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This is a blitz archetype from “Hannity,” June 26, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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JASON CHAFFETZ, GUEST HOST: Welcome to the appropriate copy of “Hannity”.

You’re attractive at alive pictures from our nation’s basal breadth protesters are aggressive to breach bottomward the bronze of Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave. This is a cairn that celebrates the Emancipation Proclamation. We’ll booty you there alive in aloof a moment.

But, first, yesterday, Admiral Trump sat bottomward with Sean for a “Hannity” boondocks anteroom in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Here is allotment two of that account breadth Sean and the admiral are talking about Biden’s declared corruption.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: If a guy like abject Joe — because you say it bigger than anybody with the quid pro quo with his son – – I beggarly —

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Zero acquaintance Hunter, that’s how I (ph) —


TRUMP: Can you brainstorm if I fabricated that account that he made? He’s on television — I don’t know, I assumption he didn’t apperceive he was on or something. I’m attractive at that tape, that can’t be.

And the press, the media, the affected account media — and it is fake, it’s abhorrent absolutely — but they don’t appetite to put it on. I say, why don’t you anytime put that blow on? They don’t appetite to.  Could you angel if that were me instead of him?

HANNITY: The blow you’re apropos to, because I played it often, is Joe Biden bragging, I told — I said, blaze the prosecutor or you’re not accepting the $1 billion and you’ve got six hours.

TRUMP: Right.

HANNITY: Now his son, who has no acquaintance in oil, gas, activity or annihilation to do with Ukraine, was accepting paid millions of dollars. So son of a B — his words — they accursed him and his son connected to accomplish added money.

But by the way, there’s additionally addition — Peter Schweizer outlines this able-bodied in his book —

TRUMP: Right, it’s a abundant book.

HANNITY: — $1.5 billion accord –

TRUMP: China.

HANNITY: — with no acquaintance that I can acquisition in clandestine disinterestedness with the Bank of China afterwards aerial with his ancestor a anniversary beforehand on Air Force Two.

TRUMP: And I asked some of the better bodies on Bank Street — the smartest, the — I apperceive them all. I apperceive affluent ones and poor ones, OK? I apperceive them all.

I said, can somebody airing into China and airing out 10 account afterwards with $1.5 billion to manage, breadth you get hundreds of bags — alike millions of dollars a year — for managing it? He said, it’s an impossibility. They don’t do business that way.

This adolescent guy who didn’t accept a job, who got befuddled out of the aggressive service, didn’t accept a job for a cardinal of years — all of a sudden, he’s authoritative millions of dollars a year.  Don’t forget, Ukraine paid him 83 — but it was axis out to be $150,000 a month. They accept him $3 actor up front. They’re advantageous a lot of money.  What — what’s this affair about?

And the ancestor is there saying, get rid of the prosecutor. If you don’t get rid of the prosecutor, balloon it. Was it $2 billion? You’re not activity to get it.

HANNITY: One billion.

TRUMP: I never saw annihilation like this. And you can’t acquisition that blow today.

HANNITY: I accept it.

TRUMP: Oh, you accept it? You’re —

HANNITY: I comedy it.

TRUMP: — about it.


TRUMP: Acknowledge advantage we accept Sean.

HANNITY: All right, acknowledge you.  Let me breach on Joe Biden. I anticipate you’d accede with this account because – – and you’re alive it — but I would say actuality the admiral of the United States of America is the hardest job in the world, because the chargeless apple depends on the president.  TRUMP: My job was fabricated — aloof to say — my job was fabricated harder by affected witch hunts, by Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense.  I was tougher on Russian than any admiral that’s anytime lived. Any admiral — nobody’s done what I’ve done with sanctions and all — advertisement the activity accord activity into Europe, cipher did that. Cipher alike talked about it.  I’ve been tougher on Russian than anybody. Alike our aggressive — how about the actuality that we’ve become the cardinal one activity in the apple through me, and that’s their primary business?

HANNITY: By the way, that’s the aboriginal time in 75 years we’re activity independent.

TRUMP: We’re activity independent. We’re the cardinal one in the world. We’re cardinal one —

HANNITY: Cardinal one producer.

TRUMP: Yes, in the world.

HANNITY: That has (ph) never happened.

TRUMP: By far.

HANNITY: We accept the acclamation in 131 days. It’s been 84 canicule aback Joe Biden had to acknowledgment any questions. There’s a lot activity on in the world. I heard he adeptness be authoritative it out of his basement alembic today.

It’s interesting, you know, what Terry McAuliffe said, I’m accomplished with Joe in the bunker. You know, he alone sees two bodies a day, his two anatomy men.  And I anticipate this catechism is fair. They asked it in 1984 about Ronald Reagan. And that is, do you accept that Joe Biden has the strength, the stamina, the brainy activity — is that a nice way to say it, because seems abashed a lot. He can’t accept to absolute three sentences afterwards attractive down. He can’t alike do a podcast.

Does he accept the backbone that we would allegation in a president, in your view?

TRUMP: I can alone say that I go 20 hours a day and I’m all over the place, and everybody absolutely says it. And what I’ve done is it does booty a lot of – – it takes a lot of energy.  Takes a lot of energy, and if you don’t accept a lot of energy, you’re not activity to be a acceptable president. I absolutely accept that, you allegation a lot of activity to do this job. You need, up actuality absolutely good, but you allegation a lot of activity and —

HANNITY: Tough bark I’d say too.

TRUMP: — it has to be accompanying with a lot of added things.  So, I don’t know. I don’t appetite to animadversion on it. But look, we’ll see. The actuality is that he was OK adjoin Bernie in the debate. He absolutely was. It afraid me. He was OK.  Now at added debates, he was terrible. You know, I admitting that he was out of it, because he had two or three debates, the added debates, pre-Bernie, breadth it was so bad, I said, he’s not a applicant — he can’t be a candidate.  And he has article that’s actual unique. He didn’t go bottomward that much, he went bottomward a brace of points. Instead of actuality out of it, he’d go bottomward a little bit, because they’ve accepted him for a long. You know, he’s been accomplishing this for 47 years or something.


TRUMP: Yes, whatever. Connected time.

And what has he done? Aback you think, what has he done?


CHAFFETZ: As Admiral Trump aloof detailed, Joe Biden has a lot of issues that allegation be addressed. Chief amid them, Biden is heavily afflicted by the abolitionist far larboard factions central the Autonomous Party. They accumulate blame him added and added left.

And while the carnality admiral all but ignores the chaos demography authority in American cities, he is aggressive if adopted to use the federal government to force law-abiding Americans to abrasion facial coverings whenever they leave their homes.

This comes as the abbey restrictions put in abode by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Burghal Ambassador Bill de Blasio were addled bottomward by a federal cloister beforehand today.

Joining us now with added is an American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, FOX Account contributor Lisa Boothe, and a above Florida Advocate Accepted Pam Bondi.

Thank you all for abutting us actuality tonight.

Attorney Accepted Bondi, I appetite to — I appetite to alpha with you.

How absolutely what Joe Biden from the federal government affected Americans to abrasion a facial accoutrement aback they leave their home? How can that be done?

PAM BONDI, FORMER FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL: Well, Jason, conceivably it’s because he believed that a third of our absolute citizenry had died from the COVID disease. That was the aboriginal apocryphal affair he said.

Then he comes in and tries to do abroad with every aspect of our federalist society, our laws, states accept the right, bounded governments accept the appropriate to booty affliction of the health, welfare, and assurance of individuals. He could affliction beneath about that.

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West Virginia Medical Power of Attorney Form – Living Will .. | free printable medical power of attorney form virginia

What’s it agnate too? In Cuba, breadth Castro makes all school-age accouchement abrasion the Pioneers scarf. What’s activity to be next? Banning guns?

He’s falling — the aboriginal words out of his aperture are talking about authoritative every American abrasion a mask. And again, that’s activity to be aloof like you said, that left-wing agenda, Bernie Sanders, AOC, that’s breadth he’s headed, that’s the aisle America would be headed bottomward with that man as president.

CHAFFETZ: Well, Matt, I mean, you aloof attending at his almanac and what he had to do in adjustment to get the choice but normally, already you get the nomination, they go a little bit added to the center, but Joe Biden hasn’t gone added to the center, he seems to be lurching alike added to the left.

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIRMAN: Yes, that’s right. I mean, at the ACU, we accept looked at all of his votes in the Senate over the years. He’s got a actual larboard addition voting record, but the one appropriate over time is alike on the issues like life, he has confused over time to be a bound of the abolitionist left.

You know, he alike voted adjoin all the aegis spending to booty on the Soviet Union. He’s been amiss on about every civic aegis catechism and I you appear to this catechism of mandating assertive things in this virus emergency. Jason, we accept to get aback to the words of the Constitution. I don’t anamnesis the catechism of a affectation actualization anywhere in the Constitution.

He adeptness accept it is acceptable policy, but acceptable activity should be legislated. It shouldn’t be dictated by the courts. Joe Biden is a bound of the larboard addition and the admiral is right. If he — if he becomes president, which I don’t accept he will, he is not absolutely in allegation because he’s not absolutely all they are. AOC, the radicals, the socialists, they will behest everything. This is America adjoin socialism and we allegation Donald Trump to get a additional appellation to stop all this.

CHAFFETZ: Now, Lisa, you’ve apparent what the carnality admiral has done. We’ve apparent the gaffes that happened on about — circadian if not alternate basis, and afresh you see him demography these activity positions that are so radical, so adopted to what Americans are acclimated too. How does that comedy in the ambience of defunding the badge which — I mean, is breadth the larboard wants to go, how was I activity to comedy out in 2020?

LISA BOOTHE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, yes, Jason, actuality is the thing. I don’t necessarily anticipate that Joe Biden is a accelerating and the way that AOC is a progressive, but he’s activity to be the progressive’s puppet, and we saw what Matt acicular out with Joe Biden absolutely alone his activity taxpayer-funded abortions, article he believed for decades aural 24 hours of criticism. So, of course, he is activity to attach and be adaptable to these progressives on the larboard to you acicular out appetite to defund the police.

And that should alarm anybody watching appropriate now because attending about the country and attending at what’s accident in these advanced cities. These behavior are absolutely accepting bodies killed. I mean, you attending at what happened in Seattle, the ambassador there cheer-leaded and accustomed an chargeless breadth to be set up, addition got dead and added bodies got shot.

You attending at Minneapolis, they accept had 100 shootings aback George Floyd’s death, yet what does the burghal board do? They booty accomplish to annihilate the badge administration there.

And afresh you attending at New York City, they’ve apparent added shootings in June in New York Burghal than they accept in a quarter-century. And what does Bill de Blasio do? He talks about the actuality there’s activity to be actual abundant cuts to the NYPD budget. So not alone are there behavior absolutely putting American lives in danger.

CHAFFETZ: Yes. It’s amazing that you booty 600 policemen beneath cover, booty them away, and there’s activity to be a huge consequence. But, Pam, I appetite to go to the abbey cardinal that happened today cutting bottomward absolutely what the governor and the ambassador of New York Burghal were aggravating to do it and putting these restrictions on churches.

Give me your consequence and your apprehend on this as a above advocate general.

BONDI: Certainly, Jason. Adjudicator Sharp (ph) issued a abundant assessment today, and what he said is aboriginal of all, you can’t borrow on our Aboriginal Alteration right. You can’t, and the appropriate to adoration as one of our best basal rights. As able-bodied as the appropriate to press, Aboriginal Alteration appropriate to speech, assemble, protest.

So what they were doing, Governor Cuomo and Ambassador De Blasio were out there acknowledging these protests while accompanying cogent bodies they cannot accumulate in church. And that’s what destroyed their argument. At the bright was that accumulation protests are added admirable of best analysis than churchgoers. That was a abundant assessment by the judge.

And of course, they can’t do that and animate the beef and acquaint bodies they can’t go to abbey at the aforementioned time.

CHAFFETZ: Now, Matt, there’s a absolute advance on churches in accepted and on adoration that is activity on as we access this election. This is one ruling, but these things appear in added states as well. Acquaint me what your angle is as it relates to churches and the attacks on adoration activity into 2020.

SCHLAPP: Well, America was founded by bodies who basic to appear and exercise and accept chargeless announcement aback it comes to their religious views. That’s what America is all about. Aback you see these fascists on the larboard like Governor Cuomo, like Governor Northam, like Governor Whitmer, and all of these dejected accompaniment governors, they are aggravating to get amid us and our built-in rights.

There is absolutely a actual bright bank in the Aboriginal Alteration about how we can exercise our religious freedoms like Pam aloof said, like the advocate accepted aloof said, you know, our religious freedoms, our adeptness to speak, our adeptness to assemble. Aback it comes to our religious views, the governor of Virginia, the governor of New York, it’s a very, actual aerial bar they allegation ability to bind it, and what Bill Barr has said abundant advocate accepted is that they can no best say that there is a college bar to airing into a abbey than there is to go buy marijuana or liquor or accept your amusing services.

And that’s what’s activity on in society. Fascist left-wing governors cogent us what we can do and what we can’t accomplish Americans allegation angle up. The Constitution is at stake. It’s not so abundant our health, the bloom of our democracy.

CHAFFETZ: Lisa, ten seconds, your anticipation on this?

BOOTHE: Well, I was activity to — we’ve already ceded so abundant ascendancy to the government and you see how they are demography advantage of it, with Bill de Blasio dictating who gets to exercise their Aboriginal Alteration rights that should alarm anybody as we go bottomward a association that is acceptable beneath advanced of added ideologies and viewpoints. So that should be apropos how addition like Bill de Blasio chooses to apply his power.

CHAFFETZ: Yes, and Governor Cuomo as well. Matt, Lisa, Pam, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us tonight.

All right. Advancing up, Agent Joni Ernst of Iowa has put alternating a bill that would block federal funds from activity to cities and states that allowed, quote, chargeless zones. The agent joins us abutting to be explained as the appropriate copy of “Hannity” continues.


CHAFFETZ: Welcome aback to this “Hannity” special.

A beef connected tonight in Washington, D.C., breadth bodies are calling for the abatement of the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park.

Kevin Corke is alive on the arena with the latest — Kevin.

KEVIN CORKE, FOX NEWS CORRESPODENT: Jason, acceptable to be with you, my friend.

I can aloof say this — aboriginal on in the protest, we’re talking about several weeks now, we accept apparent massive crowds, and we’ve apparent some appealing angular crowds. I’m activity to footfall out of the camera so you can see aloof how angular the army is actuality tonight. This is the additional afterwards night breadth a cardinal of protesters said they would come, they did appearance up at atomic in almost baby numbers appropriate about 6:00. There were some speakers. There was some bit of conversation, some of it heated, but as you see actuality tonight, a almost quiet and dispersed crowd.

Now, that doesn’t change the abstraction abaft the gathering. A lot of bodies actual acerb that they appetite to abolish the bronze but I can acquaint you this, I additionally batten to a cardinal of bodies who said listen, leave that bronze breadth it is if you appetite to put up addition statue, if you appetite to accept a chat about whether it belongs in a building or appropriate breadth it is, we can accept that conversation.

But disturbing it bottomward is not article they’re activity to acquiesce — especially, let me footfall out afresh as I describe, there is fence. That fence is about 9 anxiety high. It is a lot sturdier than it looks on camera, adeptness anticipate it is a nice angular bank you can advance it over. No, that’s a appealing abundant fence they are. We accept law administration all about and so far, all quiet actuality at the nation’s capital.

CHAFFETZ: Kevin, acknowledge you. Fences do work.

So, all right. Left-wing chaos is additionally arresting the West Coast today has alleged CHOP protesters in Seattle are continuing to stop burghal workers from allowance out the area. And businesses and association are fed up with the abortion of leadership, suing the burghal and accusing leaders of actuality complicit in the chaos and abomination in the zone.

But Republicans are demography action, because breaking tonight, Admiral Trump has alive a new controlling adjustment to assure our civic cairn and he’s vowing to restore order, tweeting beforehand today, quote: I was activity to go to Bedminster, New Jersey, this weekend, but we basic to breach in Washington, D.C., to accomplish abiding law and adjustment is enforced.

And over in the United States Senate, Iowa Agent Joni Ernst has a new bill to end chaos in the streets by abstinent federal funds to cities and states that accustomed these types of anarchic chargeless zones. Actuality to explain added is columnist of the new book “Daughter of the Heartland”, Iowa Republican Agent Joni Ernst.

Senator, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us here. Explain what your new bill would do.

SEN. JONI ERNST, R-IOWA: Well, it is abundant to be with you, Jason. Acknowledge you actual much.

And the bill would anticipate federal aborigine dollars from activity to those chargeless zones, and the mayors and the governors that accredit the chaos to continue. For those mayors that anticipate law administration from absolutely activity into these areas and policing as they should be doing, we would band abroad the federal allotment that goes to those cities.

So, we anticipate it is a appropriate affair to do. We absolutely don’t appetite to accredit those areas. If they absolutely appetite to be autonomous, afresh they can abide on their own.

CHAFFETZ: Yeahs, I anticipate best bodies would be abashed and afraid by how abounding burial funds breeze to these altered cities, states, Administration of Amends grants, those types of things.

Senator, aback you see what has happened and transpired in Seattle, in CHOP or CHAZ, or whatever they’re calling themselves at the moment, what runs through your mind?

ERNST: Well, I anticipate it is absolutely absolutely acrid because we saw with the afterlife of George Floyd, a law administration administrator that had absent morality, was corrupt, absent all affinity for a adolescent animal beings, and that’s absolutely what we see these altered groups embracing, is lawlessness, corruption, and anarchy. You know, aggregate that they said that they were against, they are absolutely practicing in these chargeless zones.

So, I anticipate it is rather acrid that they are activity bottomward that aisle and I anticipate it’s absolutely actual sad. We absolutely are a abundant nation and we should bless our diversity, accept peaceful discussions. Chaos is not allotment of that conversation.

CHAFFETZ: And how do you acknowledge to those cities and states, and that absolutely the Democrats on the far larboard addition — they accept taken this position about defunding the badge department? Defunding things seems to get their attention. It seems your bill would absolutely get alike added of their attention.

ERNST: Right, it should get their attention. However, defunding the badge is aloof a annoying adage that the advanced elites will use aloof to get attention. But truly, aback the day comes, aback they accept defunded and dismantled their badge departments, and they absolutely allegation addition to appear to their aid, they will affliction that movement.

We are a country of law and order, and we allegation to accomplish abiding that we are training our badge properly, that we are affective advanced on badge ameliorate legislation which the Senate Democrats blocked the added day. I don’t accept that move.

But we do accept the best and brightest out there alive in uniforms and blue. And so, we allegation to abutment them. Accomplish abiding that they are accomplished and able properly. Accomplish abiding that they can abate assertive situations. But artlessly accepting rid of them, dismantling them, it is not a applicable option.

CHAFFETZ: And what is Chuck Schumer and the Democrats there in the Senate, what are they cerebration about aback Agent Tim Scott puts advanced a bill? My compassionate is that we’re activity to be up to some odd 20-something amendments that would be accustomed in this process.

ERNST: Uh-huh.

CHAFFETZ: But the Democrats absolutely voted to block alike the agitation of this bill.

ERNST: Exactly. It is so alarming aback our nation is arrant out for justice, alteration (ph) of ancestral injustice, and that we accept an befalling to appear calm in Congress and accommodate a aisle advanced and the Democrats blocked it. Aloof beeline out, didn’t alike appetite to agitation the affirmation of the bill, which the Tim Scott bill had apparently 70 to 80 percent of what the Democrats basic to see as a aboriginal step.

And yet, they were afraid to accomplish a move and agitation the affirmation of the bill. And that tells me aback you don’t appetite to agitation a bill, you’re not absolutely attractive for solutions.

And Tim Scott —


ERNST: — said it best. He absolutely did.

It wasn’t that they didn’t appetite a bill. They aloof didn’t appetite us, the Republicans, arch on the bill.

CHAFFETZ: Oh, that’s absolutely right.

Now, Senator, I’ve got to acquaint you, law and adjustment will be a key basic activity into 2020. I don’t apperceive how a civic affair like the Democrats fights adjoin the Border Patrol, adjoin ICE, and adjoin law administration in accepted and survives.

I’ve alone got like ten abnormal or so, but if you had to assumption appropriate now, who does Joe Biden aces up as his carnality president?

ERNST: Well, I will assumption — either Stacey Abrams or Val Demings. But again, I don’t anticipate it’s activity to amount in the end, because I anticipate Admiral Trump will see addition term.

CHAFFETZ: Yes, I do, too. I anticipate Americans aback they abstraction this, they attending at it, and I can’t delay for the debates.

Senator, congratulations on the new book and acknowledgment for abutting us on this Friday night. We do acknowledge it.

ERNST: Acknowledge you, Jason.

CHAFFETZ: All right. Up next, the chaos in advanced cities beyond America is ambagious out of control. Leo Terrell and Ted Williams will accompany us.

And later, we’ll appearance you Sean Hannity’s one-on-one altercation with above Apostle Newt Gingrich.

Don’t go abroad as the appropriate copy of “Hannity” continues.


CHAFFETZ: Welcome aback to the appropriate copy of “Hannity”.

Tonight, the chaos on the larboard is ambagious out of control. The Minneapolis Burghal Board is now acutely affective advanced with their affairs to annihilate their badge department. The burghal board voted to adapt the badge with a Administration of Community Assurance and Violence Prevention, which would accommodate a, quote, holistic accessible bloom aggressive access — whatever that means.

Meanwhile, one adjacency in Minneapolis that vowed not to use badge is now adverse the affliction of a 300-plus actuality abandoned encampment. And in New York City, the badge abettor has issued a acute warning, the bent amends arrangement is imploding, and agitated abomination is on the rise.

So aloof how bad is it activity to get as some on the far larboard abide to advance efforts to defund the police?

Joining us now with reaction, civilian rights advocate Leo Terrell, and Fox Account contributor Ted Williams.

Leo, I appetite to alpha with you here. Appear on. Is this absolutely the way we are activity to do this?

I mean, one of the definitions in the burghal board in Minneapolis said the arch of this new department, the holistic one, accept non-law administration experience. That’s what they’re attractive for, somebody who has non-law administration acquaintance to adapt the badge department, really?

LEO TERRELL, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Well, Jason, let me acquaint you appropriate now, the extremists accept hijacked the Autonomous Party. I apperceive about the Autonomous playbook — it’s comedy the chase calendar and avoid atramentous on atramentous crime.

In Seattle, they affirmation they are dismantling the badge administration because of boundless force adjoin bodies of color. Jason, there is added atramentous on atramentous abomination than badge delinquency adjoin atramentous individuals. They accept acclimated the George Floyd case, a abhorrent case, to annihilate police, and what is accident is, it’s accident in Autonomous cities throughout America.

The best antic thing, Jason, is that they affirmation there is systemic bigotry in Autonomous cities breadth the bodies of blush run the government. I will pay — I am authoritative — I will pay any ambassador and any of these Autonomous cities to agitation fabricated to authorize systemic bigotry in Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, or L.A.

It’s impossible. There is no systemic discrimination, but they are arena the chase calendar and they’re blank the atramentous on atramentous crime, which is the cardinal one analgesic of atramentous men.

CHAFFETZ: I mean, you attending at Chicago, that’s absolutely one of the factors.

Ted, what’s your acknowledgment to what Leo is saying?

TED WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, you know, no affable association can survive afterwards accessible safety. Accessible assurance is threatened aback you allocution about disbanding or defunding a badge department. Who are you activity to call, Ghostbusters aback addition is activity into your home?

There was a bent aspect out actuality that is aggravating to do us harm. But there is addition ancillary to this, and that is that badge admiral allegation be captivated accountable.

I was aloof alert beforehand to the case of a adolescent kid, Elijah McClain out in Colorado who was activity home who was chock-full by law administration officers. They got on top of him. He started vomiting. They took him to the hospital and as he was activity to the hospital, he died of a affection attack.

So what I’m artlessly is, we cannot alibi the actuality that there are some bad badge admiral out here, but we additionally allegation apprehend that there are a lot of accomplished badge admiral out actuality who are aggravating to do their job, confined and attention the associates of their communities.



TERRELL: Let me aloof accomplish this point. This is actual important. It’s not — it’s 98 percent of the admiral are great, great. They assure us at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.

And here’s the irony of this accomplished bearings — Atramentous Lives said they affliction about all atramentous lives. I accept a ancestors affiliate who’s atramentous who’s in law enforcement. Does her activity matter? She is out attention atramentous bodies and white folks.

So my point — my point is this, you can’t accept it both ways, Atramentous Lives Matter, because they were atramentous association apery law enforcement, but yet you’re adage annihilate the police. It doesn’t accomplish sense. Atramentous officers, white admiral assure and the alone barrier amid —


WILLIAMS: Leo, you are right. Doesn’t accomplish sense, but I can acquaint you, Leo, that there are a lot of atramentous men and women who are in a gray arrant out adage that they were abused by badge admiral and they died as a aftereffect of that abuse.

So, we’ve got to attending at this.


WILLIAMS: It’s a acrid sword. We got to attending at both abandon of this picture.

TERRELL: No, no, what is accident is this, Ted, that is the Democrats accept acclimated racism as a political tool. I accept — I accept sued badge departments for 25 years. It happens, but it’s not systemic. There is not institutional racism aural badge departments.

This is not 1960. We don’t accept Lester Maddox. We don’t accept George Wallace.

This is all a hoax to accession money. That’s all it is, by Democrats.

CHAFFETZ: Hey, accept — hey, listen, I’ve got to acquaint you, law administration needs to apperceive that we adulation them and we affliction for them.


CHAFFETZ: And if somebody accomplish out of line, they allegation to advice us to alarm out those people. But I’m cogent you, aback you allegation help, like I’ve bare advice in my activity from time to time, you punch 911, you are allurement for those badge admiral to come. And those families allegation to apperceive that we adulation and affliction for them and we acknowledge what they’re doing.

TERRELL: Absolutely.

CHAFFETZ: Ted Williams, Leo Terrell, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us tonight.

Democrats are acquisitive to accomplish Washington, D.C., the 51st state, but Republicans are calling it a ability grab. Agent Andy Biggs and Debbie Lesko abutting me abutting to react.

And later, Sean afresh sat bottomward with the above House Apostle Newt Gingrich to allocution about why this is one of the best important elections in avant-garde history. You don’t appetite to absence it.

Stay with us.


CHAFFETZ: Democrats in the House of Representatives today anesthetized a bill acknowledging D.C. statehood as allotment of their beyond accomplishment to accept the Autonomous bastion bolster the cardinal of Democrats in Congress.

Now, this accessible political achievement is actuality panned by Republicans as a abandoned ability grab and is dead-on-arrival in the United States Senate.

But that’s not endlessly Democrats like Maxine Waters from acceleration bottomward and falsely suggesting that activity is somehow racially motivated. Watch this.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: Accomplish no mistake: Chase underlies every altercation adjoin D.C. statehood, and abstinent its citizens according — of according accord and representation is a racial, democratic, and bread-and-butter corruption we cannot tolerate.


CHAFFETZ: Of course, we apperceive what this is absolutely about, giving Democrats two added senators, and a adumbrative in the House of Representatives.

Joining me now for reaction, GOP House lawmakers, Agent Andy Biggs and Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, both of Arizona.

Thank you both for abutting us actuality tonight.

Was there — let me alpha with you, Congresswoman Lesko, was there any application to the United States Constitution? Did it never alike appear up aback the Democrats allocution about this?

REP. DEBBIE LESKO, R-ARIZ.: Of advance not, Jason. I mean, this is aloof addition archetype of an actionable ability grab by the Democrats and additionally abolitionist bills that they accumulate casual out of that House. I mean, they accept this one — aloof yesterday, they anesthetized a bill that would attenuate badge so they couldn’t do their job. They appetite to accord $1,200 payments to acknowledged immigrants. They appetite to accord chargeless bloom affliction to actionable immigrants.

These are all bills that they’ve anesthetized out of the House, and if the Democrats ascendancy the House, the Senate, and the admiral afterwards November, all of that actuality would be the law of the land.

And so, I achievement our admirers are alert to that. That’s why this acclamation matters.

CHAFFETZ: Agent Biggs, again, the acumen I was adjoin to it aback I was in Congress is it’s adjoin the Constitution. The Constitution acutely spells this out. But there was no application of that today in the debate, was there?

REP. ANDY BIGGS, R-ARIZ.: No, not at all, Jason. You’re absolutely right.

And if they absolutely were sincere, they would’ve beatific a resolution — to accelerate this to the bodies for a built-in alteration as adjoin to — for acceptance by the states, instead of accomplishing what they did today which is artlessly a bill. And you’re correct. I mean, it’s aloof an attack to ability grab.

But it’s beneath than that in some means because it’s alone pandering. They apperceive that it doesn’t beggarly annihilation added than to arouse their abject that are absorbed in this. And so, it’s absolutely a abashment that they try to dispense the Constitution this way.

CHAFFETZ: Yes, Congresswoman, I appetite to ask you. You know, best bodies don’t apprehend this, but Washington, D.C., goes through the bluff of electing adumbration — literally, they alarm it adumbration senators that are able to booty their seats at the United States Senate at every moment.

So Washington, D.C., has a abandoned problem, they accept — you know, how do they armamentarium this, they accept all these issues to accord with. Meanwhile, they accept appointment amplitude for adumbration senators, and they’re not absolutely acclamation the absolute amount problems that are absolutely adverse the city.

LESKO: Well, yes, you’re absolutely appropriate and in the bill, it said that the ambassador of Washington, D.C., would be the governor of — of this new state. I mean, can you brainstorm Ambassador Bowser actuality the governor? She can’t alike run her own city.

Like you said, there’s homelessness. The schools are not assuming well. Now, there’s looting, rioting.

She didn’t alike appetite to advice Admiral Trump defend, you know, civic monuments. I mean, this would be a absolute disaster.

And, you know, it’s aloof addition one of these abolitionist bills that the — that the Democrats are blame through alike admitting they apperceive it’s not activity to canyon in the Senate, at atomic not yet. We can’t let the Senate be taken over by Democrats and absolutely not the presidency.

CHAFFETZ: Agent Biggs, quickly. I’ve alone got about 30 seconds. Your reaction?

BIGGS: Yes, you apperceive what? If they absolutely are anxious about accepting a appropriate to vote in federal elections and accepting balloter votes, they can do what they did in 1847, and we gave some of that acreage aback to Virginia and we can get some of this acreage that’s actual aback to Maryland and accumulate the federal commune in and of itself. So there are options there.


CHAFFETZ: That’s absolutely right. That’s absolutely right.


CHAFFETZ: Retrocede the residential areas to Maryland.

BIGGS: Exactly.

CHAFFETZ: But Maryland would never appetite to do that.

Congressman Biggs, Congresswoman Lesko, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us. I ambition we had added time.

But advancing up next, this week, Sean batten with Newt Gingrich about why this acclamation is one of the best important in all of avant-garde history. You won’t appetite to absence this.

Stay with us.


CHAFFETZ: We all apperceive how important this accessible acclamation is. In 130 days, you will get to adjudge the approaching of this abundant country.

Former apostle of the House and Fox Account contributor, Newt Gingrich, is out with a aboriginal book. It’s blue-blooded “Trump and the American Future: Solving the Abundant Problems of Our Time”.

Newt batten with Sean beforehand this anniversary to altercate the impacts of this alternative and how it could fundamentally change America. Accept a look.


HANNITY: We were talking on the radio this week. We’re talking about how we aboriginal met in 1990 and you are accomplishing a accent in Decatur, Alabama, and you came on. And our history is, I’ve got to emcee the night you took aback Congress for Republicans for the aboriginal time in 40 years. I apperceive we say it a lot, and it’s been true, but not as accurate as it is now.

I accept if Joe Biden, the left-wing agenda, the New Green Deal, anemic adopted activity is implemented, America becomes unrecognizable, and I don’t anticipate there’s a way to recover. That’s how acute this acclamation is.

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Now, look, I anticipate this is the best important acclamation aback Abraham Lincoln in 1860. So, 160 years is a connected time.

But I don’t anticipate it’s aloof Biden. I anticipate it’s the apparatus of Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, what the three of them would do the minute they had absolute power, the bodies they would appoint, they’d anon abolition all of Trump’s controlling orders. I anticipate they would do aggregate they could in the actual aboriginal year to about-face America to California, to appoint left-wing ethics on all of our schools, to reinforce for the big Internet companies that they should annihilate all conservatives.

I absolutely anticipate it would be a adverse acclamation aftereffect if you concluded up with Biden, Pelosi and Schumer in allegation of America.

HANNITY: So, let’s accept the third quarter, July, August, September numbers, we’re already seeing — I didn’t anticipate we see advance numbers this fast based on the abridgement shutting down, but we’re seeing them. So let’s accept we accept bisected of the accretion which would be aberrant job advance in this country and one of the abundant American improvement success stories.

Let’s accept that some of these abysmal accompaniment agents that advised adjoin Donald Trump are apparently indicted. Let’s accept that Joe Biden at some point has to appear out of his basement and I apperceive that’s activity to aching Terry McAuliffe, who’s accomplished for him to breach bottomward there always and that he’s absolutely activity to accept to allocution and explain his almanac and, you know, I don’t anticipate it’s — he is activity to do decidedly well, but that’s aloof me attractive into my little, you know, bright ball.

How does this acclamation afresh abatement out in your view? Because it’s hard, you’ve got to win, you know, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, you know, it’s — you’ve got — you’ve got to absolutely run the table if you’re a Republican.

GINGRICH: No, you know, I don’t anticipate so. I’ve been alive as you apperceive for a actual connected time. I lived through the ’72 attack with Nixon crushing McGovern. I lived through the ’84 campaign. I was an activist agent in San Francisco at the Autonomous Convention for Walter Mondale. I’ve been through a alternation of these things.

I was with George H.W. Bush aback he was abaft Dukakis by 19 points. That was in May. He exhausted him by eight credibility in November, which meant that one out of every four Americans about-face their vote in that period.

So I anticipate one or two things is activity to happen. You accept Trump makes a reasonable bread-and-butter recovery, not aback to breadth we were, but acutely affective in that direction.

And if he draws a bright adverse not aloof with Biden but with Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden as a machine, that is abundant scarier than aloof Biden. I anticipate at that point, I don’t anticipate it will be close. I anticipate we’ll win by a huge margin.

HANNITY: Mr. Speaker, acknowledge you. You’re usually right. That’s a abundant — I am activity to adhere to your achievement because it’s annihilation but the approaching of our accomplished republic at stake, annihilation serious. But congratulations on the book.

GINGRICH: Acknowledge you.


CHAFFETZ: Added of this appropriate copy of “Hannity” appropriate afterwards the break. Breach with us.


CHAFFETZ: Welcome aback to the appropriate copy of “Hannity.” I’m accustomed and advantaged to bedfellow host for Sean.

So, Sean, acknowledge you for absolution me sit in your seat.

Unfortunately, that’s all the time we accept tonight. Now, if you appetite to dive added into your compassionate of the swamp, that is Washington, D.C., I acclaim my book, “Power Grab.” I additionally wrote one alleged “The Abysmal State.” I achievement you adore them.

Thank you for abutting us tonight, accomplish abiding to set your DVR so you never absence an adventure of “Hannity.” Sean will be appropriate aback actuality on Monday. I achievement you all accept a abundant weekend.

“The Ingraham Angle” is advancing up next.

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