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Coventry Resources Inc (TSX VENTURE:CYY) (CYY.AX) (“Coventry” and “the Company”) is admiring to admonish that it has entered into agreements that accommodate it the adapted to admission 80% of the awful -to-be Caribou Dome Chestnut Activity in Alaska, USA (“the Project”), via the accretion of unlisted Australian accession Aldevco Pty Ltd (“Aldevco”).

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Sediment-hosted chestnut mineralisation has been delineated beyond the 10,240 acre Activity area, including nine aftereffect pods of mineralisation over ~750 metres of strike. Despite this, about all antecedent conduct has focused on a 250 accent continued aisle of mineralisation, breadth aberrant conduct after-effects include:

Limited assignment has been undertaken at the Activity aback 1970.

Given the brand and array of mineralisation delineated to date and the affluence of added abstinent and/or ailing activated targets aural the Activity area, the Accession believes there is acutely able abeyant to abut a abundant economically applicative high-grade chestnut adeptness at the Project. Initially the Accession will ambition the curve of 5-10 actor tonnes of mineralisation at 2.5-4.0% copper. Significantly, this geological appearance of (sediment-hosted) chestnut drop about the apple is accepted to accept abeyant to host hundreds of millions of tonnes of mineralisation. In band with this the Accession believes there is abeyant to ascertain a absolute ample chestnut drop aural the Activity area.

Based on the advice disclosed, the Accession considers that there is a reasonable abject for the declared appraisement target. Added conduct programs will be adapted to abut this target, including added conduct to affirm celebrated conduct after-effects as able-bodied as added appraisement at some of the targets already delineated at the Project.

It is acclaimed that the abeyant abundance and brand of these targets are conceptual in attributes and there has been bereft appraisement completed to ascertain a mineral adeptness (in accordance with Canadian Civic Apparatus 43-101 and the 2012 JORC Code) and it is ambiguous if added appraisement will aftereffect in the ambition actuality delineated as a mineral resource.

The Caribou Dome Chestnut Activity comprises 97 mineral claims accoutrement 10,240 acres. The Activity is amid about 250km northeast of Anchorage in the Clearwater Mountains of Alaska, USA (see Figure 1). The Activity is readily attainable by road. The Denali Highway passes aural 20 kilometres of the Activity and from there a purpose congenital alley provides absolute admission to the underground apparatus at the Project.

Significantly the absolutely operational Anchorage-Fairbanks railway band is amid about 100 kilometres west of the Project. In the blow chestnut administer is produced at the Project, it could be readily transported by alley to the railway for accession from the ports of Anchorage, Seaward or Port Mackenzie.

Copper mineralisation was aboriginal apparent at the Caribou Dome Chestnut Activity in 1963. The all-inclusive majority of appraisement was undertaken at the Activity amid 1963 and 1970. Nine lenses of aftereffect mineralisation were delineated over about 750 metres of strike. Despite this about all assignment was focused on three of these lenses (Lenses 4, 5 and 6; see Figure 2), with a appearance to developing a baby high-grade underground mine. About 1,000 metres of underground apparatus were installed on two levels (an access and a decline). 6,024 metres of design conduct (43 design amount holes accomplished from apparent and 48 design amount holes accomplished from underground) was completed calm with 3,283 metres of underground bang drilling.

The array in Figure 3 (through Lenses 4 and 6) and the long-section in Figure 4 (through Lenses 5 and 6) allegorize that mineralisation is predominantly comprised of sub-vertical lenses of able thickness.

Drilling is yet to constrain the extents of mineralisation at any of the accepted lenses.

To see Figure 3, go to:

To see Figure 4, go to:

The alone cogent assignment undertaken at the Activity aback 1970 comprised (i) conduct three design amount holes from apparent in 1977 (for a absolute of alone 120 metres); (ii) conduct accession three apparent design amount holes in 1999 (this time for a absolute of 744 metres); (iii) accumulating of a 225kg accumulated sample for metallurgical testwork in 2008; (iv) conduct two design amount holes from apparent in 2009 (621 metres); and (v) conduct nine bank design amount holes in 2011 to activate appraisement of Lenses 7 and 9, for a absolute of 794 metres. Chestnut sulphide mineralisation was intersected in six of these nine holes, with after-effects including 4.9 metres at 3.36% copper.


Copper mineralisation at the Caribou Dome Activity is predominantly stratiform. Historically nine aftereffect lenses of high-grade pyrite-chalcopyrite mineralisation were delineated over about 750 metres of strike. These are predominantly amid in argillites at an interface with a arrangement of agitable rocks (see Figure 5). Interbedded limestones arise to accept had an important ascendancy on the breadth of mineralisation.

To see Figure 5, go to:

Regionally the -to-be acquaintance amid agitable and sedimentary rocks has been mapped to extend over at atomic 4,000 metres aural the Activity breadth (see Figure 6). Contempo mapping (completed during September and October 2014) has accent that there is ample chestnut mineralisation forth this acquaintance throughout the Activity area. This is a absolute auspicious sign, as the accepted mineralisation could comprise allotment of a essentially beyond mineralised system.

To see Figure 6, go to:


During 2008 a 225kg accumulated sample was calm from the Activity for metallurgical testwork and beatific to G&T Metallurgical Services in Kamloops, Canada. The brand of this sample averaged 6.7% copper. Application abutment and Galvanox™ leaching, recoveries of 91.7% of the chestnut were achieved. These after-effects were accounted “encouraging for the project”. Added testwork was recommended.

Exploration Targets

Despite antecedent campaign advertent nine lenses of high-grade mineralisation over about 750 metres of strike, about all antecedent conduct focused on aloof three of these lenses (Lenses 4, 5 and 6; see Figure 2). Conduct is yet to abutting off the mineralisation at any of the accepted lenses. As such all nine of these lenses accommodate absolute assignment targets.

Of authentic absolute absorption is the bank forth bang (to the west) addendum of Lense 5. Antecedent bank assignment holes DH15 and DH43 intersected 10.7 metres at 4.99% chestnut from 18 metres and 9.1 metres at 6.97% chestnut from 28.6 metres appropriately (see Figure 4). Despite these acutely adorable grades and thicknesses no added conduct appears to accept been undertaken to chase up the bank western extensions of this mineralisation.

Another aerial antecedence ambition for aftereffect is the abyss admeasurement of Lense 6. One of the centermost holes accomplished at the Activity to date, underground design assignment aperture DH 93U, intersected 15.4 metres at 7.01% chestnut about 270 metres beneath apparent (see Figures 4 and 5). This thick, high-grade mineralisation charcoal accessible to the east and at depth, and will be targeted during added exploration.

Only absolute bound conduct has been undertaken to date at Lenses 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9. Numerous drill-ready targets are axiomatic in best of these areas.

During September and October 2014 a bounded appraisement mapping and sampling affairs was undertaken at the Project. Chestnut mineralisation was encountered forth the absolute east-west admeasurement of the Activity area. A ahead (apparently) undocumented breadth of all-encompassing quartz-vein and limestone hosted abject metal mineralisation was articular and sampled. Added absolute appraisement targets may be axiomatic already analytic after-effects are alternate from the 45 samples calm during this assignment program.

Acquisition Acceding

Aldevco holds the adapted to admission an 80% absorption in the Caribou Dome Chestnut Activity from Hatcher Resources Inc. (“Hatcher”) by:

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Subject to Aldevco appliance its adapted to admission an 80% absorption in the Project, Hatcher will absorb a 10% absorption in the Activity with the absolute 10% captivated by SV Metals LP. The accepted buyer of the Project, C-D Development Corporation, would absorb a 5.0% Net Smelter Returns royalty, with Coventry appliance the adapted to acquirement this adeptness for US$1million for anniversary 1.0%.

Coventry has entered into agreements with all Aldevco shareholders to admission 100% of the shares on affair in Aldevco in appliance for the affair of 60 Actor Coventry shares (“the Transaction”), accountable to Coventry accepting all all-important authoritative and actor approvals in affiliation with the Transaction. Accompanying parties of two of Coventry’s directors, Michael Haynes and Ian Cunningham, are shareholders of both Aldevco and Hatcher, so the requisite actor and authoritative approvals will accommodate applicative related-party approvals beneath ASX Advertisement Rule 10.1 and Canadian Multilateral Apparatus 61-101. In addition, the Accession is in discussions with ASX to actuate the account of Chapter 11 of the Advertisement Rules and will admonish shareholders in due beforehand on the aftereffect of those discussions.

Coventry’s basic anatomy afterward achievement of the Transaction would comprise:

* Note: In accordance with ASX Advertisement Rules 40,930,233 shares will be accountable to 12 ages escrow.

Coventry intends advancing all abstracts adapted to access requisite approvals for the Transaction in the abutting 6-8 weeks. It has accustomed authoritative approval to adjourn its Anniversary Accepted Meeting (“AGM”), to acquiesce able time for the requisite Transaction affidavit to be able and fabricated accessible to shareholders, such that shareholders can vote on the Transaction at the AGM, which is now accepted to be captivated in January 2015.

In acclimation to ensure assignment continues at the Activity in an alike manner, Coventry has entered into a abstracted accommodation acceding with Aldevco pursuant to which Coventry has agreed to accommodate Aldevco a accommodation adeptness of up to $100,000, on bartering terms. In the blow the Transaction is not completed by 31 March 2015 any loans, including accrued absorption affected on outstanding amounts at 10% per annum, will be repayable in abounding to Coventry.

Voluntary de-listing from the TSX-V

The Accession additionally advises that it has activated to delist from the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V), accountable to TSX-V approval. In the blow that it is adapted by the TSX-V, boyhood actor approval will be accustomed for the delisting. The accommodation to administer for delisting from the TSXV has been apprenticed by the afterward factors:

The Accession will accumulate shareholders abreast on the cachet of the delisting application.


Coventry Resources Inc. is advancing appraisement at the Uncle Sam Gold Activity in the United States while it accompanying seeks added beforehand opportunities. The Accession is led by a able administration accession with the authentic adeptness to explore, develop, accounts and accomplish mining and appraisement projects.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that appellation is authentic in the behavior of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts albatross for the capability or accurateness of this release.

Qualified and Competent Person

The advice in this advertisement that relates to appraisement after-effects for the Activity has been accustomed by Kevin Anthony Joyce, who is a adviser to the Company. Mr Joyce has advised the appraisement after-effects arise in this release, but has not absolute the advice due to the programs accepting been undertaken by the antecedent owners of the Project.

Mr Joyce is a Member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists. Mr Joyce has able acquaintance which is accordant to the appearance of mineralisation and blazon of drop beneath appliance and the action he is adventure to authorize as a Competent Person as authentic in the 2012 Edition of the Australasian Code for Advertisement of Appraisement After-effects (JORC Code). Mr Joyce is additionally a Qualified Person as authentic by Canadian Civic Apparatus 43-101 Standards of Acknowledgment for Mineral Projects. Mr Joyce consents to the admittance in the abode of the affairs based on the advice in the anatomy and ambience in which it appears.

Forward Looking Statements

This account absolution may accommodate “forward-looking statements” and/or “forward-looking information” aural the acceptation of applicative balance regulations in Canada and the United States (collectively, advanced information”). Any advanced advice absolute in this account absolution is fabricated as of the date of this account release. Except as adapted beneath applicative balance legislation, Coventry Resources Inc. (“Coventry”) does not intend, and does not accept any obligation, to amend this advanced information. Advanced advice includes, but is not bound to, statements with account to adeptness activity identification and appraisement and accepted outcomes. Often, but not always, advanced advice can be articular by the use of words such as “plans”, “expects, “is expected”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates”, or “believes”, or the negatives thereof or variations of such words and phrases or statements that assertive actions, contest or after-effects “may”, “could”, “would”, “might”, or “will” be taken, action or be achieved.

Any advanced advice absolute in this account absolution is based on assertive assumptions that Coventry believes are reasonable, including, that the accepted amount of and appeal for mineral bolt will be abiding or will improve, that accepted business and bread-and-butter altitude will not change in a absolute adverse manner, that costs will be accessible if and aback bare on reasonable terms, that supplies, equipment, personnel, permits and bounded association approval adapted to conduct Coventry’s planned appraisement and development activities will be accessible on reasonable acceding and that Coventry will not acquaintance any absolute accident, labour dispute, or abortion of equipment.

However, advanced advice involves accepted and alien risks, uncertainties and added factors which may account the absolute results, achievement or achievements of Coventry to be materially altered from any approaching results, achievement or achievements bidding or adumbrated by the advanced information. Such factors include, amid others, risks and uncertainties apropos to the absolute after-effects of appraisement activities actuality altered than anticipated, amount of labour accretion added than expected, amount of accessories or abstracts accretion added than expected, fluctuations in the article prices, bill fluctuations, accident of accidents, labour disputes and added risks about associated with mineral appraisement and hasty delays in accepting or declining to access authoritative or association approvals or financing. Although Coventry has attempted to analyze important factors that could account absolute actions, contest or after-effects to alter materially from those declared in advanced information, there may be added factors that account actions, contest or after-effects to not be as anticipated, estimated or intended. There can be no affirmation that advanced advice will prove to be accurate, as absolute after-effects and approaching contest could alter materially from those advancing in such statements. Readers are cautioned not to abode disproportionate affirmation on advanced advice due to the inherent ambiguity thereof.





JORC Code, 2012 Edition – Table 1

Section 1: Sampling Techniques and Abstracts

(Criteria in this area applies to all afterwards sections)

– Accommodate advertence to measures taken to ensure sample representivity and the adapted arrangement of any altitude accoutrement or systems used.

– Aspects of the assurance of mineralisation that are Absolute to the Public Report.

chipotle fax order form pdf
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Chipotle Fax Order Form – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank … – chipotle fax order form pdf | chipotle fax order form pdf

– In cases breadth ‘industry standard’ assignment has been done, this would be almost simple (e.g. ‘reverse apportionment conduct was acclimated to access 1 m samples from which 3 kg was pulverised to aftermath a 30 g allegation for blaze assay’). In added cases, added account may be required, such as breadth there is base gold that has inherent sampling problems. Unusual bolt or mineralisation types (e.g. abysmal nodules) may accreditation acknowledgment of abundant information

– The majority of conduct was completed amid 1964 and 1970. Samples were commonly calm from design assignment amount and assayed over capricious lengths.

– Advice apropos to sample alertness and appraisement techniques has not been documented.

– Design conduct has been from both apparent and underground, in assorted programs aback 1963. Accordingly assorted conduct contractors completed the drilling, application a array of assignment rigs, convalescent a array of amount sizes.

– Accessible aperture bang conduct was undertaken from underground openings. The conduct abode was active primarily to ascertain geological contacts. Sampling was undertaken on absolute calm from the bang holes, about appraisement after-effects are advised to be capricious and accept accordingly not been arise in this announcement.

– Measures taken to maximise sample accretion and ensure adumbrative attributes of the samples.

– Whether a accord exists amid sample accretion and brand and whether sample bent may accept occurred due to best loss/gain of fine/coarse material

– At this time it is not accessible to ascertain whether sample accretion may access grade. New conduct aural ahead articular mineralized zones would be adapted to actuate this.

– Whether logging is qualitative or quantitative in nature. Amount (or costean, channel, etc.) photography. The absolute breadth and allotment of the accordant intersections logged

– It is advancing that added conduct in the accepted mineralised areas will be all-important in acclimation to affirm the geological archetypal and accumulated adapted geotechnical abstracts above-mentioned to defining any Mineral Resource.

– If non-core, whether riffled, tube sampled, rotary split, etc. and whether sampled wet or dry.

– For all sample types, the nature, affection and account of the sample alertness technique.

– Affection ascendancy procedures adopted for all sub-sampling stages to maximise representivity of samples.

– Measures taken to ensure that the sampling is adumbrative of the in situ absolute collected, including for instance after-effects for acreage duplicate/second-half sampling.

– Whether sample sizes are adapted to the atom admeasurement of the absolute actuality sampled.

– Capacity of class sample alertness techniques accept not been accurate by antecedent workers.

– Capacity of antecedent affection ascendancy measures accept not been accurate by antecedent workers.

– Routine resampling and/or alike sample appraisement was not undertaken for the actual drilling.

– Sample sizes are advised adapted for the atom admeasurement and attributes of absolute sampled.

– For geophysical tools, spectrometers, handheld XRF instruments, etc., the ambit acclimated in free the appraisement including apparatus accomplish and model, account times, calibrations factors activated and their derivation, etc.

– Attributes of affection ascendancy procedures adopted (e.g. standards, blanks, duplicates, alien class checks) and whether able levels of accurateness (i.e. abridgement of bias) and attention accept been established

– There is no affidavit accessible to actuate the attributes of any affection ascendancy measures adopted for sampling and appraisement of the arise assignment holes.

– The use of twinned holes.

– Affidavit of primary data, abstracts access procedures, abstracts verification, abstracts accumulator (physical and electronic) protocols.

– Discuss any acclimation to appraisement data

– Twin holes were not activated to verify after-effects directly, about assorted companies accept undertaken conduct programs at the Activity previously. Such programs accept included infill conduct programs, whereby new holes accept been accomplished amid antecedent holes that had auspiciously intersected mineralisation. Hence the attendance and extents of mineralisation (to some extent) has been confirmed.

– There were no adjustments to appraisement data.

– Specification of the filigree arrangement used.

chipotle fax order form pdf
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Download Chipotle Fax Order Form – Adobe PDF wikiDownload – chipotle fax order form pdf | chipotle fax order form pdf

– Affection and capability of topographic control.

– Assignment aperture collars are called to a bounded grid. Transformations are accessible to catechumen bounded filigree abstracts to UTM grid.

– Assignment aperture azimuth and affection was about recorded at the collar only. Annal are abridged for down-hole surveys.

– Locational accurateness at collar and bottomward the assignment aperture is advised able for this date of exploration.

– Whether the abstracts agreement and administration is able to authorize the amount of geological and brand chain adapted for the Mineral Adeptness and Ore Reserve admiration procedure(s) and classifications applied.

– Whether sample compositing has been applied.

– While ample abstracts accept been acquired on the Activity previously, added work, including added drilling, will be adapted afore a Mineral Adeptness can be declared.

– No sample compositing has been documented.

– If the accord amid the conduct acclimatization and the acclimatization of key mineralised structures is advised to accept alien a sampling bias, this should be adjourned and arise if material.

– The acclimatization of assignment holes about to key geological structures does not arise to accept alien a sampling bias.

Section 2: Advertisement of Appraisement Results

(Criteria listed in area 1 additionally administer to this section)

– The aegis of the administration captivated at the time of advertisement forth with any accepted accouterments to accepting a licence to accomplish in the area

– During October 2014 Aldevco paid the anniversary face-lifting fees for all of the Claims, able-bodied in beforehand of the 1 December 2014 face-lifting deadline. This ensures they are all in able continuing until 1 September 2015.

– While the Claims are in able standing, added permits/licences may be adapted to undertake specific (generally ground-disturbing) activities such as conduct and underground development.

– If the exclusion of this advice is justified on the abject that the advice is not Absolute and this exclusion does not backbite from the compassionate of the report, the Competent Person should acutely explain why this is the case

– The assignment holes arise in this advertisement accept the afterward ambit applied:

— Filigree co-ordinates are arise actuality in a bounded gridCollar acclivity is authentic as acme aloft sea akin in feet– Dip is the affection of the aperture from the horizontal. Azimuth is arise as the administration against which the aperture is accomplished about to the bounded grid.– Bottomward aperture breadth of the aperture is the ambit from the apparent to the end of the hole, as abstinent forth the assignment trace– Circle abyss is the ambit bottomward the aperture as abstinent forth the assignment trace.– Circle amplitude is the bottomward aperture ambit of an circle as abstinent forth the assignment trace– Aperture breadth is the ambit from the apparent to the end of the hole, as abstinent forth the assignment trace.

– Breadth accumulated intercepts absorb abbreviate lengths of aerial brand after-effects and best lengths of low brand results, the action acclimated for such accession should be declared and some archetypal examples of such aggregations should be apparent in detail.

– The assumptions acclimated for any advertisement of metal agnate ethics should be acutely stated

– Assignment intersections accept been affected application a abounding (by length) boilerplate technique.

– In acclimation to present a blunt arbitrary of antecedent conduct after-effects in this report, alone cogent interceptions of mineralisation with a affected “grade-thickness” amount (copper appraisement as a allotment assorted by array of mineralized ambush in metres) of1%-metre or added accept been reported.

– No brand top cut off has been applied.

– No aggregated intercepts are reported.

– No metal agnate advertisement is acclimated or applied.

– If the geometry of the mineralisation with account to the drillhole bend is known, its attributes should be reported.

– If it is not accepted and alone the downhole lengths are reported, there should be a bright account to this aftereffect (e.g. ‘down aperture length, accurate amplitude not known’).

– It is acclaimed that antecedent design assignment holes were accomplished from both apparent and underground, with the conduct rig aggressive at a ample array of azimuths and inclinations. accordingly the arise downhole widths may not represent accurate mineralised widths.

chipotle fax order form pdf
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Chipotle Fax Order Form pdf – Free Job Application Form – chipotle fax order form pdf | chipotle fax order form pdf

– Diagrams acutely highlighting the areas of accessible extensions, including the capital geological interpretations and approaching conduct areas, provided this advice is not commercially sensitive.

Coventry Resources Inc. is a bound accountability association absolute beneath the laws of British Columbia. Australian Registered Business Number 161615783

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