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This is a blitz archetype from “Special Report,” July 1, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: So acceptable to accept you aback Jesse, thanks. Acceptable evening, acceptable to Washington. I’m Bret Baier.

Breaking tonight, Admiral Trump dismisses the belief about intelligence assessments that Russia offered bounties for killing American troops in Afghanistan as a hoax and fabricated up to aching him and the Republican Party. The President’s Civic Aegis Adviser is adage today he had a anniversary of castigating options if the intelligence had been corroborated.

I will ask Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo about this story, abounding added accommodation about the angel in aloof a few minutes.

But aboriginal to the advance adventure from the White House tonight, we activate tonight with Contributor Kristin Fisher alive on the North Lawn. Acceptable evening, Kristin.

KRISTIN FISHER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Bret. Today for the aboriginal time aback The New York Times bankrupt the adventure on Friday, Admiral Trump talked about it on camera and he said if Russia did action bounties to annihilate U.S. troops in Afghanistan, he would booty action.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I accede with the intelligence people. I anticipate bluntly that abounding of the intelligence bodies didn’t anticipate it was article that akin happened. And if it did happen, the Russians would apprehend about it, and anybody abroad would apprehend about it that was involved.

FISHER: Today the Civic Aegis Adviser accepted that the intelligence abaft to these Russian bounties was aggregate with U.S. allies. And he affianced the albatross for the accommodation to not allotment that intelligence with Admiral Trump on the President’s circadian briefer, a career CIA officer.

ROBERT O’BRIEN, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: She fabricated that accommodation because she didn’t accept aplomb in the intelligence that came up. She fabricated that alarm and you apperceive what? I anticipate she fabricated the appropriate call.

FISHER: But Democrats disagree. They accept intelligence of this consequence should accept fabricated its way to the president. (INAUDIBLE) as The New York Times and associated columnist recording, afresh Autonomous Senator Joe Manchin says, not alone did the president, quote, abort our anniversary members, but he bankrupt his adjuration to assure and avert the constitution. It would be amoral to anticipate he did not anon acquaint Putin that America would retaliate in the best anathema way possible.

The New York Times is now claiming to accept activate the money aisle abaft these bounties to annihilate U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The cardboard reports, American admiral intercepted cyberbanking abstracts assuming ample banking transfers from a coffer anniversary controlled by Russia’s aggressive intelligence bureau to a Taliban-linked account.

But Aegis Secretary Mark Esper says, the Pentagon has no acceptance affirmation at this time. Adding, I appetite to assure all of our anniversary associates that we booty actively any and all abeyant threats adjoin U.S. aggressive personnel.

Today, Autonomous Senator Bob Menendez alien an alteration to the Aegis Authorization Act to sanction Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin and added top government officials. But the Kremlin calls the claims complete B.S. and so does Admiral Trump.

TRUMP: I anticipate it’s a hoax by the newspapers and the Democrats.


FISHER: Now accumulation from both parties accept been calling for a conference about all of this from bodies aural the intelligence community, not the White House. And tomorrow morning, the Gang of Eight is action to get one from the administrator of Civic Intelligence and the administrator of the CIA, Bret.

BAIER: Yes, and the Secretary of Accompaniment with us in aloof a moment. Kristin, acknowledge you.

The House of Representatives anesthetized a bill to sanction China over their new civic aegis law for Hong Kong. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi adage the purpose of that law is to affright and abolish peaceful demonstrators ambitious freedom. Bags of protesters defied the law and breach gas on the ceremony of the above British colonies handover to Chinese rule. Hong Kong badge responded with the aboriginal arrests beneath the new law.

Correspondent Benjamin Anteroom is afterward this adventure from London.


BENJAMIN HALL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: Hong Kong badge absurd bottomward today both on protesters and chargeless speech. Badge accursed elastic bullets as they accomplish the new aegis law which gives across-the-board admiral to China to arrest bodies for criticizing the government. As crowds marks 23 years aback the end of British rule, badge captivated up signs admonishing of the new law afresh arrested bodies who declared for Hong Kong independence, or akin displayed the British flag. The law is activated to nonresidents and those abroad, acceptation it could affect Americans.

Carrie Lam, the Arch Controlling of Hong Kong accustomed to avert it.

CARRIE LAM, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF HONG KONG: The purpose of this allotment of legislation is not aloof to punish, but it’s additionally to deter.

HALL: The U.S. is responding by affective to end appropriate barter acceding with Hong Kong and banning aegis exports. With Congress affective to appoint sanctions on Chinese admiral who try to repress political freedoms. The U.K. is extending address rights and citizenship to up to three actor Hong Kongers.

And British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accursed the law.

BORIS JOHNSON, PRIME MINISTER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM: It violates Hong Kong’s aerial amount of freedom and is in complete action with Hong Kong basal law. The laws additionally threatens the freedoms and rights adequate by the collective declaration.

HALL: The new law is amiss by up to action in Chinese prison. And China will now be accustomed to authorize aegis admiral in Hong Kong, which agency Chinese aegis armament operating advisedly on the island.


HALL: Observe this note, this new law is a corruption of the acceding fabricated with Britain. Effectively the end of the one country, two-systems framework. The end of Hong Kong’s autonomy, Bret.

BAIER: Benjamin Anteroom in London. Benjamin, acknowledge you.

Federal authorities bedeviled bags of articles doubtable to be fabricated out of animal beard taken from bodies bound axial Chinese bondage camp. U.S. Customs and Bound Protection says the appurtenances represent a austere animal rights violation. Accompaniment Administering Contributor Rich Edson has an complete television report.


RICH EDSON, FOX NEWS CHANNEL STATE DEPARTMENT CORRESPONDENT: In this about 13-ton addition bedeviled in New York, beard weaves and extensions from China. The U.S. admiral doubtable they’re fabricated from animal hair. Customs official say they’re still allegory the origins of this cargo, admitting intercepted it based on advice advertence bastille action in Xinjiang, China produced it.

KEN CUCCINELLI, ACTING DEPUTY SECRETARY, DHS: It is our ambition to accumulate interdicting shipments like the one you saw today in New York that CBP grabbed. We will accumulate accomplishing that over and over and over. No American wants to buy a artefact that they acquisition out afterwards was fabricated with bondservant labor.

EDSON: The agent for the Civic Aegis Board says, quote, if this abominable suspicious, 13-ton addition of animal beard actually turns out to be affiliated to the Uyghur absorption camps, afresh this is a new low, akin for the Chinese Communist Party. And they will accept to acknowledgment to the angel association for their actions.

Officials say the administering is accretion burden on businesses operating in the United States, advancement them to rid their accumulation chains of articles bogus with affected labor.

The federal government has issued an advising to companies, admonishing them to adviser their activities in China.

MIKE POMPEO, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: CEOs should apprehend this apprehension carefully and be acquainted of the reputational, bread-and-butter and acknowledged risks of acknowledging such assaults on animal dignity.

EDSON: The apprehension accurately references Xinjiang, China breadth admiral say the Chinese government has interned added than one actor Muslims and minorities like Uyghurs. Subjecting them to surveillance, indoctrination, and affected labor.

Last month, Admiral Trump told Axios he captivated off on acceptance Chinese admiral circuitous with the Xinjiang accumulation apprehension camps because it would accept interfered with his barter accord with China.


EDSON: But the admiral has additionally alive a law administering sanctions adjoin Chinese government admiral who were circuitous in the accumulation bondage camps in Xinjiang. U.S. admiral say that Chinese government has amid hundreds of bags of prisoners from those camps to factories above China, Bret.

BAIER: Rich Edson alive from the accompaniment department. Rich, acknowledge you.

For added on China, Hong Kong and America’s role in the world, abutting me now Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo. Mr. Secretary, acknowledgment for actuality here.

POMPEO: Bret, acknowledgment for accepting me on this evening. Great to be with you again.

BAIER: We aloof heard you talked about the companies — American companies admonishing them to accumulate affected labor, action out of their accumulation chains pointing anon at China and these absorption camps as descried by the Aegis Department. Will we see investigations and prosecutions of American businesses who don’t heed this warning?

POMPEO: Bret, Admiral Trump has been actual clear, the way antecedent administrations accept dealt with the Chinese Communist Affair by axis the added audacity and absolution them corruption America is not action to continue, so we responded above a cardinal of fronts.

So you analyze one, this affected labor, cipher wants to buy articles — bargain articles that were fabricated with bondservant action in Western China. They appetite accuracy about the archetype of the artefact that they have.

And so we’ve asked every business to appraise their accumulation alternation and accomplish abiding that annihilation like that anytime gets in, and we put them on apprehension for accomplishments that we may booty as we move forward.

BAIER: You know, aftermost month, Admiral Trump told Axios that he captivated off sanctions — acceptance Chinese admiral circuitous with the accumulation apprehension camps because it would accept interfered with his barter accord with China. Should those accept been separated?

POMPEO: Bret, I’ve been Secretary of Accompaniment for 2-1/2 years, no, there’s consistently circuitous tradeoffs that one has to make. Admiral Trump’s been actual bright aback he alive this bill, the Uyghur bill aftermost anniversary that we were action to booty this seriously, we were action to accord with it, we were action to put acrid restrictions in place, we’re alive on that. No country has responded in the aforementioned way that we have. We achievement the able angel will join.

What’s action on there Bret, is historic, there’s affected sterilization, banishment women to accept abortions, this is a abode with some of the best axiological violations of animal rights that the angel has apparent in an clumsily connected time. Admiral Trump’s been austere about authoritative abiding the angel sees.

And so we achievement that countries all above the world, including Muslim countries in the angel will see their way bright to putting their accept to the grindstone to advice boldness this botheration as well.

BAIER: I assumption the catechism is should the admiral had done added in a lot of opportunities talking with Admiral Xi?

POMPEO: There’s no country that has done more, and I’m assured will do more, Bret.

BAIER: All right, in Hong Kong, you — we did a adventure there about the new aegis law in place. You’ve certified that Hong Kong is no best abundantly autonomous. Again, should the administering accept acted added angrily to avert Chinese crackdown in Hong Kong?

POMPEO: I’ll acquaint you, Bret, I ambition antecedent administering had taken China seriously. It’s true, well, this isn’t partisan, 40 years of bootless American action with account to China. This administering is aggravating to apple-pie it up, aggravating to get it right. Now the Chinese accept taken advantage of us — advantage of us in assorted ways. We’ve done actually acceptable work, important assignment aggravating to assure the freedoms of the bodies of Hong Kong.

General Secretary Xi has called to go a altered direction, and we’re responding in a way that will put burden on Beijing, and try to advance whatever we can of the actual freedoms in Hong Kong.

I will acquaint you the angle that the remains, one country and two systems is fundamentally at allowance with the facts on the arena today. I affliction that.

BAIER: You apperceive that your critics including now John Bolton say that this is all about acclamation backroom and to get China to buy soybeans and places that affect reelection.

POMPEO: Nonsense.

BAIER: OK, that’s what we get from that. What does success attending like with China, the U.S. and China? What does it attending like? Can China be a amenable accomplice with Admiral Xi at the captain in the Chinese Communist Party?

POMPEO: Look, that’s up to the Chinese Communist Party, that’s their accommodation to make. What the United States can ascendancy is what we do. Aback there’s arbitrary and nonreciprocal trade, we’re action to appeal by — appeal that it be right. Aback they don’t do, we’re action to do things like agreement tariffs on their goods.

When they appoint in behavior that’s militarily aggressive to the United States, we’re action to put $700 billion into our Administering of Aegis to accumulate Americans safe and secure.

And aback the Chinese appoint in cyber espionage, we’re action to appoint penalties on them so that they will be beat from accomplishing that. Those are the things we can do.

We are hopeful, we appetite the Chinese bodies to be successful. The Chinese Communist Affair today has fabricated a decision, it wants to be an imperialist power, it wants to be complete in attributes and it wants to attempt above the angel in means they are constant with the acceptable things accident for the American people. And frankly, bodies with democracies all above the world. Presidents Trump’s behavior are aimed actually at abandoning that.

BAIER: I appetite to absorb some time on the Russia compensation adventure in Afghanistan. First, does the Russian government accept American claret on its easily in Afghanistan?

POMPEO: Bret, I don’t appetite to get into the intelligence. The intelligence association has put out two statements. I acclimated to accept that job; I’m action to — I’m action to account what they said.

Here’s what I can say with complete certainty, the United States has responded appropriately to the threats that accept been presented to it in Afghanistan consistently during my absolute 3-1/2 bisected years. Aboriginal the CIA administrator and now as Secretary of State, there are abounding association application the Taliban or who accept acclimated the Taliban over years and years and years as proxy forces. There’s been money funneled in there from all above the world, unfortunately.

President Trump has taken this seriously, we are hopeful, we’ll accomplish advance on our accord and adaptation plan. And we will acknowledge to any threat, whether that’s Iranians application the Taliban or the Russians, we’ll accomplish abiding they know.

The Russians accept been accouterment weapons to the Taliban for an abominable lot of years, and so, this is an advancing claiming we have. And our armament on the arena beneath General Miller and the adamant abutment mission are acutely acquainted of the blackmail from the Taliban whether that’s authentic by any third affair or none.

BAIER: But you know, you aloof referenced you were CIA director, there’s not generally accord above the intelligence association on Intel. And if it dealt with bounties killing American troops, shouldn’t the admiral accept been told about it?

We apperceive that it was discussed in the Civic Aegis Council, the attempt and accouter this level. You said today the key associates of Congress had that Intel as well, akin admitting there wasn’t a consensus. Why wasn’t the admiral abreast on it?

POMPEO: Well, Bret, that’s not actually actually right. Best intelligence that’s red — there is in actuality a consensus. About all of the analytic artefact that I apprehend every day has a accord above the absolute intelligence community. It is generally the case that it is not that happens. Aback that happens, we allegation to accomplish abiding we get it right.

But Bret you apperceive this, every morning I deathwatch up, and I apprehend the intelligence materials. And aback I apprehend them, there are bodies all above the angel who are threatened, including my admiral and embassies all above the world. We don’t consistently accomplish abiding that gets to the president, we do the appropriate thing. We accomplish abiding the agent on the arena knows, that the administrator on the arena knows, that our allies who may be threatened as able-bodied know. It is the appropriate and operational acknowledgment to accumulate our soldiers safe and defended that is best important.

When the intelligence association feels like article rises to the akin of needs to get to the president, I’m actual assured they will consistently present it to them. I apperceive that aback I was the CIA director, I did that.

BAIER: Did you apperceive about this authentic Intel piece?

POMPEO: You know, I don’t appetite to allocution about the Intel in authentic on this, Bret.

BAIER: All right.

POMPEO: I mean, there’s aloof — I aloof — I’m not aggravating to be clever, there’s aloof so abundant that has been appear that is not authentic and that is abridged that by agitation any authentic aspect of it. I’m putting at accident our accommodation to actually boldness and amount out what’s action on.

BAIER: And I appetite to ask you about that in the aperture itself, but actuality is what the autonomous appointee is adage about it.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: He either reads and/or gets abreast on important issues and he forgets it, or he doesn’t anticipate it’s all-important that he allegation to apperceive it. He should accept a minimum, accept best up the buzz and said, Vladimir, old buddy, if any of this is true, and it doesn’t cease amigo, you’ve got a big problem.


BAIER: All right, so, it’s not aloof the Democrats, obviously, you accept Senator Chuck Grassley on the Senate floor, adage it demands a austere response. You accept two key Republicans in the House. Mike McCaul and Adam Kinzinger, saying, “There are already those who are politicizing this issue.

However, we cannot use let backroom adumbrate the accuracy that Republicans and Democrats akin can accede on: The Putin administering cannot be trusted.

If the intelligence analysis action verifies the report, we acerb animate the administering to booty abrupt and austere action to authority the Putin administering accountable.”

POMPEO: Yes. Bret, there’s been no administering to authority the Russians answerable the way this one has. I alone ambition above Vice Admiral Biden had captivated the Russians accountable.

We’ve been charwoman up a lot beneath of a mess. I ambition we provided accoutrements to the Ukrainians, I ambition he had gotten out of the INF Treaty, I ambition he hadn’t accustomed and arrive the Syrians — the Russians into Syria.

I could go on, but you got a abbreviate show. The failures of antecedent administering accustomed the Russians a lot of amplitude to move. We’ve pushed back, we accustomed added Russians than any added administering in history.

I’ll booty a backseat to no one with account to what our administering and Admiral Trump has done to authority Vladimir Putin answerable aback he is affianced in antagonistic activity.

And should we acquisition out that there’s affirmation that he’s putting our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines at risk, anywhere in the world, including in Afghanistan, I am actual assured that Admiral Trump will complete me, and he himself will acknowledge appropriately.

BAIER: How damaging was this leak? You were CIA Director, the White House columnist secretary the added day, said that there were rogue admiral in the intelligence association who appetite to attenuate the president. You accept that?

POMPEO: Bret, I don’t apperceive breadth this aperture came from. But aback periodicals address this information, it breach my affection because it puts our intelligence admiral and our aggressive men and women at risk.

It is — it is dangerous, it is unlawful, and I achievement that we can amount out who did it, and they’ll be brought to justice.

BAIER: Mr. Secretary, you did allege out aback it was declared that Iran was advantageous the Taliban $1,000 for anniversary American dead in Afghanistan, as a associate of Congress, and you, batten out about the Obama administration’s acknowledgment at the time, which acutely you criticize in the all-embracing Iran deal.

POMPEO: Yes, it’s actually true. I’ve appear about the Iranians accouterment abetment to the Taliban in my accepted role as secretary of accompaniment as well. I’ve criticized added governments. We’ve formed to accomplish abiding Pakistan wasn’t accouterment safe anchorage for the Taliban in Afghanistan too.

No, breadth according befalling aback it comes to authoritative abiding we assure the Americans wherever they’re serving.

BAIER: All right, let’s allocution about the brace of added absolute things. One, as you mentioned, the Taliban accord deal. You said that the Taliban would about abdicate al-Qaeda. You talked about that, I asked you about it aback in March. Booty a listen.


BAIER: It says it will not acquiesce any of its associates or added individuals or groups, including al-Qaeda to use the clay of Afghanistan to abuse the aegis of the United States and its allies. But that’s not actually a break. That’s not a accommodated —

POMPEO: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

BAIER: A accommodated of al-Qaeda?

POMPEO: Absolutely. Absolutely, aback you say you’re not action to let them accomplish there, you apperceive it, Bret. They’ve done it for 20 years. They’re not action to let them accomplish it anymore. That’s — that is a axial provision.


BAIER: You went added adage that they would eventually booty up accoutrements and action al-Qaeda, alive alongside us to abort al-Qaeda. Accept you apparent any adumbration that the Taliban is accomplishing any of that?



POMPEO: But I can’t allocution about the things that I accept seen, but apperceive this, I batten with the Taliban, again, aloof this anniversary and accomplishment to added the accord negotiations to try and get them to the table with the Afghan government.

I anticipate we’re afterpiece than we were akin aloof a brace of weeks back. The Taliban connected to accept apprenticed aloft them the accent of this breach from al-Qaeda, and I anticipate we will be able to see aback we get to that point, aback we accept these negotiations commenced, I anticipate the angel will be able to see that the Taliban are no best action to abide what they’ve acceptable to appear and that the Pakistanis too will do the things that allegation to be done to abate the brand from al-Qaeda.

Remember, Bret, we’re bottomward to a brace of 100 alive al-Qaeda fighters axial of Afghanistan. The acumen we went there in 2001 was to drove al- Qaeda. That has abundantly been achieved.

BAIER: Can you confidently accompaniment that America will accept U.S. troops in Afghanistan on Acclamation Day?

POMPEO: Admiral will ultimately accomplish that decision, Bret.

BAIER: OK. One added thing, the E.U. blocking travelers from the U.S. due to the coronavirus pandemic. Your acknowledgment to that, and is there any pushback from the U.S.?

POMPEO: Well, remember, we’re not acceptance Europeans to appear actuality today, either, Bret. We’re in abutting chat with countries all about the world, including European countries, to accomplish abiding that aback we reopen our country to biking from their nations.

That we do so in a way that keeps American bodies safer and reduces accident from COVID actuality in the United States. They accept a albatross to do that for their nations as well. And I’m actual assured that we’ll get this appropriate with countries all above the world.

It’s not aloof the Europeans, we allegation to get this right, we allegation to get the abridgement aback up, aback you get bodies traveling all above to the United States, and all-embracing biking as well.

BAIER: Mr. Secretary, we acknowledge your time.

POMPEO: Acknowledge you, Bret.

BAIER: Blessed Ability Day, early.

POMPEO: Acknowledge you. Blessed Fourth of July to you too, Bret.

BAIER: All right, all the best.

Up next, California and New York become the latest states to arrest the action of reopening.


BAIER: Private amount processor ADP, activate U.S. companies added about 2.4 actor jobs in June, with baby businesses advertisement the better increase. According to the data, the abridgement still has about 14 actor beneath jobs than it did in February.

President Trump is aback in added bang as allotment of the accretion from coronavirus, cogent Fox Business, he is not — he not alone favors added payments to individuals, but he wants them to be akin above than the aboriginal time around.

Stocks started the third division of 2020 on a alloyed note. The Dow alone 78. The S&P 500 acquired 16, and a almanac aerial bankrupt for the NASDAQ which able advanced 96.

Here in Washington, the Fourth of July fireworks appearance will go on with the Trump administering able one of the better displays ever. 300 000 masks will be accustomed abroad on the Civic Mall. But attendees will not be appropriate to abrasion them. Added states are pausing the reopening action and mandating masks.

Correspondent Jonathan Serrie, looks at the coronavirus trends above the country.


JONATHAN SERRIE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Alarmed by an access in coronavirus cases, California’s governor has appear a three-week cease of confined and restaurant dining rooms.

While the agent of New York Burghal has adjourned affairs to reopen in restaurant dining.

BILL DE BLASIO, MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: The account we accept gotten from about the country gets worse and worse all the time.

SERRIE: Accessible bloom admiral say ample Memorial Day gatherings and abundance over the use of face masks are active the nation’s new fasten in COVID-19 cases.

Today, an emergency adjustment in Savannah, Georgia, imposed a $500 able on bodies who bootless to abrasion face coverings in public.

Doctors at Emory University, say mandates are added able than recommendations based on their own acquaintance in hospitals.

JONATHAN LEWIN, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, EMORY HEALTHCARE: Aback we artlessly acerb encouraged face masks, we still saw association spread. Aback we appropriate masks, we saw our infection ante aural our workforce plummet.

SERRIE: Afterward a lot of criticism today, Admiral Trump, explained he usually doesn’t abrasion a affectation because bodies who appointment the admiral are tested.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: If I were in a bound bearings with people, I would actually be —


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you anticipate the accessible will see that at some point?

TRUMP: I mean, I’d accept no problem. Actually, I had a affectation and I said I like the way I looked.

SERRIE: Although the U.S. leads the angel and affirm COVID-19 cases, its deaths per 100,000 citizenry abide amid the lowest. However, bloom experts say that’s not acumen for complacency.

DR. CARLOS DEL RIO, PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE, EMORY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: I anguish beneath about the numbers appropriate now, and I anguish added about the trend. And the actuality that we’re seeing an exponential advance is actually what bothers me appropriate now, and what actually makes me actual concerned.


SERRIE: Accessible bloom admiral are abnormally anxious about the accessible Fourth of July anniversary aback abounding bodies are planning get-togethers, they’re advancement bodies to absolute the admeasurement of gatherings, and to abrasion face coverings aback amusing break is not possible. Bret.

BAIER: Jonathan Serrie in Atlanta. Jonathan, acknowledge you.

Up next, the end of the chop breadth in Seattle and account cuts for the NYPD. First, actuality is what some of our Fox affiliates about the country are accoutrement tonight.

FOX 4 in Kansas City, breadth you, the American aborigine accept an about 30 percent pale in a trucking aggregation that ships aggressive equipment. The Treasury Administering will accommodation YRC common $700 actor in barter for a pale in the company. Congress gave permission to the accord as a way to ensure aborigine money is not misspent.

FOX 7 in Austin, Texas breadth the U.S. army says fractional animal charcoal accept been activate abutting to the Leon River in Bell County.

In the chase for missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen. 20-year-old Guillen was aftermost apparent on April 22nd, a ancestors advocate says one doubtable committed suicide as badge bankrupt in on them. Addition doubtable is in custody.

And this is a alive attending at San Francisco from our associate FOX 2 out there. One of the big belief there tonight. Police, say they will stop authoritative mug shots about accessible unless the being poses a blackmail to the public.

The badge chief, says the move is allotment of an accomplishment to stop assiduity ancestral stereotypes and assure the anticipation of innocence.

That’s tonight’s alive attending “OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY” from SPECIAL REPORT. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: In burghal Seattle, the Capitol Hill Organized Beef zone, or CHOP, is no more. Badge austere the breadth afterwards the agent declared it an actionable accumulation afterward two baleful shootings in beneath than two weeks there. Contributor Dan Springer reports.


DAN SPRINGER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Acting on the mayor’s controlling adjustment alive overnight, badge admiral and FBI agents confused into the breadth accepted as CHOP aloof afore 5:00 a.m.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We allegation to be bright now. If we don’t bright out afresh we’ll be affected to arrest.

SPRINGER: While best affably left, police, some in anarchism gear, did arrest at atomic 30 bodies for offenses including abortion to disperse, assault, and actionable weapon possession.

CARMEN BEST, SEATTLE POLICE CHIEF: What has happened actuality on these streets is lawless, and it’s brutal, and basal line, it is artlessly unacceptable.

SPRINGER: Established in aboriginal June in the deathwatch of George Floyd’s death, what was initially an overwhelmingly peaceful beef anon became affiliated to incidents of violence. Black Lives Amount and agnate groups had already pulled out, and there was now affair from both protesters and the burghal that CHOP’s aboriginal message, a alarm for badge reform, has been drowned out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We’re action to accept to assignment 10 times as adamantine to get our bulletin aback on track.

BEST: Black Lives Matter, and I too appetite to advice actuate this movement forward, but abundant is enough.


SPRINGER: Seattle badge are aback axial the east belt which they alone in aboriginal June. The catechism now is how connected they will authority and accumulate it from acceptable of point afresh as protestors say the abstraction of CHOP isn’t over yet. Bret?

BAIER: Dan Springer in Seattle. Dan, thanks.

Just afterwards midnight aboriginal this morning, New York City’s Burghal Board anesthetized the city’s $88 billion account that includes $1 billion in cuts to the NYPD. But that has not resulted in the end of Occupy Burghal Anteroom protesters. Contributor Aishah Hasnie looks at the bearings in the big angel today.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As hereby adopted as of 12:26 p.m. —

AISHAH HASNIE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: With ah celebrated vote, New York Burghal leaders defunded the NYPD’s $6 billion account by abutting to $1 billion. The 2021 account cuts accommodate acid the cardinal of recruits in half, which would save $40 million, and a abridgement on badge overtime spending by $352 million. And it comes at a time aback shootings are up above the burghal compared to this time aftermost year. The burghal faces a $9 billion accident due to coronavirus, and badge retirements are rising.

DERMOT SHEA, NEW YORK CITY POLICE COMMISSIONER: Let’s mark the date on the agenda and how connected it’s action to be afore we’ll accept that chat about New Yorkers arrant out for added police.

HASNIE: But some protesters alfresco burghal anteroom and board associates feel the account did not go far enough. They basic to annihilate academy assurance admiral and acquaint a hiring benumb on police.

JONATHAN LYKES, BLACK YOUTH PROJECT 100: We’re not blessed with the budget, let me be clear. We apperceive that they political tricks.

HASNIE: Agent Bill de Blasio said he will abide to abutment peaceful protests, but the burghal needs to move advanced now. Protesters, though, accept a altered bulletin for their mayor.

LYKES: We’re advancing for you. We’re action to amplify tactics. We’re action to be disruptive.


HASNIE: And that actual aforementioned organizer tells me the bodies in allegation of acclimation Occupy Burghal Anteroom will leave now that the account has passed, but they will abide to abutment anyone who wants to stay. Bret?

BAIER: Aishah, acknowledge you.

Up next, the action over our nation’s history advanced of the anniversary weekend. First, Above our Borders tonight. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announcement a adjournment in the addition of genitalia of the active West Bank. The action was declared to activate today, and still may booty abode afterwards this month. Several thousand Palestinians affably marched in Gaza Burghal to beef those plans.

Russian voters accustomed a amalgamation of built-in changes acceptance Admiral Vladimir Putin to serve two added terms, possibly blockage in ability until 2036. The weeklong vote was blah by letters of burden on voters and added irregularities. Putin, who has been in ability added than two decades, did not advertence his political approaching during a accent Tuesday and has yet to accomplish to active to 2024 aback his accepted appellation expires.

And way Above our Borders, NASA astronauts replaced batteries on the alfresco of the All-embracing Amplitude Base today. For every two batteries removed, a new one and bigger one is installed to ability the base while on the night ancillary of the earth. The array backup action began in 2017 and should be completed this month.

Just some of the added belief above our bound tonight. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: In our Democracy 2020 report, Oklahoma voters almost accustomed a accompaniment built-in alteration to aggrandize Medicaid bloom advantage to tens of bags of low-income residents. Oklahoma is the aboriginal accompaniment to adapt its architecture to aggrandize Medicaid. For added states able it through election questions.

In Colorado, five-term Congressman Scott Tipton absent his Republican primary challenge to pro-gun and pro-border bank applicant Lauren Boebert. She will run in November adjoin Diane Mitsch Bush who won the Autonomous primary in the district. The Colorado Senate race, meantime, set as well. Above governor John Hickenlooper won the Autonomous primary adjoin a accelerating adversary and will face Republican bounden Senator Cory Gardner.

The agent of Richmond, Virginia, the above basic of the Confederacy, has ordered to abatement of all Confederate statues continuing on burghal land. This afternoon the of Stonewall Jackson on Richmond’s Monument Avenue came bottomward to the acclaim of a surrounding crowd. The move comes at a time aback the action over Confederacy symbols takes centermost date on Capitol Hill. Aldermanic contributor Chad Pergram has the story.


CHAD PERGRAM, FOX NEWS PRODUCER: Pageantry and adumbration authentic best Fourths of July. This anniversary could burn flashpoints about the nation’s afflictive history. There’s affair demonstrators could afresh try to topple arguable statues.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Law and adjustment are the architecture blocks to the American dream. Anarchy in our streets is unacceptable.

PERGRAM: The Administering of Homeland Aegis is deploying appropriate teams to assure federal monuments in Portland, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. Admiral Trump warned bodies his controlling adjustment to aegis monuments is in abounding force. That prompted a veto blackmail of the Senate’s anniversary aegis bill if accumulation angle by a plan to rename bases called afterwards Confederates.

SEN. JAMES INHOFE (R-OK), SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: He’s austere about it. You apperceive the president. He makes up his mind, and he does things.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, (D-NY) SENATE MINORITY LEADER: This is annihilation but archetypal bluff from Admiral Trump. At the NDAA will pass.

PERGRAM: Still, this bill may not go to the admiral to assurance until fall.

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, (R-KY) SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: I achievement the admiral would amend vetoing the absolute aegis bill, which includes pay raises for our troops, over a accouterment in there that could advance to alteration the names of some of these aggressive bases.

PERGRAM: But associates of the Aldermanic Black Caucus aren’t assertive some changes are actually for ancestral justice, such as Mississippi’s accommodation to bottle its banderole with the Confederate emblem.

SEN. BENNIE THOMPSON, (D-MS) CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS: Aback SEC, NCAA, the bankers, the richest man in the accompaniment who was a Trump agent said we allegation to change the flag, boom, it changed.


PERGRAM: Admiral Trump believes the ability war over monuments works politically in his favor, but Democrats anticipate that Black Lives Amount tilts the acreage in their direction. That’s why fights over statues and aggressive bases represents a proxy war advanced of November. Bret?

BAIER: Chad Pergram alive on the Hill. Chad, thanks.

Next up, the console reacts to my account with Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo and the big belief about the world, next.



BAIER: Does the Russian government accept American claret on its easily in Afghanistan?

MIKE POMPEO, SECRETARY OF STATE: Bret, I don’t appetite to get into the intelligence. The United States has responded appropriately to the threats that accept been presented to it in Afghanistan consistently. There are abounding association application the Taliban, or who accept acclimated the Taliban over years and years and years as proxy forces.

I don’t apperceive breadth this aperture came from, but aback periodicals address this information, it breach my heart, because it puts our able admiral and our aggressive men and women at risk. It is dangerous, it is unlawful, and I achievement that we can amount out who did it, and they’ll be brought to justice.


BAIER: Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo talking about that Russia compensation adventure in Afghanistan. We’ll alpha there with our panel, Ben Domenech, administrator of “The Federalist,” Mara Liasson, civic political contributor for Civic Accessible Radio, and Josh Holmes, above top adviser to Mitch McConnell, now admiral of Cavalry Consultants. Ben, thoughts on his answer, and the adventure overall.

BEN DOMENECH, “THE FEDERALIST”: Aboriginal off, I anticipate his acknowledgment was as allegorical as he possibly could be in this moment, which is clearly, there’s a big ataxia actuality about breadth this intelligence came from, why it was leaked in the way that it was, and what we are declared to booty abroad from this bearings overall.

He is actual that the Taliban has been acclimated as a proxy force in all sorts of altered ways. It does assume like this adventure came out in a way that would attenuate the efforts of American armament to amount out what was actually action on in this scenario, and advancing at the truth. But I anticipate that that’s apparently action to advance to a analysis that leads to an adumbration that this was aggravating to do article that debilitated the admiral and debilitated his all-embracing efforts in the region.

BAIER: Acutely the admiral anticipate so, said it on FOX Business. Booty a listen.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Aback you accompany article into a president, and I see many, abounding things. And I’m abiding I don’t see abounding things that they don’t anticipate rose to the occasion. This didn’t acceleration to the occasion. And from what I hear, and I apprehend it appealing good, the intelligence people, abounding of them didn’t accept it happened at all. I anticipate it’s a hoax. I anticipate it’s a hoax by the newspapers and the Democrats.


BAIER: Mara?

MARA LIASSON, NATIONAL POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT, NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: Yes, well, Secretary Pompeo didn’t say it was a hoax. He was affronted that it leaked, I accept that, but I assumption the catechism now is, is this absolute or not? Did the Russians but a compensation on U.S. troops? And what does the admiral appetite to do about it, if anything? So I anticipate that’s the abutting affiliate of this. They’re action to try to acquisition out who leaked it, that’s affectionate of one problem. But the added one is, if it’s true, what is the administering action to do?

BAIER: Josh, the civic aegis adviser batten about the CIA briefer. Booty a listen.


ROBERT O’BRIEN, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: The being who absitively aboriginal on whether the admiral should be abreast on this in Oval intelligence conference was his career — chief career civilian assistant CIA officer. And she fabricated that accommodation because she didn’t accept aplomb in the intelligence that came up. She fabricated that call. And you apperceive what, I anticipate she fabricated the appropriate call.


BAIER: So there’s all kinds of bodies speculating, did they not appetite to accompany it to Admiral Trump because of what he would anticipate about it, would he cheep about it, would he allocution to Admiral Putin in some way, shape, or anatomy about it? That’s not what they’re saying, Josh.

JOSH HOLMES, CAVALRY CONSULTANTS: No, they’re not adage that at all. What they’re adage is that the CIA and the intelligence casework assured that it wasn’t accessible for primetime, that in actuality it wasn’t accessible to present the admiral or aldermanic leaders, for that matter.

I don’t anticipate it’s difficult to see what’s accident here. It was, however, bent fit to book in “The New York Times.” And the acumen it is fit to aperture to “The New York Times” is because it goes to this advancing anecdotal that Democrats, frankly, cannot let go of, that somehow this admiral is best to Russia. We’ve gone through three-and-a-half years, tens of millions of dollars in investigations, abstracts definitively that that is not the case, both in acceding of action and in acceding of accomplished actions. And yet actuality we are afresh debating the aforementioned thing.

I don’t anticipate there’s any catechism in anybody’s apperception that if we accept absolute affidavit that Russia had bounties on American soldiers that this admiral is action to act actually to ensure that that doesn’t happen, and they’ll accept a huge acknowledgment if it does.

BAIER: We mentioned the Iranian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan, and acknowledgment of the Obama administering afterwards that, Ben.

DOMENECH: So I actually anticipate that the admiral would accept a actual able-bodied acknowledgment of this. The accuracy is that, as Josh indicated, we’ve had all of these allegations put out there, including by this accepted Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who continues to appoint in this antic attack breadth she suggests that Vladimir Putin has some of affectionate of affair over on the president. It’s ludicrous, it’s laughable. But it is a bearings breadth I anticipate aback issues like this arise, we appetite to accept clarity. And I anticipate in this case, we don’t actually accept accuracy about what went on here, and we may not be able to accept accuracy because of the way that this adventure played out.

BAIER: Meantime, the COVID situation, the account about the cases about the country and spikes in altered states, Mara, the admiral speaking out that he’s OK with masks. Booty a listen.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I’m all for masks, I anticipate masks are good. I would abrasion — if I were in a accumulation of bodies and I was abutting —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You would abrasion one?

TRUMP: I would. I have. Bodies accept apparent me cutting one. If I’m in a accumulation of bodies breadth were not 10 anxiety away, but usually I’m not in that position. And everyone’s tested. Because I’m the president, they get activated afore they see me. But if I was in a bound bearings with people, I would absolutely.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do anticipate the accessible will see that at some point?

TRUMP: I’d accept no problem. Actually, I had a affectation on. I array of admired the way I looked.



BAIER: Mara, listen, there are, on the austere ancillary of this, Mara —

LIASSON: This is a new, this is —

BAIER: There’s the bread-and-butter guys that are attractive at this saying, if you’re pro-mask and you don’t shut down, you could save the country a lot of GDP allotment that ability go bottomward if there’s addition shutdown.

LIASSON: There’s been some appealing belief estimates that masks advice the economy, because you can go aback to assignment with them. This is a new bulletin from the admiral than the past. He appropriate to the “Wall Street Journal” that bodies who abrasion masks are accomplishing it to appearance their disapproval of him. He said to a anchorman at the White House, you’re cutting a affectation because it’s politically correct. So it sounds like the White House is alteration its tune on masks. The catechism is, will the admiral alpha cutting one, not because he needs it to assure himself or others in the White House, but to archetypal this behavior as article that added bodies should do.

BAIER: And how abundant will he allocution about COVID and be a allotment of the assignment force? There’s all kinds of questions advancing up with the politics. Panel, acknowledge you so abundant with the secretary’s interview. We’ll stop there. Acknowledge it.

When we appear back, the brighter ancillary of things, some acceptable news.


BAIER: Finally tonight, aback action gives you lemons, you try to accomplish lemonade, right? Well, that was the case for a five-year-old Cooper Wallweber aback he heard that a advance firefighter was afflicted in a cutting at a bounded restaurant, he acquainted accountable to do article acceptable for her. The Missouri boy got to assignment authoritative and affairs lemonade, adopting added than $3,000 from his lemonade angle to advice her out. Acceptable job.

Princess Paige Lemonade is able-bodied accepted in some neighborhoods about Minneapolis. Its founder, six-year-old Paige, sells lemonade in food about the Twin Cities. The adolescent administrator donates the profits to the Ronald McDonald House for Families active abreast a ailing adolescent accepting treatment, and sometimes Paige visits those kids who are ambidextrous with the medical issues, and of advance she shares her lemonade. So there you go, authoritative lemonade out of lemons.

Thanks for agreeable us into your home tonight. That’s it for the SPECIAL REPORT, fair, balanced, and still unafraid. “THE STORY” hosted by Martha MacCallum starts appropriate now.

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