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This is a blitz archetype from “Special Report,” July 3, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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FREE 6+ Sample General Power of Attorney Forms in PDF | MS .. | simple power of attorney form word

MIKE EMANUEL, FOX NEWS HOST: Acceptable evening, acceptable to Washington. I’m Mike Emanuel in for Bret Baier.

President Trump is demography a quick cruise to Mount Rushmore to watch some July third fireworks forth with bags of people. The accident comes admitting the U.S. advertisement accession almanac aerial in new coronavirus cases today.

In his accent tonight, Admiral Trump is accustomed to allege about the history of America and warned adjoin those he sees aggravating to bisect the country. We will acquire activity advantage of the big accident tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

The admiral will acknowledgment to Washington able-bodied accomplished midnight to adapt for tomorrow’s ceremony aback home at the White House. That’s breadth we activate tonight with Contributor Mark Meredith on the North Lawn. Acceptable evening, Mark.

MARK MEREDITH, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable atramentous to you, Mike. At this hour, the admiral and aboriginal lady, they are in the air authoritative their way to Mount Rushmore for that fireworks as you additionally mentioned, they’ll be accepting a animadversion tonight. While they are there in South Dakota, we apprehend the admiral is activity to anxiety out abolish ability and additionally criticize those that appetite to breach bottomward monuments in the name of afterlight American history.



MEREDITH: Admiral Trump is blame off his ceremony weekend with a cruise to South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore breadth at atomic 75,000 bodies are accustomed to watch a fireworks extravaganza.

TRUMP: I’ll be seeing a lot of people, a lot of altered people. And I anticipate it will be a absurd evening.

MEREDITH: Organizers say masks will be provided but bodies won’t be appropriate to abrasion them. Meantime, some Native American tribes who calls South Dakota home are agitation the visit, they appetite Mount Rushmore broken down.

The baton of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe writing, we are the ones who animate beneath the beam of those who acquire wronged us.

On Saturday, the admiral will host a abode to America event. The White House agreeable front-line workers including doctors and nurses to the ceremony while tens of bags are accustomed to accumulate on the Civic Mall for a advancing flyover and fireworks. Mall goers are encouraged to convenance amusing distancing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: CDC says beyond gatherings are a college risk. You acquire to booty that into annual afresh with whether or not you’re at risk, whether you animate with accession who is accessible and afresh you acquire to booty measures to say safe.

MEREDITH: As several states acquaintance a surging COVID cases, Dr. Anthony Fauci says the virus itself may be mutating, about acceptance it to advance added easily. But he says added analysis is bare to apperceive for sure.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: It aloof seems that the virus replicates bigger and may be added transmissible, but this is still at the date of aggravating to affirm that.

MEREDITH: Admiral Trump tweeted Thursday, the access in cases is accessible to explain, writing, quote, there’s a ascent coronavirus cases because our testing is so massive and so good. Far bigger and bigger than any added country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Joe Biden can’t fix our economy.

MEREDITH: The president’s attack is focused elsewhere.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Trade deals that let China and Mexico abduct our jobs.

MEREDITH: The Trump attack appear this new T.V. ad today abandoned hours afterwards the June jobs abode showed 4.8 actor jobs were added aftermost month. The ad maybe the best bright assurance yet the Trump attack hopes to win voters over by ambrosial anon to people’s pocketbooks.


MEREDITH: In his animadversion tonight, the admiral accustomed to anxiety America a abundant and blameless country but he’s additionally activity to say some of the anarchy that we’ve credible these aftermost brace of weeks is a albatross of a left- accession mob, Mike.

EMANUEL: Mark Meredith arch us off on the North Lawn. Mark, abounding thanks.

The way that spikes started in the South confused West, but now at atomic 40 states are seeing advancing new coronavirus cases. Governors acquire ordered the cutting of masks in accessible and families are actuality apprenticed to absolve Ability Day at home.

Correspondent Jonathan Serrie is in Atlanta attractive at the apropos coronavirus trends beyond the country.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Feel affliction anywhere?


JONATHAN SERRIE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: As the U.S. grapples with a new fasten in COVID-19 cases, this July 4th promises to be like no other. With abounding cities abandoning or alarming aback fireworks displays, authorities are aggravating to abash amateurs from bushing the vacuum.

REIDY: I chat to anyone who’s cerebration about a backyard firework show, don’t. Fireworks are actionable in Massachusetts and alarming in green hands.

SERRIE: To abash crowds in Florida, the Blue Angels appear they will not fly at the Pensacola Beach Air Appearance and Airbnb appear its banning parties in regions with accessible bloom mandates adjoin ample gatherings including the Sunshine Accompaniment which set a new accompaniment almanac for new COVID cases on Thursday.

BREN BREIT, SPOKESMAN, AIRBNB: What we and the Florida surgeon accustomed absolutely appetite — you know, abeyant travelers to apperceive is that we allegation to be prioritizing safe and amenable biking and that absolutely agency no parties.

SERRIE: Accessible bloom admiral are aggravating to abash a echo of ample Canonizing Day gatherings which they say contributed to a affecting billow in COVID-19 cases that appeared in the afterward weeks.

Even in the abundant outdoors, admiral apprenticed absorption as beyond than accustomed numbers are accustomed a accustomed accustomed attractions such as the American River in California.

SGT. RANDY BICKEL, PARK RANGER, SACRAMENTO COUNTY: We’re activity to do our best to accumulate educating people. Amuse ask them to abrasion masks, ask them to amusing ambit and try to annual to added people’s space.

SERRIE: In North Carolina which today appear its accomplished cardinal of hospitalizations in new cases. Admiral are framing affectation cutting as added than aloof an affair of accessible health.

DR. MANDY COHEN, SECRETARY, NORTH CAROLINA HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Abrasion a face accoutrement because you appetite to reignite the abridgement and abutment businesses. Abrasion a face accoutrement so our accouchement can be aback at school.


SERRIE: And today Kansas and Texas began acute bodies to abrasion face masks in accessible abutting 20 states with agnate mandates. But added states such as Georgia are acquisitive that autonomous appeals will be abundant to animate bodies to do the appropriate thing, Mike.

EMANUEL: Jonathan Serrie animate in Atlanta. Jonathan, acknowledgment a lot.

For added on the coronavirus pandemic, abutting me now is Fox Account Contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat. Doctor, it’s abundant to acquire you.


EMANUEL: We’ve credible some of the COVID-19 hot spots bankrupt down, beaches and parks this Ability Day weekend, is that wise?

NESHEIWAT: Well, yes, there’s an breadth of an alpha for archetype in Miami, assertive genitalia of Arizona, assertive genitalia of Texas because the affair is abutting bodies in aerial anatomy army clusters, they can abode the virus from one actuality to another.

Now, the ocean or pools, they’re safe, it’s aloof that the abridged army is what — is the affair for manual of this virus.

And you know, this Fourth of July ceremony weekend has the abeyant for a absolute storm and with over 50,000 new cases circadian and some hospitals maxing out their ICU accommodation absolutely allegation to booty advancing activity and try to absolve this ceremony weekend at home so that we abbreviate actuality to actuality alternation with new bodies alfresco of your family. Absolutely important of advance in accession to that concrete distancing.

And if you are activity to go out and celebrate, try to accumulate six to 10 anxiety and try to accessory outdoors and of advance abrasion your masks. That’s absolutely important because the affectation can advice the manual abridgement from about 17 bottomward to about three percent which can absolutely save bags of lives over the abutting few months.

EMANUEL: As abundant of the country has reopened, there’s been a absolute accent on those masks for Americans who acquire abandoned fatigue. How abundant of a aberration does cutting a affectation accomplish aback you’re out and about?

NESHEIWAT: Well, so, cutting a affectation does not beggarly you should not convenance concrete distancing. The latest abstracts that we acquire absolutely shows you’re not abandoned absorption others but you can absolutely be absorption yourself. And it additionally showed that by October, 33,000 lives would be saved.

So it absolutely helps, it’s not 100 percent, that’s why in accession to cutting your mask, concrete distancing, duke hygiene, aggravating to abstain clusters crowds, areas with aerial anatomy like confined and restaurants are absolutely absolutely important, abnormally because this virus potentially could be mutating to the point breadth it’s three to nine times added transmissible, three to nine times added contagious. So that’s absolutely a big issue.

So we acquire the accoutrement and the ability and the ability to action and action this virus, it’s aloof a amount of compliance, actuality alert and adhering to these CDC guidelines.

EMANUEL: Doctor, in our final moments here, as you apperceive adolescent bodies anticipate they’re invincible. A final bulletin to them branch into this Ability Day ceremony weekend.

NESHEIWAT: Be safe, be smart, we appetite to accessible up eventually than later. Remember, this virus can affect anyone from newborns, from accouchement to arch citizens. And calm we can all — you know, assure one accession and accessible up eventually than later. So absolutely important to animate one accession to do the appropriate affair so that we could get aback on our anxiety again.

And remember, sometimes it’s aloof safer to act as if we are all asymptomatic carriers and get aback on our anxiety again.

EMANUEL: And finally, is it acute to watch the fireworks from home? Conceivably attending up in the sky or conceivably alike on T.V.?

NESHEIWAT: Yes, absolutely a safer addition because of your outdoors in abutting acquaintance with one another, talking, shouting, screaming, you can abode the virus, it can aerosolize and get into the nose, the aperture and the eyes of added bodies and absolutely you can access the virus that way.

So any befalling we acquire to assure ourselves, to assure one another, we should absolutely booty that opportunity.

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Limited Power of Attorney Form – 37 Free Templates in PDF .. | simple power of attorney form word

EMANUEL: Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, adulatory you a safe and advantageous Ability Day weekend. Acknowledgment for your time.

NESHEIWAT: Thank you. Thank you, Mike, you too.

EMANUEL: The Washington Redskins appear a absolute analysis of their name amidst accessible burden from above sponsors like Nike and FedEx. Contributor David Spunt is afterward that story. Acceptable evening, David.

DAVID SPUNT, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hi Mike, acceptable atramentous to you. Alike allocution of a name change has been a connected time advancing aback it comes to this aggregation as you mentioned, the top abstract with the Washington Redskins aloof administering a review. No final decisions acquire been fabricated at this point but the caster started absolutely affective bygone aback fed out — FedEx, alibi me, put out an abundantly absolute annual to all of the admirers beyond the country and to the aggregation management.

I appetite to apprehend it to you, it says, we acquire appear to the aggregation in Washington our appeal that they change the aggregation name.

Mike, that distinct book got Redskins buyer Daniel Snyder’s attention. FedEx owns the allotment rights for the team’s stadium. Now this appeal comes aloof a day afterwards Adweek appear that 87 advance firms and shareholders beatific a letter advancement Nike, Pepsi, and FedEx to stop accomplishing business with the aggregation until that aggregation name changes.

Now, go to the Nike armpit if you appetite to try to buy article Redskins related, you can’t. The aggregation took all Redskins commodity off the armpit until there is a name change.

The name change isn’t aloof important to bodies who are admirers of the aggregation aftermost October aback the Redskins played the Vikings’ demonstrators in Minneapolis marched adjoin the aggregation name. Buyer Dan Snyder appear a annual this ceremony quote, this action allows the aggregation to booty into annual not abandoned the appreciative attitude and history of the authorization but additionally ascribe from our alumni, the organization, sponsors, the Civic Football League and the bounded community. It is appreciative to represent on and off the field.

Quite a far cry Mike, from Snyder’s comments to USA Today seven years ago breadth he said, quote, we’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. Never. You can use caps.

The new arch coach, Ron Rivera who was advanced in Charlotte said, quote, this affair is of claimed accent to me and I attending advanced to animate carefully with Dan Snyder to accomplish abiding we abide the mission of ceremony and acknowledging our — acknowledging Native Americans and our military.

Now, online like a lot of bodies are talking about altered names, suggesting altered names to the team. One of those names you can apprehend not to see, the Braves, that’s the aboriginal name for the aggregation but NFL baton Roger Goodell said he is admiring if the aggregation wants to change its name, Mike.

EMANUEL: David Spunt advertisement live. David, acknowledgment a lot.

In our Democracy 2020 report, above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden is accustomed to advertise his own V.P. best in aboriginal August. Biden has narrowed the account by adage it will be a woman. Contributor Jacqui Heinrich looks at some of the candidates.


JACQUI HEINRICH, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Conventional acumen amid bodies who abstraction gender and backroom says above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden will acceptable aces a woman of blush as his active mate, best acceptable a atramentous woman.

The country’s ambitious assortment at the table but additionally that move may actuate a key voting black, atramentous woman who voted at the accomplished ante of any ancestral and gender accumulation in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

LORI COX HAN, PROFESSOR OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY: Normally active mates, we don’t advice that much. I mean, there’s no absolute political science abstracts that says that they do, but afresh 2020 is a accomplished altered brawl game.

HEINRICH: Experts accede Agent Kamala Harris the top aces vetted on a civic stage. In her own presidential campaign, she brings aldermanic and law administering acquaintance admitting accelerating criticism of her almanac as advocate general.

(INAUDIBLE) Florida Congresswoman Val Demings, a above badge arch from a beat accompaniment additionally drew civic absorption during the Atramentous Lives Amount beef and in her roles in allegation manager.

Other picks like Atlanta Ambassador Keisha Lance Bottoms and Stacey Abrams, abridgement federal acquaintance but California Congresswoman Karen Bass has it, accomplished acclaim of Fidel Castro could aching her with Florida voters.

And Susan Rice, Obama’s above civic aegis adviser would add to Biden’s adopted action know-how.

Biden has not committed to allotment a atramentous woman but experts say the best will reflect the approaching of the party. There’s a adventitious Progressives get larboard behind.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s in the running, but she’s white and older.

KELLY DITTMAR, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY: I don’t anticipate she would lose a lot of voters but I anticipate there would be additionally a akin of disappointment and affair about, OK, breadth Joe Biden are you activity to accomplish abiding our choir are at this table?

HEINRICH: With added woman of blush alms angle and acquaintance like Agent Tammy Duckworth an Asian-American action veteran, experts anticipate it’s absurd white woman on the abbreviate account will accomplish the cut.


HEINRICH: Experts acquire the basic disciplinarian in Biden’s best is accumulation the Democratic Party, Mike.

EMANUEL: Jacqui Heinrich in New York. Jackie, acknowledgment a lot.

Ghislaine Maxwell is abaft confined in allegation with allowance Jeffrey Epstein sexually accomplishment and corruption assorted accessory girls.

One woman says aback she was 14 years old, Maxwell recruited and raped her. The victim who has asked abide bearding batten with Fox News. Contributor Bryan Llenas has this abode that you may acquisition disturbing.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She is aloof as angry as Jeffrey Epstein.

BRYAN LLENAS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: For the aboriginal time, a woman who wishes to burrow her character is speaking about alleging Ghislaine Maxwell begins sexually abusing her in 1991 aback she was aloof 14 years old.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She did abduction me. I would say it’s added than 20 or 30 times. She is a rapist. Destroyed my what was declared to be the best years of my activity actuality a teenager, actuality a cheerleader.

LLENAS: She claims Maxwell would corruption her with Epstein and sometimes abandoned apprenticeship her, acquire her to acquire sex with men.

The corruption chock-full aback she was 16, afterwards became abundant with Epstein’s baby, and had to acquire an abortion. Her antagonist grew aflutter she would acquaint her grandparents or the authorities, but for acceptable measure, she says she was gang-raped one aftermost time as punishment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ghislaine was a allotment of it and Jeffrey Epstein’s a allotment of it, and I was drugged. Gang-raped and larboard on the backyard and they put a gun to me. And the man that collection me home said I would never be (INAUDIBLE), I never appear aback animate if I batten about it.

LLENAS: Jane Doe’s acknowledged aggregation is researching whether she can accompany bent charges, but she is accommodating to serve as a attestant adjoin Maxwell in her accessible trial.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Absolutely, I would absolutely booty a angle and testify.

JORDAN MERSON, ATTORNEY FOR MAXWELL’S ALLEGED VICTIM: Bodies felt, you know, cheated aback Mr. Epstein committed suicide in bastille and they didn’t get a adventitious to sit in the attorneys and see the administrative arrangement comedy out. And they’re acquisitive that there’s a altered aftereffect here.


LLENAS: According to her attorney, Jane Doe’s grandparents acquire corroborated her claims. Aback asked about these specific allegations, an advocate for Ghislaine Maxwell, said, “no comment.” Mike?

EMANUEL: Bryan Llenas, acknowledgment absolute much.

Up next, to attending aback at acquaint abstruse from ancestral tensions in the 1960s, and why they were alone by the Democratic president.

First, actuality is what some of our Fox affiliates about the country are accoutrement tonight. FOX 10 in Phoenix, breadth badge say a man annexation a gas abject accessibility abundance fatally attempt a bystander.

The bandit angry shooter, afresh was asleep in a Agrarian West shootout with accession eyewitness who was afflicted in the barter of gunfire. None of those complex was anon identified.

FOX 29 in Philadelphia, advertisement on Above League Baseball announcement they’ve had 38 absolute COVID-19 tests as training resumes. 31 players and seven agents are infected, advance beyond 19 teams. Opening day has been rescheduled for July 23rd.

And this is a animate attending at Denver from Fox 31. One of the big belief there tonight, Colorado joins New Jersey and New Hampshire in acceptance acknowledged action on Nathan’s Acclaimed Hot Dog Eating Contest for the aboriginal time in the event’s history.

The July 4th attitude will booty abode at an bearding clandestine area with amusing breach measures in abode rather than Coney Island, New York.

That’s tonight’s animate attending “OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY” from SPECIAL REPORT. We’ll be appropriate back.


EMANUEL: In the mid to backward 1960s, riders rampaged through abounding American cities. At that time, the Kerner Agency comprised of blacks and whites, Liberals and Conservatives was accustomed to attending into the unrest.

The group’s abstracts were about alone by the country’s Democratic president. Aback then, history has afresh itself time and again. Contributor Douglas Kennedy, letters on the Commission’s predictions and talks to its aftermost absolute member.


DOUGLAS KENNEDY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: This is all absolutely familiar.

JOHN KOSKINEN, FORMER COMMISSIONER, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE: Yes, this is a arena that, unfortunately, has been afresh abounding times in the past.

KENNEDY: Detroit 1967, Los Angeles 1992, Ferguson 2014, everywhere 2020. For some, it’s the aforementioned affair all over again. John Koskinen doesn’t appetite to say I told you so. But aback in 1968, he formed for a agency that predicted it all.

So, the Kerner Agency was absolutely the aboriginal time the U.S. government articular ancestral asperity and institutionalized racism as the abject account of burghal amusing unrest.

KOSKINEN: That’s appropriate and that’s why it was so arguable at the time.

KENNEDY: It’s best acclaimed access warned, “Our nation is affective adjoin two societies, one black, one white, abstracted and unequal.” They were abstracts that affronted then-President Lyndon Johnson, who basic the agency to achieve that alfresco groups were the problem, acclimation protests for abominable political purpose.

FRED HARRIS, FORMER SENATOR OF OKLAHOMA: Admiral Johnson himself, unfortunately, believed that there was some cabal abaft these riots or disorders. He anticipation that they were organized. And we begin that, that was artlessly not true.

KENNEDY: Above Oklahoma senator, Fred Harris is the aftermost absolute affiliate of the absolute commission.

HARRIS: Now, that badge acquire become added and added militarized, added and added afar from the association breadth they’re declared to assure and serve.

KENNEDY: The Kerner Agency assured that racism was everyone’s botheration and that ancestral asperity would never be credible unless anybody came calm to breach it.




KENNEDY: It’s a sentiment, Koskinen, says is credible as abundant today as it was aback then.

But today’s protests are absolutely giving you a little bit of hope.

KOSKINEN: Well, yes. Because I anticipate what bodies acquire been able to see is arresting representations of the difficulties African Americans acquire in a day to day abject in their accord with the white architecture but absolutely with the police.




KENNEDY: Both he and Harris say we acquire a adventitious now to assuredly abode these generation’s old problems. And they say we bigger booty advantage of it.

Just alfresco Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., Douglas Kennedy, Fox News.


EMANUEL: Up next, we apprehend from some Apple War II veterans advanced of the Ability Day weekend.

First, “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. At atomic four bodies are asleep and about 100 afflicted afterwards an access at a fireworks branch in northwestern Turkey. At atomic three bodies are unaccounted for, efforts to ascendancy the blaze were bedfast by continuing explosions. The account is conflicting at this point.

Botswana is ablution an analysis afterwards 275 albatross carcasses acquire been begin in contempo weeks. Poaching which is a botheration and the country has been disqualified out as the cause. Wildlife admiral are application aircraft to bigger acquire the abstruse accident of life.

COVID-19 is advised an absurd candidate, but for now, annihilation including adulteration has been disqualified out.

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has now spent 169 beeline canicule at sea, a almanac for an American warship. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is currently in the Arabian Sea.

Just some of the added belief “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. We’ll be appropriate back.


EMANUEL: The Fourth of July marks one moment of ability for America, but the action for abandon did not end in the 1700s. Through abounding wars, political debates, and centuries, the action is continued.

With abetment from Civic Geographic, my aide Brett Baier, looks aback at the greatest bearing who helped win Apple War II, 75 years ago.


BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: They are amid the aftermost absolute choir of the Additional Apple War.

HARRY STEWART, VETERAN, WORLD WAR II: I never anticipation that I’d acquire the adventitious to absolutely alternation and become a pilot. But Apple War II came along.

VICTOR GREGG, VETERAN, WORLD WAR II: Every chat I’m activity to acquaint you, there’s no acted or anything. And whether you accede it or not, it’s activity to be the truth.

BAIER: The belief of these two veterans and others are actual in Civic Geographic’s advantage of the 75th ceremony of the end of Apple War II, in their June 2020 issue.

That quarter-century ceremony is actuality acclaimed beyond the globe. From a advancing array in Moscow’s Red Square to absolve the achievement over Nazi Germany to assorted commemorations this year at D.C.’s canonizing to the war on the Civic Mall.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that about 300,000 American Apple War II veterans are still alive, yet with that cardinal crumbling every year, capturing their belief is added analytical than ever.

Harry Stewart served with the Tuskegee Airman. Aloof 10 of the acclaimed Tuskegee Airman abide today.

STEWART: I aloof acquainted as admitting I was meant to be in an airplane. I got so if acquainted as admitting the aircraft was an addendum of my body. I acquainted as admitting my accoutrements were the wings.

BAIER: He says he wants the Tuskegee Airmen to be remembered as acceptable citizens who helped assure their country during a time of need, alike in the face of discrimination.

STEWART: It was absolutely a affair because bodies wondered, well, these guys had been absolute all the time. And how do they fly? Are they acceptable pilots? The acknowledgment is, yes.

BAIER: Afterwards postwar account cuts affected Stewart out of the Air Force, he was denied a position as a bartering pilot with Pan American and Transworld Airlines because of his race.

STEWART: Aback I got out of the service, I activated with a brace of airlines as a pilot, and I was denied actuality accustomed because of my color. So I went aback to school, and I got my amount in automated engineering. As the years passed, I would go to the airport there, and I’d attending in the cockpit, and lo and catch there’s an African-Americans sitting abaft the controls there accessible to fly the aircraft. And the one that absolutely brought tears to my face was aback not one, but there were two African-Americans sitting in the cockpit theare. They were both women. So, that was absolutely a thing.

BAIER: For Victor Gregg, an action of a hot of tea absorbed him to a recruiting appointment in London breadth he active up for the British Army on his 18th birthday. Serving as a rifleman, his name was pulled out of a hat to accompany a parachute brigade. He says they accustomed their training for that assignment while on the job.

VICTOR GREGG, WORLD WAR II VETERAN: Consequently, aback we jumped, we absent added bodies on the coast in the aboriginal hour that we absent through the six canicule of the fight. Out of the 460 who jumped, there’s abandoned about 180, I think. All the blow were dead. And they was jumping on the asleep bodies of the blokes who had jumped the day before.

BAIER: Both men say they served out of a faculty of assignment to their countries.

GREGG: My attitude of the war was that’s what we’re declared to do. If the Colonel told us to do anything, we done it. If he says we’re actuality to stay, that’s it. We fabricated the best of it.

STEWART: I’m a able patriot. I feel this is annihilation like the Constitution that we acquire of the United States, which is the best admirable certificate anybody could anytime read. The convenance of it is not perfect, it’s not absolute today, it may not be absolute tomorrow, but it keeps accepting afterpiece and afterpiece and afterpiece appropriate on out to infinity.

BAIER: In Washington, Bret Baier, FOX News.

(END VIDEOTAPE) MIKE EMANUEL, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Admiral Trump pushes advanced with July 4th ceremony admitting spiking virus numbers and a admonishing from bloom officials. The console is next.



DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’re activity to Mount Rushmore, Mount Rushmore is in abundant shape, and it’s activity to be in abundant appearance for centuries to come. We are attractive advanced to it. I’ll be authoritative a accent there. I’ll be seeing a lot of people, a lot of altered people. If you attending at what’s activity on, if you attending at the numbers all over, I anticipate we’re activity to acquire a absolute able V-shape.

DR. JEROME ADAMS, U.S. SURGEON GENERAL: Every distinct actuality has to accomplish up their own mind. There are activity to be bodies activity to beaches, activity to barbecues, activity to altered environments, and they acquire to attending at their alone risk. As you mentioned, CDC says beyond gatherings are a college risk. The best important affair I would say to bodies as if you do go out to a acquisition or in public, amuse weare a face covering.


EMANUEL: Admiral Trump authoritative his way to Mount Rushmore. We can accord you a animate attending there abode of the White House of the scene, association cat-and-mouse for the accession of Air Force One, and Admiral Trump and arch administering admiral are cogent us the admiral is activity to allocution about on the ceremony of America’s founding, he will acquaint the accuracy about America’s histories and acquaint the accuracy about those aggravating to breach it bottomward and bisect our country. Key credibility the admiral is accustomed to make, America is a abundant and blameless country. If we breach bottomward our history we will not be able to acquire ourselves or America’s destiny. And they add he will say the leftwing mob and those practicing abolish ability are agreeable in absolute behavior that is absolutely conflicting to American life, and we charge not acquire it.

With that, let’s accompany in our panel, Byron York, arch political contributor for the “Washington Examiner,” Julie Pace is the Washington Bureau Arch for the Associated Press, and “Washington Post” columnist Marc Thiessen. Panel, welcome. Byron, your thoughts and the capacity the admiral is activity to bang tonight.

BRYON YORK, CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT, “WASHINGTON EXAMINER”: Well, one of the capacity he’s allegedly activity to allocution about about is law and adjustment in this time of unrest. And he’s been inconsistent in the way he has dealt with that ataxia beyond the country and absolutely needs to advance a constant position.

How abounding bodies acquire watched as crowds approved to breach bottomward or tore bottomward a bronze in a cardinal of cities beyond the country, and their aboriginal anticipation was, breadth at the police? And the admiral himself about accustomed a mob to booty bottomward the bronze of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park appropriate in advanced of the White House. The admiral absolutely needs to get a stronger, added constant position on that, and accomplish bright breadth he stands on all of this.

EMANUEL: Julie, we are four months to the day from Acclamation Day. Obviously, Admiral Trump misses the befalling to get out and allege to his crowds. He’s activity to Mount Rushmore tonight. Your thoughts?

JULIE PACE, WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF, ASSOCIATED PRESS: In talking to a lot of Republicans this week, there was a achievement that the admiral four months from Acclamation Day would be aggravating to ability out to some of those antagonistic Republicans, some of those independents who don’t necessarily see the admiral absorption their views, their apropos about the accessible bloom crisis, about the economy.

And instead, I anticipate what we’re activity to see tonight is a admiral who is absolutely acceptation into the bulletin that his abject wants to hear. He sees this acclamation as one breadth he can win if his abject turns out in absolutely ample numbers, and I anticipate he is signaling to those, again, Republicans who I’ve talked to this ceremony who would like to see him aloof anytime so hardly ability out to those independents that this is, again, activity to be a attack that is absolutely targeted adjoin that base.

EMANUEL: We acquire the affluence of accepting a above White House accent biographer on the console tonight, so Marc, your thoughts on the capacity activity into tonight’s big event?

MARC THIESSEN, AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE: If I was advising the president, what I would acquaint him to do is adduce Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. Martin Luther King absolutely alone the attempt of the 1619 activity and the abstraction that America’s founding was inherently racist. And I would animate him and, absolutely frankly, anyone today over the a Fourth of July weekend to go aback and apprehend the “I acquire a Dream” speech, because Martin Luther King accepted the attempt of the American founding. He said that we allegation to animate up to those principles. I appetite to accord you a area of it. He said, “In a sense, we acquire appear to our nation’s basic to banknote a check. Aback the architects of our republic wrote the arresting words of the Constitution and the Declaration, they were signing a promissory agenda to which every American was to abatement heir. That agenda was a affiance to all men, yes, atramentous men as able-bodied as white men would be affirmed unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the following of happiness. And we’ve appear to banknote that check.”

This is the adverse bulletin of the Atramentous Lives Amount movement. What Martin Luther King was adage was not that aloof racism was unfair, racism is un-American. The Atramentous Lives Amount movement is adage that the adverse of it, that basically racism is as American as angel pie, that it’s broiled into our system, and that is a bulletin that Martin Luther King absolutely rejected.

EMANUEL: A big aberration anatomy aftermost Fourth of July to this year aback we had massive crowds on the Civic Mall in the rain to apprehend the admiral speak, as of course, COVID-19. Actuality is Dr. Anthony Fauci aural the alarm.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES:  I anticipate the abstracts is assuming that there is a distinct alteration that absolutely makes the virus be able to carbon bigger and maybe acquire aerial viral loads. It aloof seems that the virus replicates bigger and may be added transmissible. But this is still at the date of aggravating to affirm that. But some absolute acceptable viral geneticists are animate on that appropriate now.


EMANUEL: Four months out from Acclamation Day, Byron, what are the COVID-19 concerns?

YORK: They’re real, and they’re growing, although there’s a altered appropriate to this beachcomber of the ache in the faculty that there are bigger treatments for it, no agnosticism about that. Politically, allotment of the big botheration of the president’s assemblage in Tulsa was that he captivated a ample acquisition indoors. And that is absolutely the accomplished accident of transmission. The anticipate about the Mount Rushmore accident is that conceivably there won’t be a lot of amusing distancing, conceivably not everybody will abrasion a mask, but it will be outdoors, which is a abundant bigger idea. And the admiral took a lot of criticism for that, captivation the assemblage central in Tulsa. Now, it would be conceivably commensurable to a lot of the protests that we’ve credible beyond the country, best of which were additionally outdoors.

EMANUEL: Julie, from the White House video, it looks like a abundant army there at Mount Rushmore. Your thoughts branch into the accident tonight with the COVID-19 concerns?

PACE: I anticipate one of the challenges for the admiral appropriate now is he so acutely wants to move accomplished the pandemic. He absolutely wants to focus on the economy. He wants this to be abaft us, but it’s not. And so he has this claiming as he addresses that crowd, as he talks to the nation over the abutting several months is to not attending as admitting he is blank what is accident in a lot states. A lot of the states that we are talking about appropriate now breadth we do see cases on the acceleration are battlefield states, states breadth the admiral has to win if he wants a additional term. And I do anticipate that he has a lot of admiral about him who appetite him to abode what’s accident there.

EMANUEL: Abutting up, the Friday Lightning Round, the agitation over renaming the Washington Redskins, carnality presidential Applicant Casino, and this week’s Winners and Losers.



CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: In the aforementioned way Redskins has evolved, and admitting its history, it is now advised a slut. It’s annihilation to do with the sensitivities of a accumulation of people. It has to do with a decent, simple, elementary respect. You don’t use that chat if you can abstain it.


EMANUEL: That was the backward abundant Charles Krauthammer opining on the Redskins name change. About seven years afterwards the agitation continues, and we’re aback with our panel, Byron, Julie, and Marc. Byron, so Daniel Snyder has gone from heck no, never, ever, to some above sponsors adage we are affairs our money, so now it’s a maybe?

YORK: Listen, it’s activity to happen. The abstraction of captivation and authoritative a abstraction of this change is aloof a commencement to absolutely accomplishing it. And the aberration amid now and what happened in the accomplished is a change in accumulated America. Not abandoned is the NFL a behemothic business that is adjoin to the name, by FedEx, the aggregation which purchased the allotment rights to the Redskins amphitheater now has fabricated it absolute bright it wants the name changed. It would lose added sponsorships as well, so this is activity to happen.

EMANUEL: Julie, your thoughts?

PACE: This isn’t aloof accessible affect changing. There’s been a lot of burden on the Redskins for a lot of years to booty this step. I anticipate a lot of this is about money. Aback you alpha to lose sponsors, including the allotment sponsor of your stadium, aback they alpha to say we are not adequate with this name, the buying really, I don’t think, has any best affective forward.

EMANUEL: And Marc, it sounds like a new name could be new commodity and old accessory could be retro, and so apparently a lot of money to be fabricated if you change, right?

THIESSEN: Yes, well, this is actuality done for the woke mob, not for the Native-Americans. The “Washington Post” had a poll in 2016, 90 percent of Native-Americans are not affronted by the Redskins name, 80 percent wouldn’t be affronted if you came up and alleged them a redskin to their face alike if you were not a Native-American. So this is not actuality done for the Native- American. It’s actuality done for the mob that is disturbing bottomward the statues and anarchic the absolute country. And you apperceive what, they’re advancing afterwards the Chicago Blackhawks and they’re advancing afterwards the Atlanta Braves and they’re advancing afterwards the Kansas City Chiefs next. So this is abandoned the beginning.

EMANUEL: Sorry, I got a little aflame about Applicant Casino. Let’s go there. All right, the Joe Biden Veep-stakes. Byron breadth is your money going?

YORK: Look, I anticipate the big catechism is whether the Democratic abject will be blessed with all-white ticket. My assumption is they will not, so I’m still aerial on Kamala Harris with $40. If they’re OK with that, Elizabeth Warren abutting with $20. Val Demings and Keisha Lance Bottoms with $15, and Tammy Duckworth, a achievability at $10.

EMANUEL: Julie, where’s your money going?

PACE: I’m with Byron that I anticipate there’s a lot of focus on some of the African-American women who are in contention. I’ve got $40 on Kamala Harris who seems to be arch the backpack appropriate now, $20 on Val Demings, and $20 on Keisha Lance Bottoms, the ambassador of Atlanta, $20 on Elizabeth Warren, though, still absolutely blind on and a admired of a lot of liberals in the Democratic Party.

EMANUEL: And Marc?

THIESSEN: So I’m additionally accordant with everybody it’s apparently activity to be an African-American woman. I put 50 on the actuality who I anticipate it should be, which is Val Demings because Joe Biden needs to ability both the abject and the beat voters and get them both excited. Val Demings was an allegation manager, she’s an African-American, she’s accustomed with the police, but she’s additionally a above badge chief, and that would strengthen Joe Biden’s bulletin that he’s a abstinent who is not for dismantling the police. I additionally put bottomward $20 on Kamala Harris, $20 on Susan Rice, and $10 on Keisha Lance Bottoms.

EMANUEL: All right, if it’s Friday, that agency it’s time for Winners and Losers. Byron, you go.

YORK: Champ is Janis Shinwari who for eight years was a translator for American troops in Afghanistan, accustomed with extenuative at atomic bristles American lives, all while actuality targeted by the Taliban, became a U.S. aborigine this week, a absolute blessed alike for anybody involved.

The also-ran is Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, procurer, abutting accessory for years. Now she’s been arrested, and we ability assuredly apprentice added about what Epstein did with some of his absolute affluent and absolute able friends.

EMANUEL: Let’s go to Julie, winners and losers?

PACE: So my champ this ceremony is the Biden campaign. All the acclamation are affective in the direction, big fundraising week. Of course, you don’t appetite to be the champ in July. You appetite to be the champ in November, so a lot of time to go in that race. My loser, fireworks. I adulation fireworks. Cancelled beyond so abundant of the country this ceremony weekend.

EMANUEL: Marc, booty it away.

THIESSEN: My champ is the U.S. economy, creating 4.8 actor jobs in the aftermost month. That’s 20 times — that’s not abandoned a record. That’s 20 times the accustomed amount in an expansion. We’re activity to acquire 20 to 30 percent bread-and-butter growth. Donald Trump is activity to be benumbed a big bread-and-butter beachcomber into the reelection campaign.

And my also-ran Joe Biden because he was downplaying the acceptable bread-and-butter news. America has been through so much. We’ve been through chase riots, we’ve been through a pandemic, we’ve been through the affliction abridgement aback the Abundant Depression, and we get some acceptable news, and Joe Biden says don’t celebrate. Accord me a break.

EMANUEL: All right, panel, acknowledgment absolute much, an action-packed week.

When we appear back, this week’s “Notable Quotables.”


EMANUEL: Assuredly tonight, it is Friday, so that agency this week’s “Notable Quotables.”


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: If you don’t acquire confidence, you’re not activity to do absolute well.

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The all-inclusive majority of New Yorkers appetite safety, and they appetite annual from NYPD officers. They don’t appetite to see any bias, and we’re activity to bang that balance, and I anticipate this account helps us do it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let’s mark the date on the agenda and how connected it’s activity to be afore we’ll acquire that chat about New Yorkers arrant out for added police.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today we appear the arrest of one of the villains in this investigation. She had slithered abroad to a attractive acreage in New Hampshire.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES:  The numbers allege for themselves. I’n absolute anxious and I’m not annoyed which what’s activity because we are activity on the amiss direction.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bodies allegation to amusement this like a hurricane, a blow is advancing to my community.

TRUMP: I had asked a affectation on, I array of admired the way I looked. I looked like the Lone Ranger.

JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I can hardly delay to analyze my cerebral adequacy to the cerebral adequacy of the man I’m active against.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: This president, I’ll acquaint you, is the best abreast actuality on planet apple aback it comes to the threats that we face.

MIKE POMPEO, SECRETARY OF STATE: There are abounding association application the Taliban or who acquire acclimated the Taliban over years and years and years as proxy forces.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Right? It don’t aroma right.

TRUMP: Nobody is activity to blast the American dream. God absolve America.


EMANUEL: Amen. Accession agrarian ceremony in the apple of news, and it’s not over yet. Admiral Trump will allege tonight from Mount Rushmore and 10:00 p.m. eastern time. We will of advance acquire complete animate coverage. Afterward that I will be aback for “FOX Account at Night.” Tomorrow, starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern appropriate actuality on FOX Account we will accompany you Admiral Trump’s “Salute to American” celebration. And be abiding to accompany me this Sunday aback I sit in for Chris Wallace on “FOX Account Sunday.” Amid our guests, Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia. I’ll additionally allege about the fasten in coronavirus cases beyond the country with the administrator of the Harvard Global Bloom Institute, Dr. Ashish Jha.

Thanks for agreeable us into your home tonight. Accomplish it a abundant and safe ceremony weekend. “The Story” hosted by Jon Scott. Acceptable atramentous to you, Jon. Acquire a abundant show.

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