham, Ala., additionally agitated statues of Confederate leaders.

Vandals in Little Rock splashed gallons of adorn on the cairn that stood in advanced of the MacArthur Architecture of Arkansas Military History, admiral said, and three canicule afterwards the brownish was removed by the city.

Calls to abolish Confederate markers are annihilation new, but abounding admiral are actuality apprenticed harder to abolish them aback Floyd’s death.

Pine Bluff admiral addled a accord aftermost year with a accumulation that owns a Confederate brownish that has sat on courthouse breadth for years, but the brownish remained there until Saturday aback it was taken bottomward by the city, two canicule afterwards the MacArthur Esplanade brownish was removed.

After a contempo beef in Bentonville, the Arkansas Analysis of the United Daughters of the Confederacy agreed to move its Confederate brownish from the city’s aboveboard afterwards years of debate.

Hot Springs Burghal Manager Bill Burrough afresh told the Sentinel-Record that he supports alteration of a Confederate brownish that stands in a burghal breadth area two atramentous men reportedly were lynched in the aboriginal 1900s, but efforts arise to accept hit an impasse afterwards the burghal advocate said there are bound options because the brownish sits on clandestine acreage endemic by a accumulation that has no affairs to move it.

A address additionally has broadcast requesting the abatement of a Confederate cairn from the Sebastian Canton Courthouse breadth in Fort Smith.

Fort Smith advocate Joey McCutchen represents the Varina Jefferson Davis Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which aloft $2,332 to accept the Confederate cairn erected on the courthouse grounds. He said accepting rid of such monuments about sanitizes the nation’s complicated history.

“We should apprentice from history,” McCutchen said. “The good, the bad and the ugly.”

But the way Civilian War afterthought and ancestral tragedy collaborate has abundantly been abandoned by historians until the accomplished decade, according to Arkansas Accompaniment University abettor Cherisse Jones-Branch.

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“Something Arkansas has not done a acceptable job of is cogent both stories,” Jones-Branch said.


The words accounting on the bean abject of a statute of a Confederate soldier in Helena-West Helena proclaims that the cairn embodies “hero-worship” of the soldiers who died for the “Lost Cause.”

Four afar away, a afresh placed cairn reminds passersby of one of the bloodiest ancestral massacres in Arkansas history.

The Elaine Annihilation Cairn was erected aftermost year in acceptance of the killings of what some historians appraisal to be up to 200 atramentous bodies in 1919, but the wounds abide alpha for abounding birth of the slain.

Even the adjustment of the brownish in Helena-West Helena, abreast the Confederate memorial, hurts the healing action for some:

“For my granddad, who knew of his family’s history but told Grandmother, ‘Hush, never allege of it again,’ aback she asked,” said Lisa Hicks, an Elaine 12 descendant. “For my grandmother, who is still aflutter and told me aloof 13 years ago but trusted me abundant to acquaint me the story. For the birth and Elaine residents, because of secrets kept for decades so abysmal that we aback absolved and formed on acreage blood-soaked in the claret of our ancestors.”

The Elaine 12 were atramentous sharecroppers from Phillips Canton wrongfully bedevilled of annihilation in 1919 afterwards the Elaine Massacre. Aural canicule of the massacre, about 258 atramentous bodies were angled up and answerable with crimes stemming from the incident. The accuse ranged from nightriding to murder.

Hicks said the annihilation was rarely discussed in the town; she said she had to apprentice about it from a book.

“When I apprehend it, I couldn’t accept that commodity like this could appear in my town,” Hicks said. “If you apprehend the fliers or the bi-weekly aback then, it told sharecroppers to go home, accumulate quiet and go aback to work.

“If you see the bodies of 200 bodies still in the streets, again you are activity to accumulate quiet. Ancestors of bodies accept kept quiet.”

In 2019, Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen of Little Rock against the adjustment of the cairn in Helena-West Helena, which was breadth the killers came from, instead of at the armpit of the massacre.

“Like the Elaine Chase Massacre, the 2019 Helena ‘monument’ or ‘memorial’ shows how white supremacy operates to the damage of atramentous bodies in Elaine and throughout Phillips County,” Griffen’s account read.

Another archetype of this abashed coexistence can be apparent at the accompaniment Capitol, breadth two Confederate statues angle on the aforementioned breadth as a canonizing to nine atramentous acceptance who desegregated Central High School.

The Confederate Soldiers Cairn sits in the northeast circle of Woodlane and Fourth streets, alone a few dozen anxiety from breadth the Little Rock Nine Canonizing stands.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson acclaimed in an emailed account that the monuments are controlled by the Arkansas General Assembly and the secretary of state, and said that his focus has not been on alteration the monuments but rather alteration the culture.

“The best important footfall the accompaniment can booty to abash ancestral analysis and abhorrence is to canyon a abhorrence abomination law that enhances penalties for those who ambition an alone for a abomination because of their race,” Hutchinson said in the statement. “That makes a absolute difference.”

In a added email, Hutchinson batten about the accompaniment Legislature’s contempo move to change Arkansas’ sculptures at the U.S. Capitol.

The new sculptures will alter secessionist Uriah Rose, a above American Bar Association president, and James P. Clarke, a above U.S. agent and above governor who advocated attention what he alleged “the white standards of civilization.”

“We can’t change history, but we should accent the accent of our absolute markers to apprentice from the mistakes of the past,” Hutchinson said.

Sen. Jim Hendren, R-Gravette, admiral pro tempore of the Arkansas Senate, said there hasn’t been any official altercation about relocating the Confederate monuments at the Capitol, but he said he expects it to appear up during the abutting session.

“It’s a altercation that is uncomfortable, but we charge to accept it,” Hendren said. “I anticipate it will be able-bodied accustomed by some and not so able-bodied accustomed by others.”

The abatement action of Confederate statues can be difficult in some situations, such as the efforts in Hot Springs to backpack the Confederate brownish that sits burghal on acreage endemic by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

City Advocate Brian Albright told the Sentinel-Record there are alone two acknowledged options available. The alignment would accept to accede to move the monument, or the burghal could exercise its ability of eminent domain.

Steve Westerfield, an advocate for the United Daughters of the Confederacy, said alteration of Confederate monuments is “ridiculous.”

“They are absolute monuments that admire those who took up accoutrements aback we were invaded,” he said.

Westerfield said the accumulation has no ambition of affective the cairn from Confederate Canonizing Park.

“The brownish is on clandestine acreage so I don’t see a charge for a resolution, except for all abandon to account anniversary other,” he said. “The alone acumen to backpack the cairn is to amuse political correctness.”


Historians told the Democrat-Gazette that abrogating acknowledgment to such monuments is natural, as few things buck such concrete attestant to the time aeon afterwards the Civilian War as the granite statues that about abide in the best arresting areas of town.

The movement to abolish such monuments has accomplished as far as a above basic of the Confederacy, Richmond, Va., breadth three years ago abounding association said they advised removing the statues abstract or about absurd because of a accompaniment law that adequate war memorials, according to The Associated Press.

The abstraction of removing Confederate monuments from accessible actualization has been about for years, but the civic chat about the role of the statues acute in 2018 afterwards a white-nationalist assemblage in Charlottesville, Va., angry violent.

“I consistently looked at the cairn in Charlottesville as a allotment of a memory,” said Caroline Janney, a University of Virginia history professor. “… To me there was absolute amount to these monuments. It tells us about the people, their ethics at the time aback they went up. … But we accept to accept that altered groups accept altered angle of the past.”

Brian Mitchell, an abettor history abettor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, said best of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans were agape bottomward afterwards the Charlottesville violence.

For some, he said, it acquainted like a abundant loss.

“A articulation of the citizenry acquainted they were admirable and well-preserved genitalia of history that the accompaniment had spent a lot of money in the accomplished to keep,” said Mitchell, who is from Louisiana.

Mitchell, who is black, said Arkansas history has been told mostly through the lens of white supremacy, but that he believes Confederate monuments can coexist alongside ancestral afterthought as continued as their abounding history is clear.

“To accept the aboriginal monuments were placed in the time of white supremacy,” he said. “That they were installed for not alone remembrance, but to brainwash browbeating in the state’s African-American citizens.”

McCutchen, the Fort Smith attorney, agreed Confederate monuments can coexist alongside those that admit the action for equality.

“I anticipate afore we booty bottomward monuments we ability anticipate about architecture others,” he said. “Monuments that admit the action for according aegis can sit ancillary by side. If we accept chat and accessible dialogue, again I am abiding we can appear to an understanding.”


The ambience of the time aeon aback these statues were congenital additionally is bare to absolutely accept the anxiety surrounding Confederate monuments, historians said.

In the beginning, Janney said, Union and Confederate monuments were means bodies coped with the furnishings of the war.

“I would brainstorm that a ladies’ canonizing accumulation amalgam a cairn in the 1870s was absolute acquainted of the sacrifices that had been fabricated during the war and the bodies who were lost,” said Nina Silber, a abettor of history at Boston University.

Early Confederate structures were about simple in appearance, an brace or a plaque, and were in graveyards as signs of grief. Speeches accompanying their unveilings were usually somber.

After 1889, led by new Southern affectionate groups such as United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Confederate Veterans, the cardinal of cairn dedications added bound and drifted abroad from cemeteries, historians said. The monuments transitioned to admirable structures sometimes featuring a Confederate soldier displayed in the centermost of town.

Documents and bi-weekly athenaeum appearance cairn dedications morphed into blithe occasions during which keynote speakers batten about the Confederate accomplished and those who accurate it.

“At this chantry we anniversary … pay our devotions and accomplish our offerings to a account we anniversary apperceive was right, the account of the Confederacy,” then-Gov. Jeff Davis said at the 1905 adherence of the Arkansas Confederate Soldiers Cairn at the Capitol.

At the aforementioned dedication, Roy D. Campbell, a accompaniment adumbrative who alien the 1903 cairn allotment bill, appear 40 years afterwards the end of the Civilian War that “Arkansas proclaims to the apple and its history that she has no excuses to make, no affliction to offer, for the conduct of her citizens during years of abhorrent war…”

For abounding Arkansas cities, these monuments became a concrete attribute of absolution and a few Southern affectionate organizations confused their old monuments from cemeteries to high-profile locations aural their towns, according to Civic Annals of Historic Places allotment forms.

By 1934, Arkansas was home to added than 30 Civilian War monuments, including at atomic three anniversary Union troops.

Silber said the statues congenital years afterwards the war reflect the way white Southerners had more appear to actualization the Civilian War through the lens of the “Lost Cause.”

“History shouldn’t be an alone white space,” said Alison Greene, a religious-history abettor at Emory University. “If you appetite to accept your Confederate monument, that is fine, but acquaint the truth, the accomplished accuracy and annihilation but the truth.”

McCutchen said the United Daughters of the Confederacy were heroes of the war because their assignment included authoritative clothes, apartment veterans and accouterment medical care.

“It bound turns into a glace slope,” he said of removing statues. “… I mean, what is next? These monuments charge be beheld aural the ambience of their time instead of the prism of avant-garde values.”


The years afterwards Reconstruction and the action for civilian rights in the accompaniment larboard scars, historians said.

The monuments can accompany up affliction that has been anesthetized bottomward for generations, but Karlos Hill, administrator of the African and African-American Studies Department at the University of Oklahoma, said he believes the belief are two abandon of the aforementioned coin.

“It’s not a best of who is cogent one or the other,” he said. “I don’t see them as abstracted stories. You can’t acquaint the adventure of civilian rights afterwards advertence the tragedy of Reconstruction. This is our history. We aloof accept to be honest.”

Susan O’Donovan, an accessory abettor of history at the University of Memphis, said romanticizing the Old South makes bringing to ablaze the abounding history of Arkansas a adamantine chat to have.

“The accepted affair I apprehend is ‘my grandfathering wasn’t angry for slavery,’ but there is no abstinent the accepted actuality that bullwork fabricated anybody in the South rich,” she said. “Slavery is alloyed into the bolt of what the South became. We got to stop blank that and attending it beeline in the eyes.”

McCutchen said accommodation and apprenticeship are ideal, and he cited the archetype of Bentonville affective its Confederate cairn to a clandestine park.

“I consistently ask myself in these blazon of situations, ‘What would my great-great-grandfather appetite to do?’ ” he said. “I accept affective it to a clandestine esplanade and putting it in a admirable area and accepting the government out of the blueprint is commodity he would be for.”

Silber said added markers or statues can assignment sometimes, but she bidding affair that a baby brand can calmly be disregarded aback placed abutting to a looming monument.

“I anticipate the botheration actuality is that there’s an acceptance that, on the one hand, we accept the Confederate monuments which reflect the ‘Southern white perspective’ and then, on the added hand, ancestral afterthought monuments that reflect the ‘black perspective’ and that we should accord ‘equal time’ to both perspectives,” Silber said in an email. “The problem, though, is that gives a assertive angary to the history abaft the Confederate monuments which was, in fact, a absolutely apocryphal adaptation of history.”

Many historians told the Democrat-Gazette the way to aftereffect change is through the apprenticeship system. Apprenticeship about the absolute history of Reconstruction and the aftereffect it had on the years that followed is commodity that needs to be accomplished at an beforehand age, they said.

“We charge to amount out a way to allocution about these acute capacity at a adolescent age, and not be abashed they are activity to be traumatized or cynical,” Hill said. “The acknowledgment ability absolutely be that it inspires the abutting bearing to accomplish the country better.”

CORRECTION: The “Memorial to Company A, Capitol Guards” cairn that resided until afresh at MacArthur Esplanade in Little Rock is a brownish brownish with a granite base. Also, the brownish was apparent in 1911 during the 21st alliance of the United Confederate Veterans. An beforehand adaptation of this commodity afield declared the actual from which the brownish was fabricated and during which alliance the brownish was unveiled.

Photo by JOHN SYKES JR.The Confederate brownish at Little Rock’s MacArthur Park, apparent during a alliance of Confederate veterans in 1911, was removed Thursday. Mayor Frank Scott Jr. labeled the granite canonizing as divisive.
(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/John Sykes Jr.)

Efforts to backpack the Confederate soldier cairn from burghal Hot Springs accept the abutment of Burghal Manager Bill Burrough but accept been balked because the brownish sits on clandestine acreage endemic by a accumulation that has no affairs to move it.
 (Democrat-Gazette book photo)

Photo by Thomas SaccenteThe Fort Smith Confederate cairn stands alfresco the Sebastian Canton Courthouse. A address seeks abatement of the statue, for which the Varina Jefferson Davis Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy aloft $2,332 to accept installed.
(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Thomas Saccente)

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